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Day: March 4, 2020

Outlaws and outsiders

Whoopee coming in hot ….. HOT DAMN!!!!
Race to my truck, wrestle Bose speaker out freshly charged, set up track …. then Whoopee calls that he’ll be running for Mortimer training , but I convince him that my Travis Tritt song will be the perfect start to his day …. in fact also Cory Marks also is on this track ….
pledge …. very quick disclaimer and…..
start with SSH while Outlaws and outsiders begins ….. the excitement builds and hardly is contained as I announce that yes you know me , there’s ALWAYS a twist …. as Ivan Moody comes in I announce his distinctive voice and call out the way super Ass cool band name Five Finger Death Punch! And we change over to ski jacks ( discussion of whether or not an exercise … all I can say is do it for one minute and call me ) switch to plank jacks and before the guitar solo I announce that one more artist is on this track …. Mick Mars of Motley Crue! So we change over to Seal Jacks until the song is over …..
As I replace the speaker and get ready to mosey to main event …. Whoopee starts crying that the song wasn’t long enough, JK 2 had watched the video while it played on my phone so he gets no credit for the warm up ,,, discussion about when Whoopee will watch said video to which he made some comment about watching it while cutting people open ,,,, he just NEEDED to see this video …. in fact he started casting aspersions on Country music in general Saying that he now loves Dierks Bentley and Jason Aldean and how revolutionary they’ve been …..   we had to tell him to go away !!! We needed to get to our workout …. he went off to cry in a nearby ditch not to be seen again until just before the COT
Then another member of our group started bitching as Stinky Bird notices he never set his watch  up for measuring progress and wanted a redo ! NOPE NOT ON MY WATCH!!

away we go

arrive in front of Soon to be Planet Fitness for HIIT ( high intensity interval training ) I tell all to modify but to push as hard as possible for they will be rewarded with a 15 second  break after every 30 second called exercise …..

pax tried to figure out a way to convince me of easier exercises but I wouldn’t shake unless I followed MNC with burpees, Flying Squirrels followed squats I think but mostly I called on merkins, wide arm merkins, flutters, Freddie Merck’s and diamond merkins and a couple of these …. the best way to figure was that if the pax were standing …. I called an exercise on their six ….JK2 tried just to lay on ground for his recoveries … so I called SSh or plank …. just for the twist of it!

and  we must not forget JK2 showing off ( as he put it) his best feature …. his calves ….. insert much admiration / drooling ….

Stinky Bird started crying and jumping up and down because he messed his pants or something and needed a diaper change so I slapped him and told him to man up! Wait until 6:00 at least! We mosey to 7/11  to pump a little ass … or should it be gas?
monkey humpers 7 in cadence at first set of pumps and 11 IC at second set …. then move to other side for  crab thrusters ….it was at this point that not only is it noted that we are not following the flow of pumps 1/2/3 …etc …. instead we started at 7 then 2 and so on to which I reminded all that this is Gastonia …. we are challenged ! …. there were pickle pounders and other things …. suffice it to say …… NOT PG!!!! Finished with diamond merkins of 11 IC  ( Gastone was pleased to have been able to accomplish these …. so kudos ….he’s still recovering from illness and returning back to form!)

Stinky Bird flies away

we mosey to steps near Food Puppy for some Clavins err ….. calf raises regular/ toes out / toes in all 25 oyo

mosey behind Planet Fitness ….still 2 vehicles protecting their back door ramp …. keep moving …. oh wait ….. 5 burpees for the train….. JK2 says it’s the air horn from a passing plane ….. oh boy … what a crowd we gave today !!

to the wall for 10 IC derkins  ( yep)

10 step ups each leg

Gastone asks about what Postal Division uses tanks snipers mortars and various other weapons …. I tell him must be the Inspection Service

distractions distractions …

10 IC dips

15 step ups each leg

dip position …. wait for it ….. wait some more …. and IC

10 dips with right leg up …. next 10 IC both legs up ( no takers ) so left leg up ….

recover and mosey back to start and here comes Whoopee  consoled by Stroganoff !!

