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Casual Thursday

It was a very mild morning in which there was finally no rain on a Thursday. YHC pulled into The Pub parking lot to find Stroganoff taking part in a one-man LBC challenge. YHC was talking with a new PAX that had previously done F3 in Greenville when Roscoe and Gastone came running up after some EC.

As I was detailing the route (to Snoballs and back), Roscoe gave the word that is was 0530 and time to go.

The Pledge

We ran out and then ran back.

3/30 Convergence at Folsem (0700), Latini run, and 2nd F that evening
4/12 3rd F
4/13 Community Foundation Run
5/5 Mt Mitchell

Prayer Requests
Just Truett Baby due
Gastone’s dad
P200 runners


Just know that when you run, when you post, when you push the rock that someone may be watching. Just Truett had posted in Greenville so he was familiar with F3. Through Strava, he saw that there were other runners running in the area. There’s nothing like the encouragement from your brothers in the gloom to push you to be your best.

Until next time…

Runner’s High

So the temps were low but the spirits were high as 9 men showed up for what was to be an epic morning run.

JJ placed the American Flag at about 0528 as the remaining PAX assembled beside the numerous Ford trucks in the lot.

At 0529 the Q took over and announced the route.  Gaston Day School Road, left on that road before New Hope (right after the row of Arborvitaes), right on Lee, left on New Hope, Right on Armstrong Park Drive, right on Armstrong Park Road which turns into Gaston Day School Road again.

We started at 0530 with a brisk pace.  YHC had the holeshot at the start but Diva, Gastone, Sister Act, and Monk put an end to that and started the breakaway.

Monk was being chased by YHC and Stroganoff.  At Armstrong Park Drive and New Hope there was someone waking and baking in their car and it took about 100 yards to get the putrid stench out of the air. (Where is Defib’s great smelling laundered clothes when you need them?)  Stroganoff was tired of running slow and passed YHC and Monk.

Clavin was pushing the rock and styling in his custom USPS running vest.

When we got back to start, Sister Act was already changed and ready for work.  When everyone returned we finished up with the Pledge, announcements, and prayer requests and the flock of men gave great praise to the Q for coming up with such an original route to run.

Announcements:  Gashouse Convergeance/4 year Anniversary at Folsom March 30th.
Mount Mitchell Hike in May (Gastone QIC)

Community Foundation Run April 13th

Prayer Requests:  Blades and Stones, each other (the PAX)

Always a pleasure.  Keep getting in that P200 training!


Pub Run

9 men showed for the last day of Pubruary to put in some miles.  We ran the route to Snoballs and back.  I like this down and back run, because it gives the pax an option to choose the  distance up to 5 miles.  Good work men!

Announcements: Rooster 3/2, Convergence 3/30 at Folsom 7:00, Mt. Mitchell hike 5/5

Prayer Request


Thanks for the opportunity to lead today!

Sister Act

Heartbreak at the Pub

It was colder than expected at the PUB but 8 brave PAX showed anyway to warm their hearts with some personalized Valentine’s Day weinke’s that showed two different routes to run.  #haveityourway

Broke was scaring the P200 runners with various distance increases since the route was being changed.  Yikes!

Six chose the classic Pub route and two headed towards Martha Rivers and turned around and came back.

The Pub route has lots of elevation changes and it seemed to be a hit with some.  Monk led the way, followed by Broke and Sister Act.  Stroganoff, JJ, and YHC weren’t too far behind.

Breaker Breaker and Anthrax rocked out towards Martha’s House and returned a little staggered because Anthrax  went a little further on the route.

Finished with the Pledge of Allegiance

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

You will run 5

Or the Sad Clown will get you.

Happy Valentines Day from the PUB!

Closed it out with a reminder to go get something for your spouse….

Announcements:  Sign up for the 50 Mile Relay CSAUP.

Prayer Requests:  Haiti, Stones and Blades, All the PAX of F3 Nation.

