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Day: April 14, 2016

Goat Island BB

Sea Legs

Returning from a great family vacation on the high seas with sea legs still lingering and the Community Run looming it was seen fit to do some running! Always a favorite of Floppy Disk.

Warmup: Seal jacks, Swimmers(or drowning swimmers, wailing large arm circles), Boat and Canoe.

The Thang: Run the mean streets of Midoriyama stopping at each parking lot opening for 20 merkins and 20 LBC’s. Added in a few squat locations, tricep dips and as always at Midoriyama we can’t pass the playground without doing pull ups. This equaled up to about 2 miles, 240 merkins, 240 LBC’s, 40 squats, 30 tricep dips, and 20 pull ups.

Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

Great to be back on F3 land!

Hamburger Hill

SSH- 25 IC
Squats – 20 IC
Merkins- 15 IC
The Thang:
After the warm-up we moseyed over the Bathrooms ….very short distance.

Balls to the Wall Mountain Climbers 20 IC

We allowed all the blood from our six to flow back into our six before we continued the workout.

Mosey to the shelter for some dips…detour ( couple having a picnic)….so mosey down to the first bench we saw…

30 Dips IC….only YHC can’t count so maybe it was 40….possibly 50 ….Freight said 60….they hurt…

We continued for our Mosey around golden pond….and stopped along the way so Floppy Disk could well (water the trees) …

20 Merkins on the trail IC

Then it was on to the main event…..Hamburger Hill…

Hill Sprints

We did 4 (down and back =1)

Then 15 CDD’s IC…

We finished with 2 more to bring us to lucky number 7 ….(YHC actually did 1 more while the 2.0’s were resting)

After that we moseyed back to the Flag and did some plank for on our 6 for a little core workout. 1 and ½ mins

Plank twist
Plank twist with knees up
Plank twist arms over head

Proverbs 27:
17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.
It was an honor to lead today men!
Tool Time

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