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Did someone fart

We started this day in the gloom with no warm up. Judging by the weather it was not needed.  We said the pledge and went to work. Slow mosey to the courts.  We had a circuit set up with a big ass tire some blocks and some kettle bells. First round snatch press, up and down with the battle rope, inclines Merkins, flip the tire(with no rim), curls with the 30lbs dumbbells,  overhead press with a block. We did 1 min at each. Run half the tennis court and nur the other half. Now we did front raises with the kettlebells,  side to side with the battle rope, decline merkins,  chest press with the dumbbells,  flip that dam tire, blockees, (we did all of these for 2 min because of the mumble chatter) we did this till time ran out. Oh yeah we did some lbc’s too because it wouldn’t be a roadie workout with out them. There was a lot of mumble chatter today(which makes me think I did something right).


We had some announcements and some prayers.


It was a honor to lead today men.  I know that I don’t always bring the hardest workouts to the table but I hope y’all know that leading ya’ll is truly an honor.  I hope that everyone left the workout today satisfied. I have never been one for words of wisdom so I hope yall look to someone else for that. I’m just here to feel a gap and push y’all the way yall push me. God bless y’all and god bless this country.




Love all of you men like brothers.


Could we pass the NCSU PE class with high honors??

That was the question weighing on my mind. The back story : met a young  guy at the gym doing various exercises similar to what we do at F3.  He was working very hard and was intense.  Tried to head lock him to get him out.  Long story short, he wanted to pass his PE class next semester at State.   I was curious, asked a few questions and pulled the course curriculum from State’s online registar.   Could this be a good winkie?

Knowing F3 Gastonia has a number of State fans (not sure how many actually graduated) or how many padded their gpa’s with PE, I figured we could have some fun with it.  So we get started and to his credit, T bone was the only one to claim having graduated there. I am pretty sure in his graduate work, he didn’t take PE.   So would be a new experience.  At this point, I am very interested to see if the pax could earn high honors.

The thang



Warm up

Moroccan night clubs x 20 IC

SSH x 20 IC.

Mosey down to the shopping center

1st PT test – 40 push ups in 2 minutes.  All pax passed on 1st attempt achieving a score of a B.   40 was the criteria

Run to the loading dock, bear crawl down to side walk, run to parking lot, complete 20 squats oyo.  Rinse and repeat x3

2nd PT test – 100 lbc’s within 2 minutes:  again all pax passed with a B based on current NCSU thresholds.

Mosey to other end of lot for some wall work

Hip slaps IC x 10 (complete Q fail, yhc screwed that one up with cadence)

Wall sits for 1 minute

Back to hip slaps this time oyo to 10

Wall sits for 1 minute

Mosey behind shopping center, jump the wall and wait for pax in back parking lot of doctors office.

Plank waiting on the six

Next PT test – 50 ww I sit ups in 2 minutes.  All pax passed with another B score.

Mosey around building, stop at road.  Squat jump up the hill to first light, run back, rinse and repeat x3.  Island was a beast, practically floating in the air.

Gastone honored us with a  quick count of flutter kicks x40 I think

Mosey through the neighborhood to cut thru to the park.  Plank while waiting on the six.  Yhc heard a train and called 5 burpees.   Monk whispers you didn’t hear a train.  Must of been a ghost train.

Mosey to back field for the price of admission.  The main event, the turtle run.  Like an Indian run except everyone bear crawls with last in line moving to the front.  Was a crowd pleaser.

Running short on time, mosey to picnic shelter.

20 dips oyo x2

20 step ups oyo x 2

Mosey back towards Snoballs.  Stop and plank at top of park waiting on six

Jail break back to Snoballs


  • Moleskin:   the Pax put in some good work.  It was a honor to lead.  Everyone earned their B.   Next time we will target the A thresholds.   Pretty amazing to think about a bunch of older men accomplishing what many young kids can’t achieve.   Mind over body.  Keep pushing the rock.  Till next time – Turtle Man




Less than a week from some pretty rough stuff at the GOAT, it was time for redemption. I reworked the timer and made sure it was legit and ready to go. Phone and speaker were charged up and the night before the Q, Breaker Breaker reached out and gave a little more grief, but did give me his favorite music genre is old school rock. Just so happens, Spotify has a playlist for just such a thing.