Always an honor to lead!

Easy Backblast

I gotta do more Q’s at running AO’s, these backblasts are easy to write.


We ran, we pledged, we prayed, we gone!


Sign up for the CSAUP on Feb. 23rd!


Be praying for Tophat and his family, those PAX headed to NOLA, Pizza Man’s M, those battling the flu and the Charlotte PD as they deal with a lot of recent losses.


Until next time,


Day 5 – HIPAAPALOOZA – So loud we couldn’t hear ya

Pub Crawl at HIPAAPALOOZA on Day 5. Anthrax and Bono performed and didn’t disappoint. Some could hear it 5 miles away and some at shorter distances. It was so loud we didn’t hear the Diablo Sammich PAX yelling at us from across the parking lot of Harris Teeter. Too bad they didn’t join us for the festival. Probably wish they had instead of sitting in a circle reading Shakespeare.

Today’s Groupies (To be a groupie you need to have posted 2 or more time during HIPAAPALOOZA):

JJ, Broke, Clavin, Sister Act


Announcements – CSAUP, Rooster, Mt. Mitchell, BRR (Run & Ruck Teams)

Prayer Requests

YHC took us out

Defib asked me during my run if I was going to keep running on regular. You’re damn right and why?? Because #DFQ & #ABT



Does it rain every Thursday?

The 3rd core principle of F3 is “Our workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold”. The key in that phrase is rain. Lately, it seems like it has been raining every Thursday. This is not a complaint, just an observation. YHC will take a little rain over blazing heat any day.

YHC rolled in just before 0530 to find several HIMs that overcame the fartsack on this rainy, yet mild morning.

0530 so let’s get going.

The Pledge.

No FNGs so very brief disclaimer. Instructions on the route. Run towards Snoballs. Go half as far as you want to go, then turn around and run back. If you see any Diablo Sammiches, give them a friendly wave and keep going.

At one point in the run, we got a honk from a passerby. Saw later on twitter that it was Cheesehead. Aye!

Everyone returned back to The Pub.

Prayer Requests
Tool Time and the team headed to Chimbote
Diva and M and their new 2.0
Whetstone stones and blades

Close in prayer

As always, thanks to the PAX for coming out. Great group of HIMs. Until next time.

Whoopee’s Not Here


The Thang:
11 men went out for some fellowship and a mosey all did 5, got out of the fartsack, and made each other better. Whoopee was the best co Q I’ve ever worked with he didn’t argue once!

Announcements – Rice and Beans event get with Anchorman if you want to sign up!
Prayers- Health for our Families, Sargento’s M’s Uncle, others I have forgotten apologies.
Proverbs 27:
17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.

Tool Time

It Rained, We Ran

YHC woke up to the sound of the alarm on my phone going off. Once I figured out who and where I was, I could tell that the rain was falling pretty loudly outside. By the time I was ready to head out, the sound of rain falling had stopped so YHC hoped that the PAX would dodge the rain this morning as we moseyed from The Pub on this third day of this new year. We would not be so lucky.

YHC arrived at The Pub with a few minutes to spare and did the customary dash to get the shovel flag in place. A few PAX were there and ready to go while a few more filed in before 0530. After a brief discussion on the route, we settled on running down Hoffman/Robinwood to Martha Rivers/Pelican’s/Snoballs/Dark Knight and back.

The Pledge

The Mosey

The Announcements
Tool Time Peru Trip – Donate money or kid’s clothing to support the mission
Site Q Meeting – Sunday (1/6) 5pm

The Prayer Requests
Mike Parrish’s mother passed away

Close in Prayer

Good work this morning men. Until next time…

The Last Pub Before Christmas

Showed up to the Pub to Gastone, Tool Time, and Dfib putting in work with some EC.  The story of the workout is we ran 5 miles. Good work by all.


Annoucements:  Check Slack and Social media to get update on changes to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day workouts.

I took us out in prayer. Merry Christmas!

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