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We’ll Come Up with Something

So…..it was cold again.  My trusted Ford Explorer told me it was 22 degrees when I arrived and 19 degrees when we were leaving.  The moon was freaky bright….blue, blood moon or something going on with it.

As the PAX started to arrive I started to think about what we would do.  I really had no idea at the start of the warm up that went like this:


Imperial Walkers X 10 IC

The Pledge

The Thang (We’ll figure something out during the mosey)

We moseyed to Martha Rivers and headed for the far end of the parking lot……hey, let’s do some 22’s.  I haven’t done them in a while at this AO.

Merkins and Monkey Humpers

Run across parking lot – 20 Merkins – Run back to start – 2 Monkey Humpers

Run across parking lot – 18 Merkins – Run back to start – 4 Monkey Humpers

You get the count.  This was done OYO until the last set was 2 Merkins & 20 Monkey Humpers.

What now?

Let’s mosey down to the large soccer field for………………some 4 corners.

First round (OYO):

Run to 1st Corner – 20 Merkins

Run to next corner – 30 LBC’s

Run to next corner – 40 Squats

Run back to starting spot – 50 Flutter Kicks

That was fun.  Let’s do it again in reverse.

Run to 1st corner – 50 Flutter Kicks

Run to next corner – 40 Squats

Run to next corner – 30 LBC’s

Run back to starting spot – 20 Merkins

Still much time remaining.  I….must……do………work………in……….the………shelter.

I can’t help myself so we moseyed to the closest picnic shelter for some IC work:

Dips X 20

Step-Ups X 20

Derkins X 15

LBC’s X 20

Dips X 15

Step-Ups X 20

Derkins X 10

LBC’s X 20

Mosey back up the parking lot to one of the light poles for a quick round (except for Gastone and Spiderman) of Ring of Fire:

Circle up around the light pole and plank – each man does 5 merkins around the circle until all are complete.

Mosey back to Snoballs.

50 Flutter Kicks IC

5 Burpees (I swear I heard a train)

Announcements:  Flag football on Super Bowl Sunday (not me)

Prayer Requests

The Moleskin

Nice work men.  It was especially nice to see a few out I have not seen in a while such as Brown Streak.  Keep it up.

It was an honor to lead the group this morning as always.  I hope the work was worthy of the time spent.

Until the next one.  Aye.



Burpee mosey

Ssh x 25
Don Qs x 10
That was enough for the warm up. Time for some mosey to the first light pole in the parking lot. 5 burpees , mosey to the next pole 5 burpees. You get the picture what we are doing now. Started to hear some mumble chatter from the pax!! We finished those poles (5x 5) and some mosey to the first soccer field on the right.

Time for some Dora. Billy Madison showed up with his 2.0s and did the exercises iron man. The pax jumped in and helped him finish up his flutter kicks at the end. Way to push Billy!!
100 merkins
200 squats
300 flutter kicks.

Time for a mosey around the large soccer field and back to the next parking lot for some more light poles. While waiting on the six Blart called out for 10 Mike Tyson’s.

Now , back to the poles and burpees. I hear some more mumble chatter again. Once we finished up I was feeling the pain at this point. Had to take a small breather and do some wall sets with ring of fire and hip slappers.

Mosey back to the flag (which totaled 2 miles)and hit the bleachers for 25 step ups each leg, 25 dips, 25 Derkins, 25 American hammers, 25 crunchy frogs, 10 more burpees which made for a total of 65, 25 each side Jane Fonda v something roll ups that Tool Time called out. Back to the flag to circle up with 22 merkins for the vets and the pledge. We named the new FNG. Welcome Birthright.

Prayers for all the guys on the injured list.
Everyone pushed hard. Thanks for the opportunity to lead you guys again. As always it’s a honor.


It was a beautiful morning at the Yank. YHC didn’t realize it but this would be his first Q of the new year. Man time can fly by when you’re having fun!

Today 10 brave men and 1 overgrown pubescent youth found their way out of the trappings of their fartsack to the glory of the AO. Let’s get it on


Mosey across the street with boombox in hand (insert moans from PAX) for a little alleyway warmup.

Sidestraddle Hop x25 IC

“Flower” by Moby was played. Of course, that lets us bring Sally up and bring Sally down. Man that was fun!

Mosey back across the street, drop off the speaker, and continue down the sidewalk. Watch out for the dog poo ahead and take a right at the corner heading for the front of the middle school. Once the PAX comes together, it time to explain the Thang.

