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22 for the Vets

Being the day after the 17th anniversary of 9/11 I knew I wanted to recognize the vets and first responders  the mean so very much to us as Americans.  F3 has a taken hold of the “22 for the Vets” pushup challenge recognizing that 22 Vets a day commit suicide.  This number has become attached to honoring our servicemen.

As I show exactly at 5:30 to the Snowballs parking lot and approach the Pax I am greeted by Gastone and 8 more of the fellas waving hello to me via Monkey Humpers.   At that time of the morning, this is quite a stinky way to start that day butt we press on with our ass-perations of moving our rears.

I take over for the Warm Up:

SSH x 22

Moroccan Night Clubs x 22

Da Thang:

Mosey to the park for some 11’s (we were going to do 2 sets of 11’s making 22 but I messed up my knee at work and barely made it through the workout so the 2nd set was Omaha’d);

Squats this side and Merkins over there.

LBC’s x50

Mosey to the shelter for 2 rounds x 22;


LBC’s x50



Meander to parking lot for some Mary:

22 counts on the following;

Leg raises

Flutter kicks

American hammers

Freddy Mercury’s

Begin mosying back stopping at the light poles for;







Zombie walk to next pole

LBC’s x 100

Mosey to directly in front of waiting cars;

Monkey Humpers x 22

Mosey back to Snowballs. I need to recognize Gastone, D-Fib, Boudin, Island, and Turtleman for always greeting the Pax as we come in.  This is really inspirational to me.  I will be up front with you guys one day greeting too.  Thanks guys.

Still 3 minutes so more Mary;

At this point what looked to be a Forestview student having him morning workout joined us and with no surprise the Pax was super inviting and welcoming.  He said he would be back.  I hope that’s true.

Leg raises x 22

American hammers x22

Flutter kicks x22


Big shout out to Toto for serving with honor in our military.  Thank you brother for all you and all Vets do and have done.  Thank you also to the first responders and health care pros that do such an important job daily.  This ones for you guys.

Thank you guys for all the encouragement.  The honor is completely mine.  You are the best.



Saturday of the BRR–Gashouse

I know it’s a bit late but here goes.

Lately I’ve been wanting to incorporate stretching into the F3 workouts.  I think it is an important part of overall fitness and could do us all some good in the attempt to try and avoid pesky injuries.  With this being said I planned the workout accordingly.

We did the Warm Up:

SSH x20

Goofballs x20

Merkins x20

Squats x20

Mayor and the Painlab HIMs at this point went to do their thang and we went to the rear of the library to do ours.

The Thang:

Complete set of said exercise and mosey up both sets of steps and touch library and return;

3 sets x 20;


Yoga stretch…Downward Dog.

3 sets x20


Yoga stretch..Warrior 1 and 2

3 sets x20


Yoga stretch..Standing swan down to downward dog then up to cobra.

At this point there were multiple sets of 20 of each of the following;


Leg raises




Toe risers x 5 up each of both sets of steps.

2 laps around parking lot

Return to Gashouse for Mary with the pain lab HIMs.

There were some

Nolan Ryans

American hammers

Leg raises


It was a small group but the quality of HIMs was outstanding as always.

I promise that the honor is all mine.



Sandbags – ohmaha

SSH in cadence (21), Moroccan night clubs in cadence (21).  Count off – we have 10.  Form two lines, mosey.  what is that – its a bird – its a plane – its – GOLD DIGGER comes out of nowhere – that makes 11.  High Knees mosey in formation (warm up the nostrils), butt kicks in formation, take the stairs.

Split into two groups.  One group on each side of the narrow bridge.  3 rounds

  1. You guessed it – the Stupid Shuffle aka BTTW crawl, aka cupid shuffle aka the Michigan shuffle – thanks for the new name breaker breaker.
  2. Wall squat 60 secs
  3. Plank Jacks – in cadence
  4. Run to basketball court (to far) run to apartment next two rounds.

Pleasant surprise – 5 burpees.

Run the goat island bridge – flutter kicks for the six

Wheel barrel across (thanks DOLPH)- if you stop, person carrying the legs does 6 mike Tysons whilst the wheel barrel watches in shame.  For some reason noone wanted to partner with gold digger – needless to say Gold Digger wheel barreled across that bridge faster than some us can run it.  All Pax made it across the first time without stopping – mad props to all – a little disappointed no mike Tysons.

Skip, karaoke and run to the next bridge.  plank for the six.

OMAHA – the bridge keeper has not opened the second gate – cannot proceed to the sandbags that I brought in – oh well until 10-4-2018.

Fellowship mosey to the exercise pavilion.

2 rounds of pull ups to fatigue, crunchy frog.

Mosey to goat island bridge.

