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Day: August 27, 2018


6 PAX posted at Crossroads Sunday morning for what YHC was calling the recovery ruck. 5 had run in the CSAUP the day before and the other was often seen on the course(T-Claps to Hacksaw for his support). I decided to step up the ruck a little by adding some stuff to carry. We threw in some bricks and 2-20lbs dumb bells. Even a 5 lbs brick gets a little taxing on the hands after a while. We weren’t fast today but we had some good conversations(the best part of rucking)! All in all we did a little over 4 miles. Hacksaw was doing curls the whole time. SA complained a lot but was amazed at how many calories his watch said he burned. Golddigger struggled with walking and not running.  Either way these guys all came out and got after again!

BRR/Bourbon Chase Relay CSAUP

Where do I begin?  First off, thanks to each of you that participated in this event.  The CSAUP could not have been done without you!!  A total of 32 HIMS decided to take the adventure across Gaston County to better themselves, train for a relay, push themselves to see what their body could do, be with their F3 brothers, or everything mentioned.  With that said, we left out of Dallas Courthouse at 4am on our 50 mile journey to not only see the great views of Gaston County but also to hit up each AO within the F3 Gastonia region.  Along the way there were a lot of PAX pushing their bodies to do things they didn’t think they could do.  There is no better feeling than to hear PAX say that they just accomplished something they thought they couldn’t do.   Hearing that along with the camaraderie with your F3 brothers make this CSAUP a success!!  Thanks again and if you missed out on this CSAUP be ready cause it will happen again in the future!!


Until next time Pizza Man is OOOUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT!!!


Fun Run

6 Showed for Coconut Horse.

The Thang:

We ran 5 miles

The Moleskin:

I started at 5:30am for the first 5. Returned before start of the next 5. Found Whoopee who was missing anybody that would Ruck with him (Boudan). His windows were down and he was just going to say hello to everyone and leave. He said no more running. But, when Roscoe showed and Monk all of the sudden he was going to go a little and then turn back. Long story short he ran the entire run, what a monster a few of the guys are after such a run the day before.

Prayers go out to those in need.

We did the pledge

We went in for coffee

Gastone Out

Hollywood HIMs

08/27/2018 11 strong HIM’s (High Impact Men) gathered in the gloom of the newest AO Mount Hollywood in F3 Gastonia region. I recently highjacked my wife’s Facebook to add a note about the new AO on the Mount Holly Town Talk and lo and behold, we had an FNG who read about it and lives close and ran about a half a mile to the workout! Those FNG’s are great when starting a new AO. Welcome FNG Jon Surratt, who will now be known as Freon.
Warm Up 5 burpees OYO (Slaw’s fault), 15 Cotton Pickers IC, 15 Hillbillies IC, 15 Leg Stretches each leg (Wojo’s fault) that was mainly for the ones who did the CSAUP 50 mile relay Saturday. Pledge.
Mosey down the road (darker than I thought) to the Second Baptist church parking lot (further than I thought) to see some sidewalk chalk instructions. 7 parking spaces marked as follows: 10 Burpees (Slaw and/or Roscoes’s fault), 20 Imperial Walkers, 30 Merkins (It was down ToolTime), 40 LBFC’s (Freight’s fault), 50 CDD’s (you know why), 60 Squats, 70 SSH. Partner up and select a parking space. Perform the listed exercise run a lap around the parking lot then move to the next space. Every group got at least one round in before we ran to the other side of the church parking lot and circled up. A little talk (borrowed from CSPAN) about that routine explaining how even when others seem like they are ahead of where you are, we are in this together. The one guy with you can help and the entire group of guys can help you. We all started F3 for the Fitness but the Fellowship is the glue that keeps us coming back. How true that is!
Mosey back to the front wall of the school (Huckleberry’s fault) where I use my trusty Interval Timer (Short Sale’s fault) set for 25 second intervals. Wall Sit, Recover, Upside Down Shoulder Taps, Recover, Wall Sits, Recover, LBC’s (around here was where the gastrointestinal problems began for someone, you know who you are), Recover, Hip Slappers (Sister Act whining starts), Recover, Wall Sits, Recover, Upside Down Shoulder Taps (seemed much longer than 25 seconds), Recover, Dips on the benches. Back to the flag.
Announcements, named the FNG Freon and COT. We remembered the Hamm family (friends of Breaker Breaker), kids and teachers returning to school, many of our kids at college.
*Nice to see a steady number for Mount Hollywood and thanks to Tiger for leading as Site Q. He needs help making sure there are Q’s so let him know because we have plenty of great Q’s. Speaking of great Q’s, great to see Brownstreak back out this morning. He tried to kill me one time in Ollie’s parking lot trying to get to 1000 reps(he remembers). A rare Slaw sighting in the gloom. His daughter is starting her senior year and he’s a mess but he will make it and I happen to know she is a wonderful young lady. Sargento had to hurry home to help get his group to their schools. I don’t think Sister Act or Orangeman even broke a sweat this morning but I tried. Breaker was pushing hard after running the CSAUP this weekend. I didn’t hear much from CDL and Virus but those men were pushing this morning. We ended with over 2 miles and around 400 reps so that’s a great way to start the work week!

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