• When: 04/09/2018
  • PAX: JK2, JJ, Defib, Tube, Spiderman, Squirt

Gastone made a call to the PAX Sunday evening to take over Q for The Black Knight Monday AM due to him being “sick”. I informed him it would be “My Pleasure” to take the Q. All honesty one of the main reasons I wanted to take the Q was to ensure that no one else would take it and do some crazy long, exhausting leg workout after running in the CSAUP on Saturday. My legs are literally still on fire from that, but IMHO well worth it. I immediately went to work on a quick weinke, and here is how it went:



15 – SSH – IC

100 – Moroccan Night Clubs – IC  (We did 100 IC because I called JK2 out when he said “I bet we won’t do 100!”)

Mosey to Martha’s parking lot

The Thang:

Before we started I told the guys a couple of things:

1) My legs were shot so we will focus on upper body (Pretty sure I got an Amen from JJ and Defib on that)

2) That we often neglect biceps in our workouts and that I wanted to throw some into the mix

Let’s begin:

We are working the length of the parking lot changing exercises at each island

  1. 15 Pseudo Planche Merkins – IC (Heard the grunts on these)
  2. 10 – Diamond Merkins – IC
  3. Crab walk about 20 feet
  4. 15 – Mini Dips – IC
  5. 15 – Mike Tysons – IC

Round 1 done so we circled up for a Circle Burp. Everyone planks while 1 does a burpee. When person ends burpee next person goes. We went around twice.

Rinse and repeat

Mosey to picnic shelter for some “Dippin’ & Dabbin'”

  1. 15 – Regular dips – IC
  2. 20 – Derkins – OYO
  3. 15 – Bench dips – IC

Mosey to pull-up bar. Again with trying to work some bicep exercises in we are going to do chin-ups. everyone lineup and plank while person 1 does 5 chin-ups. Next guy goes til all finished. That was fun so let’s do it again.

Mosey back to picnic shelter.

Everyone grab a pole for some bicep rows and do 50 OYO.

*DisclaimerI did not get this exercise from the Paper Doll Lounge, although Defib looked like he really, really enjoyed this. You know he be strippin’ in the evenings!

Mosey back to start for 1:42 of flutter kicks to the “My Pleasure” song by Jaron Myers.



  • Community Foundation Run 9AM 4/14
  • Operation Sweet Tooth Run 4/21 (Virtual Run Rankin Lake?)
  • T-Shirts – https://f3.mudgear.com/pages/regional-gear

Prayer Requests

JK2’s friend

Humboldt Broncos Junior Hockey team families and Saskatchewan community

JJ’s congregation member Linda Arnette recovering from cancer removal survey

Squirt took us out

Hard work by all of you this AM, way to push the rock!! Thank you gentleman for allowing me to serve you this morning, it was certainly “My Pleasure”! #Blessed