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6/25 @ The Black Knight

  • When: 06/25/2018
  • QIC: Squirt
  • PAX: Gaston, Island, Turtle Man, Defib, Toto, Roscoe, Shooter, Claven, Time Frame, Capt. Stuby, Pedal, Rudolph, Stone Cold, and an early exit for Spider-Man who heard a damsel in distress and had to save her!

Gonna be a short one as I was unable to get the full write due to other obligations. As I write this I am about 15 mins from leaving with my youth to go to a conference but wanted to get everyone’s names in for credit in June.

We did 3 sets of 10 mins of as many rounds as possible of the exercises I called out…15 of each, sets of 4.  Then we sprinted for 2 mins before resting for a min; just to start all over.  Everyone worked hard, as usual Defib killed it but everyone gave it their all.

Have a great weekend; it was an honor men. Remember our group in your prayers as we head to Atlanta.


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  1. Squirt – thanks for writing this and giving credit to the men that posted. Simple and summarized still provides the recognition. Prayers to you and your youth for safe travels and the chance to deepen their faith. #HIM

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