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Day: April 7, 2016

A little bit of all the things

Today was a great day for a workout. Perfect temperature, a small breeze, and a mountain as the back drop.


20 Windmills IC
Jump Rope 2 minutes

The workout

Started in the horse shoe arena.

Run between pits, 20 merkins. Total of 100 merkins
Longe back
Run between pits, 20 squats. Total of 100.
Bowler Longe back
Run between pits, LBC. Total 100

Mosey to playground.

10 pull ups. 10 calf raises (3 sets)

Mosey back.

40 wall taps
20 mountain climbers

Move to bleachers

40 triceps dips, 20 jump ups (3 sets)

Mosey through a short trail run.

Very long longe the length of horse shoe pit.
20 IC merkins
Boat and Canoe

Pledge and COT.

4-7-16 #Folsom Garfield VQ #bb

The rainy morning started with a few quick warm-ups which included side straddle hop, don quixotes, hillbillies and a jog around the park. Once everyone was warm and ready to go we met on the tennis courts (6 courts wide) for suicides. Between each suicides, we recovered by pushing out 30 merkins. The first recovery was wide arm merkins, and then regular merkins and we finished up with diamond merkins. We ended the workout with a nice jog to the closest picnic shelter for LBC, ABC and Dips.
Nice work out Gentleman! Thanks for the opportunity to Q for the first time.

F3 Garfield

COT; Announcements, Namorama, Prayer Requests,

BOM; Prayer

You Never Forget Your First Time

3 PAX braved the elements and enjoyed a nice rain free workout at Goat Island this morning.  I like to think it was in honor of my first Q.  After a short discussion on how I don’t know how to use Twitter, we dove into the Warm Up.


20 SSH

20 Moroccan Night Clubs

20 Don Quixote

15 LBC

Pledge – None of us knew why the flag outside the Cramerton Post Office was at half mast so we agreed it was in honor of Merle Haggard – RIP Mighty Merle (I apologize if there is a more serious reason)

The Thang :

We got our mosey on and headed to the back of the main buildings for some light Ab work. We did two sets of 100 OYO Russian Twists (200 total), two sets of 50 Freddy Mercury’s (100 Total) and 1 set of 25 Flutter Kicks.  In between each set we ran to the end of the road and did 10 LBC’s OYO.

Short Recovery then mosey’d to the BB&T Alley for some Leg work.  We did 100 squats OYO (was supposed to be two sets but found a weird wonky sensation in the legs running up stairs after doing squats) , 2 sets of 100 Mountain Climbers (200 total), and 1 set of 25 CDD’s IC.  In between each set we ran a lap up the stairs and around the building.  On the final lap around the building we continued on to the main parking lot.

Short Recovery then on to some Upper Body Work. We did 2 sets of 50 Merkins (100 total), 1 set of 50 Shoulder Taps, and 1 set of 25 dips on a nearby bench.  In between each set we ran to the gazebo for 5 pull ups OYO.

We regrouped at the main parking lot and found we had just enough time for 5 Burpee’s OYO.

As there were only 3 of us no need for the Namorama, however my curiosity got the best of me and we went around and told the story behind our F3 names.  T-Square closed us out with a prayer and was kind enough to mention the FartSackers who didn’t make it out.

Thanks for the great effort today and glad my first time was with you (relax… that’s only awkward if you let it be).


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