• Post Type: Pre-Blast
  • When: 07/21/2019
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  • QIC: Montross
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July 18th, 2018 was a day to remember. Days earlier, a not-quite-so-young PAX who goes by the name of Montross had recently found himself on the F3 injured reserve after 6 months of F3 rock-pushing. Montross was digging, searching, clawing for ways to stay involved with his F3 brothers. He was attending coffeteria at Country Kitchen (the premier coffeteria in F3 Nation, BTW) and staying active on Slack and Groupme. However, due to the Doctor’s orders, he was NOT able to workout. Somewhere along the way, Montross (with the help of Roadie and a few others) decided it would be a great idea to hold a 5k in his own honor. After signing up to Q at Prison Break and breaking through some resistance from “Woman Leg”, Montross consulted with his inner-circle AKA Folsom, and the Tronmoss Legacy 5k was born! Soon thereafter, 16 men posted for inaugural event. Now you may be asking yourself ‘why Tronmoss?’ Well, that’s a bit of a longer story that you can read about in the original Tronmoss 5k backblast HERE.

Fast-forward nearly a year. Montross is back in the saddle, posting (mostly) regularly and serving as Site-Q for both Folsom and The Boars Nest. Montross has participated in the Palmetto 200, ran the Allen Tate MF’R (Memorial Fun Run guys…geez!), and started a ruck AO. Montross stepped up so he could give back to the group and the men that have given so much to him. However, there was still that one beacon of light, that shining star looming on the horizon, that one missing piece Montross was really looking forward to. Then, the chatter began nearly a month ago. “What’s up with the Tronmoss 5k”. “Are we doing another Tronmoss 5k this year?” How can we not do this again!

With that, Montross is excited to officially announce the 2nd Annual Tronmoss Legacy 5k has been set for July 21, 2019 at 6:30 am at the Crossroads AO(Ingles in Dallas, NC). There are a few changes.

  • There will be an official route with an official winner and it is an honor that one HIM is going to be able to carry around and brag about to his friends all year long!
  • There will be also be a ruck division. Ruckers from The Boars Nest will depart at 6:15 am!
  • Montross will be running. It is also a FACT Montross will NOT win, but he is going to finish!

Logos were made and the date was announced a few weeks ago, but there was still something missing. The Tronmoss Legacy 5k (though it was started in jest) did mean something and ‘gave back’ to Montross in a time where he needed the support.

OK, here’s where I get serious. I really did want to find a way to make the Tronmoss Legacy 5k a ‘little something more’. This was going through my mind the past few weeks and, while listening to the F3 Roundtable Call/Podcast earlier this week, it all came together. The story of F3 Rowdy from F3 Suncoast was awesome. For those who haven’t heard it, check out the May 3rd episode. In that episode, Rowdy goes on to share how he was saved about 8 months ago and completely changed his life. He found his way to F3, became a regular (driving an hour to post), helped with a program to do workouts with local juveniles, etc and is now listening to the call of God. He is beginning to work with Crisis Response International. He is going to basically work as a domestic missionary. Rowdy will do this ‘full-time’. He plans to spend 1 month at a time helping work to rebuild a camp in Virginia for CRI, then spend the next month traveling to speak to groups, doing training, etc. Then, rinse and repeat.

On the call with CSPAN (respect), he asked for prayers first and foremost, but there was also an opportunity to support the cause financially and otherwise. If you want more info, search Facebook or Twitter for “Michaels Response”. I reached out to Rowdy and he gave me a link to contribute (CSPAN shared it on Twitter as well, you’ll see it below).

So, here’s the big announcement! I’m asking PAX who run in the 2nd Annual Tronmoss Legacy 5k to donate the cause! It can be $5. It can be $50. Donate on 7/21 either before or after the race as you feel led and as you are able. I’ll also be setting up a donation bucket on-site for those would rather go that route. If you can’t contribute financially, that’s ok too. Just send up a prayer for our brother Rowdy and his cause and that will be much appreciated. This is a great opportunity to help out a fellow F3 brother! It is a non-profit so you can donate online and you will receive documentation to make it tax deductible.


I’m looking forward to seeing all of you HIMs in the gloom on July 21, 2019!

  • Montross aka Tronmoss aka T-ron