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40 Days of Getting Better — Mon Feb 18 – Sat March 30

Hello Gentlemen.

  1. Here we are at Valentines Day and summer is rapidly approaching.  We are in the throes  of old man winter with the spring just around the corner.  With this being said, beginning this Monday 2/18/19 until 3/30/19 I for myself am going to start a 40 day health program focusing of course on physical health but also spiritual health as well.  I welcome and encourage whosoever will to join in.  This could be considered a pre summer slim down or lent or just making improvements.

The terms would be,


  1.  Eat as clean as possible that can be sustained realistically for the 40 day period.  You be the judge.  You know your habits.  For some this may mean giving up fried chicken and burgers.  For others this may mean going vegetarian.  Try to make at least 3 positive changes in your meal diet and sustain it for the 40 days.  Remember this is you against you.
  2. Try to make 3 non-meal positive changes in you diet.  For example, I’m giving up beer, potato chips, and sweets.  Again, you know your habits.  Pick 3 things and give them up for the 40 days.  For the few of you that do not have 3 things to give up (Roscoe and Defib), do what you can.
  3. I suggest that you journal what you eat.  I use the Samsung health app on my phone.  It works pretty well.  If you have something better please share.
  4. Work out at least 5 times a week.  Any F3 workout is good.  Workouts should be at least 30 mins in duration.  One 1hr workout does not count as 2 workouts, however one 45 min post and later going to the gym or climbing Crowders Mtn, ect. is 2 workouts.
  5. The are 4 cheat meals over the course of the 40 days with opportunity to earn more with >5 workouts per week.  I am not going to waste a cheat meal on snacks.  Wait for the good stuff.  You will find you enjoy meals more than you used to.
  6. >5 workouts per week is a (1) cheat meal per workout over 5.
  7. The week starts on Saturday.  If you post on Saturday that’s 1 already.
  8. Qing is a cheat meal.  Get out and Q fellas.
  9. Post at any F3 mission such as Rice N Beans, toy drives, or any outreach does count as a workout.


  1.  Pray at least once a day.  Even if its just to thank God for his blessings.
  2. Date nights with the M do not count as far as cheat meals of otherwise.
  3. Go on at least 2 dates with the M in this 40 days.  Thank God for her.  Pray over her and with her.  God will honor and bless it. You watch.
  4. Pray with your children at least 2 times a week for the 40 days.

For those wanting to participate, eat well this Valentines Day and weekend.  Monday is the start of a challanging yet very rewarding journey.  Push each other.  Encourage each other.

Good luck and God bless you all.

SYITG!  Aye!


Come Down that Mountain

The clock hit 5:30 and there was a heavy mist in the air.  I had a weinke ready to go, and a deck of cards as a “just in case” backup.


  • Side Straddle Hops, 15 IC  –  2 merkins
  • Imperial Walkers, 16 IC  –  4 merkins
  • Moroccan Nightclub, 20 IC  –  6 merkins
  • Don Quixotes, 15 IC  –  8 merkins



The mist seemed to be letting up so I tossed the deck of cards aside and we set out on a mosey down Catawba, left on Oakland, left again on W. Central and there on our left is our favorite wall by Ida Rankin Elementary School…  can’t pass it by without a little work:

  • 5 incline merkins and 5 derkins
  • 10 incline merkins and 10 derkins
  • 15 incline merkins and 15 derkins

Mist had picked up a bit so let’s mosey over to the covered walkway for some 11’s:

  • American Hammers & Lunges  (Q kept trying to do American Hammers at both ends…)

It seems the mist has let up again, so it is time for some four corners. We were to run around the parking lot and do the following exercises:

  • 1st corner – Merkins
  • 2nd corner – Squats
  • 3rd corner – LBCs
  • 4th corner – Mountain Climbers  –  do SSHs while waiting on the six

First round… give me 5 reps… next round 10, then 15 and then 20
Q decided to run his mouth a bit here… in Matthew we find the Sermon on the Mount where we get the Beatitudes and a lot of what were called “hard sayins” when I was growing up. But he had to come back down that mountain and so do we… so back down we went with our four corners… 15 reps, 10 reps and 5 reps.

