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On a morning of true gloom with daylight savings time taking us back to the Dark Ages the boys of the Storm commenced to get after it under the stars. It went like this:


SSH X 20

IW X 20

Merkins X15

Peter Parker X 20

LBCs X 20

Mosey to the middle of the parking lot for some four corners action as follows:

1st corner : CCDs X 20

2nd corner: LBCs X 20

3rd corner: HR Mekins X 10

4th corner: SSH X 30

Middle: 5 burpees.

This was really an interesting roll here because we found out some folks could not count to 4! YHC found that amusing to a high degree. But we managed to run to each corner, get that done and run back to the middle and knock off the burpees. Twice in fact! Wonders never cease even among the numerically incompetent.

Next set: Burpee suicides to end of parking lot. A burpee suicide is where we run to parking spaces forward and back one then do a burpee.

Next set: Burpee broad jump back to the middle.

Mosey to the main school building.

Set 1: bear crawl through the “pods”, 10 dips, 10 dirkins

Set 2: crab walk through the pods, 10 dips, 10 dirkins

Set 3: same as set 1

Set 4:  10 Mike Tysons, run the parking lot to halfway, 10 squats, all the way, 20 squats and back to the start.

Set 5:  10 Mike Tysons, same runs, 10 jump squats and then 20

Set 6: Peoples Chair, 20 air presses in cadence,5 hip slaps.

Set 7: Repeat set 6.

Mosey back to the flag for some Mary that included Rosalita, Dollies, and oblique crunches.


Dad a great day today. Nothing beats a clear chilly late winter morning to do this in. Glad to see Wheezy posting on a regular basis! We did a little of everything today so very little downtime. That’s kind of the way I want it to be. And we get our money’s worth doing it like that to! everybody did great work today which is why this is such a great group to lead.