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Day: August 21, 2018


I missed my scheduled Q a few weeks ago and today was my redemption Q-sorry for the mistake-it was all my fault and BreakerBreaker was kind enough to let me back in for a Redemption Q. It was very clear that the Pax would be expecting something worth getting out of the fartsack….I believe the work BreakerBreaker used was “epic.” While in my mind I often, scratch that, SOMETIMES think I have done something epic, I do realize that this is a relative term and my opinion of myself and my so-called accomplishments are not often described as “epic.” My kids are  essentially teenagers and the mystique of “dad” has turned into some old guy with stupid jokes that (I often find) I am the only one laughing at while my wife just shakes her head and my kids roll their eyes and try to ignore me……………where was I? Oh yeah, the backblast, the EPIC workout backblast that is.

I rolled in and quickly realized there was going to be a crowd-this is GREAT!!!!!-I remember posting at the STORM a while back in the rain and there were only 4 of us-one of the best workouts ever believe it or not. At that time I still wondered if this AO would be around for long. Great work out here by the veterans-you know who you are and so do the others so no need to call out names.

We started at 0530-I gave a quick rundown of the fact that I have been accused of ALLEGEDLY listening to bad music and having quick/nonexistent warmups. I thought I could combine these 2 rumors into a nice…..long……warmup. I cranked up my semi-waterproof speaker (my gift from the hospital after 10 years of service??!!!) with some Johnny Cash: It Ain’t Me, Babe. We would do SSH until hearing the word “Babe” at which time we would drop into a burpee then resume the SSH. This lasted for about 2 stanzas and even I couldn’t handle it after that. Where are Stroganoff and Shortsale when I need to torture someone with my music-I really do think if either or especially both of them were there, I could have played that song at least once completely, possibly twice. There were a few comments (I think) but I couldn’t hear them over the most excellent music. I saw a few pax stop doing SSH and I am not sure if it was a cue to cut the music or that they were just in awe of the epic music….we will never know.

Enough of that, mosey to the wall for (you asked for it Monk), some hip-slapper type of stuff. Get on the wall for some Crazy Indian Run thing-not in the F3 official exercises-it’s a Whoopee original. All pax on the wall in BTTW position, first guy drops down and moseys to the other end of the line and gets back into BTTW. As he gets past the guy next to him, that next pax drops down and runs to the end of the line and back into BTTW. We repeated this for all 21 pax to perform this twice-that was a good starter. We made it across most of the front of the school. We quickly moseyed to the back of the school near the loading dock for some partner work. P1 does exercise, P2 runs to loading dock, jumps up on it, runs back to P1 and swaps. This was a bit of a Q fail but the pax did not complain much. We finished this then moseyed around to the small Eye of the Storm at the bottom of the hill-we did some moseying and lunging but all got in place around the circle for a quick review of the 5 rules of F3 and some “Whoopee Says.” Basically one pax yells out an exercise, all other pax perform this exercise while first pax runs around the circle. At some point, Whoopee yells next. The timing of this is mainly due to how much I want to do your exercise and how much I like you, and possibly how hard your exercise is to me. We did a lot of things including burpees X 3 or 4 times, flutter kicks, merkins, sandy v’s, protractor, squats, Bobby Hurleys, dying cockroaches, MNCs, diamond merkin (I did 1 DM then called for next person) and maybe a few others that I cannot remember.

We then moseyed up the hill to the larger Eye of the Storm. Sargento carried the speaker while I played some “Cliffhanger” yodeling from the old Price is Right with Bob Barker more than once. Once we got to the top I talked quickly about the Alcatraz book I am reading-a repeat discussion but not sure anyone today was present for previous talk. Basically it was about how F3 has the potential to keep us on the right path and lack of F3-type of stuff allows us to wander off the path with a really hard time to get back on the path-that type of inertia is hard to correct.

Enough of that, I had a couple things in mind so I gave the pax an option: A or B? Cannot remember what was picked, didn’t matter-both options were 25 Mountain Climbers. After we finished, I again asked the pax: Option A or B? Again, does not matter, run down the hill in front of the school and plank for the 6. Again, Option A or B? At this point, Sister Act accuses me of some type of duplicitous behavior. Me???? I was in no way being deceitful. There were 2 options: A or B. Just because they both had the same answer was irrelevant at the time. We then did 25 more Mountain Climbers and moseyed back up the hill where we came from. I think we did some more Mountain Climbers at the top then moseyed back to the bottom. There was a quick headcount on how many pax made it to C-SPAN’s send-off. There were 3 so we moseyed back to start with (initially) 3 burpees per speed bump. There were a few derogatory remarks by some cheesy guy that will go un-named that rhymes with Fart-gen-toe….so we changed to 4 burpees at each speed bump. I had to defend my (little that I have) honor. In retrospect, I wish I had picked a larger number (like maybe 237) but I am sure I would have regretted that. We got back to start with time for a few rounds of Mary then the Pledge.