The clock was ticking, so time to mosey on back to the middle school. When we got to the school the Q had to run his mouth just a little more… see, as Jesus was wrapping up these hard sayins, he left us with this in Matthew 7:24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” The key phrase for me is “put them into practice.” Many hear, few put it into practice. The HIMs of F3 inspire me every day as I see them putting their fitness, their fellowship and their faith into practice! I encourage you to go read Matthew 7:24-27 to get the whole story.

We said the Pledge.

Ended with COT!

I hope we all went away just a little better…

Push through the gloom!

Hank brought the pain as always! We got in a little over 2 miles, we did burpees, lunges, jump rope, merkins, SSH, good push by everyone that was present. Folsom was a little thin this morning, Big Pappy is fight the crud and still got it done! Good work men!

Announcements- CSAUP, sign up! Rooster, receiving friends for Gumby’s father-in-law at McLean funeral home this afternoon 6-8

prayer request- all pax , families, Gumby’s family, his father-in-law passed away

The Little Green Band

5 HIMs showed up to the bulldog for some rainy pain and here is how it went…



SSH x 10 IC

Merkins x 15 OYO

 Imperial walkers x 10 IC

5 Burpees OYO

Station work:  

  1. Swings/ Deadlifts – 30 each
  2. Curls/ Merkins – 25 each
  3. Pulls (green band)/ Dips- 25 each
  4. Renegade Rows/ Arnold presses -30
  5. Squats -25 / Burpees -10

We did approximately 6 rounds of each exercise.  The real crowd pleaser was the little green Thera band that was used for rear deltoid pulls… looked easy…not so much after a few rounds.  Even though there were a few Q fails I really enjoyed leading today.  Thanks to all who joined in…we all got better today!

COT/ prayer requests/ YHC took us out

Make it a great day…get after it!

Beautiful Morning

02/10/19 Crossroads

15 Strong. Started in the dark but ended with the beautiful sunrise. Lots of ruckers, lots of runners, several walkers but all put in some early morning work. Great to have Vegan and Noodle out to Crossroads. Rockabilly had to be at church early but still put in some work.

Announcements CSAUP, Rooster. Sign Up.

Prayer Requests – Gumby’s family in the loss of his Father-in-law, lots of sick, our New Orleans runners, Slaw’s foot, remember to lift up each Pax as we are all going through things.


The days are getting longer men!!

  1. 9 men showed at the coconut 🥥 🐎 This morning to put in a  run or ruck before Q source. With a glorious morning and nature all around (some lying in the road). It was an awesome morning.  We did the normal route with a few adding some EC in. Do not forget about the CSAUP sign up.  Prayer request for each other, especially the group traveling to New Orleans.


No matter what they say, or what you think you are, the day you called his name, he made you flawless!


Thanks men for letting  me serve. 👊

Hacksaw/ Round up Q!


Today was awesome! Myself and my dad Hacksaw had the opportunity to lead 24 rock pushers today including 3 FNGs,We were both thinking of what to do and we wanted to make sure we kept everybody busy and pushing the rock for a solid hour. This is how we done it!



20 ssh ic

15 monkey humpers ic

20 merkins ic

Mosey towards the flag, on the way stop at each light pole with merkins and burpees.

pole 1 10 merkins/ 5 burpees

pole 2 20 merkins/ 6 burpees

pole 3 30 merkins/ 7 burpees

pole 4 40 merkins/ 8 burpees

Get to the flag we get the pledge then circle up the PAX and hit 2 rounds of:

10 Merkins,20 LBC and 30 Squats

While we were in a circle dad wanted to get 5 reps BOC’s in (Blood On Concrete) and 10 X crunches IC

Mosey to the parking lot across from ag building time for some dirty elevens with Mike Tyson and Mountain climbers with blockees in the middle. Finished those up and hit about 50 ssh and 25 Imperial walker squats while we waited on the 6.

Mosey back down towards the bottom shelter with Hacksaw taking the lead we hit 5 burpees and the speed bump with 10 merkins and 10 mountain climbers at each pole. There may have been more burpees I’m not sure by this point me and dad are both jacked up and the PAX was looking good so we were rolling!

