• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/06/2019
  • AO: Prison Break
  • QIC: Montross
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Kingpin, Pappy, Bedpan, Broke, Roadie, Tater Hole, Ratchet, Volt, Sister Act

It was a great morning at Prison Break. Tater Hole picked back up on his running this morning after recovering from the Tuna.
Great to see a self-proclaimed non-runner back at it this morning! Kingpin made his first post at Prison Break (if you haven’t met him yet, Gumby EH’d him, he showed up a little over a month, ago and has been going strong ever since). Roadie and Ratchet were there in all their Kotter glory! Welcome back fellas! Many familiar faces as well. We left a few minutes late as, understandably, we had to catch up with some Kotters and make sure Kingpin knew where to go!

Broke bolted out of Ingles with Montross, Tater Hole, and Bedpan not far behind. My intention was to keep pace with Broke as long as I could, hopefully until we ran into the Kotters, and then I’d slow down and run back in with those guys. Broke was rollin’ and I stayed within 20-30 yards of him for about 2 miles. I looked over my shoulder and both Bedpan and Tater Hole were doing the same, about 30-ish yards behind me. I was really impressed by their effort and it goes to show what hard work over a long period of time can do. Flash back to early 2019 and 8 minute splits weren’t even on Bedpan or Tater’s radar. Those guys have put in work this year! They did it this morning though.

Broke continued killing it, but the rest of us turned off and ran back to Ingles with Roadie and Kingpin. I got behind Roadie around Jack in the Box and stayed about 5 feet behind him all the way. I knew he would push through and my man did not disappoint, pushing through fatigue and not stopping until Ingles. I’m quite sure he was cursing me the whole way and may have turned around to whip my ass if he hadn’t been so tired!

Though he was about 5 minutes late and we missed him at the start, Ratchet pops up at Ingles minutes after we got back. He had told me he would post so, needless to say, I was really excited to see him show up and out of breath from running. It sounds like he decided to run down Struggle Street, but he got some work in and covered about 2 miles. Good work from a guy trying to get back into the groove after a few months away.

Props to Pappy. He didn’t run today but, in case you don’t know it, he has been battling plantar fascists for a while now. It was good to see him out there rucking and being smart about things! Both Volt and the Douche Canoe had to get to work, but it was nice to pass by them as we made laps around Gaston College. For the record, Volt was only 15-20 seconds behind the Canoe. I don’t know what that means, just putting it out there!

Last note before I go. As soon as Roadie picked himself off the pavement, he raises his hand and says he is a hard commit for the P200. Minutes later, Kingpin also committed to run. What a way to finish off a good morning.

Announcments: Christmastown 5k, Christmas Party January 4 @ Lewis Farm (email for RSVP is coming soon – M’s and girlfriends are welcome, but don’t bring both!). Huck and Roadie were specifically mentioned as I took us out in prayer.

Moleskin: I have told everyone for as long as I can remember that I’m not a runner. I’m still not a runner. However, signing up and taking the Q for the P200 has gotten me motivated. Like most of us, I need a goal to work toward. I have been doing bootcamp rather consistently all year but I can tell my conditioning isn’t quite as good as it was around April. So, I’m running more. I think others are the same way. I am seeing guys pick up their posting and their work as the commit to the P200 and that excites me. Huck, though he missed his alarm this morning, has been on it recently and is getting in a groove. You can see the re-invigoration. Roadie committed today because he wants something to work toward (and because he loves 2nd F thangs). Tater is continuing that trend he has been working on and I don’t know if he realizes it yet, but he’ll be running 5-6 mile legs at the P200 in March! Bedpan told his mom that he want’s P200 registration for Christmas. What that means to me is BP thinks being part of something is more important to him than a physical gift. It’s good stuff and, if you haven’t run a relay, you should definitely consider it. If you aren’t quite ready to run, we will need a few drivers as well.