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  • When: 06/07/2018
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  • QIC: Stone Cold
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  • PAX: Whoopee, Diva, Tool Time, Roscoe, Monk (Respect), Oomp Loompa (respect), Stone Cold

Last week, Monk asked me to Q at the Pub this morning so I agreed and pulled in early eagerly to see an empty parking lot.  Hmmm, I thought to myself table for 1?  After a few minutes here come the HIM’s.   Whoopee barrel rolled out of his truck into the merkin position to knock out his 10,000 for the month.

No FNG’s so we started down Hoffman and I was at the point.  About an 1/8 of a mile I was at the six with Roscoe who was kind enough to hang with me since I am not a runner (but will be someday).  What I failed to tell Roscoe was that I challenged myself to run 4 miles under a 10/min pace.  Well at the halfway point I turned around and Roscoe kicked it into gear to catch up with the others.  We all made it back

During the run, Monk forgot that I was Q and took over, or else he didn’t like where things were going.  )      We said the pledge and he closed out the COT.


Here is what you need to know.  Yesterday at Snoballs, Whoopee mentioned that everyone should challenge themselves, whether it is to train for a marathon or work on pull-ups or lose weight.  The only time I listed to him was then and so this morning was my challenge.   Last week I had to walk several times during the 5 mile run so this week I fought it and won.   Best last was 8:52, for me that’s Usain Bolt like.  Thanks for the push everyone.