• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/18/2019
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Rockabilly
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Def Leppard, Taterhole, Sparky, Roundup, Slaw, Big Pappy, Volt, Hacksaw

After getting woken up by thunder and lightning, I was worried that my Q may have to be delayed due to weather.  That was not the case, when  the 4:20 am alarm on my phone went off, I was delighted to see the storm was gone.  I arrived at Folsom about 5:22 am to see Roundup getting some EC in and Volt was getting his early work in.


5:29 am is here and I realize we have a nice crowd!  5:31 am we begin (Q fail, chattering away). No FNG’s so I just reminded the pax that a lawsuit against me would be highly disappointing.


Warm up: 

10 SSH in cadence 

10 Don Q in cadence 

10 squats single count 

Mosey to the tennis courts 


Rugby sprints 1 court width  repeat after each exercise!

10 flying squirrels OYO  (some upgrades to burpees)

1 minute raise the roof

1 minute merkins

1 minute Morroccan night clubs

Mosey to the other end of the courts and back

Still rugby sprinting

1 minute emperial walkers 

1 minute hillbillies 

1 minute LBC

1 minute flutters

1 minute Rosalita’s

Mosey to the end of the courts and back 

Still rugby sprints 

Lunge walk 1 court and back

1 minute squats 

1 minute calf raise 

1 minute squats 

1 minute calf raises

Mosey to the end of the courts and back.

Rinse and repeat 

The entire work out had music blasting (thanks Pappy for the speaker)  and served as a great way to get the mumble chatter going as I had some very familiar  90’s tunes and a few other not so familiar tunes as well.

Rugby sprints was a great way for us to keep the heart rate up and YHC to be able to keep up with the pack.  This group of men at F3 Gastonia encourages me to be better every day.  I hope the workout today wasn’t too JV for some of our more athletic men.  Thank you all for the support today!