The Figure 8: At each stop each PAX performs 20 reps of each particular exercise.

1 – Merkins

2 – World War 1 Sit Ups

3 – Goof Balls

4 – Flutter Kicks

5 – Dips

6 – World War 1 Sit Ups

7 – Goof Balls

8 – Monkey Humpers

Plank for the 6 when done. After each round, YHC talked some and heard from the PAX that they wanted more because they loved it so much! Aye. In all we finished 3 rounds.

Mosey in front of and away from the school until YHC noticed a usually closed off area of our AO. There were plenty of sturdy picnic tables that almost begged to be worked on.

A few rounds of step ups and derkins had the PAX whining and moaning which YHC takes as a compliment. Thank you!

Mosey back toward the back of the school.

After a brief Wall Sit, the PAX was instructed to do do 10 Hipslappers. The FNGs really liked this one YHC thinks.

Mosey down to the covered picnic area for the last leg of our morning workout. Thanks to Whoopee’s Q a couple months ago where he unveiled the awesome game known as 5 or 10 along with JJ’s mention of a theme at Gashouse using the number 8 for the days of our current challenge and 40 for the total days in the challenge, YHC came up with the game 8 or 40!!! This was so much fun it’s sure to become a staple in all of our workouts! Unfortunately this was harder to than it seemed for the Q to find an appropriate exercise when a number was called by the PAX. Some weren’t so bad, like LBCs, Dying Cockroaches, or even burpees. The worst came when the juvenile known as Queso asked specifically for 40 Merkins at the end of all this. My own blood betrayed me!

One last mosey down to the hovercraft for a quick Nolan Ryan to send it home. We’re done!

Moleskin: YHC having posted Friday morning and getting in a 4 mile run that evening was beyond the point of creativity for building a good weinke later that night. It’s a good thing that I save most of my weinkes and was able to pull an old favorite. Hence the Rewind. Also let if be known that Tiger EH’ed FNG Cam for today’s workout but was conspicuously absent. There was plenty of razzing and mumblechatter aimed at Tiger but he later showed up at Cherubs and explained that his family has the stomach bug. Thanks for staying away brother!

My apologies for not remembering the prayer requests or announcements men. I’ll do better about that and obeying the 24 hour rule.

Until next time, Sargento is out…

AMRAP Baby!!!

Well gents, we meet again.  After having some awesome dudes step up and lead, it was my turn to get back in the mix again and I always try to put a good one on.  I even put an event in my phone to remind me to look it up.  Its no surprise, I am a weightlifter and not a runner, but I need both so I got to work.  After putting the weinke together and writing it out, I put some cones in the truck so I would be ready.  I pulled up and Boudin was coming back after some EC rucking.  I put some cones out by just opening the door and dropping them and when I got back to the start, I got out of the truck and didn’t like the feel in the air.

Time comes and we had a good showing so lets get after it.

Warmup:  None…what are we ?

Thang:  Run to the school, circle up for instruction and go (to music).  Set the timer for 10 minutes and complete four sets of four exercises and run a lap around said cones as many times as possible in the time limit.
Set 1 SHOULDERS – CDDs x10, Wall Walks x5, Hip Slappers x10 (SC/single count), Shoulder taps x10 (SC).
Set 2 LEGS – Squats x15, Lunges x10 each leg, Calf Raises x20, 90 degree wall sit for 30 seconds.
Set 3 CHEST – Diamond Merks x8, Werkins x8, Regular x8, Archers x8 or to failure.  If failure, go to next exercise.
Set 4 CORE – Supreme Crunch x10, Reverse Crunch x10, Situps x10, Scissor crunch x10.

Mosey back to start for pledge, name-o-rama, announcement and BOM.

During the 1st round, I realized I never started my watch, which made governing time a little more challenging, however, I did have my phone and CAT Bluetooth speaker cranking and awesome blend.  There were a few comments about skipping over some songs and leaving others, one said it was my graduation playlist, but third eye blind is legit.  There was lots of good chatter.  YHC ended up commenting on someones form only to be the victim minutes later.  We covered right at two miles and got some serious work in.  I got chastised for getting the six when I asked everyone to go back for them.  Come to think of it, Sargento did seem to critique me a lot today, but I know its his way of trying to make me better because of the greatness he sees in me; plus hes jealous of the playlist.  By the way, after the mosey back to Metallica’s Master of Puppets, I skipped a few more and here were the songs that followed:  Kiss (Prince), Stepping Away (Stereomud), Welcome to the Jungle (GNR), Dancing with Myself (Billy Idol).  The lesson is sometimes workouts just aren’t long enough.

