• When: 03/01/2018
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • PAX: Tesla (R), Boudin, ABBA, HIPPA, Dolph, Mayor, Breaker Breaker (R), Short Sale (QIC)

Another Q this week and still more rain to contend with. But that is okay, Goat Island has a covered gazebo and provides a good space for a cozy workout. Honestly the rain was light and we could have probably performed close to a normal workout but staying in one place allows the group to remain together the entire workout – no picking up the six. Add in the timed elements the mumble chatter can really get going and at certain times, it did.

I pre-tweeted the workout and only got two HC’s from HIPPA and Boudin, both of whom enjoyed (???) a similar Weinke at the Dark Knight at the beginning of the week (props to both those guys for posting the two days between too). So I budgeted my coupons for 8-10 and as luck would have it, got 8 – the perfect number for the planned routine. Here is what we did.

Through the misting rain, we make a slow mosey to the gazeebo.

Warm-Up, get in high plank:

  • Peter Parker IC x 10
  • Burps IC x 10
  • Merkins IC x 10
  • Mtn Climbers IC x 10
  • Low Merkin Hold ~30 seconds
  • SSH IC x 10


Three signs were taped at the top of the gazebo with three circuits to be completed focused on lower body, upper body, and core.

Circuit 1:

  • Right Lunge / Squat / Left Lunge
  • Merkin with alternating toe taps
  • Flutter Kicks

Circuit 2:

  • 90 degree Sumo Squats
  • 10/2 Merkins
  • American Hammer

Circuit 3:

  • Scissor Squats
  • Plank Jack Merkin
  • Peter Parker

I could have set a timer but that would be easy, we’ll let the PAX work for it. The 4th team would perform 10 burpees to serve as the timer. Once they complete, everyone moves to the next round. This was a crowd pleaser with a lot of shared appreciation. Dolph and Mayor were partners which typically required repeating instructions as the first attempt typically interrupted their side-bar. When the first round was over, the PAX were hunched to their knees catching their breath. A 10-count was called. I then asked for guidance if we should complete another round or move to something else on the Weinke. Apparently ABBA didn’t hear the option and whole-heartedly accepted the proxy of the PAX and voted for round 2. Mayor was not pleased but to make amends, I Omaha’ed the burpees to 5. Mayor said it was the best thing he’d ever heard a Q say. I doubt it but I’ll take any compliment Mayor offers. So…onto Round 2 where we went a slightly faster pace. The next circuit would take us to the end. We split into 4 stations with coupons.

Station 1 – PVC pipe (sand filled)

  • Round 1 – V-Ups with PVC
  • Round 2 – Rifle Squats
  • Round 3 – Straight Arm Jacks

Station 2 – 1/2 Block

  • Round 1 – Alt Lunge w/ Press
  • Round 2 – LBC w/ block
  • Round 3 – French curl

Station 3 – Elastic bands

  • Round 1 – Lat Pull Downs
  • Round 2 – Hi/Lo Chop
  • Round 3 – Rows

Station 4 – Full block

  • Round 1 – Curls
  • Round 2 – Bench
  • Round 3 – Kettle Bell Swing

Rounds were performed in sequential order, moving through each station before the next round would begin. The PAX put in solid work through these rounds. During the Round 2 Chops, Mayor snapped the elastic band. Only brute strength could sever the rubber in the middle. Dolph patched together and we kept going. I was just glad Mayor didn’t pull the metal structure on top of us. The other noteworthy item came from Tesla. He commented at 57 years old, his entire body is stiff, all except for the one part he’d like to be stiff. Aye!


Dolph’s father-in-law ‘s is struggling with his health. A co-worker of HIPPA had a cardiac event that is causing concern. ABBA asked for prayers for all of us. Boudin reiterated a pre-blast he posted for the GoRuck event to be held in August or October. Boudin has accepted a lead to organize our region so reach out to him for details. If you are interested about rucking – post at 0600 Sunday at the Coconut Horse and hike the 5 miles with the guys.


This one had a mix of cardio and strength training but a whole lot of chatter. This one is a keeper for a future rainy day workout for sure. Note that HIPPA and Mayor donned the weighted vest increasing the push for some if not all the work. We didn’t get wet except for our own sweat. It was a good break from the normal bootcamps. Hopefully warmer and dryer weather will be here soon to free any constraints and bring the guys out. Q fail in that I forgot the Pledge. Until the next one…thanks for the chance to lead.