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Doubt Part 1

5 PAX posted at The Forge for a tough conversation on doubt! This was a tough one for me because it is something I struggle with. Not so much doubt in God but doubt in myself.  Studying and preparing for this week has helped and the PAX stepped up big time when we met! Thanks Guys.

A few notes from the thang:

We allow human reason to overshadow faith in God, sinful doubt is the result.

The remedy of doubt is faith, faith comes from hearing God’s word, the bible is a testimony to give us reason to trust him.

Verses on Doubt

James 1:6-8

Jude 1:22

Matthew 21:21, 14:31

Proverbs 3:5

Supplemental reading that helped:

How do I know I’m saved?




See you next week for a follow up on Doubt!



Wal-Marts of Jericho

Excitement is rolling through the hills of Folsom right now. Recent FNG Gravity is posting every day. Local legends Huck and Allen Tate have come back with a vengeance! The first stop on our World Tour 2018 was a huge success as 11 Folsom brothers (and honorary brothers) bravely made their way across 74 to Snowballs for a workout that won’t soon be forgotten! Exciting ideas are flowing left and right. Mumble chatter isn’t quite so mumble…everyone is pumped and I’m so excited to be part of it. I put the my weinke together Tuesday because this thing MUST be a gem. I won’t let my brothers down!


Warm-a-rama time:
SSH – 15 IC
Various Planks


Let’s Mosey to the entrance, plank for the 6. Pledge to our great nation and continue mosey across the highway to Wal-Mart.

  • Wall-Marts of Jericho – called Walls Of Jericho on the F3 site, we we are at Wal-Mart so…. 7 Merkins, 7 Imperial Squats (each leg), 7 Big Boys Situps, 7 Burpees, run a lap around Wal-Mart. Repeat 6 more times.

Frogger Mosey across Dallas-Cherryville Hwy…pause at the flag to gather the 6. Let’s do some exercises while we are here.
– LBCs 50 OYO
– Sandy Vs 20 OYO
– Freddie Mercuries 20 OYO

Mosey back to the parking lot…we took the long way around the pond.

Beatdown over!


Thanks to everyone for bringing the passion and effort the past few weeks! When we first started talking about a trip to Snowballs, I committed because Huck was going and I want to support him. Others were also in immediately. I think to myself we are going to 5-6 show and this will be awesome. But it kept growing. “I’m in”, “Let’s go”, “Where is it?”, “Who said balls?”….commitments were coming left and right. One after another, guys were committing to come and it pushed others to come. I love it! We will pick, we will push, we may even get frustrated, but we will help shape each other into the best men we can be!

And that, fellas, is a prompt backblast!

We will see you in the gloom soon…….

  • Montross

Folsom Road Show

Now I know how Whoopee feels when he Q’s. I woke up at 3:30 this morning in a panic that I had overslept. This was a hangover from Monday when I hit the “off” instead of “snooze” and came in hot to Rudolph’s beatdown. Excitement sped through my mind which became occupied with my opening monologue, the “suggestions”, the count and order – all the fun stuff that comes with the Q. The Weinke was pretty well set but you never know how things will go once the red light comes on and the cameras are rolling. 0500 hits and I suit up arriving early for me (thought I’m not usually on “Sparky time”), passing Stroganoff on an EC run. I was happy to see our contingent from NOGA in the SnoBalls lot, mingling with a regular Wednesday crowd that began to expand. Was there a convergence that I missed? No, this is Folsom, our brothers only 15 minutes north of us deciding to get some extra work between their Tuesday and Thursday standard AO. No FNG’s though Diva popped in for his first boot camp after torching the Coconut Horse on Sunday. So the brief disclaimer was shared: “follow my suggestions, modify as needed, you verses you, etc.” As I’ve heard the Folsom boys say 0530, “time to clock-in” we did that quickly.


  • Moroccan Night Clubs IC x 11 (meant to stop at 10 but you got an extra rep)
  • Seal Jacks IC x 5

Let’s Mosey to Martha Rivers Park, Field #1


As advertised, the upper body challenge would begin, albeit on a soggy field. At least it beats working out in a rain storm. We’re tough and handled it with a few complaints (=Sandy V’s). The set below could be completed in any order the PAX wished using the hill between the field and paved track for the Joe Hendrix.