Prayers:  Teslas Sister, M’s Co-workers and many more unnamed.

Announcements:  2nd F for the whole family on 2/16 at the lanes in Belmont; Flag football in Metro oon Sunday 2/4/18 at 3:00 )get with Tesla on clown car info-Needs 10); Roscoe and F3 Dads at Crowders Ridge snow-less tubing (check his preblast for all information).

Moleskin:  It was awesome to be out there just pushing it today.  It was good to see from friends out there and have a laying on of hands for a PAX in need.  It was an honor and pleasure fellows and I will see you in the gloom.


5 HIMs showed for a cool and breezy Tuesday morning beat down.

Warmarama: SSH, Hillbillys, Gravel Pickers all 15 IC

Thang: Mosey to the entrance for the pledge, as we were running the flag was held out perfectly square by the wind. It was a sight to see. Looked as if someone was holding the other corners and getting ready to fold it up.  Get to the flag and pledge. Mosey across the parking lot for a Medicine Woman inspired set of exercises.  Set of 11′ s Mike Tysons on the curb and Karaoke to the next curb for American Hammers counting one side .

Mosey to the small parking lot by the ball fields for some Burpee Long Jumps to the end.

Mosey to the next parking lot for the Bear Crawl and  2 Merkins every other line.

Mosey around the path to the amphitheater for 15 Arm Squats, 10 Derkins, and  10 Incline Merkins all IC.  Hop onto the concrete area of the amphitheater for 20 LBCs IC, 20 American Hammers IC, and 20 Flutter Kicks IC.   20 Donkey Kicks and 10 Hip Slappers counting 1 arm OYO.  Time was nearly up so we did Rocky Balboas till YHC called time.  Mosey back to start.

Announcements:  F3 Dads at Crowder’s Ridge (see Roscoe),Snowbird Mens Retreat March 16-18 I think,(see Sparky),

Prayer Request: Each other, Our kids,

COT: YHC took us out.

BOM: Great work by each man this morning, YHC didn’t want to get out of the fartsack this morning but the PAX mad it worth every minute. Thanks for letting me lead today, it was a pleasure and an honor.

Victories Don’t Come too Often – Time to Celebrate

My M changed her workout schedule (again) so last week I had the privilege to make an appearance both Monday and Wednesday at the Martha’s AO’s currently named the Dark Knight and Snoballs. After Stone Cold and Gastone took it to the PAX I asked Gastone for the keys to the car (upon making sure my M’s schedule did not suddenly change – it didn’t – lucky for 17 men). I got some advice after church from Whoopee yesterday – “make it a hard one – we might have a special guest.” So I went to work on my Weinke; inspired by Whoopee’s challenge and my Wolfpack’s performance Saturday afternoon in Chapel Hill.

Monday morning at 0530 presents the great opportunity to get your week off to a solid start. Post and get the hardest part of your day checked off, at least that was the idea. We were unable to top last week’s 20 but 18 men gathered into the circle of the damp parking lot left behind by the day’s previous rain that moved on only hours earlier (and don’t think I wasn’t checking weather.com before and after taking the Q…). All familiar faces including Tool Time – our Nantan seems to be checking up on me. Should I be nervous? I am making a killing at this Weasel Shaker job. Time to get started.

The circle is really more of a horseshoe due to the large puddle in the parking lot. Whoopee gleefully stomps into it and splashes to his internal enjoyment. I think his M must push him out the door each morning to burn off this energy. Here we go:


  • High knees IC x 10
  • Butt kickers IC x 10
  • Toy Soldiers IC x 10
  • Imperial Walker IC x 10
  • Squat Merkins SC x 10
  • Side Straddle Squats SC x 10

We said the pledge and then Whoopee asked for the floor then shared a few thoughts about supporting each other. The special guest we hoped to see did not post but that isn’t unusual. When guys are going through tough times we can get mired in our own muck. We can’t always get ourselves unstuck and need a hand. It has been said many times before and proven to be true, the guys standing among your circle didn’t come to work out alone. You might be the guy that makes the difference. Lets mosey to the old Harris Teeter parking lot.


The pre-tweet advertised this was going to be an upper body beatdown. In order to do that, I better have a challenge at the top of the menu. Line up against the blank wall.