Get to the shelter Hacksaw breaks out the tunes and calls out 10 Derkins,20Dips and 30 American hammers with a lap around the parking lot hitting 10 jump lunges and 10 imperial walker squats in each corner sprinting the long sides and bear crawl the short sides. We done that about two rounds and Huckleberry says first rule in Q school is we end on time so I get dad and the pax and we mosey back to the shovel flag.

Announcements: CSAUP coming up February 23 sign up by feb 16.

Prayer Request: There we several and I’m sorry I didn’t get them on paper but we all should be praying for each other and the families.

I want to thank God first for everything he has done for us all to have the freedom to workout each and everyday with our F3 brothers.He has blessed us all by giving us hope through his son Jesus Christ. Man F3 is a big part of Hacksaw and my life now and having the opportunity to step up and lead this pax was awesome! It was an honor and a blessing for me and my dad. We look forward to the next beatdown in Folsom!

God bless you brothers

Hacksaw and Round up OUT!

The return of the Negan / Clavin

This weekend marks the return from the midseason hiatus for the show walking dead and I also used it as a return not only from the flu for myself coming back from the dead but also returned from taking a one month hiatus from Qing. Planned it but the flu through the monkey wrench in this weeks works and  have to wait till I was sufficiently recovered. I’ve been married a good number of years and could tell from my wife and her expressions during December that she probably felt like I had Q Ed little too much and I chose step back for the entire month of January as promised her.  This Also gave me a chance to regroup plan for future events and to watch as a great many others being inspirations and stepping up to queue for the first time…. and I got to witness the likes a Buckeye yesterday downtown working out to the smooth stylings of Lawrence Welk ! Who would’ve guessed that he loves Sinatra as well?
Whether or not you’ve watched any of the show The Walking Dead you undoubtedly notice it’s influence on television good or bad. It is been my favorite show for a great number of years primarily for it’s uncanny ability to shock repeatedly. One of the most diabolical characters ever to grace silver screen or the small screen is the character of Negan ….. either love to hate him or hate to love him! One of his favorite items to use as a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire called Lucille! Today I re-created my own with an aluminum bat instead of wood as noted by sledge o matic used razor wire from Halloween to wrap its ends. I also donned my “ this is my Walker killing shirt” complete with blood stains…… now on to the show!
At the end of the previous season of The Walking Dead all towns were decimated from a vicious war range between all the factions. Leader of the good side Rick Grimes finally bested Negan but he chose let him live which was NOT very well received by the rest of the groups! He remained in prison until the mid season finale and now tomorrow he is loose again!!!
To represent our rebuilding in the aftermath there was a tire pull as our timer … pulling it back-and-forth four times at least until Hipaa had to add weight to really add to the ‘drag’ …. This  simulated the group going after the covered wagon in the show during this season. Also present right there was Lucille for swinging!
Next up and had a variety of kettle bells for kettle bell swing followed by station with bricks that we were using to represent the rebuilding of the walls of Alexandria. Exercises here with a merkin single arm raise each side lateral raises the side and front.
Also this season there was a huge flood that wiped out the bridge all the communities and in a major rebuilding effort all factions got together to rebuild it …..we had two 4 x 4‘s one 4 foot the other 4 1/2 feet that we would squat with or while on our six we would press above…. some choose to use both for the extra challenge.
We must not forget the walls of Hilltop  so we had coupons and we were doing overhead presses as well as curls to rebuild those walls.
Let’s not forget the devastation that occurred in sanctuary……. so now we have the slam ball pretty obvious as well as a 10 pound ball with handles that we either passed from hand to hand clockwise rotation around the body also many used it to clean press above their head.
Lastly let’s not forget that we need to dig for some of these bodies so we have dumbbells simulating in a. shovel fashion. And some where during workout  my M decides to text me a Starbucks order thinking that I am at the Sunday run  out where the Starbucks is located in the Harris Teeter!!
Approximately the halfway point we broke away and shuffle zombie like fashion …..I’m sorry walker fashion across the parking lot and back doing launch walk squat. Today’s music selection had two of the songs used for the last two years of video footage promoting the show one from the band called future royalty the other Rival Sons…. song titles take what’s mine and the other was doing your worst… The rest of it put in Nirvana and Motley Crue and end it with the majority of Rob zombie/white zombie as he tends to epitomize the appearance of the apocalypse and it’s denizens! Approximately five minutes to spare Boot Camp crew arrived and I choose that time and I am one for an exercise using the slam ball where the crew gathered in a circle pass off the ball to the next person if in that passing the ball is dropped … five penalty Burpee‘s if you personally drop it you only have five penalty Burpee‘s. All went well until Hipaa intentionally dropped it Voodoo look like his puppy had been kicked Hipaa with a broad smile gladly fell down to is five Burpee’s…. and then it was “on” as the ball was being pitched across to others to see just how far this will go!!!!
Yo Adrian did announcements also warmup before all this and prayed us out !!!
Til the next zombie ….. errr walker apocalypse ……