No FNGs so the normal disclaimer.
Warm Up – SSH x10IC, Moroccan Night Clubs x 25IC and Grass Pickers x10IC (we were able to count).

Grab some extra coupons because I remember there only being 14 blocks, but Dr. Seuss, Orangeman and Slim Shady manned up and carried the Slam ball, kettle bell and Sand Bag.

Mosey to the blocks and circle up for some 3, 2, 1….Three minutes of strength split b/w two exercises, two minutes of cardio split between two exercises, one minute of abs and then run to keep us moving.
Set1: 3) Squat Press & Merkins, 2) Burpees & high knees, 1) crunchy frogs.
Set2: 3) kettlebell/block swings & curls, 2) plank jacks and fast feet, 1) American hammer.
Set3: 3) squats & dips, 2) side straddle hop & mountain climbers, 1) flutter kicks.
Set4: 3) overhead press & Tricep extensions, 2) squat or lunge jumps & seal jacks, 1) Freddy mercury.

We Omahaed the running on the third set to make sure we finished the sets. Put the blocks up and mosey to the start. The music selection and timer operation for the sets were flawless. Still some mumble chatter.

Announcements: This was a Tiny Tank special Q. It’s been a year since I took over and I am looking to pass the reigns. Ruck this weekend so get with Boudin to park at Roadies work or Freights house.

Prayers: Clavins mother in Hospice, Boudins sons shoulder and concern for his senior year.

COT – Tophat took us out.

Shade Please

13 HIMS showed up to a nice toasty evening at Midoriyama.   1 PAX put in some time on a  mountain bike, 2 PAX ran for 45 minutes, and the rest of us enjoyed some bootcamp time.  I always enjoy the afternoon workouts at Midoriyama, so I wanted to bring something to the table that really pushed everyone.  I just had the Q at Folsom the weekend before, so I decided to not leave the Midoriyama guys out and repeat some of that workout.  Let’s just say, this wasn’t a real crowd pleaser.  The heat of the summer in the afternoons can really intensify a workout and push you mentally and physically.  This one pushed me and it was great seeing everyone out here pushing themselves in whatever activity of their choosing.  After a little EC with Slaw, it was time to get started and to start getting everyone ready.



None needed, it’s HOT!!  Mosey to small soccer field.


The Thang:

Found an exercise  called The Cooper.  This one was a repeat from Folsom, but today we are using the small soccer field as our track.  Begin with 1 lap around perimeter of field, then 10 Burpees, 10 Imperial Squats, 10 Ski Merkins.  Run lap around field, then 9 Burpees, 9 Imperial Squats, 9 Ski Merkins.  Continue this until you finish with 1 rep of each exercise.  Oh boy did the mumble chatter( complaining) begin here.  Several PAX mentioned the lack of shade in my selection of workout location.  I didn’t feel like shade was necessary, so we continued on.  You don’t want the PAX getting soft and expecting shade at every Midoriyama workout, so on we go.  What a difference it is,  in doing this at 6:30 in the morning Saturday versus 5:30 in the evening.  This was a challenge and smoked the guys pretty good.  There were calls for Omaha, but we continued.  I did however  offer a break in stating that when the first PAX finishes, I will end the misery and move on.  WeeWee saved us, as he finished several laps ahead of the rest of us.  That dude is a beast!.

After a short break to let everyone catch their breath, on to the next exercises.  4 corner escalators called.   Mosey to First corner 10 Mountain Climbers(IC).  Mosey to corner 2, 10 MC(IC), 20 Peter Parker’s.  Mosey to corner 3, 10 MC(IC), 20 PP, 30 CDD.  Mosey to corner 4, 10 MC(IC), 20 PP, 30 CDD, 40 Sumo Squats.  Time running short, so let’s mosey towards flag.

We arrived at flag with time to spare, so let’s grab some wall at the turd shack.  I did feel a little bad, so we used the shade side of the shack.  Here we did 10 Hip Slappers (IC) & 10 Mike Tyson’s(IC), next 8 HS & 8 MT and finished with 6 HS & 6 MT.  Time


22 for the Vets



Prayer Request, YHC took us out

It was an honor, as always, to lead today.  Even with the summer heat upon us, it is great seeing steady numbers at Midoriyama.  Way to push that rock fellas.


