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Huckleberry finally visits The Pub

Ten men covered various distances at my first post at The Pub.  Not a Pub, but THE Pub. The opportunities for routes are endless, but today, YHC selected the Snoballs route.  Nine PAX probably made it to Snoballs… and one did not.  Several rucked beforehand and at least one ran.


Announcements: OST toy drive, Convergence at Gashouse on Saturday followed by the CHRISTmas party that evening.

Prayer requests: Stroganoff’s friend, local PAX, Sly

BOM: YHC closed in prayer.

It was an honor to be amongst you men today.

Philippians 4:13


Waiting for the Six

It was 25 degrees at the PUB this morning,  F3 Gastonia’s premier weekday at 0530 Thursday morning running workout leaving from Publix.  YHC was fortunate to be on the Pub’s Christmas Card this year and all I had to do was Q the workout and write this marginal piece of journalism.

At 0529 there were  six of us ready to go and then here comes JJ.  As JJ sets up the American Flag Anthrax rolls in hot.  A very brief disclaimer began with me claiming that I am an idiot and there was agreement all around.  My people!

We started with the Pledge of Allegiance and then were off on the run.  Stroganoff and Breaker Breaker ran towards HT while the rest of us ran  5 miles down  Gaston Day School Road to S. New Hope and then into Gardner park and back up.

Defib was far and away out front today and most didn’t see him after he jetted out of the Hickory Tavern parking lot.  Yes it was dark but he was just that fast.  Anthrax and JJ were the second to last and announced that they got tired of slowing down to run with Tool Time and just ran ahead of him.   At the end of the run as we waited and waited for the six the sweat began to turn into ice on our foreheads and the chill was setting in.   Tool Time must have been really slow today as we never saw him come in.  We were all waiting and waiting and hypothermia was setting in so we went back to our warm cars and left.

It was an honor to lead today.  The PUB is yet another AO that is full of great guys and fellowship.  Aren’t they all?

Prayers for families and friends struggling with loss.

We reflected on the life of George Bush (41) and what a great hero, public servant, and humble and classy leader he was.   We could all try to be more like that.

Enjoy the Christmas Card!








The Thang:

8 men went out for some fellowship and a mosey ….some did 3 miles some did 5  one did more all got out of the fartsack and made each other better. One ran really slow….Defib



Announcements Christmas Party December 15th please complete form if you have not


Loved ones dealing with sickness, Tool Times Interview, soldiers serving our country

Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.



Tool Time

Turkey Trot

YHC thought that many guys may be traveling or have other activities the morning of Thanksgiving so the idea came about for an F3-style Turkey Trot at The Pub to peak interest in coming out at 5:30 on a cold, holiday morning.

YHC arrived to find the parking lot full of cars and excited about the turnout. However, most were frost covered and had been in the parking lot all night. Apparently, the Thanksgiving Eve bash at Hickory Tavern was rocking the night before so some folks may have had to abandon their cars for the evening. The PAX arrived to find one SUV running with the lights off. Officer Roscoe did a quick inspection to find no one inside. Oh well, that’s someone else’s story to tell. On to the thang…

YHC covered the route and the rules of the race with a brief disclaimer. This race is led and ran by idiots. The course has no officials, no markers, no chip timers, and no liability if anything happens. It also had no lights at the start line as the lights in the Publix parking lot were all out. The Hickory Tavern Turkey Bash must have really gotten out of hand. The race would have one division for the award presentation, Male – Birth and Up.

The PAX lined up at the chalk-drawn start line, and we were off through The Pub Route.
Out of the Publix parking lot and right on Hoffman
Left onto Pamela (Yes, I know. I’m aware there’s a funny way to state that to make everyone snicker.)
Left onto Gardner Park Dr
Left onto Armstrong Park Rd
Back to The Pub

First of all, Moses is a sneaky competitor. He was poor-mouthing his speed to YHC and Leppard at the beginning of the run. By the time we hit Armstrong Park Rd, Leppard and YHC were reminiscing about the old days of going with our dads or grandfathers to the local convenience store for a Co-Colar when we look up to find Moses setting a strong pace in front of us. It took all we had to keep up with him for the remainder of the race. Way to push the rock Moses!

