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  • When: 01/21/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Rock Region
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Quiche, Def Leppard(RESPECT), Freight, ToolTime, Pizza Man, Gastone, Tyson, Roscoe, Sargento, Defib, Tiger, Pockets, Dr. Suess(RESPECT), Oompa Loompa(RESPECT), Breaker Breaker

5:45 am and 3 teams headed out from the F3 Gastonia region to be a part in a CSAUP hosted by the Rock Region.  We all were not sure how this ROOSTER thing would play out.  I don’t believe any of the PAX that took part in the event ever ran anything like this.  As we rolled up to the site; we see PAX from other regions putting up tents, starting fires, etc. but not us men from F3 Gastonia.  We are hard core and ready to snuff the ROOSTER.  Before the event got started, a great word was said in remembrance of Mike Doty and the other officers that were ambushed.   Now with heavy hearts it’s time to get this ROOSTER under way.  The rules were that each team member would run one lap(1.3 miles) and then pass the slap bracelet to the next teammate.  Each PAX ran 5 solo laps and one group lap…the ROOSTER was said to be the Fastest Marathon Relay but after doing a little math it turned out to be the Fastest 50K or more(around 36 miles total).  I do believe that someone from Midoriyama helped count.  Throughout the event I was really observing each of the HIMS from Gastonia pushing themselves and each other every lap.   Overall this was a great event that really made you push yourself harder than before!!  I not only enjoyed the experience of running a lap/mile as fast as you can, then waiting 30 minutes, then run again factor but the 2nd F aspect.  The Rock Region is a great group of HIMS!!!  Thanks again for hosting a great event and look forward to meeting again in the GLOOM soon!!!