  • Pull-ups x 3
  • Burpees x 10
  • Imperial Walker Squats x 20 (count both legs)
  • Merkins w/ alternate toe tap x 10 (count both legs)
  • Joe Hendrix up the hill

We went three rounds total. The unexpected large group challenged the space and with only one pull-up bar we had to adjust but the PAX managed through it. This took a little longer to complete so already my Weinke was under modification. A quick count off was all the rest the QIC offered then the PAX had a choice: Option A or Option B. The echo of mumble chatter said “C” – that wasn’t on the list so you then get both – we’ll squeeze them in. Mosey through the gloom and into Riverwood then making a left on Riverwood Parkway to the office building.

The Triple Nickel is a Brownstreak special (feel better soon brother). We used the small hill of the parking lot to perform 5 monkey humpers at the bottom NUR (that’s R-U-N spelled backwards if you’re a Chapel Hill fan) up the hill and in honor of our sage veteran we did 5 Def Leppard Merkins (CDD’s). Run down the hill, navigating the busy traffic to complete 5 rounds (2 different exercises with 5 reps each x 5 rounds = triple nickel. I didn’t name it, I just run the exercise). Another quick count off became confusing because Stroganoff had to leave early for a work meeting. We escaped over the rear wall to the back of the old Harris Teeter, circle to the parking lot.

Option B or Option W were offered to the PAX, only a few raised their hands for B (which would have been Burpee-cides using the parking lot lines – I’ll save that one).  So we go with Option W which was some wall work with other fun stuff to burn the shoulders.

  • Hip Slappers x 10 (total)
  • Bear crawl to the median
  • Merkins x 10
  • Run to the end of the parking lot
  • Flutter Kicks x 20 (count one leg)
  • Rinse & repeat, rinse & repeat

Most of the guys finished their third circuit and began chatting – what is this a FIA workout? You can compare weight loss tips after you clock out; we’ve got 5 minutes left – “get on your 6” we’re gonna give Mary some love:

  • Flutter Kicks IC x 20
  • Freddie Mercury IC x 20
  • American Hammer IC x 20

Time to mosey home, arriving at 0615 – Done!

COT: No real announcements other than the Folsom guys recruiting for their Saturday AO selling us on Def Leppard as the Q and the Country Kitchen’s breakfast (0630 at Biggerstaff Park – meet in lot by the tennis courts, contrary to rumor, cars are welcome). Prayers were lifted for Allen Tate’s mother-in-law, a friend of Medicine Woman, Def Leppard’s son and his upcoming travels and finally for each other.

Moleskin: You ever get those little pimple/ingrown hairs? Of course you have, you’re a man. Pesky little things that you suck it up and try to pop but sometime they don’t pop. Or worse, you scrape them off and they leave a mark and sore spot. I opened the session this morning to share with the PAX about a work task my boss had asked me to do that I had been dragging my feet to do, coming up with any excuse to push it aside; kind of like avoiding busting the little pimple, avoiding some pain. He’s a good boss that I uses some tough love to express is message occasionally; this was one of those times. I shared some of the struggles for the “ask” and he saw it was a tangled mess. So we devised a new plan of attack. The story was a bit faster in person than for you to read, but hopefully you get the point. It lead to this scripture: Colossians 1:11: “being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience.” The size of the task can be overwhelming until it is broken into parts. If we lead off our Q’s with the open kimono for the total of every rep, it can be a daunting task. But we break it up into circuits and smaller reps it is a bit easier. It works in life, not just a workout. But like life, we need each other for encouragement. The Sky Q helped with the Colossians verse.

This was a great morning for many reasons. Always fun to Q but better yet when you get the surprise of an AO converging. The power of F3 bringing guys together from different parts of our home county – there is strength in numbers and mumble chatter, which was constant. Clear instructions were provided, some listened, some modified, all got better. Sparky claimed to have been running for the 25 minutes or while he searched for us. Someone needs to buy that boy an alarm clock and set it 5 minutes ahead. Nice work by the PAX today – too many to call out. Thanks to Gastone for setting a great tone for this AO and all that get to experience it, whether leading or following.

The gauntlet has been laid, you better make your way to Folsom, otherwise they will come to you.

