• When: 01/09/2018
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • PAX: Sparky, Volt, Hank, Roadie, Montross(FNG), Jorge(FNG), Medicine Woman(QIC)

After some rain last night, YHC was not very optimistic about how many Post at Folsom. Seems like cold and rain together keeps them in the fartsack. I had an obligation knowing there was a possibility of 2 FNGs so I hit the road and rolled into the gloom. There’s Roadie waiting. Oh yeah here come the headlights. Sparky, Volt, Hank and 2 unknown vehicles roll in. Q calls Moroccan Night Clubs TIL PAX are all circled up. 5:30 hits, let’s roll.

Disclaimer; YHC was reminded to announce it. Been a while since we’ve had an FNG. After the to-the-point disclaimer, FNGs we’re looking a little nervous.


SSH, Hillbillies, Toy Soldiers X15 IC

Mosey to the park entrance, taking a detour around the old shelters. It was more like slip n slide to the park entrance. Black ice was all over, and The Q was very cautious not to break another leg and warned the PAX the same.

Pledge; even though there was a Shovel Flag at start!


LBCs x20 IC, big boys x 20 OYO. Mosey down around to the pond parking lot for some Route 66. FNGs “this ain’t so bad.” Line up, Bobby Hurley’s lung walk each line to 11. Mumble chatter got pretty heavy after about 4, which included some of the normal PAX. Mosey on around the walking track to the lower shelter. Grab a bench for step ups x15 IC, Arm Squats c15 IC, rinse repeat. Slow mosey out to the lot. Four corners. Merkins here x10, corner 2 merkins x10-mountainclimbers x20, corner 3 merkins x10-cclimbers x20-squats x30, corner 4 merkins x10-climbers x20-squats x30-LBCs x40. Plank for the six. Time running out and 2 FNGs to name, mosey back to start.


cot, prayers for Huss Family, PAX families

namorama, Welcome Montross and Jorge

YHC took us out in prayer

always an honor to Q men. Great work and thanks for your encouragement and fellowship.