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Date: February 18, 2018

Forty Days of Discipline Update #4

Today marks day 30 of the forty days of discipline. There are ten days left in the challenge.  It is time to refocus on these last days and push through by perhaps considering being even more disciplined.  I know many guys have been pushing to make workouts or hitting workouts at home at a greater rate than is normal for them.  I am seeing some reports of some really impressive weight loss.  That is no accident!

However, maybe you haven’t been as strict on your diet or made some “little” choices that weren’t full cheat meals.  Maybe you had a Twinkie without claiming it.  Jocko calls these “sugar coated lies!”  It is the Jester playing with your cravings.  You know what to do.   Discipline is delaying what you desire now for what you want in the future.

Keep the protein handy.  I have tried drinking a protein shake prior to eating dinner when I felt “starving”.  This has helped me alleviate the craving to eat multiple plates of food at dinner.

I have one cheat meal left.  If you get to 30 workouts you can have another one if you have to have it.    There will be lots of extra cheat meals earned however.  I know the extra credit runs and rucks prior to workouts are adding up!

Keep on keeping on and stay on the path!

Getting Stronger

15 men showed up on a Sunday morning to get stronger! And 15 men finished up either a mosey or a ruck STONGER!


Pledge – because there was a shovel flag planted!!!!!!




The Thang:

Mosey or Ruck for – 3 or 5 miles

Some went faster than others however ALL men pushed themselves!  Shout out to Madoff for going back for the six!!!….Great to see this AO starting to get more and more traction! The only way we can continue to grow in anything is to continue to push ourselves. YHC highly encourages PAX to come on out and join us on our Sunday morning run or Ruck. There are pace levels for everyone out here!


Prayers for Sly and his deployment to Afghanistan

Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


As always it was an honor men!


Tool Time


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