  • Hip slappers x 10
  • Bear crawl about 20 yards to the first median
  • Baby dips x 10 using the median
  • Run to the end of the parking lot (~50 yards)
  • Merkins x 10
  • Return; rinse, repeat; rinse, repeat

A quick count off and it was back to work using the wall again:

  • Mike Tyson’s x 10
  • Plank Wall taps x 10
  • Donkey kicks x 10
  • Run to the end of the parking lot (~70 yards)
  • Return; rinse, repeat; rinse, repeat

For a mini rest, I had the PAX go into groups of two on a not so fast mosey to the end of the parking lot, allowing the others a breather. It was going too slow for my liking; so I started sending them off at a faster pace.

We moved into the parking lot section. All PAX were asked to find a space of their own. I had not done this one in quite a while, so I resurrected “Walk the Plank.” In honor of Allerik Freeman’s 7-7 effort from the three point arc, leading the Wolfpack’s scoring in their 95-91 victory over the arch rival Tarheels the PAX began with 7 merkins then plank walked right to perform 1 Bobby Hurley (no State player has an exercise named after them – yet). Drop down, plank walk left and do 6 merkins. The routine continued until completing 1 merkin and 7 Bobby Hurleys, always plank walking between the yellow lines.

Saturday, while sitting in the Dean Smith Center you can help but absorb the history. My old friends know but I’ll make a confession that I grew up a Tarheel. My father graduated from Chapel Hill and as a youngster I attended games and had a plenty of baby blue attire. But UNC didn’t have an architecture program, so I set my goal to attend school in Raleigh and I converted to a Wolfpack fan (BTW – I ended up with a business degree). Let me tell you the grass is not always greener, at least in terms of pulling for your team. Since converting to the Pack, I have learned a great lesson in patience in perseverance. The Sky Q may in fact be a Tarheel or at least not much of a Pack fan. The Heel’s have won 4 National Championships while the Wolfpack have made a few Sweet 16’s. It’s been a tough road. So while I celebrate my school’s victory over my former childhood love, the next set was a mini-Four Corners made famous by Coach Smith.

Each pax got a double parking spot to perform the First Half:

  • 16 Sumo Squats
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Burps
  • 29 Mountain Climbers
  • Rinse/Repeat

Second Half:

  • 4 Burpees
  • 19 Peter Parkers
  • 15 Diamond Merkins (don’t know about you but these punished my arms)
  • 30 Plank Jacks
  • Rinse/Repeat

I normally stick with even number of reps, groups of five or ten. Why such an odd count you wondered? Well there is some meaning. I announced the reps and exercises several times to ensure the PAX heard the proper instructions. The first half reps were derived from NC State’s leading scorers (Omer Yurtseven: 16, Torn Dorn: 20, Markell Johnson: 20, and Allerick Freeman: 29). The second half set was based on each team’s three point shooting. UNC went 4-19 and State went 15-30.

We had about 8 minutes remaining. Rather than go back to the AO and have Whoopee play in the puddles, I moved the PAX to the dry pavement under the covered porch fronting the dry cleaners and sandwich shop – you’re welcome.

Mary was:

  • Flutter kick IC x 20
  • Leg lifts IC x 15
  • American Hammer IC x 15
  • Dying Cockroach IC x 15

At this point I wanted to make sure my boss was happy – so for people’s choice Tool Time selected V up Roll ups for about 15 and then Squirt called out LBC’s for about 15 reps. Then it was time to mosey back.


A few announcements were shared. Bandit is leading a fly fishing lure tying/casting session a First Methodist Church on Tuesday evenings and welcome to members and non-members alike. Bandit tweeted the information or contact him. Sargento shared he has a 2nd F bowling event planned in February with M’s and 2.0’s welcome. More information to come. Roscoe has planned a F3 Dad’s event at Chutes (Camp Crowder’s Ridge) on 2/18. Check the pre-blast. I took us out in prayer lifting up prayers for our brother Brownstreak.


Shout out today to Boudin. If you haven’t noticed, he has been posting a lot – should win the Iron Skillet award. But for his posts, at least the ones I’ve been, he is pushing the rock and then some. Each workout is a “you verses you” but his “you” is pretty strong. Nice job Boudin.

