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  • When: 06/08/2018
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  • QIC: Spiderman
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  • PAX: Monk, Medicine Woman, Sister Act, Slaw, Gastone, Squirt, Clavin, Easy Rider

Many thanks to the fellow PAX that showed up and beat the crap out of Friday’s morning, to make the day scream mercy, and to build themselves up and not waste a beautiful beatdown. You made my day!

It was a delight to hammer out a steady 43 seconds of muscle burning reps and repetitive stair runs .

Here we go.

Warm UP:
43 SSH, 4 Squats, 3 Burpies, 4 Squats, 3 Burpies



Mosey to my trunk and grab 1 brick each, or partner up and grab a pair of bricks per group, or…….just grab one brick each.

To the wall.
Wall sits everyone:  1 Pax with bricks does speed bags, the other marches.  43 SECONDS.  SWITCH

Wall sits everyone:  1 Pax with bricks does shoulder press, the other marches and shoulder press.  43 SECONDS.  SWITCH

Let’s mosey to the parking deck, bottom level.

Run up the stairs to Level 4 (3B), across the deck back down the other stairs: 3 Times – after the 3rd, stay at the top.

43 Seconds: Booya Merkins (Partner hand slap Merkins) , 43 Seconds Squats – 2 Times

43 Seconds: 1 Partner squat shoulder press with bricks, while other partner does imperial squats.  SWITCH  Repeat 2 times.

43 Seconds:  Bear crawl, 43 seconds of backwards bear crawl.

43 Seconds: 1 partner holding bricks, American Hammer, other does flutterkicks.  Switch 2 Times.

43 Seconds: Booya Merkins then 43 Seconds American Hammers w/ Brick – Repeat!

43 Seconds: SSH – Side Straddle Hops

Run down the stairs, back up to level 4 – 3 Times.

Mosey to metal Christmas Tree.

Dips: 23, squats 23 Dips 20, Squats 20.

Mosey to Pavillion

Deep Sea Divers:  4 slappers, 3 steps (up then back down)

American Hammers x 4, Crunchy Frog x 3

43 Seconds: Flutterkicks

12 Freddie Mercuries