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Day: May 9, 2019


Today 5 men with purses got after it with a modified Cadre Roony WOD. I knew I was Q this am for Diablo, but did not plan anything. Fortunately while I was doing some early morning thinking, and by thinking I mean sitting on the can at 0500, I came across the Cadre Roony Workout of the Day (WOD). This WOD was created when Cadre Roony was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He passed away April 3, 2019. If you get a chance, read about him. He had a habit of routinely making his groups at events he was the cadre for do “one more rep for the Ranger in the sky.” So if he called for 10 pushups, you would do 10 then 1 more (11) for the Ranger in the sky. I failed to mention this part to our pax this am, so hopefully someone will read this and remember it at some point in the future. The idea with this WOD is to remember Roony with the “one more rep for the Ranger in the sky.” Look up Cadre Roony if you are interested-there are some pictures there so even the guys from the Pub can get something out of this. The complete Roony WOD is to do 5 rounds, however due to time constraints we did 2 rounds with a little more rucking distance. It achieved the desired affect. Here is what we did:

We started with the Pledge then I ‘splained what was gonna happen. Due to poor short term memory and to keep everyone in the game, I assigned 1 exercise for each pax to remember. This little form of trickery allows me to turn my brain off and go into cruise control for the next 45 minutes.

Ruck from start to bottom of Gastone’s Hill.

75 Mountain Climbers then 75 Squats (with purses)

Mosey up to top of Gastone’s Hill

75 Flutter Kicks with ruck above head then 75 Overhead Claps

Ruck to bottom of Gastone’s Hill then repeat above. Round 2 intensified the burn. Total of 5 rounds would be interesting.

We Rucked back to start then did some Burpees, Merkins, and Squats to finish up.

Good workout this am, could be modified with less distance and more reps….maybe next week.

COT: Lot of folks hurting in our region and in need of support-if it is not you now, your time is coming. Keep posting and strengthening your shield lock. We especially mentioned Gastone and Sargento with the loss of family members. Thanks for coming out to push the rock with me. I needed it this morning a little more than usual.


Dreams come true at Neverland

A strong crowd to start the week at Neverland.   16 pax for what was a simple but effective weinke.  The inspiration was the upcoming, annual Murph on Memorial Day (7am at Martha Rivers).

Warm up

SSH x 30 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey towards the park (YHC hears some mumble chatter about being happy didn’t head the other way towards Gastone’s hill.  What you don’t know, can’t hurt you)  Stop at the entrance of the park.

25 big boy sit ups on the hill with feet on the high side

Mosey down the road towards the play ground stopping about every other light pole for 25 monkey humpers OYO.

At the playground, share the reminder about the upcoming Murph and that would use today as practice.

10 pull ups, 20 merkins, 30 squats, then run the small lap around the playground.   Complete 5 times.  Some made it 6x’s, some 5 and others 4.  None the less, the rock was being moved.  Recent FNG’s Rainbow Ranger and Won Ton were pushing hard.  Was getting close to time so meandered to the parking lot.

Bernie Sanders (that’s the NUR but up a hill) to the upper side of the parking lot.   Easy Rider was hard to catch. Defib got him in the last 100 meters.

Plank it up waiting on the six.

In salute to Gastone – 50 flutter kicks IC.  This was a crowd pleaser.

About home, stop again at the entrance of the park for 25 more big boys with feet on the high side.

Mosey to the finish time.


A beautiful morning with a number of #hims getting it done.  Always a honor to Q.

Good work



This is a “Flash CSAUP?” What is that you ask?  It is like a regular CSAUP except without prior planning and preparedness.  That includes preparedness for you!   #SHOWTOKNOW

Saturday morning May 11, 2019:  Arrive by 0315 at Gastonia’s original and greatest AO of all time, the Schiele Museum of Natural History.  1500 E. Garrison Boulevard, Gastonia, NC

Bring the following things:

Ruck Sack with weight (30 lb suggested minimum)  **If you have more than one, bring it just in case another PAX needs it.

Running shoes/headlamps/reflective gear

Shovel flags



Start times will based on fitness level.

It might be possible to make it back in time for the start of the Painlab and/or Gashouse bootcamp but that depends on you and your team.  However, we will be back before COT.  (Team Assignments will be made by the Q and/or his designee)

Closing thoughts:

*Don’t expect much except to be better for the experience.

*You will probably be sore by breakfast (Union Road Diner at 0815)

*Prepare to be underwhelmed.

*They are called CSAUP’s for a reason.

*You will cover multiple miles with your best friends so what could possibly be wrong with that?

*It is called “the Moron” for a reason.





Doctor approved

When I first accepted this Q I had more ambitious idea in my head …. I was going to reach out to great many doctors and encourage them to post here even an attempt at Whoopee!! However I went for a much simpler more subtle approach. it would seem my approach worked better than I intended as only one doctor seemed to have posted this morning at the pub which gives us our title…. thanks Defib!
I plannedTo have us hit the road quickly as I intended to make the full journey down to the old HT pad what was promised at one point to be a water balloon battle and then at another point that men with purses will be battling it out against skinny armed little boys on the run !!
Q fail number one Was on me for the neglecting to tell everyone to go with their own pace but to be safe. We started with the pledge and then we shot out like a cannon blast! Scouts were sent ahead to Rustle all the bushes and the familiar haunts and holes for the elusive Rucker’s. JJ slipped off ordered a Trenti Starbucks, sucked it down and rejoined slowpoke me ( Anthrax slowed down keep me company ). Someone stated that there were some people in cars witnessed …. not sure what that means ……
I then referenced Sasquatch to which monk responded that he witnessed said beast on way in and EH d him for Diablo Sammich ( he carried a big stick like Luke).
On our return Linus starts comparing me to maximum-security the horse due to the quick start ….which I felt more like maximum Clydesdale would be closer to true. JJ says he still working on that sugary coffee hi wants to put in four and a half because were moving too slow….. we follow him finish out our 4 1/2 here comes the rest of the gang!

