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I Think We Ran

Sometimes life gets busy. Sometimes it gets so busy you can’t find time to write a backblast. Sometimes it gets so busy you can’t even find time to write a backblast for The Pub. It’s been almost a week, but YHC thinks he remembers what was done as 5 PAX posted on a beautiful, but humid, morning.

We ran…

Out onto Armstrong Park Rd.
Left onto Berry Rd.
Right onto Lee St.
Left onto New Hope Rd.
Right onto Armstrong Park Dr.
Right onto Armstrong Park Rd.
Back to The Pub


Maybe some others

Prayer Requests
Stroganoff and family
BRR runners and drivers

Good work by all, especially Defib who came out the day before leaving for the BRR.

Until next week (tomorrow)

Stretching is way overrated

If you don’t know who Bob Wylie is, you are missing out. He’s the offensive line coach for the Cleveland Browns who has a personality about as big as his waistline. In a video with language not suitable to show your mama, he shares that America “won two World Wars, two World Wars” by doing pushups, jumping jacks, situps, climbing a rope and running. In honor of the treasure that is Bob Wylie, the PAX at The Pub concentrated on one of those foundational principles of American greatness. We ran…

The “Pub Route”
Out of the Publix parking lot and right on Hoffman
Left onto Pamela (to be clear, that is take a left turn onto Pamela St)
Left onto Gardner Park Dr
Left onto Armstrong Park Rd
Back to The Pub
Thanks to the PAX for helping recover the lost sheep. Q fail on that for losing the six.

The Pledge

Prayer Requests
Stroganoff and family
Gastone’s in-laws
Dunce and M for the baby on the way

Close in Prayer

Good work by all.

Until next week…

Head Fake, just a run

12 pax showed for a Thursday morning run at The Pub with Gastone on point.

The Thang:

Gastone showed for extra credit, got in 2.6 before I ran out of time.

Tooltime asked if I was taking us to the Halfpipe and I said “No.”

Started with the pledge.

Then I said follow me and starting running n the direction of the Halfpipe. At that point, I was accused of being a liar in some mumble chatter. I also heard another complain that he just wanted to run, his names sounds close to Pimento. I enjoyed every minute while remain quiet.

I took a right on to Duke Street which cuts across back to Hoffman then a left. Take a right at Robinwood, Take a right at E Hudson, and back to Hoffman take a right which takes you to Publix. 5 Miles.

The Moleskin:

This is a solid route to take but I probably would not do this one again because Gastonia is not doing a great job at maintaining the sidewalks and the absence of sidewalks on the path. I have noticed a decline in general maintenance to cutting away stuff from sidewalks. Also, it would be good to get some sidewalks finished and attached on the East Side. That is my vent.

FNG, showed for the run and was named Dunce. But, who knows how we got to this name it was to long of a path to figure out and really has nothing to do with the person. Welcome Dunce, who’s wife is expecting a 3rd child real soon.

Sargento’s house on Saturday, put your name in if you are attending.

I took us out in prayer.

Gastone Out!


The Pub is not Complicated

YHC arrived around 10 minutes before the start time to find a few getting EC in, some stretching and others yawning.  Let’s get it on.

We ran north, turned north-northwest, moseyed a while, turned a slow turn, turned back east, turned back south….we were done.

Sargento attempted to EH an existing Gashouse PAX along the way….nice work, he is the king of the EH while we’re running.

Some started early (Stone Cold), some got in some EC (Gastone, Madoff), some got in some EC by running to the AO from their house (Monk) and the rest of us followed the instructions.

Good work men.

Announcements:  Need a driver for BRR Van 1; Nomads headed to Fort Mill Saturday – meet and leave from Roses in Belmont at 0500; CSAUP on the 25th; 2nd F at Sargento’s on the 25th.  All is good.

Several prayer requests to keep in mind:  Sargento’s M – knee; Gastone’s mother-in-law; Nikki Bailey health

Thanks for the push men.

Until the next one.  Aye!


Mission Impossible

OK. That title was just click bait. My son just went to see the new MI movie, and that was the first catchy title that came to my mind. The mission was difficult, but 8 PAX posted at the The Pub to prove it was possible.

YHC showed up a few minutes before 0530 to find some PAX waiting. YHC also had to dodge Gastone and Madoff as they were getting in some EC. Good work men.

0530 hit and we took off for “The Pub Route”. Right on Hoffman from The Pub down Red Bud. Left on Pamela St. Left on Gardner Park Dr. Left on Armstrong Park Rd and back to The Pub.

YHC and Stone Cold returned to find Oompa Loompa. He was there so he gets credit for the full 5 miles. He could have run 8. He also could have saved some orphans from a burning building or saved a cat from a tree. Not sure exactly what work he got in , but the key was he beat the fartsack and posted.


CSAUP Run and 2nd F on 8/25
Christmastown 5k registration open

Prayer Requests
Nicky Bailey
Stroganoff dad’s test results
Gastone’s in-laws


Until next week…

We Ran

YHC is a week late in posting this BB but believe that I still have a good memory of what took place.

