• When: 12/07/2017
  • QIC: Canteen
  • PAX: Tyson, Def Leopard (R), Slaw, Huckleberry, Tool Time, Defib, Lil Sweet, Ash Pond, Blart, Swimmer, Billy Madison, Pockets, Tiger, Freight, Canteen

Today was a good evening for a workout with little to no cardio but yet still a lot got done.

The group performed 10 reps of each exercise throughout the round. 3 exercises per round and 5 rounds. Then went on to the next round. Blocks were used when able.

First round consisted of…



X-man crunches

At this point to most this was just a good warm up.


Next round was…

Block curls


Leg lifts

Found out the Sphinx exercise was not a liked one.


3rd round…


Calf Raises

American Hammers

Everyone seemed to be in a better mood that round. Some even attempted American Hammers with blocks. Good job Tiger and Ash Pond.


Last round was a shoulder destroyer

Standing forward press

Overhead raises

Upright rows

LBC’s with blocks

I believe that was a solid finishing round of work for the men.

Ohhhh, and Slaw called out 22 for the Vets.


Pledge and announcements. Tool Time led us out. Thank you sir.


Thank you guys for letting me lead once again. I am proud to be a part of this great band of men.