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Day: January 12, 2020

Missionality at Midoriyama

After listening to the 43 feet podcast on missionality, I decided to make that my workout. This workout is a combination of the podcast and my own thoughts.

Today’s mission is to not just work out but to build teamwork as well. Let’s get fit together.

Warm up 20 in Cadence.





Toy soldiers


Jog to the small soccer field for team work.

F3 has a mission statement. The mission statement is to plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups with the intent of invigorating male leadership throughout the community.

As we Q our workouts we must keep the group on the mission. Just like in our daily lives we must stay on mission, we must keep those around us on the mission. Whether your mission be on the first F, like staying in shape so you can be there for your family or getting up earlier to be ready for scheduled appointments, second  F, like getting to know people more, being more outgoing, listening to others as they need help with life, or sharing with others your needs. Or just simply visiting someone.  Or your mission may be on the third F. Like learning to read more scripture, having a more routine for your faith or understanding more of your faith. Your third F mission may also be praying with others more.

Let’s do some teamwork.

Split into teams of 5.  The mission is to carry the tires the length of the field as a team. Our mission  is to carry the tires  stopping at the halfway mark completing an exercise and then continue to the end of the field and complete another set of the called exercise. Because we are a team, exercises are called by the PAX. We completed 10 different exercises and completed 5 trips up and down the field, while carrying the tires. 


With time running low, lets Indian run back to the start. The last man drops off and completes five squats before running to the front of the line. 


Sometimes the Q can complete the mission even though the organization is split up into several groups. Our new mission is to split up into groups of 2.

Complete these exercises in 10 reps. 

Hi five push-ups

Leg throws

Partner Merkin

Double jump.

My Mission

My Mission in life is to be  Christ centered. What is your Mission?

3 Questions for the Q and his team.

  1. Can a team prosper without a mission?
  2. How does the Q keep his team focused on the mission?
  3. What danger is there for a team that loses its focus?


Prayer Request.

Chavers family

Tater hole’s family.

Swimmer’s father n law

Timeframe M and family.

Tiger’s dad.

Whopper 2.0

Little sweet


Crossroads 1/12

13 PAX either rucked or ran at Crossroads. Welcome FNG Purple Haze (Eric Hendrix).


Praying for:

Gumby recovery from surgery

Breast cancer awareness and those battling this disease

Damage from overnight storm

Multiple PAX struggling with various issues

Those battling addiction


YHC took us out.

Warm front good

6 for the Coconut Horse.

5 ran  5 miles

1 Rucked


5 Degree made the entire 5 mile run after we talked him into it with no problem.

Gastone Out!

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