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  • When: 04/06/2019
  • AO:
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Sargento, Edison, Moana (FNG), Tiger, Freon, Orangeman (R), Tesla (R), Headcase, Scribbles, ToolTime, Doodles, Anchroman (R), Pyle (FNG), Top Hat, Blowhard, Quiche, Pockets, Wet Nuts, Dirt (R), HIPAA (QIC

Setting a goal for yourself and achieving it makes life that much better. I set out on a journey sometime in 2018 with the intention of Q’ng every AO in our region. One by one I began to check them off leaving only the Yank to conquer. I hit Tesla up to let him know I’d gladly take the Q this past Saturday. Surprisingly I’ve only been to the Yank two times prior to this Saturday. Once for a guest Q by Rev. Flo Rider and the other was a convergence. That said I really wasn’t familiar with the area of Belmont and what to do. Tesla had been asking if I was bringing any toys to my Q. I had put off the answer as I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Then I remembered a nice spot behind Sammy’s to setup a PainLab type workout. With the area chosen I went to work on a weinke. I have been really into the Battle ropes lately having owned two different sizes. They can put one hell of a beating on you. They incorporate core, cardio and strength training into any movement used with them. Only having 2 ropes I knew I’d have to generate more pain stations. I put a question out on slack about what the avg. Pax count is at the Yank, I was told 10-12. Solid number so I created pain stations accordingly. I arrived extra early and setup shop in the new parking lot behind Sammy’s. Walked up to the starting point where I was greeted by an FNG soon to be named Pyle. One by one I started seeing more and more Pax arrive. At about 5 til we were at about 12, when out of nowhere 8 more showed. I immediately had to pull up my weinke and add some more pain stations! YHC was very pleased with turnout. Large crowd so let’s move it down to the concrete pad.

0700 let’s begin

Disclaimer and 5 core principles for the 2 FNGs


SSH x 15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs x 50 IC

As usual ToolTime was running his mouth. Guess he didn’t get enough EC running in so had to continue it here.

Let’s mosey to parking lot behind Sammy’s.

The Thang

I spent sometime explaining the pain stations and ToolTime interupted numerous times with complete nonsensical jargon but we made up the time during the workout.

Tabata (Ciabatta)

10 Pain Stations – 30 seconds each station, 10 second rest between stations

20 PAX so make 2 lines of 10 behind each battlerope.

Rope 1 – Heavy 2″
Rope 2 – Medium 1.5″
Plank Jacks Plank Jacks
Cinder Block Curls Cinder Block Curls
Chilly Jacks Chilly Jacks
Cinder Block Overhead Press Cinder Block Overhead Press
Wide Merkins Wide Merkins
Burpees Burpees
Diamond Merkins Diamond Merkins

The 10th Station would be the mosey around the parking lot then planking until the buzzer went off. Call this your extended rest period.

Fired up the tunes with some Prodigy. No complaints, except from ToolTime who requested Tool. There was a reason for the choice in music and we’ll get to that in a second.

After round one I made the lines flip flop. This gave everyone the opportunity to work with the heavy rope. We kept the flip flop going as we ended a round. It was maybe after round 2  where I noticed the PAX literally praising Jesus when they arrived at the Burpee station. They had been working so hard at all the rest of the stations that somehow doing Burpees was an actual relief???

ToolTime still requesting Tool

OK we made it to the halfway point so time for a little explanation of the music choice. As the PAX caught their breath I brought up once again the F3 Mental Battle. I pointed out the the lead singer of Prodigy, Keith Flint, committed suicide on March 4th. I noted that while a man can have everything going for them in their life, they may still be fighting demons inside. Spoke on how I battle through anxiety but that this group of HIMs pulls me away and helps me find ways to fight that anxiety. There are many men that battle depression, anxiety and other mental diseases. WE are all here for each other. WE are here to hear you out. WE are here to help you. WEare here to guide you to someone that can help you if WE cannot. The important thing is WE are here. Reach out.

Lets get back to it.

ToolTime still requesting Tool

0750 and we were wrapping up the last round.

We did 5 rounds. Here is what we did when on the ropes. While it was the same, it was a little different each time.

Single Arm Alternating Waves
Reverse In & Out
Double Arm Slams
American Hammers

Let’s circle up for some PAX choice MARY, round the horn style. FNG Pyle got to call an exercise, a plank groiner maybe? Who knows what the hell it was but it worked and I may use this again sometime! Well done FNG Pyle!



Announcements – SFN @ Community Foundation Run. I made the announcement that the Yank was end of Qng everywehre. Sargento, with a big smile on his face, says welcome to the club. I dont know what club you’re in sir but you haven’t Q’d Diablo Sammich! BOOM! ROASTED!

Prayer requests

Tiger took us out

ToolTime still requesting Tool

Men of the Yank. I thank you for the time spent with you this morning. I’m glad I got to put faces with names with the ones I’ve never met and was able to workout along side of you. I hope it was as much fun as it was terrible.