Since Roy Williams returned to Chapel Hill as Head Coach of the Tarheels the four, yes four Wolfpack coaches he has faced have won a collective four games out of the 28 times they have competed. Last year’s 107-56 victory in Chapel Hill most likely had some part of Mark Gottfried being fired (there are a bunch of other reasons, but we’ll save it for the message boards). For a brief moment State fans have the rare opportunity to enjoy a win. It was a classic lesson to overcome the odds. Not many outside the coach, players and the diehards gave the Pack much of a chance but that is why the game is played. Kind of like posting – if you don’t show up, how are you going to get better? How are you going to connect to that guy that you didn’t know a year ago. It takes some measure of belief and commitment to the goal. Thanks for the opportunity to lead; Go Pack!

Bals, Blocks and Bar Hopping

YHC was super excited! Due to illness and injury, got to pinch-pinch hit Q at Folsom for the first time! Watched Slaw and Sister Act get in some EC, as Sparky pulled in with his six playthings that I had asked him to bring. Sparky was early, and no one really believed it was possible twice in one week. Swimmer and Medicine Woman got out of their trucks and the PAX straggled in. All PAX looked fearfully at the Sparky’s trailer waiting on the bad news. The news was bad. Dolph was sick, and they got stuck with Oompa Loompa as Q.


Disclaimer, warm up with 25 SSH IC, Moroccan Night Clubs for Ash Pond. Pledge, then 12 Don Quixotes IC.


Pair up, grab a bar out of Sparky’s trailer, stick a cinderblock on each end. Sparky was early, can you believe it? Pick it up and mosey to lower parking lot. Mumble chatter that Q is only carrying a soccer ball. Q isn’t stupid. Three sets of mumble chatterers sent to bottom of parking lot hill with playthings. Remainder ground gear at top of lot.


Gather at the middle of the parking lot for 100 LBC IC. 25 Toy Soldiers IC. 60 second Plank. 25 Hillbillies IC. Countdown plank from 50. We hear a train, but, Q declares burpees are deferred.


Mosey back to top of parking. Split into two teams. Team A kicks soccer ball and Team B sprints after it, Team A does merkins till B returns with ball. Flip Flop. Rinse and repeat.

Next go around, Team A kicks soccer ball, then does merkins. Team B grabs bars and blocks and returns ball. Flip Flop. Merlot spill #1. Rinse and repeat. Both game and merlot!


Gather at the center of the parking lot. 100 more LBCs IC. Plank. Rosalitas IC. 60 second



Mosey to bottom of parking lot. Flutters IC. Merlot. Diddybop to picnic shelter for 40 dips IC, 50 inclines.


Diddybop to bottom of parking lot. Pair up, grab bars and blocks, mosey to middle of parking lot.

Ground the gear. Kick the ball, and alternating bearcrawl, Joe Hendrix and crabwalk after ball uphill both ways.


Pair up, grab bars and blocks, mosey to top of hill. Grab a block, grab a bar, or grab both. 20 Shoulder presses and 20 curls IC. Slaw gets punished for mentioning the Q wasn’t detailed oriented with a sprint down the hill to the picnic shelter for 5 burpees. Divide into 5 pairs and a triple. Sprint down in teams for 5 burpees, while remaining pax do merkins.


Grab a block, grab a bar, grab both or grab a ball. Semi-jailbreak back to shovel flag. Put playthings away like momma taught you in Sparky’s trailer. Sparky was early, can you believe it? 100 LBCs and 22 for the vets.


Prayer requests for friends, family and PAX on IR. COT and YHC took us out.


Eight(y) Is Enough

The theme of the workout came from the fact that it was day 8 of the 40 days of discipline. Even though it’s early in the 40 days, YHC hopes everyone is still on track at this point. Discipline involves giving up things that are bad for you. It also includes doing things that you don’t necessarily like but you know you need to get better. For YHC, this includes burpees. So if we were going to have a discipline theme, it would have to involve burpees… and lots of them.

As the PAX started to roll in, there was an FNG. We were informed by Rudolph that he was EH’ed by Rudolph and Gastone the night before at the WA Bess Elementary School dance. This not only gave Time Frame an opportunity to showcase his extensive set of dance moves, but also gave inspiration for an extra funky round of Mary that we’ll talk about later.

Disclaimer for the FNG.

SSH x 8
Merkins x 8
LBCs x 8
Imperial Walkers x 8

The Pledge

The Pain Lab broke off while the rest of the PAX moseyed to the office building beside First Presbyterian. Once we got there, we realized there were eight of us which fit perfectly into the theme of the day.