Until the next one, thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Short Sale

Just standing around

The evening started off looking like we needed to have a shed workout with all the rain.   Then about 10 min before time we had a clearing , so I decided to use my second weinkie.   5:30 and I called time.   15 total showed for the wet evening.   Tooltime and freight decided to run so 13 of us got to stand around in the parking lot.  (This is what Freight was saying anyway).   We started the warmup with

Side straddle hops-20 IC

Don Qs-10

Toy shoulders- not sure.  I didn’t count correct

.  Things started off a little slow.  while still standing in the parking lot.  I called 50 seal jacks and 10 merkins timed for 1 min with 25 sec of rest x5 times.   That got the heart beating a little and now we have a good warmup.   Next was10 burpees and 10 merkins in 1 min with 25 sec of rest x 5.   That was a little tough.

Now time for the next stage.  I called for us to do 20 hip Slappers (single count)on the poop house wall then run to the playground for 10 pull ups, then run backfor a rinse and repeat 3 times.   Once this was done we took a short mosey to the first soccer field on the right and each collected us a block.


Partner up.   While one does exercise called the other runs with block almost the length of field and back.( kept it on the cement ,due to so much water on the field)  Then switch.

100 overhead presses

150 arm curls

200 squats

Q had to call the squats early(I think we was close to finish) for we was almost out of time.   Put the blocks back in the woods and mosey back to the flag.   Roadie took the lead with slaw pushing him all the way to flag.   Good run Roadie!!   We all gathered at the flag for the pledge.

I shared a personal life experience with the group that has been heavy on my heart for many years ( loosing my farther to cancer when I was 6 years old).  My word was to be right with the lord, know where your going after this life, and enjoy your time and family while your here on this earth.  Time is short and you never know when it’s your time.

I always say thanks for this great group of guys. I truly enjoy the fellowship and friendships F3 has given to me.    Thanks for letting me lead you.

Oh no!! It’s me??

I set Abba up to Q a while back and he showed up without remembering he had it. Fortunately Timeframe was eager and ready so they were swapped. Early this week, Abba asked for another reprieve as he was starting a cleanse with his wife and was not to stray too far from a toilet. That I understand so I asked Brownstreak to double up and he agreed. Unfortunately, I still had my do not disturb on so I didn’t get the text of him being sick and not making it out until I pulled in with eith minutes to go. I asked my good friend Dolph if he had any dice or what and he said the 99 so here we go.

Mosey to covered shelter and figure out what exercises we need to do. Remembering them in order was a pax event and I caught a lot of abuse for the lack of memory.

Exercises: Mericans, squats, high knees, LBCs, wall sit and then a pax choice exercise. Either do 9 reps, 99 reps or 99 seconds and reduce by 10 each round. We added some SSH. Pax choice exercises were goofbals, Don Quixote, Jump burpees over partner, pseudo plank mericans, Imperial walkers, oblique crunch, archer push ups, regular burpees.

I had my phone and like to jam out some but the music choice was not right for everyone. Breaker Breaker didn’t like System of a Down, but liked Eminem, Sargento did not like the Billy Idol. Bieber was requested but not found. I was asked why I didn’t have my speaker, replied I didn’t know I had the Q and short explanation and was told that was no excuse.

Mosey back to start and some brave chaps took off and got ahead so I just veered off and kept going a different direction.

Pledge, Prayers, nameorama

Prayers: Lynn Hamm (BB friend), Aunt Judy (BB Aunt) moving to rehab, Missionary Brunson, Guatemala Missionaries,


Moleskin: It is good to take a beating like I did today as it humbles you. When Hippa showed up late during the wall sit station he was witty to reply he had been holding 90 degrees for a few miles. Sargento will be nominated as the Storm site Q as he was very critical of me today and that just tells me he misses the power and control. Thanks for bearing with an impromptu tire fire men. Shoutout to Hippa for his Iron skillet. I don’t think I have seen anyone hit that many in a month. Same goes for Boudin and his EC work.

Snowballs. Wed, Apr 18. 5:30am.

12 + me of Gastonia’s strongest and finest #HIMs conquered the fartsack for some rock pushing on a beautiful Wednesday morning.  The stars were out in all their heavenly glory and it seemed to be a perfect morning to better ourselves and encourage the men around us.  Glad to see Clavin made it out this am.  He says that he missed the comradery of the HIMs.  I understand that for sure.  BIG shout out to HIPAA for the impromptu pain lab Q.  That is a him acting like a #HIM.  Great work gentlemen.