COT: HIPAA gave us a quick run down of all the events (see recent newsletter) and a warning of upcoming pre-blast type of thing for the Burpeethon on October 6 (I think). If you are able, get to one or more of the upcoming events and remember, even if you cannot be there, you can financially support. Like in the movie Grease, if you cannot be an athlete, you can be an athletic supporter (prime example of a “dad joke” around our house.)

I closed us out with quick prayer then we all took off.

Thanks again for the “redemption” Q opportunity. It is great to see so many pax out here. Kudos to those pax who have stuck out the thinner times and kept this AO going. Also, I would encourage those pax who have not been routinely posting out here to make the short trip and post. This and Goat Island are great AOs with a lot of good stuff for our type of workout. I will say the acoustics at the STORM could be little better. Johnny Cash was not getting me going like it usually does.

Keep up the great work.


Burpees for breakfast!

I was fortunate enough to lead the group of pax for a Monday morning beatdown.  After a restful Sunday YHC was ready to get some.  All 12 pax arrived on time and no FNGs so quick disclaimer and then pledge…


Warmup – NOT – Started with a fast paced mosey down the street to first intersection.  Surprisingly there was very little waiting on any six – This group came to play.  Stop –  10 LBCs .  Run some more – Stop – 10 Merkins, run some more to “Gastone’s Hill”  Up we go stopping at each light with 5 Merkins.  At the top gather up and Indian run to Robinson elementary for some big boy setups then to parking lot for some 11’s.  I had not really written anything down so I asked for volunteers to call out exercises – Island called Mountain climbers on one side and Squirt called ….Hip Slappers – well that wouldn’t work so Gastone pipped up with Burpees (uh oh ) So 11s were completed with very little mumble chatter.  Then cross parking lot with lunges and burpee long jumps x2 (planned on three but had to omaha )  Moseyed back to Food Lion to shopping cart return to hold dip position for 10 count x 4 ( a real crowd pleaser – hey at least we weren’t running).  Finally Mosey to old Harris Teeter for some wall work – I didn’t forget you Squirt!- hip slappers ! and wall sits.  Finally moseyed to short wall for dips IC before arriving back at snoballs.  All in all it was a real ball buster workout with very little rest between sets and this group knocked it out.  Its a real testament to F3 to see everyone pushing and improving so much.


Prayers for Gastone’s family dealing with the ravages of Alzheimers


As always it was my honor to lead – Until next time – Defib OUT

Carry Each Others Burdens, or just each other

Technically my first Q was a CoQ with Montross.  So I’ll call this my first Solo Q.


10 – Moroccan Night Clubs IC

15 – Windmills IC

10 – Imperial walkers IC

10 Burpees OYO (this is where Sparky shows up and comments, “I should have waited another minute”)



Mosey down the the lower lot for 4 corners.  We partnered up for this and each pair started in a different corner.  Purpose of the partners was simply to push each other and create healthy Mumble Chatter with you partner, which was intentional for the spiritual tie in to the workout.

C1 – 40 LBC, nur to C2

C2 – 30 Bobby Hurleys, karaoke to C3

C3 – 20 Freddie Mercurys, lunge walk to c4

C4 – 10 Burpees, karakoe to C1

We did a few rounds of this before regrouping for a Mosey up to the tennis courts.

At the tennis we stayed with our partners for a variation on an exercise Medicine Woman called last week.  P1 carried P2 piggie back to the 1st light pole then they switched for way back, meanwhile all other HIM’s did an exercise of that pairs choosing.  We almost completed three rounds of this before 6:15.

Exercises called included:

Side Straddle Hops, LBC’s, Hip Slappers, Burpees, Squats, Balls to the Wall, Alternating Shoulder Taps, Big Boys, and more Burpees


Back to the Parking Lot for CoT where I challenged the PAX with Galatians 6:2 which tells us to carry each others burdens, just like we carried each other.  All HIM’s present were encourage to specifically contact their partner for the workout sometime in the week to do just that in praying for each other.

Prayer Requests – Students and Teachers with school around the corner, each other, Gumby’s Father-in-Law

Closed out in Prayer.

In closing, I’m really enjoying F3 both for the workout and the brotherhood it helps create.  I’m honored to be a part of it and to get to Q this morning

Pastor Clever

2.0 day

21 at Folsom for the monthly 2.0 day.  We clocked in at exactly 07:00.

Warmups: 2.0s decided

Madden led 20 moraccan nightclubs IC

Excitebike decided we’d do a slawter starter

DMC picked 20 LBCs IC

Let’s mosey to the far small parking lot.

Route 66: Lunges and Squats

11s.  CDDs and Merkins.  Parents carrying their 2.0s in between.

Gumby takes over and a mosey to the parking lot by the ballfields happens.

Four corner escalator. Corner 1: merkins. Corner 2: star jacks.  Corner 3: LBCs.  Corner 4: flutter kicks.  We then de-escalated.

Grabbed a frisbee.  Throw the frisbee and where it landed do exercises.  Exercises were burpees, merkins, LBCs and Squats.

Mosey back to the launching point for COT and BOM.

Sparky closed us in prayer.

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