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Day: March 6, 2020

Fastest Murph in Gashouse History

I took the Q over for Pockets who couldnt make it. The rain blew in about an hour before the workout so I knew it would be a light crowd, but at 5:30pm I was the only person at Midoriyama. I hate you guys missed the best workout I’ve had in years.

Warmup – NONE


Decided to do a Murph. I murdered it, too bad i forgot my watch. Both miles were under 6:00 easily, I did the pull ups straight through. Completed it so fast I decided to just do another for the heck of it. This one was a lil slower, maybe 6:15 pace and I had to take a break during the pull ups but oh well. I’m sure I still did it faster than Pizza Man has ever done a Murph. It’s really too bad no one was there to see it. It was a great day!

Fun Time in the morning

6 for the Coconut Horse.

Some ran, some walked. But, they showed up. See you next time.

Gastone Out!

A morning grind

9 Men showed for a Gastone Q, fun was had.

The Thang:

20 SSH

Mosey to railing.

Everybody get up on the rails feet also on the top bar. Top guy bear crawls to the bottom. We did one set.

Mosey, South on South.

Stop at McQuitter’s Wall. 20 Dips in cadence, 30 Squats, 10 Wall Jumps. Then 15, 30, and 10, Then 10, 30, and 10. (Watts Up, took a hard fall on the Wall Jumps. I hope he is ok later. He should be sore.)

Mosey left on 2nd.

Lunges 20 yards. Then backwards Lunges 20 yards.

We stopped a the railing for some laying down pull ups 10, run to the end of the white fence for 1 Merkin. 11’s. (Dangerous road hazard, everyone survived.)

Some guys finished early and did some Flutter’s.

Walked across the street to the 1st landing before the stairs. 30 Monkey Humpers, 30 Squats, then 1 calf raise on first step, 2 on second, we made it to the 12th step.

We arrived at the second landing for 30 Monkey Humpers, 30 Squats, then back to the next step starting at 13, then 14, all the way up to 19. Arrived at the top for 30 Squats, 30 Monkey Humpers.

Mosey up Oakland street very poor sidewalk.  Continue Mosy while some guys got ahead of me. Quickly change direction to take back control, which worked.

Once in parking lot, backwards run back to finish. Then we went back and picked up the 6.

The Moleskin:

Great group of guys out today. Best form I have seen in a while from the a group of guys out. Form matters!

As the temperatures get warm try to get your F3 shirts on when you go to workouts. Advertise and grow anyway we can do it. Spring is a good time to get people back out or new Sad Clowns to join us. It’s time that we make this double the size in Gastonia.

We had announcements. Convergence, Mt Mitchell, some other things. I don’t remember.

Prayers out to all that are in need and there family members. The storm is coming or you are in the storm, it’s really just how you prepare for these challenges in life. Sometimes that is not enough and then we have all our brothers out here to lift us back up.

As always it’s an honor to come out and Q. Thanks for being there.

Gastone Out!



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