5:30 on the clock and time to do this.

SSHx20 (ic)

Imperial Walkersx20 (ic)

mosey the long way around to the lit area in the center of the ballfields

The Thang:

Partner up….P1 does as many reps as possible while P2 runs out to the parking lot, up the sidewalk, and back making a loop and switch…x3 for each called exercise.

Heels to Heaven


This was a good workout.




Mosey to the shelter

Arm squatsx15

Bad joke from Spiderman

Arm squatsx10

Another bad joke from Spiderman and other Pax

Arm squatsx5

Meander to parking lot for some Mary

Flutter kicksx25

Box cuttersx20 (changing direction every 5)

Mosey to snowballs


Almost went into OT but PAX had stuff to do so we dismissed.



Awesome work, encouragement, attitudes, and all around great start to the day.  You guys are WAAY better than coffee.  HIPAA and Clavin kind of hit on something that I thought was a good idea.  Maybe a Pain Lab through the week.  I personally know of several other PAX that would be interested and show more regular if this was an option.  Clavin, great to see you out.  HIPAA, nice work with the impromptu Q.  All the PAX was an inspiration.  True gentlemen in every aspect.  I have been blessed more than you know by all of you.



You Can Always Smoke Crack

YHC had posted somewhat of a pre-blast for my Folsom Q yesterday. It was to have a history theme. I probably should’ve clarified what I meant by “history lesson.” PAX were quick to criticize what my lesson consisted of. Anyway, 10 HIMs post on a possible rainy morning at the prison. Site Q, after being ran over by a few busses on our groupme text, was actually on time. Montross with the only tardy.(Which threw off my Q.)

Brief history lesson was given before warmup. Q mentions 2018 being the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1. This is when the mumblechatter/criticism started. There were 8.5 million soldiers world wide who lost their lives in the war. I mentioned a couple other aspects of the war, but quickly decided to scratch the lesson due to said criticism. 9 men ready at clock in.

warmarama………..nope, let’s mosey, well well well, finally Montross pulls in. YHC gets to the first area of exercise. PAX yelling, yet Montross doesn’t hear where to go. Q says, “let’s go pick up the six.” This jacked up the initial plan, but we got to mosey some more, which everyone appreciated.

Stop at the flag for the Pledge

Mosey again, mumblechatter has started kicking in at this point. Let’s get the running in before the bottom drops. We finally settle in the lower parking lot.


After the history lesson, the only thing the PAX had to remember was the number, 100. Partner up, different exercises with 1 PAX running to the opposite end of the lot and back while PAX 2 performs said exercise.

All x100

Angle grinders(much mumblechatter was stirred by this call)


Burpees(option to modify to squats after 50)

American Hammers( this was a math disaster that made Midoryama look good)

22 merkins for the Vets

During this spectacular event, many were discussing the new 40 day diet challenge that was brought up yesterday. “No soft drinks, fine. No beer.”……questionable by a few, etc, etc. Awesome to see the accountability and effort amongst PAX to become stronger and healthier!

Lets mosey back to start. At this point I hear Allen Tate expressing how much he loved the hill back to start and that his heart would stop on the trip, but he made it without such difficulties. Men pushed it the whole time.  Once all were finished QIC calls 5 burpees OYO, once those were completed, I remembered “Train” on Slack meant 5 DQs, so those were also performed. All said and did, PAX logged in over 2 miles of mosey! AYE!

Prayer requests: each other, our families, Allen Tate’s mom n law, Sparkys boys.

With more chatter about the 40 day challenge and time up, I bring the men in for prayer. We can talk afterward. Just before I begin, Bedpan had some great advice as he was closing out his prior conversation. “You can always smoke crack to lose weight if the diets don’t work!” This broke most into laughter, then I had to real ya all back in.

Honored to Q! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing group of men. There’s always a challenge, yet there’s always encouragement. Glad to see Huck and Allen Tate back at it. Way to push the rock men!