The first round of 8’s went something like this:

Lunge Walk across the parking lot to the short wall on the other side of the lot (1).
Derkins x 8
Bear Crawl back across the parking lot (2)
Shoulder Taps x 8

Repeat Lunge Walk (3)/Derkins/Bear Crawl (4)/Shoulder Taps

Lunge Walk (5)
Dips on Parking Bumpers x 8
Crab Walk back across the parking lot (6)
LBCs x 8

Repeat Lunge Walk (7)/Dips/Crab Walk (8)/LBCs to finish out round 1.

Mosey to the steps at the back of First Pres and the second round of 8’s.

Run to the top of the steps and complete a round of BASS, then run back down and do 5 burpees. One letter each time up the steps. This confused the PAX because they expected 8 burpees. However, there’s a plan for all this. There was also more discussion than necessary over what exactly constituted a Sumo Squat.

BASS was:
Big Boy Situps x 8
American Hammers x 8
Sumo Squats x 8
Seal Jacks x 8

Two rounds of BASS meant 8 trips up the steps and 40 totals burpees.

Mosey to the track at Sherwood Elementary for the third round of 8’s and a burpee countdown.

Partner up. Partner 1 runs in one direction while Partner 2 runs in the opposite direction. Where they meet, they both do 8 burpees. Run back around to the start. Where they meet, they both do 7 burpees. Rinse and repeat for 6 burpees, then 5, then 4, 3, 2, and 1 final burpee at the start.

That’s 36 more burpees for a total of 76. The PAX seemed to know we were going for 80 burpees so with a push from the group, we did the final 4 burpees at the track to get them out of the way.

Mosey back to the office building beside First Pres and onto the sidewalk for some Monkey Humpers x 16.
Squats x 16 (no squat discussion necessary this time)
Monkey Humpers x 8
Squats x 8

Mosey to the Schiele to meet up with The Pain Lab. When we arrived, the group was heavily involved in some serious zen-ish yoga poses.  We tried to join in with lackluster results.

With some time remaining, it was time for some Mary.  As I mentioned earlier, this was to be an extra funky round of Mary inspired by the dance the day before. With the Cha Cha Slide playing in the background, it went something like this:

Flutter Kicks
More Flutter Kicks
American Hammers (maybe, I think)
Box Cutters

It appears that the Cha Cha Slide had drowned out the bells so at 8:02, we called it a day.

F3 Dad Event – Feb 18th – See pre-blast for details
F3 Bowl vs F3 Metro – Super Bowl Sunday

Prayer Requests

Extensively long naming of FNG, The Duke (Wayne Finley).


Until the next time…

We Ran

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Painlab – Functional Flush

Another Saturday, another Painlab.  But this time different.  We circled up and there were so many guys I hadn’t posted with before, pretty dang cool.  Then as we circled up we had a guy I put the EH on last night in Mr. Wayne Finley, and it was on.  We warmed up with JJ and his magic number 8, they took off and Bandit, Woody, FNG, Flush and I went to the circle.

The lesson of the day was “slow and steady wins the race”.  The idea that we are going to grind through our first functional workout was fun to me, and you gotta put in the work, each gruesome step, to be a winner.  Knowing Flush was there, and likely had a good Yoga routine, I decided on one cycle of total body exercises, would do the trick.  But another trick in that we would only get a 10 count between sets.  So one set, 10-15 reps depending on the exercise, and everyone had a kettlebell, which was awesome.

It should be noted Billy Madison walked in right at the first exercise.  With a big ol’ dirty rock.  Here’s what we did:

Lunge – trunk rotation

Squat to overhead press

Renegade Rows


Kettlebell chops

Bridge rotations

Kettlebell Swings

High kick bridges

Burpees (slow)



Yoga Squats

and a few others.  I’m doing this from memory, cut me some slack.

Then with 20 minutes left I threw it to Flush.  This was a mistake.  He gathered us up, taught us some basics on alignment and breathing.  Then the pain started.  A great routine consisting a proper flow through moves:  Mountain, monkey, chimichanga, up-dawgs, downward facing dogs, plank, more dog stuff. warrior poses, tree, airplane, half-moons (NEVER AGAIN…I MEAN YES), and just a very tough routine.  But rewarding.

The rest of the PAX got there, JJ hit some dance music from the night before at the W.A. Bess dance (props to our FNG – The Duke, Timeframe, Gastone and JJ for toughing it out with me) and we traded some abs.  After a damn eon long name-o-rama we got our FNG named.  He had a dose of pain and liked it.

Thanks for the chance to lead, using Functional Excercises, coupled with the real Yoga made for a great routine, and something that anyone is injured, or wants a change of pace, can integrate.


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