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Day: May 30, 2018

Tha Shartz

Well, knowing that Wednesday’s are just for the option of running or rucking at Folsom, there’s not going to be a real in depth B.B.  That  being said, it was more eventful than expected. YHC rolls into the gloom trying to decide which of the 2 options I was going to participate in.  Roadie was on my heels pulling in and not long after, several more roll in. Lots of random chatter taking place and then the Q calls “it’s 5:30!” Well, that worked. 🙄 YHC calls again at 5:31.

Yeah, whatever. So I take off for a run. The others still jibber jabbering slowly start to roll out behind.  I got up to my normal “non-runner” pace and here comes Sparky rolling in. I put it on myself not to let him catch me, which he never did. Now, that’s not because I was rolling at a high level, there were other circumstances that prohibited it. Sparky had sent this picture to our group text yesterday of this strawberry desert thing he called a “sticky?” It looked rather delicious, but for sure would’ve been a cheat meal. Anyway, I make the loop around the college and still haven’t been caught, but got to chat briefly with the ruckers. I make it to the red light at the college entrance Andy had to stop briefly to massage the bum leg. I look back and Sparky and Pastor Clever are rolling closer. Wait, where’s Sparky going? The hill beside bojangles is not part of the route. So, I take off again then Clever catches me and says that Sparky had to make a toilet stop. Makes sense now. So, I continue to finish my route and as I’m cooling down, here come Sparky. He didn’t stop, but ran to his truck saying “I gotta go so I can get some underwear and socks before work.” Underwear and socks? The Sticky had control of his bowels. After bojangles he ran to one of the park turd sheds and locked. With no other option, he unleashed at the horse stalls where apparently he lost his socks and drawers. Not only was Sparky having issues, but Roadie was too. I’m guessing just looking at the Sticky picture caused his bowels to act up. As far as I know, he didn’t lose any clothing. All finally returned to start.

announcements, The Forge 6:30,Warrior Dash Saturday.

prayer requests, Self Family, Oompa Loompas family(father n law passed)

i know, “show to know”, but this was a story that had to be told.

MW out!

Preblast : HELP with Least of These “Bridge Camp”

The Bridge Camp by Least of These Carolinas

Hello Pax. Last year I let the group know about an opportunity to serve some foster kids from all over the Carolinas and this year you have the same opportunity. Least of These Carolinas is a Christian based non-profit organization that supports foster kids and their families. Everything they do is free to the families and they do a lot. One of their biggest things of the year is a camp held at Crowder’s Ridge for kids who are currently in foster care or have recently gotten out within the last year. I have been involved with this camp for the last 2 years and have the privilege this year of being the head male counselor (a glorified title meaning I get to handle the problems that arise!). Unfortunately we are in real need of some men to step up and I could think of no better men to fill that gap than the men of F3!!

The Bridge Camp takes place from the afternoon of July 13th thru the morning of July 17th.  We have many opportunities that do not require you to commit to the entire weekend.  We are looking for counselors, security workers, hospitality workers and camp friends. Your wives can also serve in these positions as well.

Counselor – counselors are needed from Friday afternoon until the kids leave Tuesday morning. You will eat, sleep, and hang out with the kids. Age groups range from 9/10 all the way thru 18. All activities are outside; except for the worship services that take place daily. As a counselor you will be responsible for leading your kids from place to place, making sure they get to the nurse for medication, keeping them in line, leading a small group each day and being an encourager to them (which can be difficult at times).  This is by far the hardest position to fill and we are way short of men. The women already have 19 of 20 while we men have about 15 out of 20 men.  The leadership of LOTC takes this position very seriously and all those who wish to be counselors have to be interviewed by them.

Security – you only sign up for a few hours at a time. You will walk around to secure the area and make sure the kids are safe. Last year we had a runaway and that was not fun! We have security 24 hours a day and you can sign up for as many times during the weekend as you’d like.

Hospitality – this role is new this year. But they need people to make sure snacks are available as nothing has to be purchased by the campers. All of the food is provided but this position will make sure it is set out and ready for people to get. May even be used during check-in and check-out times on Friday and Tuesday. This is the one position I am unsure of what all they will be doing.