Plyo Lab

Time to experiment!  At the Community Run a week ago I had a baaaaad time running.  But this just strengthens me to do more core, and hydrate.  Then I read about how some high-impact plyometrics might actually help versus hurt someone like me.  So I read up a bunch, and it just happened that Gastone put the call out for Q’s.  I asked him to make it a “Mystery Q” so that folks who thought they were walking into Pain Lab wouldn’t be averse.  Introducing the Plyo Lab:

Disclaimer was given (as it literally says this in the articles I read):  Plyometrics are not for people on the rebound of injury, or those new to exercise.  If we would have had an FNG I would have told them to take it easier than they’d like.  But we did have Clavin who is grinding out a meniscus injury, and HIPAA met him with the intent of doing kettlebell work.  Pain Lab & Plyo Lab, supa-hot!!


25 SSH

10 IW

10 Low Slow Squat

10 Merkins

10 LBC

Pledge of Allegia……..oh wait, RECOVER.  DID YOU HEAR THAT WHOOPEE?!?!?

Pledge of Allegiance.

The Thang:

Run to Harris Teeter (or whatever it is now) parking lot.  Told them we would essentially do stations to a pre-set time.  I had 19 exercises to get done, with a few breaks inbetween.  Goal was 30-45 seconds per station (my call), then jog, karyoka or backwards run for about quarter to a half of the lot, then do the next.  Over and over again, no stoppage.   Here’s the exercises done:

  • Plyo Pushup
  • Squat Thrusters
  • Plyo Lateral Lunges
  • Reverse Lunge with Knee up(right leg touch, up in the jump)
  • Box Drill
  • Frog Squat Jump
  • Long Jump
  • Burpees with a Tuck Jump

WAVE OF MERKINS – took a break and everyone circled up.  At first, everyone circled too close!  Ya gotta give me room to swing a cat here.  But a Wave of Merkins was accomplished.  Short Sale did not like the ease, so he held out just about every time it was on him.  Good work! Now back to the horror show:

  • Lateral Triple Jump (make an L – Right jump off right foot, forward hop to left, hop to and together)
  • Alternating Lunge Jump
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Judo Roll with Jump
  • Kneeling Jump Squat**** Omaha’d to Rocky Balboa’s.  These felt so good after all this plyo work.
  • Full-Body Plyometric Push-Up (got some total air after someone asked what to do.  Kinda fun).
  • Single-Leg Deadlift into Jump
  • Horizontal Jump to Tuck Jump
  • Pistol Squat Roll with Jump (lower the body on one leg until no more, roll back up)
  • Plyometric push up to squat

WAVE OF MERKINS – this time Whoopee got in on the hold-out portion.  And Short Sale.  No problem by me, I’ll just cut it short!

SPRINTS – Line up by partner.  Lamp post to Lamp post.  I said next pair after me and Breaker Breaker wait until we’re halfway through.  Then I said, screw that, wait until we are ALL the way down.  Surprise, surprise, here come Whoopee and Squirt just about the time BB and I finish.  Sorry jokers got me again.  We did this times 2

LBC x 50 OYO (catching my breath 😉  )

GASTONE GIVE-UP: told Gastone to lead us home, and do an exercise of his choice.  It’s his AO, so I like to do this when possible.  He took us to the loading dock, and 5 rounds of hop-up/lunge walk circles.

MARY:  with American Hammers, Flutters, LBC, and MORE FLUTTERS.  Time.

Name-o-Rama, prayers for F3 brothers, JK2 family, Breaker Breaker family and community.

MOLESKIN:  A week or so ago I saw my friend Gastone state in a BB that more folks needed to take the helm on the Black Knight workout.  When he asks, we gotta step-up.  I hope to repeat this one sometime soon, and I appreciate the mumble chatter that I heard, no matter how much grief I might have given the boys during that time.  Heck, Pain Lab has required metal, and any talk from you guys is good talk.  Until next time, AYE!


Block Party

17 Strong showed for a cool Saturday morning at Folsom.  It’s been a month or so since my last Q.  Last weekend at the Community Foundation Run, Sparky put it out there that he needed a Q for Saturday.  I gave him the all too common response of, “I might be able to Q, let me check and I’ll get back to you”.  A little later that day it was posted on the F3Folsom GroupMe that I was the Q next Saturday.  FYI, the F3Folsom GroupMe is highly entertaining and addictive, so be careful!  It was at this point that I realized I was the Q, so I needed to start planning.  I also made a mental note to watch how I say things, in the future, to the site Q.  This push to lead again is exactly what I needed.  Through the week, I am working out of state in Kentucky the last couple months.  So I could have easily turned down the opportunity and gave an excuse that I didn’t have the time.  Thanks for the push Sparky!  With YHC missing the weekday workouts because of work,  I really look forward to the weekend workouts.  Now being assigned the Q,  I knew that I needed to deliver.  There was talk of some long lost PAX showing up,  so I was anticipating a good turnout.  I was pumped about the workout and was able to get in some EC with Slaw befoehand.  With it getting closer to time, and the PAX starting to roll in, here comes Sparky.  At this point I thought we were late on the start time.  Everyone was impressed, Sparky is 5 minutes early, gonna be a good day.  6:30 hits, lets roll, No FNG.



