• When: 03/06/2018
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • PAX: Roadie, Sparky, Montross, Volt, Bedpan, Medicine Woman(QIC)

With the rain coming down pretty good, YHC was not expecting a mass to be posting at Folsom this AM. So, I roll into Folsom and there’s ole Roadie parked at start. I continue to wait in the truck until closer to start time and finally I see headlights over the hill. Alright, it’s gonna be a good time. There was mumberchatter heardamongst the men. Faintly I hear “Waffle House, This is stupid, It’s wet.” YHC remained focused with the plan ahead. With 5 PAX present, we clock in at 5:30.


SSH, PLANK JACKS, DON QUIOTES ALL X15 IC and there’s the site Q rolling in hot, so Moroccan Nightclubs TIL sparky joins. Great timing, Train, 5 OYO. This got some chatter going again. Alright, let’s mosey.


mosey to the park entrance flag for


on your six for a little an work. LBC, AMERICAN HAMMERS X15 IC. Off the 6 and mosey the long way around the park to the lower shelter. I must say, the Folsom PAX are getting the hang of this running stuff. Nope not the shelter, hit the parking lot. Partner up for some leap frog. Idea by Squirt downtown, thank you sir. PAX 1 plank while P 2 bear crawls to the first line and performs 5 burpees. Drop into plank while P 1 bear crawls 2 lines for 5 burpees. Continue rotation and every other line until we hit 50 burpees each. Now, let’s do the same thing but instead we use a low squat hold for plank, lung walk instead of bear crawl, and 10 squats instead of burpees. Once we hit the end of the lot, each PAX totaled 100 squats. Ok, let’s mosey around the parking lot for some shelter work. Freddie Mercuries, Merkins, Dips all x15 IC, then 10 big boys on my count x 10. Q calls for some step ups but quickly canceled seeing the clock was at 6:13. Let’s quick mosey back to start. That hill climb back is horrible but Roadie and I pushed each other to finish it out strong! Nice hustle Roadie!

Announcements; SWO March 16-18, AO relay

Prayer requests lifted, Praying for Def Leppard’s Testing

YHC took us out in prayer

nice work men! And as always, thanks for the opportunity to lead. Folsom is getting stronger! Aye,