The Hills Are Alive

Word got out that Tiger had one of the Q’s today and whole group decided it was a better idea to go all the way to New Orleans.  Wise decision.  Safe travel to you all and good luck in the races.

For those of us who decided to stay home and step out on a Saturday morning, here’s how it went:

Pledge.  Mosey up Nichols hill and back down Myrtle street to corner of Stowe Park.  Q calls for some hill work.  From Main to Central up Myrtle street is a hill.  Hills are not fun.  Let’s do it.  Eleven utility poles on left side. At each pole 10 merkins, back to start of hill for 10 squats.  Go from start to next pole, rinse and repeat at each utility pole.  First few not too bad, but the last about five were tough having done the hill so many times.  At last pole stay at top of hill

Mosey to Davis Park.  Modified triple nickel.  Five step ups each leg on picnic table (that’s 10 total for Midoryama goers)  then to park for five pull ups, run up the hill for five merkins.

Got about 10 minutes left, mosey (up another hill of course) and back to Stowe park for Mary.  Go to Yank.  Time.  Really tough workout today, way to push the rock men!!

Q spoke a moment on Galatians 5:22-23, Fruit of the Spirit, and how important being disciplined is in maintaining a healthy spirit.

Announcements: CSAUP upcoming in two weeks, 2nd F at Wild Wing Café the afternoon of CSAUP time to be determined, rooster, looking for another runner for P200, 2nd F on Fridays on Main Street Belmont at Station.

Prayer requests: Pizza Man M, Top Hat and family, brother from Lake Norman who committed suicide – his family and friends, others who struggle with depression or problems, brothers traveling to New Orleans and their families, this week Pax Anchorman, Virus, Swimmer, Broke, Gold Digger, Roscoe, Bed Pan, Linus and families

YHC took us out

Always an honor


State of the Union

10 men decided to show @midoriyama for Thursday afternoon special. I explained to pax that I had missed to State of the Union address so we would have our own.


Hillbillies 10 ic

Imperial walkers 10 ic

Toysoilders 10 ic

Lbc’s 10 ic

Let’s begin,  first think to remember about these events no matter who is giving the address is that there is an unnecessary amount of standing, sitting and clapping. Why can they not just wait till the end and then clap we don’t need to watch this. In my opinion this is one of the most unnecessary parts of an address but yet it take up at least 40% .

So we begin…

First was 11’s using Tiger squats and overhead claps

“Stand up clap sit down”

Next we made it back to start and grabbed a block for some 10 to1

Overhead press


Tricep press


Mosey to playground for 5 pullups 20 big boy situps x3 sets

Then to stairs for calf raises 10 on each step 20 ish steps

Next to turd shack for 1min wall sit then 1min overhead clap 3 sets

Back to start for 5 to 1 same exercises as before

Last was a few mins of Mary


Termite lead 22 for vets


Moleskin: I read 1 Corinthians 10-31 whether therefore  ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do do all to the glory of God…

I just started reading “Dont waste your life “by John Piper great book ,he makes mention of this verse and how we should glorify God and also Magnify him more like a telescope so that his glory is revealed brighter and more clear..

Announcments: CSUAP, Rooster, Q source ever Sunday at Crossroads and Coconut horse

Prayer requests, Huspuppy, Top Hat and family,  those sick and on IR

YHC took us out in PRAYER





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