Sister Act

Burpees in Belmont

So comes the day that YHC is up at The Yank and after a posting in Lake Wylie F3 last Wednesday where we did a 59 burpee segment at The Abyss we figured it was time to spread the wealth a little in uptown Belmont! So here is how we accomplished that feat.

COP featuring a burpee ladder on the pad in the park

SSH X 20

2 burpees

IW X 20

4 burpees

about this time Tool Time was trying to EH a runner who said “next week” so we’ll see! Hope TT didn’t scare him off too bad.

Copperhead squats X 20

6 burpees

Mountain Climbers X 20

8 burpees

LBCs X 20

10 burpees

Mosey up to the Corner of Knowledge for partner work:

Round 1

P1: run to the other end of the school and do 10 merkins

P2: Step ups ’till P1 returns.


Round 2

P1: Run to the other end, 10 Mike Tysons

P2: Inclined merkins until P1 returns



Round 3

P1: Run to the other end and do 10 CDDs

P2: Step ups until P1 returns

Mosey down to the upper school lot.

Round 1: Burpee suicides: Run two lines, Nur one and do a burpee. All the way to the end.

Round 2: Squat suicides, same as above but 5 squats.

Mosey down to the filed of dreams for some REAL fun!

First things first, 5 burpees fro the train.

Four Corners in middle of the field

Corner 1 – Merkins X 10

Corner 2 – LBCs X 20

Corner 3 – Hand release merkins X 10

Corner 4 – plank jacks X 10 (each leg)

Return to center each time, 5 burpees .

One round for the pax. Then time for the Bear crawl IM!

Two rounds to the end, bear crawl and agility run.

SSH X 10

Moroccan nightclubs X 20

2 rounds

mosey back dropping at each pole:

1st: 5 hand release merkins

2nd: 10 LBCs

3rd: 10 merkins

mosey over to Heartbreak hill

Triple nickel:

bottom: Mountain Climbers X 5 (each leg)

run to the top

Jump squats X 5

Pretty well wiped out the Pax. Time for some pax called “Fountain Mary” to finish up with. Fonda called burpees.




We did a little today. Maybe more than a little? Could be! Welcome FNG Virus, a Sam’s Club recruit. Respect was the name of the game but YHC still holds the War Daddy monicker in F3 Gastonia. You guys want varsity play, come hang with the Respects at The Yank! It is a badass place when they are in town! Bring your A game and that means attitude!

Note on another development. Revolution is really taking off in Metro. had 45 out there Saturday with my Core bros and Black Men on the Run showing big time. I think we need to go over on Saturday in August just like core did and keep it growing. That community needs it and is responding!

Tool Time with the lead Saturday as YHC is on vacation. Need leadership the 28th. Wide Open. step up!




7 HIM for Coconut Horse

We ran the usual 5 mile loop. Some did EC. YHC completely failed with an obvious Q responsibility…to make sure everyone knows the directions to complete the loop. As such, we nearly lost 1 HIM. Fortunately, all 7 returned in time for the COT & coffee-rama.

Why weren’t you there

9 hims showed up to crossroads to push the rock. Some ran some rucked. There are some really great things happening in the dallas area. SHOW TO KNOW.  If you are not working out on Sunday morning I encourage you to visit crossroads. The men that show up here on Sunday continue to push themselves to be better.


Some prayers were lifted up to the big guy upstairs.


Then we drank some  coffee

5 Principles

Today was a great day at the Gashouse. Boudin asked if there was any extra credit the night before. Why not? When we got the Schiele there were already cars in the lot. Quiche and Sargento were already putting the miles in. Boudin, Stroganoff, and YHC went out at 0615 sharp for a little more than 3 mile run through Sherwood Forest before the workout. When we returned we found Linus and Rudolph doing some EC kettlebell work. Strong work!

Monk rolled in and said he had an FNG coming today. He was true to his word. We also had another FNG that rolled in with Tandem. At 0700 sharp I made sure to place extra stress on the disclaimer, especially the “U vs U” part and the “modify as needed”. We welcomed both and started with a pretty standard warmup. Apparently YHC doesn’t say “in cadence” and that deeply offended Quiche who was making strong mumblechatter about it. (He knew it was in cadence all along!)

Warm up: SSH, Squats, IW, LBC’s

Pain Lab PAX (8) split and went with Sargento and the boot camp PAX (12) went with Roscoe. We moseyed to the flag for the Pledge and set off to the back of the library.

