• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/17/2019
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Stogie
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: KingPin, Volt, Montross

So, while I may not have spent a huge amount of time matching up exercises from the Exicon to those I found on Superhero Workouts I found on Pinterest (seriously, that’s a thing with the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes going on) I tried to be intentional with how I did it.

Warm Up:

15 Side Straddle Hops – in cadence
10 Toy Soldiers – in cadence
10 Abe Vigodas (slow Don Qs) – in cadence
15 Mountain Man Poopers – in cadence

The Thang:

Mosey to Vet Road: 20 shoulder touches

Mosey to light post (or somewhere in between): 10 Flowsteps (Aka DKRs – Dark Knight Rises) – 5 each leg

Mosey to track fence: 20 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Flag: Pledge!

Fellowship Mosey to the adjacent parking lot

20 – Overhead Press Merkin (CDDs)
20 – Flutters
20 – Plank Jacks
40 – Fast High Knees

20 – LBCs
20 – Werkins
20 – American Hammers
40 – Fast High Knees

20 – Mountain Climbers
20 – Freddy Mercurys
20 – Bobby Hurleys
40 – Fast High Knees

20 – Windshield Wipers
20 – Diamond Merkins
20 – Mountain Climbers
40 – Fast High Knees

20 – Lazy Mike Tysons (Stogie-style plank to horizontal squat – no push-up)
20 – Gas Pumps (Stogie-style… bringing legs together, knees to the chest, brings legs back out and separate and then back together)
10 – Peter Parkers
10 – Parker Peters
40 – Fast High Knees

Lt. Dans (aka Dan Taylors) – 2 walking lunges and 2 squats – from the parking lot to the first light on the road by the track (about 30-40 yards)

Mosey back to parking lot

I called out the three exercises and told them if there was any confusion we’d do burpees. I wanted to make sure they were listening to me (which wasn’t a problem with this group). I then found out that Volt doesn’t complain – he simply states facts. When he “complained” about his knees hurting, from the Dan Taylors, I opted to stop and simply have us mosey the rest of the way back to the parking lot (which worked out perfectly time-wise, since Volt and I had to leave at 6am).

My whole point with this workout was the lead to the best of my ability. That would mean the pax would need to listen and follow my direction (or else we’d do burpees). But by stopping the “no legs march” early I also wanted to show that I wasn’t above listening to the pax. I then left Montross with some exercises for him and Kingpin to finish up with. So, I was able to delegate my leadership to someone else and set him up for success, rather than just up and leaving (even though, I know he would have been fine even if I did that). He still did some of what he wanted, but for this that was totally fine.

Montross finished up with:

3 sets of Australian Pull-ups (mainly cause he likes those, but we’ll  say it was in honor of actor Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor on the big screen in the MCU). And in keeping with the theme I asked he finish with Captain Thors (for Captain America and Thor) – which he did 3 sets of Captain Thors  – counting up to 5 Big Boys.

Thanks for allowing me to do something a little something different. Since many of you weren’t in attendance, I may just rinse and repeat this one for my next Q – hoping more show up to that one – same bat time, same bat channel.

Stogie – out!