The three of us returned to find Roscoe, Whoopee, and Defib starting short of the chalk-drawn Finish line. It appears the plan was to run over the line as a team, but Moses had different thoughts as he sped over the line for the victory. It was a well-earned victory as he set a strong pace.

Moses was presented with the 1st Annual The Pub Turkey Trot trophy.

No significant workout announcements to share, none, nada, zilch, zippo, move along, nothing to see here.

Prayer Requests
Praise – Whoopee’s 10 year anniversary, AYE!
Thankful for our blessings
Remembering those who lost a loved one during this time

The Pledge

YHC prayed us out

After the run, YHC saw that 2 Corinthians 4:15-16 was the daily verse on my Bible app.

15 For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God. 16 So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.

To YHC, there are so many F3 principles wrapped up in these verses. Through our EH’ing, encouragement, and accountability, we’ll accomplish the goal of the reinvigoration of male community leadership. For that we will give thanks and give all glory to God. As we work to make ourselves stronger on the outside, His Spirit will make us stronger on the inside and allow us to be better husbands, fathers, and friends on a daily basis.

I am thankful for F3 and for each one of my brothers that are a part of it. I pray that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Until next week…

Encouragement along the way

YHC awoke early this AM to the pitter patter of rain hitting the windows of his house. Being close to the holidays and my 2.0’s birthday, YHC couldn’t afford to get sick by running haphazardly in the torrential rains that had been in the area all week long. But, I knew I still had a job to do and the fact that a core principle of F3 is: “Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold”. Not knowing who or if anyone would show I took off enroute to the popular running AO. Arrived at the Pub right on schedule. JJ and Roscoe are there, rain gear on & ready to go. YHC informed them of his no running intentions. Time for pledge but no shovel flag. Improvise, OK Google : American Flag. Google images provides us with a flag. The pledge was said. YHC wished them well & told them to be safe. JJ informs me they will be on all sidewalks only for safety.

The Thang:

The PAX took off on the Martha’s loop.

YHC Decides to do a dry run of the Pub whilst they run. I take off and do the 5 mile Gardner Park loop. Made pretty good time, avg 2:05pace. Finished in 10:31.

With time to spare YHC had plans.

Im out here so do some burpees. Find shelter along the way and bust out a few at Publix gas station, Harris Teeter loading dock area and the old Rite-Aid. I managed to knock out 50 total in the 3 stops.

Check on the PAX. Met the PAX around the half way point (Rite-Aid) and offered some words of encouragement. If only I had a cowbell.

0600 – Starbucks run

0610 – I arrive back at the Pub and begin writing my Backblast in the parking lot. Really trying to beat these Folsom guys at this.

0620 – PAX arrive back at the Pub. Soaked, but with smiles on their faces. Surprised that YHC stuck around They must remember the F3 Credo is: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

YHC reminded these men what True HIM they really are. Coming out in these conditions and pushing themselves to be better. That said I rewarded them with some Starbucks gift cards to help them warm up after that cold, wet run. Only really good Q’s take care of their PAX 🤣!


40 Day prayer challenge, Proverbs & Ecclesiastes chapters.

YHC took us out

Men, remind yourself that even if you are unable to physically do something, you can always find other ways of accomplishing things. Yes I could’ve stayed in the fartsack this AM, but I had a job to do and people depending on me to be there. Accountability and commitment. This should hold true outside of our workouts and into our busy lives.

To the Weasel Shaker – I cannot in good conscience allow you to give me credit for this workout. Please remember to “-1” my totals for November.

JJ & Roscoe, I’ll catch you guys next run!




Kettlebell Work

Just kidding, we ran.