YHC rolled in about 0528 to find the PAX waiting on the Q.
YHC shared the route which sent everyone quickly back to find a light or vest.

We ran. Left out of Hoffman Village onto Gaston Day School Rd.
Right at the round-about down Kendrick.
Right on Country Club Dr and left on Brentwood Circle for the extra mileage
Right on Kendrick
Right on Robinwood/Hoffman and back to The Pub

Others may have made additional turns to pick up mileage, but YHC was holding down the Q from the 6 so I missed that.

Tool Time and Diva came back to pick me up, and we found the PAX there when we arrived.

The Pledge

Tool Time was a fountain of information for announcements (Thanks, Nantan!)
8/4 Tesla leading a group to Revolution Park AO
8/25 F3 Gastonia 50 mile relay
8/25 2nd F at Sargento’s home that evening
10/6 Burpeethon
JJ 5k coming up

Prayer Requests:
Stroganoff – Dad’s test results
Scott Family – Ethan (cancer)
Sly and the soldiers protecting our freedom


If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done.

I’ve heard it said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.” 6 HIMs posted today at The Pub to sharpen each other & push through the elements.  I put in long hours preparing the weinke for today’s Q so here goes:

We ran 5 miles…in the rain.

Most of all, I enjoyed the fellowship & COT.

Pub Run

4 showed to put in some miles at The Pub this morning.

I guess I hang around the Folsom crew too much.  No Backblast over there results in ridicule and threats of bodily harm.    I got you on this one Defib, just don’t let it happen again, lol!





Passing the Flag

A few weeks ago, Monk contacted me and asked that I consider taking over responsibility as site Q at The Pub. My first thought was, “Why me? I’m not really a runner.” But the more I thought about it, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. It was less about the 3-5 mile runs every Thursday morning and more about the chance to challenge myself and encourage others to take the lead as Q or simply post more frequently. I accepted, and we set the official transfer date as 7/19.

One of the great things about F3 is the chatter that takes place between workouts on Twitter or Slack. I had the idea of setting up a Twitter account for the often-forgotten running AO. This would offer a chance to gain attention to keep the PAX coming out. As we learned from the IHOB experience a few months ago, it’s all about getting attention on social media. IHOP was all the talk when they announced a name change to IHOB, but since then, I haven’t really heard it mentioned. My goal as the new site Q is to continue to foster the interest in running that has developed in F3 Gastonia and not fade out like an over-hyped menu option.

We used the new twitter account to hype up the mystery site Q in hopes of building interest and getting the PAX out to post. Monk and I talked the night before to come up with a flag-passing ceremony worthy of the occasion. After some deep thought, we basically decided that Monk would say a few words, and then we’d stick the shovel flag in the ground.

I showed up to find only Monk as he unfurled the flag. I thought this was going to be a real memorable ceremony if it was just the two of us. Shortly after, Gastone and Defib came running up after some EC. They were quickly followed by Sargento and Madoff who drove up.

We began the ceremony with Monk sharing a few words, and then the two of us jointly planted the flag into the sacred soil of the Publix parking lot. I believe there were tears, but I’m not naming names. At that point, Monk called for 5 sprinter burpees (burpees with mountain climbers in the plank position). This was met with some glances around by the PAX . Wait, this is a running AO. Monk reiterated that he was serious and that these were not really an option. He was the out-going site Q. What were they going to do, vote him out of office?

After the sprinter burpees, YHC took the Q and led the PAX on the mosey. We headed down Armstrong Park Rd. Left on E Perry St before the CVS. Right on Lee St to get back on New Hope. Left on New Hope. Right on Armstrong Park Dr. Right on Armstrong Park Rd and back to the Pub.

I held the position of the six solely to make sure no one was left behind. You believe that, right?

Announcements and prayer requests.

The Pledge

Close with Prayer

I want to extend a sincere and hearty thank you to Monk for his leadership at The Pub since the beginning. He had the idea that this AO was necessary and could be successful. He stuck with it during lean times and was faithful to the PAX in keeping this going. He’s moving on to continue to lead the PAX of F3 Gastonia with his work on the Whetstone project. Monk is truly a HIM of the highest standard.

Who needs a map?

Monk asked me to Q the Pub about a month ago. This was my first chance to do so due to my schedule. Be careful what you ask for. Some PAX had done extracurricular work earlier in the week and it was said that their arms “hurt too much to run”. YHC says there is no such thing! #sandyv

Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey, in fellowship formation, through the neighborhood where PTL, Spud and probably others live. The PAX was concerned that YHC didn’t know where we were going. Pfftt! As if!!! It was a pretty twisty, turning route, I’ll give you that. That’s why we had an experienced guide and a map men. Also I figured that because it was uncharted territory for most we would probably stay together. This was the case which allowed for a high degree of conversation, banter and encouragement. It was almost like a 2nd F event, my specialty. We finally made it back to the start. Great work men!

Announcements: Several 4th of July events out of region

Prayer Requests: college kids preparing for the journey, Boudin’s son’s shoulder


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