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Day: July 5, 2019


July 4 in GasHouse-multiple options for F3 workouts but given the holiday, I felt a Murph was in order. I knew there would be no shortage of Merica, but I did not know how much Merica would be there. I was not disappointed.

A few of us put in some EC with some ruck action. I believe there was also running done by 1 or more as well. At 0700 we gave a quick summary of what was on the menu and got started with the mile then jumped right into the workout-100 pull-ups, 200 Merkins, 300 squats. Get them done however you want. There was music, there was some grunting, there were some flags, there was a lot of sweat, and there was a heckuva lotta Merica. A few of the guys that posted at Folsom brought the Merica galore. Tater Hole, Bedpan, and Montross brought a big flag with some music and poured out the inspiration that kept us going. There were comments by non-F3ers about how impressed they were. It was cool to be a part of this. Once the exercises were completed, we got the other mile done then convened with a quick back story on who Michael Murphy was (thanks Roscoe) and how the Murph came to be. If you are not familiar with it, read a little about him. It won’t take long and is well worth your time. We finished with the Pledge and a got in a quick COT.

The flag, the smiles, the friendly faces and “good morning” smiles from the non-F3ers, the effort by the PAX-all of it was great and made this another great workout for me. Thanks for coming out today and pushing the rock again.


America at the Goat

07/04/2019 Goat
PAX: Buckeye, Sister Act, Gumby, Bondo, Dirt, Dr Seuss, Orangeman, Doodles, Def Leppard.
9 strong at the humid, moist Goat where I have never Q’ed before. Nice crowd, let’s go!
Warm Up with 7-4-17-76
7 Burpees
4 Don Quixotes IC
17 Merkins
76 American Hammers (mumblechatter started)
Pledge to the American Flag. (For me, it is always an honor and a privilege to pledge).
Mosey across the road, across the bridge, turn left down the path to the other bridge, then mosey to an outlying, somewhat lit, parking lot where instructions awaited in several parking spots with sidewalk chalk.
Partner up for this one for no apparent reason, but is there?
Each parking spot has an exercise and each group starting in a different parking spot. After the exercise run back to the bridge and return to the next spot. Exercises were:
10 Burpees
20 Diamond Merkins
30 Carolina Dry Docks (insert Leppard joke here)
40 Squats
50 Seal Jacks
60 LBC’s
70 SSH
10 Flutters
20 Merkins
Everyone moved through this pretty well. I was hoping to catch Buckeye and/or Sister Act with bad form somewhere during this but it did not happen! Believe me, I was looking for it so nice work to them and everyone! The point was made that even though other guys seemed to be ahead of us, each guy was going through the same stuff. I wanted the guys to see one of the many great effects of F3 is usually there is a guy who has been through whatever situation you are facing. I also wanted them to realize there is also a guy right with you to help you make it through. I encouraged each man to talk to someone if they have a problem and also to be open to listen to someone. Mosey back across the bridge to a picnic shelter.
80 D’s
20 Dips IC
20 Dollies IC
20 Derkins (plan was for IC but we may have changed to single count)
20 Dyeing Cockroaches IC
Back to the flag for guess what…
7 Burpees
4 Don Quixotes IC
17 Merkins
76 American Hammers
Announcements: July 20th the 2.0 workout at Folsom, July 20th tubing.
Doodles took us out.
Thanks to each man who posted and see you next time!

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