Thing One: At the bottom do 5 burpees. Run towards the library up two sets of stairs for 10 squat jumps at the top. Run back down for 5 more burpees and then back up for 9, 8, 7, 6…1 jump squats. Kudo’s to Stroganoff for stressing the modify part with the 6. Boudin graciously followed orders and led some Mary and plank while the rest of us mortals finished up. Now for a word…We covered the 5 core principals of F3.

From 12 Rules for Life and Dr. Jordan B. Peterson…”Do one thing every day to improve yourself.” For the guys present this was probably accomplished already.

We then moseyed through the neighborhood to the Sherwood School track. The gate was closed. “Somebody is going to have to go back and get a sh*&load of dimes!” Quiche had to head out early so he moseyed back.

We opened the gate and continued our mosey to the playground for:

Thing Two: Murph Training

8 Pullups, 20 Merkins, 30 squats, run a lap x 3. Then…

Word #2 from Dr. Peterson…

“Treat Yourself As If You Were Someone You Were Responsible For Helping” “He whose life has a why can bear almost any how.”

You could help direct the world, on its careening trajectory, a bit more toward Heaven and a bit more away from Hell. Once having understood Hell,” particularly your own individual Hell” you could decide against going there or creating that. You could aim elsewhere. You could, in fact, devote your life to this. That would give you a Meaning, with a capital M. That would justify your miserable existence.

You could begin by treating yourself as if you were someone you were responsible for helping.

Thing #3. Five minutes of plank

Plank on elbows, arms, downward dog, while we discussed life.

During this time we learned that Monk is a counselor for teen girls and he was going to use the “He whose life has a why can bear almost any how.” Being the gracious guy I am I told him I would share my weinke with him after the workout. (I didn’t of course)

YHC asked for any news from the PAX while we were holding the plank and we learned that Yo Pauley is going on a mission trip and that Yo Adrian is driving. It is nice to see our younger PAX being true #HIM’s.

Mosey to church field. YHC asked Linus what he wanted to do out of respect for him being the new site Q. His choices were 50 burpees in 5 minutes or partner Dora. He wisely said partner Dora and the crowd of PAX went wild with adoration and praise.

Dora: Partner Up P1 runs up the hill to the other side of parking lot, P2 does…then switch

50 monkey humpers

100 seal jacks

150 Squats* *Somewhere around this time we had to jailbreak back to home due to time. We circled up at the Schiele and started the 200 Flutter Kicks to finish off the workout. The Pain Lab Pax rejoined the circle and joined in. YHC shared the theme of the day and concluded with “Hang around people who want what is best for you.” Again, I think the F3 guys have that covered.

Boudin showed his lack of decorum by questioning why we didn’t stop when his watch said 0800. All the regulars had to set him straight because they all knew the workout isn’t over until the First Presbyterian bells hadn’t rung yet!

Welcome FNG “Clear!” and “Friar”.

Nice to see the guys make a great effort today. There wasn’t a lot of mumble chatter. It is amazing how quickly an hour goes by when you are Q’ing a workout. We had so much more to do yet so little time!

We had 5 for Coffeerama at Panera. Mayor asked Yo Adrian what he does for a living. As he was explaining that he does instant replay for live sports, Yo Pauley said “He pushes colorful buttons”. #truth

YHC closed in prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead as always.


Painlab  by Sargento (completed on the same day!!!)

So after Roscoe’s group split the Painlab crew moseyed to YHC’s M’s brick carrier to grab the coupons for today’s workout. Unlike other more elaborate Q’s, YHC like things to be straightforward and to the point. We’re going to use bricks today and that’s it!

Once we grabbed our gear, we moved to Frank’s Fortress of Solitude, popped in some rockin’ tunes and threw down the Thang.

The Deck of Death!!!

Nothing is better for creating great mumble chatter than going round and round picking cards anticipating what pain will be dealt next. It almost seems like DoD was created specifically for Painlab because you don’t have to run or have impact if you don’t want to. Here’s how it went.

