• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 10/05/2019
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Montross
  • FNG's: Kingpin
  • PAX: Gumby, Tater Hole, Pizza Man, T-Bone, Big Pappy, Volt, Mozart, Medicine Woman, Stogie, Allen Tate, Huckleberry

I have been looking forward to this workout for about 2 months now. I’ve enjoyed being the Site Q at Folsom for the past year, but F3 is about developing leaders and the time has come for YHC to hand over the reigns, so to speak. It is important to give people the opportunity to let them develop, infuse new ideas, and to give those who were leading a break! I took to Twitter Friday announcing to everyone that Folsom wasn’t ready for what was about to happen and, after this workout, I’m pretty sure everyone would agree that no one was prepared for what was coming! I hate the date coincided with the Ragnar relay and some men missed the big surprise! That being said, 13 HIMs made their way to the Gloom of Folsom this glorious morning! Wait, hold up, what do my curious little eyes see…we have an FNG! Welcome Kingpin to Folsom!

I give the disclaimer and we get in a quick warmup to get things flowing…SSH, Grass/Cotton/Cherry/Whatever Pickers, and Toy Soldiers. Pretty standard for my Qs.
Let’s mosey to the flag. The FNG is probably thinking what has he gotten himself into because, let’s face it, running uphill to the entrance of Folsom sucks when you ARE used to it. It is especially bad on your first day! Pizza Man led the guys in some ab work while I picked up the six. Pledge and we mosey back toward the Gazebo for…..

Walls of Jericho – 7 each of Burpees, Big Boy Sit-ups, Squats, and Plank Jacks, take a lap around the grassy knoll…..repeat 7 times. As the first group finishes, we round up the 6. Good work men, but we have to keep this thing moving.

It is time for the moment everyone has waited for. I have seen a few Site Q hand-offs before and it’s usually done in the COT (at least, from what I’ve seen). However, I wanted to do a co-Q where I handed over the Q of the workout and Site Q duties at one time, symbolic of passing the ‘lead’ from one man to another. I thought long and hard about this. Who was the right man for the job? The man who takes over needs to be someone who will leave it better than he found it. It needs to be a man who can ‘rally the troops’, inspire others, and
delegate. It needs to be a man who supports and encourages others.

Gentleman, the next Site Q of Folsom is Allen Tate! I told you Folsom was not ready for what I had in store! You really thought I was stepping aside without some shenanigans? No way! I’m going out with a bang! People were mad. People were asking if they could veto. People were afraid the FNG was about to get named Roman Helmet or Minivan. It was awesome! Sweat was replaced with Haterade, flowing from the pores of the PAX!

Our new Site Q had some “thangs” to say and then proceeds to call a Slaw-ter Starter! It was not lost on the PAX that is a Slaw-ter STARTER and is typically called during warmup..at the START…. but he called this IN THE MIDDLE of the workout). 20 burpees OYO.

Allen Tate begins to talk about leadership and how you should always be looking for the next leader. After much though and consideration, he has decided to hand over the Site Q duties to none other than Big Pappy! Allen Tate couldn’t have picked a better successor. It’s almost as if I had picked him ahead of time and named Allen Tate as Site Q just to mess with y’all! Ok, maybe I did, but let the record show (and there were witnesses) that Allen Tate was, at one time, the Site Q at Folsom!

Back to our regularly scheduled program – Big Pappy led us on a journey across the park, in search of the Folsom Grail. When Huck found out we were running after a beer chalice, he was reinvigorated! (The 40-day challenge is nearly complete big fella!) As we made wrong turns,or whenever Pappy felt like it, we did combinations of LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Crunchy Frogs, American Hammers, Squats, and Lunges. A few burpees were thrown in for good measure. After finding the Grail in the cemetery near the prison, we mosey back to the parking lot.

Thanks to Rockabilly for coming out after he got off work. He wasn’t able to find us since we were running all over Dallas looking for the Grail, but it was good to see him during COT. He is leading Starkville (kettlebell/coupon workout) on Monday’s at 6 pm and San Quentin (rucking) on Fridays at 6 pm. Both meet at Biggerstaff Park beside the tennis courts. Come get some afternoon work in!

Announcements: Christmastown 5k…spots are limited! It will be a Speed for Need event again! Medicine Woman and Breaker Breaker (I think Breaker was the 2nd guy) are Q-ing the event. Props to you for stepping up!!!! If you know someone who may be a candidate to ride in a chair, let MW know! Also, we have a convergence at the Yank on Oct 19 @ 7 pm. Remember Starkville and San Quentin!

I was truly honored in late 2018 when Sparky asked me to take over as Site Q at Folsom. I was fresh off nearly 3 months of injured reserve and ready to get back into the groove of working out. Sparky did a great job so all I really needed to do was “not mess it up”!

Thanks to all of the guys across F3 Gastonia who came out for a guest-Q over the past year. With 3 workouts a week, things can easily get stale and monotonous, but you guys continually brought variety and energy! I believe everyone I asked to come out to Q a workout stepped up (except that one time Short Sale stood us up LOL…but he made it up!!!!). Thanks also to the Folsom regulars and, when I say regulars, I’m also talking about the Midoriyama guys who also post regularly on Saturdays (you guys are “Folsom guys” too!). From what I have seen, Folsom guys step up to take Qs unlike any other AO in the area. With 12-14 workouts a month, I really never “had” to Q because of lack of guys stepping up. In fact, we started limiting to one Q per month most of the year so all the guys had a chance to Q!

I like to reflect from time to time. Looking back at Folsom this past year, there are plenty of good times and great memories as well as a few accomplishments! A few new guys joined us this year, which is always exciting! A few guys slipped into and out of Kotter-status along the way (booooo!) and we continue to encourage and “extend the hand” to bring them back. Many of the guys that have been around longer than I continue to keep pushing the rock! We had a Field Day. We (well, Volt and I) ran in the snow in December. We dumped a cooler of freezing water on Sister Act at Touchdown Beat-down. Folsom participated in the P200…not just one guy, but many of us, and now some are doing the Tuna and a half-marathon. We raised a few bucks for a missionary with the epic Tronmoss 5k. Allen Tate started a bible study on Thursday nights and it’s going strong after 3 months (he still doesn’t have any furniture though). Some of our men helped spawn new AOs. We even got our own section at the Country Kitchen, widely regarded as the best coffeeteria in F3 Nation (C-SPAN said it, not me…ok, well, I actually did say it too). We all grew a little closer. Not only did we grow closer to our existing friends, but we met some new ones along the way and are developing relationships we can lean on! We’ve grown in all 3 F’s!

I certainly can’t take credit for all of these things I’m just glad to see Folsom has continued to grow and I’m glad to know I had a part in facilitating that! Now, I hand it over to Allen Tate who quickly handed it over to Big Pappy….whom I’m am quite certain will take Folsom to even greater heights!

HIPAA – when are you getting that damn logo done? LOL