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F3 Southern Discomfort – Saturday, August 1st

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F3 Southern Discomfort

What could be more CSAUP than a 14+ mile jaunt in the hottest month of the year?  Ok, probably lots of events but nevertheless, Area51 will host the 3-option Southern Discomfort on Saturday, August 1st.

RSVP & T-Shirt order Here: http://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/20f0545aba62ba7fd0-southern/927364


1) RSVP for hydration purposes – Site Q’s of the AO’s we visit will provide water, G2, etc.

2) T-shirt order

Here’s the skinny:

Option 1: “Roshambo” – 14.1 Miles, 7 pain stations – launch from Stonehenge (The Vine – Ballantyne) at 5:00am

Option 2: “Swift Kick” – 10.8 miles, 6 pain stations – launch from Centurion (Charlotte Catholic HS) at 6:00am

Option 3: “Sack Tap” – 6.0 miles, 4 pain stations – launch from Centurion as well at 6am; finish at Arboretum

While this will be a 1st F challenge for sure — the idea will be to keep the pax together with the shovel flag carriers leading the way.  Will be great 2nd F for those not too deep in the pain cave.  The 3 options hopefully will encourage pax of different fitness levels to come out for the appropriate level of discomfort.

Go ahead and put it on your calendars.  Aye!


  1. HC – this will be an epic event…pretty certain it will spill to a local watering hole for carb reloading.

  2. HC. Can’t wait.

  3. HC. Looking forward to it. Thanks for organizing, Hops.

  4. HC.

    Pro tip: Rest up for the DZ pain station. For realz

  5. HC. Does Roshambo mean we get to play a few rounds to get “credits” later?

  6. where is the SignUpGenius link?

  7. HC for Roshambo. Had to check the urban dictionary for a definition – fitting. Bring it on. #CSAUP!

  8. Where that part about just buying the shirt…IN-Roshambo

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