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  • When: 04/21/2018
  • QIC: Billy Madison & Rudolph
  • PAX: Clavin, Moses, JK2, Belding (thanks for coming out!!), Hayzus, Top Hat, Billy Madison, Rudolph, JJ

I was jogging (yes, painful) through the neighborhood Wednesday when Billy Madison called.  He’s asking for a jump rope.  Why?  He has another crazy movie-themed workout in mind.  This time he wants a piece of the Rocky saga.  I told him we do boxing exercises all the time at Painlab.  I run over to his side of the neighborhood, we get stupid, here’s the result:

10 HIMS showed up to a GasHouse workout.  They thought were kidding, then I broke out the hand-wraps and the Rocky soundtrack blasting.  3-4 would have been Painlab exclusive, I hope the following satisfied:

WARMUP – Billy Mads style

Side Straddle Hops

Cherry Pickers (really cotton, or possibly maize….low reach)

Morroccoan Night Clubs

CIRCUIT 1 – F3 Boxing exercises with Billy Mads

Money Mayweathers x 10

Rocky Balboas x 50 each leg

CIRCUIT 2 – Boxing Core Work with Rudolph

Bicycle LBCs x 25

Side Plank Raises x 15 (I saw this didn’t feel good to some.  Will repeat soon).

T-Merkins x 10 each side

Situp Punch Combos x 20

Ball Pass Runners x 20

American Hammers x 20

we did something else, but my Weinke on this disappeared.  It was good core work, a little different to do so early.  The Community Run reminded me I constantly need to do this, and drink water, to loosen my back.  Highly recommended.


CIRCUIT 3 – Roadwork

Billy Mads led an indian run to Grier while a few of us did lunges, kickers and other routines with arms extended for a period to when we all met at Grier.  First time we’ve done this, I think it worked okay.  At the PL we usually do a Jacobs Ladder or something else.  We had a truly injured soldier with us, so again this worked for the zero/low impact commitment.

CIRCUIT 4 – B&R’s Boxing Gym

Fun time!  Time for some boxing stuff.  10 guys, so 2 to a station.  I got to work with Top Hat.  Despite the Duke fandom, he’s top notch.  I gave a short lesson on boxing (arms always up, we don’t do Tae-Bo, we actually put power into punches, and make sure your hips are into it).  3 minute rounds, just like boxing, here’s what you do:

Station 1 – Heavy Bag/Merkins – one partner does 25 merkins while the other pounds on the heavy bag.  Warning was given – if you don’t hit something right, you WILL break your wrist.  No one did.

Station 2 – Jump Rope – giddy-up, 3 minutes of hopping.  If you do jump rope you will have a baboon heart for cardio.  I love it.

Station 3 – Shadowboxing – it was pure genius (luck) that the punch combos written on the board came out to exactly 3 minutes.  Shadowboxing can be intense, it’s all up to you.

Station 4 – Rocky’s Log – remember that scene where Rocky has a log and is lunging up a snowy hill?  Yeah, Billy Madison did.  So we grabbed a few of my weight bars, loaded them up, 3 minutes of lunges.  Just make sure you take  a break after you go the distance.

Station 5 – Chase the Chicken – to me, my favorite, and the hardest.  It was a NUR.  Billy gave us a dog toy chicken, one partner does 3 Burpees, the other backwards runs, chase him down, repeat.  CHASE THAT CHICKEN!!

CIRCUIT 5 – Roadwork

Back we went.  Billy and Clavin had to jet, but we had 8 minutes left.  Let’s do some…..

CIRCUIT 6 – Arms & Abs

Rudolph calling, holding Plank, low plank, Mountain Climbers, Jack Webers, all intermittent.  I hope this gave a good shoulder/pec routine.  I felt it, so there you go.

CIRCUIT 7 – Round Robin Mary

Everyone contributed an exercise, and we finished with each member doing one around the circle, and then the bells.

CIRCUIT 8 – The important stuff

we ended in a Circle of Trust, and said prayers for fellow F3 brothers, the families of JK2, Hunchback and for all of you.  It was a blessed day for sure.

MOLESKIN – Billy Madison does some of the most fun stuff.  I was discussing with Gastone at a school event the night before, he was just about to break his vow of “through the week only” to come.  That’s when you know you’re doing something right.  For me?  I loved boxing.  I hate that Mayor couldn’t come, as he takes joy in it too.  There’s something about the type of cardio you get, and you can really push yourself.  For someone who has a hiccup running, it goes a long way.  I appreciate everyone playing along, even JK2 joining the Sargento club of talking Painlab smack.  The Saturday Gashouse crew is special, it all started here, so when you feel crazy and want to have some fun, dial 1-800-BILLY-MADISON and come to Gashouse.



  1. Kudos to this great tag team …. one of my fav workouts ever ! As usual Billy Madison and Rudolph did not disappoint! New exercises fun and fresh ….to the pain lab haters …. try it sometime might find out you are like “ Mikey “ and likey!

  2. Kudos to this great tagteam one of my fave work outs of all time! As usual Billy Madison and Rudolph did not disappoint! New exercises fun in fresh to the haters of Pain lab you might want to think about doing like Mikey and you might likey!

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