• When: 08/19/2018
  • QIC: Hushpuppy (Painlab) / Linus (Bootcamp)
  • PAX: JJ, Top Hat, Pedal, Stroganoff, Moses (respect), Personal Flotation Device (PFD), Ready Player One (RPO), Bambi

Typing Backblast Sunday night at 9:45, coverage in detail but just the facts this time, sorry.

Nice attendance given CSpans farewell tour attracted 1/2 of F3 Nation, deservingly so.  Wish him the best.

Disclaimer, go……

Warm Up: 

Sargento’s (Goofballs) – Many in cadence

Merkins – 10 in cadence

Squats – 15-20 in cadence (always get my counts confused)

LBCs – Many in cadence

Pledge, split up about 1/2 evenly.

The Thang:

Library, bottom parking lot, Eleven’s.  Time to check out some books, get ready for school.  Library card on hand, not expired, ready to go.  One merkin at the bottom and 10 Homer/Marge at the Door.  Increase on the merkin, decrease on the Homer/Marge.  Moses and I pretty sure we were keeping good count, Stroganoff and JJ going for extra credit.  Pretty sure they finished with Twelve’s but we were good with our Eleven’s.  Soon to be RPO keeping good form with all of us.

Walk to the island, mosey up the hill to the Book Return.  Time to take all our check outs back.  Split the Pax, one set does squats while the other’s run around book return lane.  My time to run, going strong with FNG who is soon to be known as Ready Player One (RPO) when we see Hushpuppy and crew littering the sidewalk with planks and monkey humpers.  Let’s join some fun, line up across from each other with nothing but 100 feet of road splitting the two factions.  I thought I was a genius until Pup leans into this low crawl plank hold for roughly 32 to 33 1/2 minutes.  I’m not so sure he wasn’t laying down, maybe even fell asleep.  Puppy either woke up or decided it was time to alleviate all from their pain and moved on to Monkey Humpers.  As soon as he relinquished on the humpers I bolted my group out of there, figure I better leave them some fuel in the tank, maybe my tank.  Moseyed back to the book return, finished out runs of Homer/Marge and CDD’s.  Maybe another, who knows.

Mosey to the sidewalk to engage in a round of Absolutions and Mike Tysons.  Nearly questioning my Weinke at this point but the pain seemed to be well received.  Plenty of mumble chatter and Pax seemed happy.  Wait, where the Hell is Stroganoff?  And, was he even here for Absolutions?  What about Mike Tysons?  Did he even participate in Eleven’s?  Yes, recollection deems he did so, but we lost him somewhere in the Book Return transition and mosey to Absolution.

Okay, we move on without Strogie, mosey up the back side of Dr. Macomson’s office, notice a real cute set of picnic tables under the shade and realize it is not break time yet.  Back side of FPC, squat 1/2 the length of parking lot, mosey out.  Rinse and repeat, actually felt really good on the legs.  Bunny Hop 1/4 way in, mosey out the distance.  Rinse and repeat.

F3 Iron Pax Challenge – Cut in half due to time and 200 meter run was back to the Schiele.

25 Squats

20 BB Sit ups

30 merkins (did full on that one)

Skipped Bonnie Blairs

5 Burpees (I think)

Literally two minutes until 8:00 and we are still at the church, all Pax arrive at Schiele to raised Puppy arms wondering where we’ve been as the bells chime relieving me of my powers as Q.


Big welcome to two FNG’s, Ready Player One (RPO) and Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

50 Mile Relay around Gastonia to Hit all AO’s next weekend, 4:00 a.m. Dallas Courthouse

Linus will Q Gashouse to allow any Pax to attend relay, Timeframe (hopefully) for Labor Day Q

Women’s workout starting in Dallas, 8:00 a.m.  FIA wanting HC from 20, 10 attended last week

2nd F at Sargento’s next weekend

Prayer Requests:

Kid’s back to school in the coming weeks

Pedal:  M has stress fracture in ankle

Honored to serve