Flap jack wheel barrel partners – all groups made it without coming out of the wheel barrel position.  Nice work PAX.  Still slightly bummed no mike Tysons.

Pleasant surprise – 5 burpees

Few minutes left – mosey to pavilion

2 rounds pull ups to fatigue mixed with WW1 and LBC twist.

Plank on Q command – right arm up, then left arm up,  then left leg up, then left leg up – opps, pax called out my misspeak – right leg up.  recover.

Six shooter crunches in cadence – right then left.  recover.

Fellow ship mosey to the flag.


Announcements – JJ5k, Stop Solider Suicide, Convergence 9-15-18 @ GasHouse Q vs Q

Prayer Request – Breaker Breaker Family, Those that will be affected by Florence, Emergency Responders that will be working through the hurricane, Power Company Employees as they work to repair damage from the storm, and news/media as they work round the clock to bring updates to the general public.





Rock you like a Hurricane

7 men showed for my first Q in a while. YHC isn’t able to post or Q much in the summer during the week due to my work schedule, but the  site Q graciously let me back in the fold at Folsom.

Pulled in a little early this morning to do a recon for what I was about to deliver. Folsom is undergoing some construction and the power is cut off in different places and parking lots dug up around the park. I wanted to see what was available to use and what wasn’t.  What I did find was Volt putting in some EC. Way to push bro!


Moraccan Nightclubs waiting on Pastor Clever to get to the circle.



Gave the PAX an option and Sister Act spoke up and said just deliver a beatdown don’t give us any options.  I like a man that knows what he came for.

There are a lot of light poles around Folsom and there is one right at the start. Let’s go! Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s  all 10 count OYO at every light pole we will pass as we tour Folsom. We are staying together and if you finish before your brother, help them finish.  Mosey a short mosey not even out of the parking lot and another light pole .  Get up the road a bit and there is a double light pole. Volt spoke up and asked if we did double the reps? A slight argument as to whether or not that was a light pole or just a pole ensued but YHC felt like that was a great idea. Double reps at this one. Thanks Volt!

Keep on moseying to the flag and more light poles, say the pledge and keep at it. Thanks for pointing out those light poles that were out Sister Act, YHC would have missed them.  All total we hit 15 poles including the double reps and the one at start twice to get 150 reps of those exercises and just over a mile. With time running out YHC called Gravel Pickers X10 IC, BedPan called Toy Soldiers X20 IC.  Time,


Announcements:  JJ5K and Stop Soldier Suicide 5Kor 10K 9/22,  Burpeethon on 10/6,  Snowbird this weekend,  Q VS Q at Gashouse  07:00 Saturday  (Folsom will be closed this Saturday).


Prayer Request:  BedPan’s M,  George and Self Family, each other, 2.0s, Hurricane victims to be, YHC’s Father and Mother In Law.  Seems like I’m forgetting  something my apologies if I am.


COT:  Thanks for the opportunity men, and thanks for showing up and pushing hard this morning.  Good to see Hacksaw, I know you are fighting injury but you are out there pushing through it. It was an honor to lead.  See you in the gloom!






VQ at Mt Hollywood

Posting this for Orangeman who isn’t set up yet with account to post backblast

Orangeman first ever Q, and it was a tough one.

Warmup: SSH 21x, 3 burpee, Imperial Walkers 21x, 6 burpee, Morocan Night Clubs.  Mosey to parking lot behind BBT

VQ called for 11’s, hip slappers and big boy sit ups.  A little confusion in counting on a Monday morning, but Pax eventually got through it.

Mosey down main street to Glendale.  Take a left at Glendale to Veterans Park.  Pledge.  20 Dips Oyo on benches surrounding flag. Back to street.

Beauty about Glendale is that starting at Vet Park and heading back toward Main and beyond is a series of steep hills.  Q calls for run hill and stop at each side street for an exercise.  At  Main 10 merkins, next street 20 crunchy frogs and back to main for 10 merkins.  Back up hill for 20 crunchy frogs, and on to next side street for 30 I can’t remembers.  Back down hill for 20 crunchy frogs, up hill for 30 I can’t remembers, then up hill to next street for 40 stagger merkins. Back down hill for 30 I can’t remembers, and then up for 40 more stagger merkins.

Mosey back to middle school for burpees until time.

Nameorama, announcements, prayer requests, COT

Really good VQ by Orangeman, tough workout.  Hate to see what in store for his next one.



Count Yourself

I mean if I can’t count correctly, count it yourself.  Teamwork.  Imperial Squats are not cadence friendly, but burpies are.  Henceforth Imperial Squats will be supplanted by burpies and handstands.

