• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/02/2019
  • AO: Mt. Hollywood
  • QIC: Montross
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Broke, Dr. Seuss, Oompa Loompa, Bedpan, Red Ribbon, Shell Shock, Orangeman, Virus, Dirt, Freon, Big Pappy

YHC is a regular at Folsom and I also make my way to Downtown, Painlab, Gashouse, and Midoriyama from time to time. Getting to Storm, Goat, Mt. Hollywood, etc is a bit more difficult for me because I have to get back home to take my kids to school. That being said, I set a personal goal join an elite group (HIPAA, Sargento, possibly a few others) who have Q’d every F3 Gastonia workout. I’d like to get at least 75% of those locations taken care of by the end of the year and anytime the kids are out of school, it’s a good opportunity for me to head out to one of the more distant locations. That being said, I found myself in the ‘vaguely familiar’ confines of Mount Holly at 5:10 am on my day off, making final weinke plans as I eagerly anticipated the arrival of HIMs! 12 were present for a simple, yet effective beatdown to finish off Labor Day weekend!

SSH, Gravel Pickers (that parking lot is worse than Folsom’s), and Toy Soldiers.

I looked through some Area 51 backblasts and found a circuit workout that was used in August that looked like a pretty solid workout. The backblast was littered with complaints from the PAX, which sounds like the kind of thing I want to bring. The lay of the land in Mt Holly did force me to make 2 adjustments but it worked out.

There were 7 stations around the Middle School parking lot and each station represented an exercise (marked with very fancy hand written tags). Go from station to station and complete as many laps as you can until I call time. The stations were:
– Merkins 20 single count
– Dips 20 single count
– Dirty Hookups 20 in cadence (Broke seemed to think this was a bad idea. He may have been right)
– Big Boys 20 single count
– Mountain Climbers 20 each leg
– Squats 20 single count
– Burpees 1x for every lap completed (2 on the 2nd lap, 4 on the 4th, etc)

We ran the circuit for about 35 minutes. Some got 6 laps in, a few got in 5, we all finished up together with 6 burpees.

I stopped us with about 10 minutes left so we could get in a little circuit work together.
– Rosalitas 10-ish IC
– LBCs 20 IC
– Divebombers 5 on my count

Repeat a 2nd time with 7 Divebombers.

We mosey back to start and I have about 2 minutes left. I don’t want to short-change these men so we finished off with Jacked Up!
– SSH – 25 IC
– Seal Jacks – 20 IC
– Plank Jacks – 15 IC
– Crossover Jacks – 10 IC
– Smurf Jacks aka Little Gumby in the Woods – 5 IC

Pledge. Time! We went over by a few minutes but there weren’t any real complaints because these are REAL HIMs!

We reviewed announcements, YHC took us out in prayer. Show to know!

Sorry this BB is a bit later than usual for me. I prefer to get them in within a day so I can remember things more easily. As Oompa was so eager to point out, my memory is terrible. That’s ok, I still love ya Ooompa! It was good to spend some time in the gloom with a few guys I don’t see often and 1 or 2 I’d never met. Mt. Hollywood has a good thing going on out there. You are welcome at Folsom anytime! Sign up for a Q while you’re at it!

  • Montross