praise for JK2 on new job and new car ( don’t get him started …. should go into auto sales!!) but seriously …. glad to hear of this new change and wish him and the family all the best as this will be a big change for him!

now with all that happened today … my favorite moment came when Whoopee remarked that he was training for the Mortimer which is in 2 Weeks!! And I say, “ wow, I had no idea it was so close!” And Whoopee without missing a beat delivers a perfect line ….. the best line this week maybe “ I had no idea either!”

unfortunately I forget to give a bible message for today ( yes I had one prepped,,,, but will save for next week since  I’ll probably have the Q again next week )


PreBlast – Black Diamond “Annihilation”

Pax of F3 Gastonia, a challenge is set before us. It is time for us to take our workouts up a notch, and challenge what we think our 1st F level of fitness should be.  Beginning on Saturday 4/4/2020 at Folsom, the Black Diamond workout “Annihilation” will be held.  This workout will be once a month and the location will alternate between the 3 AO’s offered on Saturdays.  This will not replace the regular morning workout, but will be an additional option at that location on that morning.

In my opinion, I think every pax in our region should consider this workout.  I’ve been asked, why do this? What is this workout all about? My question is, why not??   I feel like sometimes we can get in a rut, and show up to a workout and simply go through the motions.  We all need that nudge  sometimes to do more.  This workout is simply that, an opportunity to push yourself!  They say if you want to run faster, run with faster guys.  Will the workouts be difficult, absolutely!!  Not only do workouts challenge us physically, but mentally as well.  The F3 brotherhood is amazing, and that is exactly why I think we all can benefit from this type of workout.

This workout is NOT only for the strongest or fastest.  However, come expecting a high intensity workout.  Black Diamond workouts aren’t meant to be easy.  Do the things that can make a difference; run a little harder, concentrate on using PROPER FORM, etc!!. Like anything else in life,  “you get out, what you put in”.


Let’s embrace this challenge and get better together.


Sister Act


Upcoming “Annihilation” schedule:

4/4 – Folsom 6:30-7:30     Q – Sister Act

5/2 – The Yank 7a-8a.       Q – Gold Digger

6/6 – Gashouse 7a-8a    Q- Pizza Man

Keep it moving

11 PAX posted at Midoriyama on Tuesday. YHC asked if anyone had just woke up….nope. Has everyone been up and working today…..yep. Ok then you should be loose. Let’s go!

Mosey to the lake hill.

The Thang:

Run the hill, 10 Hand release merkins at the bottom and 10 lunges each leg at the top. Do it until I say stop. 8 minutes and I believe 4 trips later we stopped.

Let’s mosey back to the parking lot on the left.

Line up on the curb. Broad jump across, 10 WWI’s, Crawl Bear back, 10 Freddy Merc’s ic. Rinse and repeat until I say stop. About 10 minutes.

Let’s mosey to the playground.

11’s-burpees and pullups!!!!!!! Yes this was awesome!

Let’s mosey to the T-shack.

30s wall sit followed by 30s dirty hookup. Again at 45s. Then again at 1:00.

I went over 15s and people started to get angry.



Announcements-Mt Mitchell Hike 5/3, SFN 4/4, Convergence 3/21.

Prayer Request


YHC asked how many of us deal with people every day we don’t really like. Whether at work, F3, or even church. Is that being Christ like? Is that how we are called to be? We are called to love one another.

Luke 6:32, Romans 12:10

Watts Up Ricky Bobby?

Having been to this AO only 2 other times, YHC wasn’t sure what, nor whom to expect.  Dirt was sitting there waiting.  Tiger and Orangeman soon rolled in, clown car style.  And actually a little early for him, Virus.

0530 hits.  Lets hit it.

Since there were no FNGs, a simple disclaimer followed by The Pledge.

Warmup consisted of 10 Goof Balls IC (since it’s supposed to be Sargento’s AO) followed by 10 Grass Pickers IC because YHC legs were still a little tight.

Knowing what Broke has in mind for a PT Test, YHC decided to bring its nasty cousin to Ricky Bobby.  Lets move to the track.

