• When: 10/18/2018
  • QIC: Chief Allen Tate and Montross
  • PAX: Roadie, Pastor Clever, Huckleberry, Medicine Woman, Hacksaw, Swanson (FNG), Montross, Allen Tate

What happens when 2 Rockpushers, a Preacher, and a FNG walk into a bar? Well, first off, you can bet my preacher is going to be late…but then they hang out with their friends and beatdowns are issued…and that is exactly what went down at Folsom this morning.

Our good friend Gumby is dealing with an injury so Chief Allen Tate and YHC volunteered to cover Q duties this morning. Hope to see you back out there very soon Gumby!

Good news to share – we had a FNG today. He works for B.C. Parks and Rec so we now call him Swanson. Swanson didn’t realize what he was facing today!

Chief calls SSH – 50 IC….yep, 50! Get that blood pumping!

Tronmoss takes the lead and we take a brisk mosey to the lower turd shack by the pond. I would normally choose the ampitheater, but we learned there are wasps in it on Saturday so we avoided it.

3 sets of:
– Balls to the Wall – Partner up – 1 partner does BTTW while the other runs up the stairs, across the parking lot, and back. Flip-flop.
– Mike Tysons 15 IC
– Dirty Hookups 15 IC
– Jump Lunges – 10 (count right leg only, we skipped the 3rd set due to time…yeah, that was the only reason)

Pastor Clever joined us about near the end of the first set. Then he had to never to start talking about short changing him on some Dirty Hookups. Clawdhavemercy! Medicine Woman was particularly excited because Clever was his partner and that meant less time Balls to the Wall for him. Clever can move! Pastor Clever is good at 3 things: preaching, running, and being late to F3.

Chief takes the lead, 5 calf raises on each step. Then mosey to the tennis courts.

I had a little chat with Swanson on the way up the hill. And by chat, I mean I was talking to him and he was huffing and puffing like he was about to blow someone’s house down! He was still hanging in there though. He’s gonna be alright, I believe.

At the courts, Tronmoss cranks up some “90s Booty Music” – you know, some edited versions of 2 Live Crew, Luke, Trick Daddy, and Young & Restless. Chief and YHC both have a deep love for the music we listened to back in the day. I know that not everyone shares our love for this music but…we the Q so deal with it! I don’t bring a little speaker, I bring the boombox too in order to make sure everyone can hear just fine.

Chief calls the “Folsom 311”. Partner up for cumulative exercises, 1 PAX runs the courts while the other does reps, flip-flop and repeat.
– 300 LBCS
– 100 Hip Slappers (placing your feet on the fence)
– 100 WWI/Big Boy situps

Quick fellowship mosey to the parking lot and 10 burpees.

Today was one of the more quiet days I’ve heard at Folsom in a while. There was some mumble chatter about the 50 SSH’s but it got quiet at the turd shack and it stayed relatively quiet through the Folsom 311. I guess that’s what happens when you are getting your ass kicked! For sure though, guys were pushing the rock today and getting it done.

COT – Announcements – Christmastown 5k, Convergence Nov 10 at The Yank, 2nd F at Hickory Tavern tonight. Chief took us out in prayer. Several prayer requests…keep MW’s mom in your prayers as she’s been sick and hospitalized and keep Toto in your prayers as well.

Moleskin – Thanks for the opportunity to lead…well, co-lead today. I am personally so glad to be back in the groove of working out on a regular basis. I’m working my way back into shape and it’s coming around quicker than when I first started. I consider many of you as good friends and that is such an important piece of F3. It touched my heart to hear Roadie talking about getting together with Toto tonight and, while I know people have things going on and most of us won’t be there, but I also know a few will.