Morrocan Nightclubs – which seem like forever, thanks Blart

SSH,  Hillbillies,  Grass Pickers  all x 15IC

Mosey to flag pole,  Pledge, mosey back to parking lot

The Thang:

Coupon time!  Each PAX are instructed to grab a coupon from Slaw or Sparkys truck, and head up to the tennis courts.  Quick count off and partner up.  4 coupon exercises were called:  100 Triceps extension, 150 LBCs w/ block extension, 200 curls, 250 Thrusters(squat to overhead press).  Each team of 2 PAX work together to reach the cumulative rep of each exercise.

  1.  P1 does Triceps, P2 runs width of 1 tennis court and back while carrying coupon. Flapjack until reps complete
  2. P1 does LBCs w/ coupon, P2 runs width of 2 tennis courts while carrying coupon. Flapjack until reps complete
  3. P1 does Curls, P2 runs width 3 tennis courts w/ coupon, Flapjack until reps complete
  4. P1 does Thrusters, P2 runs width 4 tennis courts w/ coupon, Flapjack until reps complete.

Obviously in the development of my weinke , the exercises and # of reps look great.  You want to give the PAX their $ worth.  Then reality set in.  It’s been a while since I’ve done Thrusters, and this one had to be modified drastically to 100 reps per team.  Mumble Chatter was pretty high at this point, questioning the sanity of the Q.

Next on the list is one of YHC favorites!  11s performed on the tennis courts.  Folsom has 6 tennis courts, so might as well take advantage of the space.  PAX were told to stay with their partner.  Exercises called are Burpees and Booyah Merkins(partner hand-slap merkin).  Slaw was pumped as this point.  Started with 10 Burpees at the start line and 1 Booyah Merkin on the far end.  P1 and P2 will alternate carrying a coupon on the mosey between exercises.  Carrying a coupon for that distance repeatedly is definitely a challenge.  So I instructed the PAX that on each return trip down to do the Booyah Merkins to shorten the mosey an out of bounds line each time.  We ended with 1 Burpee and 10 Booyah Merkins on the same side.

With time running low, lets get in some mary.  I think the exercises called were Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, LBCs, and Dying Cockroaches.   Time.



Prayer Request



It was an honor to lead today.  Sometimes we all just need that extra push.  Keep posting!!  You never know how much of an impact you may have on your fellow F3 brother.  I know personally that the consistency of other PAX is what motivates me to continue to push the Rock.  Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to lead, it was a pleasure!

Sister Act








New view from the Yank

Good showing at the Yank Saturday morning, even had short sale make the trip to the East side, a treat to have him join us.  Had a chance too to welcome my good friend and FNG Dave Mayer (Traveler) into the fold.  Quiche and Boudin had a few miles of EC before the rest of showed, great work men!


5 Burpee, 10 SSH IC

Mosey up main street all the way to Eagle Road and to the lower entrance of Eagle Park neighborhood.  Eagle park has hill in the middle that is just shy of .2 miles, hard climb.  At bottom of hill we did 20 reps each of burpee, step ups, plank should taps, derkins, squat jumps to bench level.  After set run to top of hill and back.  So one exercise then to the top of the hill.  Five times up the hill for a mile of tough climb.  We then went to small parking lot behind Belmont middle school for 11’s, curb squats and mike Tysons.  Almost out of time so back to the Yank, time for 20 LBC and 20 American Hammer, time.

Great work on a tough workout.  We learned a little about FNG, Traveler, I think he will post at Yank often.

Had several prayer requests, a couple from breaker breaker of friend battling major illness, Boudin mentioned a PAX from Metro with a premeature newborn.  Also my M .

Had several for breakfast/coffee after at Cherubs

Always a pleasure


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