25 SSH, mosey half-way around track, 25 SSH complete your lap.
Repeat for a total of 100 SSH.

Repeat to get to 100 Squats.

YHC had intended to do a lap after completing a set,  So since it was omitted on the SSH portion, lets do 2 laps.

Let’s meander a bit around the track to find a better area (i.e. drier) for the next exercise.

Repeat to get to 100 Merkins (this one really sucked)
1 Lap   (Actually it was a lap and a half, so the start/end would be the bleachers)

Repeat to complete 100 LBCs
1 Lap

There is still some time left, so lets move to the front of the school.

There is not enough time for a full set of 11’s, YHC called 5’s with Am. Hammers on one end and Mtn. Climbers on the other.  Everyone realized and Orangeman pointed out, it was actually 6’s.  Close enough.

As everyone finished up, Orangeman claimed he was sure he had heard a train sometime in the last 40 mins.  Although no one would corroborate his claim, we did 5 Burpees nonetheless.

Mary was started, while YHC retrieved my phone.  Mary consisted of:

Heels to Heaven
Dying  Cochroaches
and I think something else.

But by this time, all could hear a train, so 5 Burpees to close us out.


  • Convergence 3-21, but no fellowshoot later that day.
  • Lots of activities the first weekend of April.  Be sure to signup for the SFN event- The Community Foundation Run.  See Pre-Blast.
  • Checkout the Events tab of the F3 Gastonia website.  The known events for the year are posted so you can plan.

Prayer Requests:

  • JJ’s Family
  • TimeFrame’s Family
  • Tiger’s M’s Friend
  • Nashville

Thanks Tiger for praying us out.

They say one way to improve is to workout with people that are better/faster than you.  That is certainly true.  The four that attended my Q this morning all were better and faster than me.  I appreciate the push (or really pull in this case).

Time to find a new goal as well, these men helped me get the 3+ miles in a 45 min bootcamp workout!

It was an honor to lead this morning.

Watts Up powering down.

Read Me! Your Verse of the Week From The Sword

Some ran, some rucked, then we sat down for a 15 minute discussion on this weeks’ verse – Titus 2:11

“For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people,”

Verse 12 goes on to say “training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age,”

The whole chapter talks about how Christians should act and carry ourselves. We had some great discussion on that including missionary work as well as some ‘live right’ and ‘get right’ items. Later in the day on the GroupMe chat, someone pointed out how fitting it was that we studied this verse just before Big Pappy was leaving to go to Jamaica. Now on the surface, that may not seem to tie together. However, what you may not know is Pappy and his wife are going for their 21st Anniversary. They haven’t been on vacation without the kids since their honeymoon. Yet they are taking time out of this trip to visit an orphanage and donate clothes and school supplies they gathered through donations (and likely from their own pocket as well). A suitcase with 110 lbs worth of stuff! As you look through Titus 2, including these verses, you quickly realize Pappy is putting this verse and chapter of the Bible into motion. A REAL HIM, for sure. Safe travels Pappy!

  • Montross

Another Prison Break Morning

17 out for another morning at prison break. Some ran Some rucked but we all got better once again! Good work men way to push that rock.


Its hard to get motivated early in the mornings to run or ruck sometimes but with the help of our F3 brothers we are always being pushed to get out and better ourselves. We all struggle with things and we are always fighting the battle to walk the Christian  walk and that’s what we are suppose to do, God doesn’t want us to be weak or be a pushover when the devil comes at us and we all know he does and he comes in all shapes, sizes and form. It could be a family member it could be your kids, wife , co-workers. It doesn’t matter to him but the closer we draw to God the more he fights us with things. We need to lean on one another and we need to spark the fire in each other when one of us are down and out, sick, depressed, whatever it may be, be there for each other, pray for each other and know that Jesus Christ loves you and he’ll always be there for you no matter the situation.


Prayer Request

Montross Aunt battling cancer

EZ-Rider wife and family

MW and Allen Tate

Each other and our kids!

Our communities and this country

My wife and the pregnancy


Thank you

Round Up


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