Now this >

WARM UP: Side Straddle LBCs 10 IC, Peter Parkers 10 IC , Squats 10 IC, 5 Burpies


Deep Sea Divers 5 steps
Rocky Balboas 10 IC

Mosey to FUMC parking lot

Dirty Hookup 10 IC left hand first, Dirty Hookup 10 IC right hand first
Wall Sit & March 10 IC
Dirty Hookup 10 ICC left hand first, Dirty Hookup 10 IC right hand first
Wall Sit & March 10 IC


Peter Parkers 10 IC, Freddie Mercuries 10 IC
Plank Jacks 10 IC, Flutterkicks 10 IC
Peter Parkers 20 IC, Freddie Mercuries 20 IC
Plank Jacks 20 IC, Flutterkicks 20 IC

Mosey the wrong direction for 2 blocks, then to the top of the convention center parking deck

Imperial Squats 10 IC sort of.
Dying cockroaches 10 IC
Imperial Squats
Dying cockroaches 10 IC

One end of deck Zombie Walk 10 halfway
Box Cutters 10 IC
Merkins 10 IC
Box Cutters 10 IC
Merkins 10 IC
Zombie Walk back

Mosey back to Pavillion for some MARY. Flutterkicks for minutes from Rosco.

Sister Act, Pedal, Hippa, Slaw, Claven, BedPan, Def Leppard, Easy Rider, Bedazzled, Rosco

I Think We Ran

Sometimes life gets busy. Sometimes it gets so busy you can’t find time to write a backblast. Sometimes it gets so busy you can’t even find time to write a backblast for The Pub. It’s been almost a week, but YHC thinks he remembers what was done as 5 PAX posted on a beautiful, but humid, morning.

We ran…

Out onto Armstrong Park Rd.
Left onto Berry Rd.
Right onto Lee St.
Left onto New Hope Rd.
Right onto Armstrong Park Dr.
Right onto Armstrong Park Rd.
Back to The Pub


Maybe some others

Prayer Requests
Stroganoff and family
BRR runners and drivers

Good work by all, especially Defib who came out the day before leaving for the BRR.

Until next week (tomorrow)

Burpee Beach Volleyball




Slaw demonstrated a destructor which is start with a LBC, switch to a mountain climber, finish off with a side straddle hop.

Run to beach volleyball court, perform one destructor at every light pole passed. Do one at top of trail and one at each volleyball net pole.

There’s Leppard running on Sparky time.

Freight goes back to watch him change, spots, clothes, whatever.

Count off 1, 2. 1s this side, 2s opposite. Simple rules: anything inside the sand is in, burpee for every point scored against you.

Here straggles in father and son.

Not to brag, but, Def Leppard’s team won by a large margin. Freight was the best player for the other team. No one got medevac-ed.

About 180 burpees in the sand.

Back to flag, destructors every pole on way back.


9 merkins, hold for 11 count.

Prayer for Gumby family member. Sly in Afghanistan. Spoken. Unspoken. Weather.


Q versus Q. All AOs move to Schiele Saturday at 0700.

Forge at Grits and Greens Wednesday 1830.

YHC took us out

Nine Eleven

On this day 17 years ago, 19 terrorist highjacked 4 fuel loaded commercial planes bound for the west coast.  A total of 2977 people were killed in New York City, Washington, DC, and Shanksville, PA from the terrorist attacks committed on that day.  Of the 2977 killed 403 were 1st responders. 343 were Firefighters and 60 were Police officers/Port Authority Officers.  Of the 2977 killed, 2606 were killed at the World Trade Center, 125 at the Pentagon, and 246 were on the planes.  The ages of those killed ranged from 2 years to 85 years of age.  Everyone of us probably can remember where we were when we saw the footage or heard the news of these attacks.  I was at Gaston Memorial Hospital and watched the 2nd plane hit the World Trade Center on live TV.  My oldest son Beau (F3 Gumbo) was born on September 9th.  I can remember my wife wanted to get home as fast as we could, so we were not in a public place.

I realized last week that the day I volunteered to Q was 9/11.  I did not know what I was going to do for workout, but I knew I wanted it to suck.

I started workout by reading information from first paragraph above.  It has been 17 years, so I wanted to bring those numbers back to the front our minds.   We sometime take things(Family, Friends, Jobs, What we have) for granted,but they can be taken from us in a blink of an eye.




Moroccan Night Clubs 20 IC

The Thang:

Run 744 Meters

3 Rounds

11 Burpees

11 LBC

11 Merkins

11 Squats

Run 744 Meters

11 Burpees

11 LBC

11 Merkins

11 Squats

Run 744 Meters

11 Burpees

11 LBC

11 Merkins

11 Squats

7 Merkins

Run 745 Meters


We ran 2977 Meters for the total number of souls lost on that day.  We then did 403 exercise movements to represent the number of First Responders that sacrificed their lives to save others.


