• When: 11/30/2017
  • QIC: Pizza Man
  • PAX: Oompa Loompa(RESPECT), Def Leppard(RESPECT), Slaw, Swimmer, Side Car, Canteen, Wrong Turn, Ash Pond, ToolTime, T- Square, Sister Act, Tiger, Pizza Man(QIC)

A bakers dozen posted for a Pizza Man delivery at Midoriyama.  With that being said I wanted to make sure everyone gets their moneys worth.  This Q was no different than other ones in the past.  I have really been trying to push to each PAX that when your body says your tried you can dig deeper and keep pushing.  It’s 17:30 so its time to roll.  It went like this…..



Don Q’s X 10(My brother ToolTime’s favorite)

Enough with the warm-up…

Partner up for DORA 1-2-3

  • Merkins- 100
  • Squats- 200
  • LBC’s- 300

*P1 performs exercise P2 runs loop around parking lot island

Lets mosey to another parking lot for Route 66…I have never done Route 66 with burpees so why not give it a go.  It was definitely a crowd pleaser!!  Great work pushing through your mind and body telling you to stop!!!

Now that our bodies are asking how much more…mosey to the soccer field parking lot for some hill work.  That’s right…hill work!!  Push through men!!  Time for 11’s.  Each PAX were to perform Mike Tysons at the curb and WW1s at the top of the hill…OYO!!

Great work from each of these HIMs that posted tonight!!!  Time to mosey back to the flag but I can’t pass up an opportunity to get some pull-ups in with our arms dead.  3 sets of 5 were pumped out!!!  Once again way to push through that pain!!

Time is running short so head to the flag for the normal Pizza Man finale…22 for the VETS….Time!!!



Christmas Party TONIGHT- Dec. 1st

Convergence at Gashouse- Dec. 2nd (Bring Toys or other gifts)

Joe Davis Run- Jan. 6th   Please join SFN and some F3 Gastonia brothers at this event.  Don’t let the training that you did for F3 Gastonia’s SFN event fall by the wayside…keep pushing!!



Great work by ALL the HIMs that posted tonight!!  Many of you know that my 90+ yr. old grandmother fell last week and broke her hip.  After seeing this incredibly strong lady have surgery then hours later be asked to get up and walk; I asked myself when my body seems tried and down do I push through or give up?  Everyone knows my answer…but ask yourself.   With the faith in the Lord and the brothers that surround you, YOU CAN PUSH THROUGH!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and I can’t wait for the next Q.

Until next time Pizza Man is OOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT!!!