Most ran The Pub Route:
Out of the Publix parking lot and right on Hoffman
Left onto Pamela
Left onto Gardner Park Dr
Left onto Armstrong Park Rd
Back to The Pub

Others ran a shorter version of about 4 miles:
Out of the Publix parking lot and right on Hoffman
Left onto New Hope
Left onto Armstrong Park Rd
Back to The Pub and circle around for additional mileage

Convergence at The Yank w/ 3rd F to follow
Veteran’s Day Murph at The Black Knight
New AO on Tuesdays at Bess with no-running, Pain Lab-style workout (This announcement went over well at a running AO). In all seriousness, thanks to Hipaa for coming out to promote it.

Prayer Requests:
Monk’s brother-in-law’s mother
Stroganoff’s friend w/ liver cancer


Sometimes things happen in life and when you look back you’re glad that you got to witness it in person. That event happened out of the blue in the COT on that mild Thursday morning. But before that we ran…

The PAX gathered.

The Pledge.

The PAX ran varying distances with a similar route.

5 Milers:
Out onto Armstrong Park Rd.
Left onto Berry Rd.
Right onto Lee St.
Left onto New Hope Rd.
Right onto Armstrong Park Dr.
Right onto Armstrong Park Rd.
Back to The Pub

Some ran a shorter distance by running out and back on Armstrong Park Rd. in the same direction.

Now to the highly over-hyped portion of the COT. The Nantan stepped forth with an announcement that you could tell had him highly focused. He stepped up, and back, and then up, and back, and then up, and then back, and finally up. He righted what so many in the ranks of F3 Gastonia felt was a travesty of unthinkable proportions. However until that point, no one had the courage to make happen. That is why this HIM is the Nantan for tough times like this. The F3 member known as RPO (Ready Player One) would be no more. From this day forward, young William Wallace would be granted the honor due to him and would from then on be known as Braveheart! Everyone cheered, and then we moved on.

F3 Gastonia Christmas Party – Dec 15th
Veteran’s Day Convergence at The Yank w/ 3rd F following the workout

Prayer Requests
Sly home soon
Christians in Pakistan


Till next time…

Better late than never

Benefits of taking Q at The Pub compared to other AO’s are ease of weinke creation and short backblasts. However short they may be, sometimes it is hard to write a timely backblast. That has been true even of the Site Q at The Pub lately.

It’s only been a week, but here’s what I remember. I was still a little bleary eyed when I rolled into the AO last Thursday. I started seeing a lot of non-regular Pub guys roll in. It was great to see some guys that I hadn’t seen in a while, but I had to look around to make sure it was Thursday morning and this was The Pub. Turns out I wasn’t dreaming so let’s get to it.

The Pledge

Since we had a diverse PAX in terms of running pace, we did the Have It Your Way route to Martha’s and back along Hoffman/Robinwood. Some ran 3. Some ran 5 or more. Some ran somewhere in between. All pushed the rock and encouraged someone else.

40 day challenge
Veteran’s Day Convergence at The Yank (11/10)


Until next time.

Oh by the way…

a couple of weeks ago at The Pub, we ran.

We started down Armstrong Park Rd.
Left on E Perry St.
Right on Lee St to get back on New Hope.
Left on New Hope.
Right on Armstrong Park Dr.
Right on Armstrong Park Rd and back to the Pub.

Burpeethon (yeah, it was that long ago)

Prayer Requests
Brett Riggs wife
Florence, SC officers
Sly and the soldiers
Kids in school
Sister Act’s daughter w/ migraines
Nicki Bailey
Boudin’s mother’s surgery
Gastone’s family
John Morris – JJ’s friend w/ Brain tumor
Anthrax family

Hurricane Hustle

4 brave men showed for The Pub.

The Thang:

5 mike route to stay close to home in case of lightning storm. ( Just rained)

The Moleskin:

the weather was perfect for running. The comradarie was good..

”If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month” Theodore Roosevelt

Prayers for Anthrax’s family, Madoff’s friends battling cancer, and my own family.

Gastone Out!


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