9/22 JJ5k in Stanley

9/22 Stop Soldier Suicide 5/10k Belmont

10/6 Burpeethon, sign up by 9/18 to guarantee a shirt.  2 person teams.  100% of proceeds go to Special Olympics of NC.

Prayer Request



Way to push this morning men.   It was an honor and privilege to workout side by side with you men this morning.  I am thankful for the sacrifices that those have made, so that we have our freedoms.



Better Late than Never

VQ for Buckeye.  One year in the making.  During this time I have learned many new words, improved both physical and mental strength, and lost 25 lbs.   I am now better at pull ups.  I was encouraged to step up by several individuals as well as a group shaming at the Storm on humid Tuesday morning.  To say I was nervous was an understatement; spending several days planning and reworking my weinke until it looked good on paper.  Watching youtube videos learning how to count and trying to recall the various names of exercises.  It was finally time to share BTTW Shuffle (aka Stupid Shuffle – thanks Broke) with the world.

Gold Digger, Tiger and Traveler grabbed some EC this morning, Gold Digger was running so fast many commented that his feet were not even touching the ground, others thought he was running from Broke.

No FNGs today, I am not a professional, you vs you.

12 HIMS Started off with some SSH and mountain climbers in cadence (21),  6 burpees OYO.  Circled up, counted off in groups of 4 (to be used later – everyone remembered their number all morning)  Let us mosey.  Omaha – planned on using the gravel lot next to the yank, however, we were pleasantly surprised by a train and 5 burpees.  So let us mosey to the middle school.   Nice little mosey to the school where we grabbed a wall squat waiting on the six, the six was not far behind.


3 rounds all together – determined by my timex.  Apparently I paid to much for it, although I did mention that it has 3 functions – hours, minutes and seconds.  Broke was convinced I got it from the cracker jack box, I actually got it from a wheaties box.

  1. BTTW Shuffle, aka Cupid Shuffle, AKA Stupid Shuffle (BTTW Q calls shuffle right, then shuffle left finish with Aussie Mountain climbers)
  2. The Squat
  3. WWI
  4. Sprint to stop sign and back hold wall squat for the six.

Finish up with one set of 20 single leg deadlift (thanks pockets for the name of the exercise) I refer to these as deep pockets.

Mosey through the field of dreams for 1 round of each exercise in our groups of 3.  Each group does one exercise until the running group gets back, then switch.

  1. LBFC
  2. Peter Parkers
  3. Pull Ups
  4. Run to bottom of hill and back

Mosey to the gravel lot:  in our groups of 1s, 2s, and 3s with group 4 having one member join the others.

3 rounds

  1. 4 man lift – great on paper, may have failed in explaining this task; or it could be that some do not know shapes or maybe the gravel in the parking lot, not sure.  Needless to say, some PAX do not like to get dirty.  Omaha to the Merkin.
  2. FC
  3. Imperial Walkers
  4. Run to black tarp and back – what tarp?

Just as we finished in the gravel lot another pleasant surprise, 5 burpees OYO.  Let us mosey.

We mosey up the hill at a fellowship pace. Stopped at the main corner with clock near city hall.  There is a camera on the Stowe Building (large white building across from city hall) that live streams downtown Belmont.  Occasionally while watching the news with my daughters in the morning they will show a view from that camera and my daughters are excited to see their city on TV.  On the corner 21 SSH in cadence with smiles on our faces for the camera.  Everyone except Wanderer, he was not feeling well and called it at this time.  Let us mosey.

Mosey to the parking lot by State Farm.  Much nicer, smoother, fresher blacktop.

4 rounds – all  pax does one set of global warming, Q calls group number, that group bear crawls around circle whilst the others complete one of the exercises. Global warming between each set until all groups had a chance to bear crawl.

  1. Global warming – hold Al Gore Squat while shuffling in a circle, we went left in cadence, we went right in cadence, we did the hokey pokey in cadence.
  2. Bear Crawl
  3. Parker Peters
  4. Step Back Lunge
  5. CDD
  6. Plank Jacks

Just enough time for wall squat according to the timex along with military presses in cadence.  Let us mosey to the yank.

Grabbed the pledge, few announcements – Prevent Soilder Suicide 5/10k, JJ 5K, Burpee-a-Thon.  Name-o-roma.  Dr. Seuss took us out with a prayer. 8 of the PAX grabbed a coffee and breakfast at Cherubs.  Pockets taught me a little about social media and the F3 website.

Great effort today, everyone was working hard and made my VQ a memorable one.  Really enjoyed it.  Thanks to Dr. Seuss and Tesla for encouraging me to step up.

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