Announcements for Murph on memorial day 7 o’clock I’ll Ao s closed
No new info on Mount Mitchell hike prayers for Gastone and his family
Mentions for the Whetstone program as well as prayers for which this is my second Q fail forgetting to add that in the actual prayer
I forgot to add this in annoncemebts and in the prayer for the upcoming Food Drive this weekend as well as rice and beans next week sign up if you have not
Speed for Need/ Belmont classic May 25
Prayers for Sargento‘s mother-in-law being buried today
Perhaps it is a final Q failure not recognizing that we should be praying for poor old Diablo Sammich

As a final note next Thursday at The Pub the triumphal return of…… Monk!!!!

What Would Gastone Not Do?

It’s been way too long for me to be in the gloom and even longer since I’ve actually led a 0530 workout. Knowing Gastone was out of town to be with his father in his final days, I asked for the lead spot at Snoballs. Any of the regulars would have accepted it, even if the circle formed with no one in the middle of it – the impromptu Q – which Gastone himself is famous for taking and making everyone suffer for lacking fortitude. So this workout is in honor of the AO leader and in memory of his father that passed in the hours prior. God speed to the Larner family.

Once I had been given the coveted Q, I thought what would Gastone not do? He likes hills and sometimes running backwards (NUR). He likes the aimless run through dark roads with various sets of exercises. We’ll have none of that this morning. I’ve been reading about the benefits (you may not consider it a benefit while exercising) of HIIT – that is High Intensity Interval Training. What’s the difference between HIIT and Tabata? Well nothing really to my untrained eye. So I “google searched” a few things and put together a plan. I know many of my fans enjoy the musical selections I often employ during these sessions so that began with what else? Amarillo By Morning by the worst singer in the Country Music Hall of Fame but I figured Whoopee would be there and I can suffer through three minutes of George Strait if it fires up my friend. Since it had been a while at the fabled Snoballs parking lot, I greeted a few new guys. Spinter and Magic Mike were in town for work and searched this AO for some F3 Brotherhood to make their G-town experience better (question why they didn’t hit Prison Break??? Hmmm). They normally post in Summerville, SC, so we appreciate those gentlemen joining us. Also new to me were Dirty Bird, Won Ton, and Rainbow Ranger, having been initiated in recent weeks (BTW – only Rainbow Ranger is in the PAX list – as a former Weasel Shaker, someone needs to add their info). Side bar question – Summerville gives a guy a “positive name” like Magic Mike and we hammer a guy with Rainbow Ranger or Dirty Bird? What gives?? Oh well, on with the show. Some sort of disclaimer mentioned a “you vs. you” experience, identifying where we were moseying (sometimes important so PAX can pace themselves a bit). It went down like this:


SSH – In cadence x 5…mosey (Whoopee was gleeful; first playing George Strait and then a short warm up)


Moseyed to the picnic shelter at Martha Rivers Park near the Turd Shack – this would be our base area for 2 minutes of exercise followed by 1 minute recovery. We did each set 2 times.

Set 1 (Used the open parking lot)

  • Jump Squats x 20
  • SSH x 30 (single count)
  • Burpees the remainder of the time

Set 2 (Moved under the shelter to the benches)

  • Dips x 20
  • Derkins x 15
  • Step Ups the remainder of the time

Set 3 (moved to the Turd Shack)

  • Hip Slappers x 20 (or 10 per side)
  • Dirty Hook-up x 20 (single count)
  • Donkey Kicks the remainder of the time

Set 4 (back to the parking lot)

  • WWI x 20
  • American Hammer x 20 (single count)
  • LBC’s the remainder of the time

Next session was a minute and a half repeats: three exercises performed consecutively for that time followed by 45 seconds of rest. We did each set twice.

Set 1

  • Plank Jacks x 4
  • Burps x 4
  • Star Jumps x 4

Set 2

  • Burpees x 5
  • Seal Jacks x 5
  • Lt. Dans x 5

We hustled back to the AO with less than a minute to spare so finished off with Flutter Kicks until 0615. As many of you know, I’m a fan of the timed workouts. When I’m unable to be among the PAX, it’s what I typically do at home to keep some semblance of condition. The good thing is we all stay together and everyone gets to push themselves in the set time. I tried this Monday night alone in my garage – to make sure the timing worked and it was grueling to get through. Even though we’re not competing against each other, we’re drawing energy from the group. It’s a tough one for sure and if they guys shoulders were not on fire after Set 3 then I didn’t do my job. Typically this setting allows for maximum mumble chatter but there seemed to be some huffing and puffing going on or else I let the music drown the noise. Speaking of, we heard a range of artists from Metallica, Godsmack, Candlebox, Black Sabbath, Steel Panther, The Killers, Bruce Springsteen, and The Lemonheads (Sargento – I can send this to you if like).

Announcements: 2nd F on May 31st, Belmont – The Station 1730 – Monk’s moving to DC – come have a beer with him; Saturday, May 11th, put canned food at your mailbox and your postal carrier will deliver it to Crisis Assistance Ministry (see Clavin if questions).

COT: We lifted prayers for Gastone and his family dealing with the loss of his father. We also prayed for a friend of Whoopee’s trying to get out and exercise but having some issues and in the hospital; EZ Rider and family; Watt’s Up’s M’s cousin as well as the UNCC community and Mooresville Police impacted by tragic loss. Thanks to the men from Summerville that joined us this morning and the regulars that posted. I’ll try not to be a stranger on Wednesday mornings. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to lead.

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