• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/07/2019
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Bed Pan
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Sister Act, Dr. Suess, Mozart, Tater Hole, Montross, Stogie, Medicine Woman, Broke, Def Leppard, Volt, Oompa Loompa,

Over the summer at Allen Tates house, he has hosted the House Of Hims. During one of the conversations a story came up and the side name Florida Man was born.

I come walking in the parking lot and some Pax thought I was a homeless person. I gave the disclaimer and we began to work. Mumble Chatter was at a max from the get go.
Warm Up Cherry Pickers, SSH, Merkins.
Mosey to the bottom lot. I asked the question that all Floridians Know.
How do you run from a Gator, “picture a raspy Cajun/southern/florida accent?
You run in a zig Zag pattern. Cones were set up One Pax would pull a card from my handy Camo Fanny pack, then that Pax would run the Gator route while the rest of us did the work. BY this point some were laughing others were not so happy but all had to reach in the fanny pack of pain and pull out a sweet F3 pain card.
Mosey to the hill:
I called a triple Nickel but Florida Man aint got all these F3 Jargon down yet. Picture the seen in Total Recall when the Alien opens up her shirt. I almost called a Triple Nipple, thanks To SA and Def we got it rolling. Merkins at the bottom and Merkins at the top.
All the Bat flippers loved how my shorty shorts helped me move through the wind, however the Mullet did not help the drag CoEfficient. Yes Florida MAn knows what goes fast and what goes Slow. But looking cool is always a must.
After that got the skinny boys happy with some running we went to the tennis court, where Men know how to move the balls. But no balls were hurt just feelings. AMRAP and some other stuff to get down to the FEETS OF STRENGTH::
In Florida you aint a man unless you got proof so I brought some prizes for this.
Merkin Contest: Most Merkins in a minute Wins. Winner was Taterhole, he received a Sweet Pack of Glow in the Dark Tribal Tattoos cause we all know you will get in a fight if another Floridian doesn’t see who your tribe is.
Sprints: Montross took this one home, his Prize a slingshot. He was quick to release and fast to return. Also You need weapons when you visit Florida. Have you seen the size of that Mouse!
Finally no F3 or Florida Competition is complete without Burpees.
Medicine Woman took home that Grand Prize today of a nice Shiny Wrestling Championship Belt. Possibly the most important item of all things to take to Florida. Why you may ask, It shows you are a winner. Florida is full of Winners and they will welcome you seeing you have proof of success.
While at the court I played about 9-10 songs just about Hurricanes, and some great songs about Florida.
However the Sky Q himself Stepped in as we said the Pledge of Allegiance while “Sweet Home Alabama” played soflty in the background. I know the song is not about Florida but hey even Florida man knows when something is Awesome! Tell BedPan I owe him a new coffee table and will buy him more PBR next time.

Announcement: A lot
Prayer request: each other and that Florida Man stays in Florida.