• When: 06/29/2018
  • QIC: Monk
  • PAX: Dr. Suess, Blast, Turtleman, Gastone, Spiderman, Def Leppard (R), Slaw, Claven (R), Linus (R), Roscoe, Boudin, Captain Stubing, Island, Pasclever, Toto, Monk (R)

I knew it was going to close. For the record (you know who you are), I didn’t speed or run red lights;) I hit the middle of the PAX at 5:29:57, and started a few seconds later. Spiderman smiled.

Disclaimer & Pledge

  • Warm-up: SSH, Merkins, LBC, Toy Soldiers, burpees, Wal-mart Burpees,* monkey humpers
  • Thang:
    • Run to top of lot; pair up for…
    • Blueberry biscuit BOMBS: one partner runs down a flight of stairs, across parking lot towards the other side, stopping halfway to perform 5 Burpees , and then completes lap. Partner 2 begins
      • 100- Overhead Claps (during which Toto said something about how his grandmother could do the overhead claps until (see Bat Wings below)
      • 150- monkey humpers, instead of Merkins. This was the promised “arm friendly” part of the workout until (see Bat Wings below)
      • 200- Big Boy Sit-ups
      • 250- Squats
    • Bat Wings* as described on the F3 Exercise page: “Progression of arm exercises that are deceivingly difficult and named after Austin’s bats. Start with 20 x Forward Arm Circles, hold, 20 x Backwards Arm Circles, hold, 20 x seal claps, hold, 20 x overhead claps. Everything is on a 4-count. Remember to enjoy the pain on the faces of your fellow men.” I did.
    • Run to Pavilion
    • Monkified partner combination of bear crawling up and down stairs with boo yah merkins atop the Pavillion riser and squats at the bottom of the stairs off the riser.
    • Gastone led flutter kicks
  • I browsed the F3 Exercises page. Apparently these were new exercises for everyone. Reference to Wal-mart in particular provoked cryptic mumble chatter at Slaw.

Announcements: Whetstone pairings went out last night via email. Stones and Blades are now contacting each other to get started sometime during the next three weeks. Others may sign up at any time, whenever they’re ready.

Prayer requests: Toto’s mother-in-law is in very poor health