Camp Friends – This role is a life safer. Our own Sledge O Matic was one of my camp friends last year! Once again, this role is only for a few hours. This role is basically to come partner along with the counselors and hang out with the kids. If the counselor needs a short break these guys can watch the kids while they go get a snack or use the restroom. We need these roles filled for various times throughout the day. You could be helping with lunch/dinner, swimming, playing ball, or praying for/with one of the kids during worship time. This role was new last year and was very helpful. It took a lot of pressure off of me to have them around. It also gives the kids someone new to pal around with and having someone with fresh energy, this is especially helpful on Monday!

We would love to have you, your wife and if your kids are at least 18 they can volunteer as well. To work with these kids everyone, regardless of what role, has to go thru an extensive background check for obvious reasons.  The Word of God is preached at this camp and my favorite part is at the end when we hold a baptism service for those who made a commitment to Christ. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please hit me up to learn more. I promise you’ll leave the weekend exhausted but feeling like you made a difference in a child’s life and possibly their eternity. All meals are provided with special snacks this year (yay!); the only thing you would need is the basics for camp (sheets, toiletries, etc…) and they will provide a suggested list later on. Thanks and have a blessed day.



Lee Turner




19 PAX came out for a downpour filled workout at Midoriyama today. On the plus side the sun wasn’t beating down. We will come to wish for these rainy days soon enough. I had two wienke’s filled out and struggled to choose which one to use. After reading a few BB I was inspired to go another route.


SSH x 10ic

Seal Jacks x 15ic

Goofballs x 15ic

We moseyed down to the stash of goodies to deliver our new bars for a later workout. Mosey back to the side parking lot.

The Thang:

11’s up the parking lot- Slaw chose corkscrew’s and Sister Act chose Mike Tyson’s

Well that took a while!

4 corners-run the straight away lunge or bear crawl the corners. Stop and do an exercise chosen by one of the PAX in the corners. Sorry I don’t recall all of these. I’m actually kind of busy at work right now and I’m just squeezing this BB in before I pull a Def Leppard and forget.

Time for some AMRAP! 1 minute of exercise and then run a lap. All exercise were chosen by the PAX.


Pledge-The site Q forgot the shovel flag soooooooo

Announcements-The Forge Wednesday night on Peter led by Ash Pond, Convergence and Q school coming up

Prayer Request-Loved ones struggling with sickness


During the workout I called on different PAX to call the exercises. That way we never knew what we would be getting. Even Slaw surprised everyone when he didn’t call Burpee’s. YHC talked a little about how you never know what life is going to deliver you. We should all live like we are dying. Not that we should go out and live outrageously but we should live like tomorrow we may be standing before God. We need get right with our Lord everyday!


We worked legs a little….

Gastone took the realm of Snoballs this morning for a good old fashioned Beat-down.

Pledge then disclaimer for FNG.

The Thang:

All 3 Count

30 SSH

10 Merkins

30 Imperial Walker

10 Diamond Merkins

Mosey around baseball fields.

Short stop for some plank a rama followed by 10 Burpee’s while the 6 joins us.

Mosey the the back of the soccer fields to the bottom of the hill into the woods.

OYO, 30 Monkey Humpers, 20 Squats, 30 Gorilla Humpers

Backwards up the hill or as we call it Urr.

OYO, 30 Mountain Climbers, 30 Monkey Humpers, 20 Squats, 30 Gorilla Humper (Little brain problem as I forgot the name of Mountain Climbers, thanks Defib)

Backwards up the hill, Urr.

OYO, 30 SSH,  30 Mountain Climbers, 30 Monkey Humpers, 20 Squats, 30 Gorilla Humper

Urr up the hill.

Mosey around to the field next to the pull up bar at bottom of the hill on the path.

While waiting on the 6 we did 40 LBC’s and then 40 Flutter kicks to my count.

Jack Webb all the way up to 10 and then back down to 1. Starts with 1 Merkin and 1 Arms above you head and then goes to 2.

Mosey around the field and up the hill backwards to the pull up bar. Once at the pull up bar do 1 pull up each.

Mosey through the shortcut through the woods. (Some thought they took the better way back but they actually took the long way. )

The Pax did 40 American Hammers counting our right side.

The Moleskin:

Great morning and always a great group of guys. Monty Miller was named during the workout because of his love of Motorcycles like Harley’s, so he is Moped. He should make a great addition to the Pax.

Announcements: Convergence on the 9th at Midoriyama. 6/23 Calloway Peak Hike to the top and back.

Prayers for Madoff’s friend with Cancer.

Ended in Prayer as is done in every F3 workout.

Gastone Out!


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