Spades = Merkins

Hearts = Shoulder Presses

Diamonds = Back Flys

Clubs = Step Ups (each leg)

It was a lot of fun going through the deck especially when we’d get stuck on one deck for a few draws in a row. Feel the burn! Because we had several newer PAX and an FNG today, YHC made sure to cover the 5 Principles of F3 many times (completely independent of Roscoe) to help the men have a deeper understanding of who we are. Pretty sure all in attendance can recite all 5 now.

Once the DoD was done, we move on to a new routine YHC came across in his studies the night before…

The Bruce Lee

Do these exercises consecutively in cadence to 20 reps each:

American Hammers, Leg Raises, LBCs, Dying Cockroaches, Crunchy Frogs and 100s

We did almost two rounds of this before time was up to join the others.

It was a pleasure to lead today men. I look forward to get back to the Painlab soon.


Nordic Contra Burpees

15 of the Gashouse’s finest took their #DRP and posted to Folsom.  Sister Act and YHC with the co-Q… YHC would start us off.   As 0630 hit a short disclaimer was given and it was time to clock in.

Warmup: SSH x 2IC

Mosey the tennis courts for instructions.  YHC has a modified Nordic challenge waiting.  After each exercise we would run a lap arpuns the courts.   YHC did knock off two of the laps. (if you can’t do it don’t q it)

Exercises were: 10 Burpees, 22 Merkins, 30 Australian mountain climbers,  40 Lunges, 50 Overhead claps, 60 Monkey humpers, 70 Squats, 80 Flutter kicks, 90 LBC, 100 Moroccan nightclubs.

Circle up a wave of merkins (5) and a wave of LBCs (30).

Handed over to Sister Act

On one of the tennis courts were 10 Contra burpees, run back to the other end for 10 little gumby in the woods.  Repeat x 5.

On one end do 5 Captain Thors, on the other side do 5 4x4s.

Route 66 with Bobby Hurleys.

Mosey back to the launching point for the pledge.


Annoucements: Speed for Need race, JJ5k, Tronmoss legacy 5k

Prayer requests: Gumby’s father in law, people battling addiction, Montross, others I can’t remember.  Sorry men.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.

It’s an honor to not only Q, but to be able to know each man that was present this morning.  Rudolph noted on twitter that our nameorama looked like a family reunion.  He’s absolutely correct.  One thing I can say about Folsom, it’s a family.  I have one brother by blood, but I’ve been blessed with many by choice.  Individually we are weak, but collectively we are unstoppable.  Iron sharpens iron is not just a cliche.  If you allow it, F3 will absolutely change your life in more ways than just fitness.  Where else in the world could you take one day off and have no fewer than 5 people call you out (in a somewhat loving way) about it?  The accountability is off the charts.

T-Claps to all the men that posted today.  Not only at Folsom, but all AOs.

T-claps to Sister Act for his work in July… well, and all months.  At this rate the Iron Skillet is his

Montross – heal up, brother.  We tiss (sic) you and hope to see you oost (sic) soon.

Allen Tate: congratulations on your re-election.

Philippians 4:13


Get Skin in the Game

Looking for some deep truth about living out your fullest life with purpose, living like you have skin in the game? Have skin in the game, leave skin in the game. Done.

I left some skin from my back in the parking lot at FUMC.  Lot’s of sweat and large numbers of American Hammers and Big Boy sit ups helped with that.  Totally worth it.  Now read this and leave some skin in the game ASAP.

WARM UP: 20 Side Straddle Hops IC, 10 Imperial Squats IC, 10 Dying Cockroaches IC,
10 Merkins IC


Mosey to First United Methodist BIG parking lot.

10 Imperial Squats – Count the right leg
run to other end of parking lot, roughly 100 yards
Drop and hit 5 Mountain Climber Merkins
run back to other end of parking lot, roughly 100 yards
Rinse and repeat – 5 times
10 Captain Thor’s (big boy sit up + 4 American Hammers)
run to other end of parking lot, roughly 100 yards
Drop and hit 5 Contra Burpies
run back to other end of parking lot, roughly 100 yards
Rinse and repeat – 5 times
5 Burpies – Train
Mosey to the big brick wall

Wall sits with Shoulder Press – 20 IC
Monkey Humpers – 15 IC
Wall sits with Shoulder Press – 20 IC
Monkey Humpers – 20 IC
Jailbreak back to the pavilion
Freddie Mercuries – 20 IC
Flutterkicks – 20 IC
5 Crunchy Frogs



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