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Sleep walking downtown

First, congratulations to the Toronto Raptors for a hard earned championship.   Second, my last memory early Friday am was the championship trophy being hoisted in the air.   A little later I was awoken from my slumber by none other than Gastone calling my phone to say hurry up.  Thank goodness for that or I would of completely fartsacked through my first Q downtown in quite sometime.   The time was 5:13 to be exact.   Somehow we pulled up at the Pavilion just in time.  5:30.  Let’s start

Disclosure – Side note – YHC looked around and noticed that the Pax was strong and figured YHC may be the weak link.   Come on Q power, don’t fail me now.

The Pledge

Warm up

SSH x 20 IC

MNC’s x 20 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

LBC’s x 20 IC

The Thang

Mosey towards the fountain, left on Main, left on Marietta, stop at the bridge

Lunge walk across the bridge

Mosey down to the courthouse

Stop for some dips at the fountains –  x20 IC, count off 12 strong in the gloom, rinse and repeat dips

Mosey to the back lot behind the County Police Department and Pair up

Bear Crawl 1,2,3:  Partner A bear crawls to the left median, while partner B performs exercise, think it was 100 squats, 100 big boy sits ups, 100 plank jacks

Meander across the street for the crowd please’r

11’s – Run up the stairs and in the upper parking lot perform  a Sister Act exercise of squat + high knees (don’t remember the name),  run down the other set of stairs back to the bottom lot for some Merkins.

Complete flutter kicks while waiting on the six.

Once everyone was done with 11’s, called out flutter kicks IC.   Went to 50.  Probably wasn’t fair to those that had been completing while waiting on the six.   It kicked up the mumble chatter, which was super.

Back to the stair case for some calf raises x20 IC, rinse and repeat a few times.  Think it was at this point that Easy Rider had some cat calls from some women walking into work.  We have been graced by the presence of a local legend and did not realize it.   Next thing we knew, there was probably 35 women lined up watching him and us complete.  Think that made their Friday morning.   YHC can only imagine what the crowd may of been if Whoopee had not fartsacked.

Mosey back towards the start.  Let’s stop at the bridge and bear crawl across.  Again, some strong mumble chatter, however this group of #hims was determined and finished strong.

Get back to the pavilion – TIME.


A number of upcoming events, F3 dads, Convergence and another relay

Great work men.   Everyone moved the rock.  I appreciate the push (it was much needed).

Happy Father’s Day to all.


Outwork the chart

There was some serious chatter this week on Twitter-not that I am complaining, but of the chatter I recall, none of those “chatterers” we present for the bootcamp. I’ll start with Freight. Granted, his hair is better than mine ever was or ever will be, he was not present to receive the proper “thank you” for his comments-in his defense, he was at Folsom delivering likely an impressive beatdown that will likely induce several naps sometime later in the day. I’ll move on to Short Sale….known for his complicated workouts and impressive ability to do things like jump lunges and various torture maneuvers disguised as ab exercises, he made several comment on the recent Gaston County poll that awarded me the “sexiest cardiologist alive” (SCA) title. It is a crown I wear with pride and (just a tough of) humility. Just think if my hair was half of Frieght’s……. Tooltime and I need to talk soon. Short Sale “reportedly” (those are fingers-in-the-air quotes) was at Folsom also and was no where in site this am at GasHouse. And then there is Clavin……also present with plenty of chatter on twitter this week. He posted at GasHouse but stayed at PainLab……dang. In (sort of) his defense, he had to go to work and you know the saying…no matter rain, snow, sleet, or shine the mail will be delivered right on time…..well, he had bigger fish this am.

And so back to the BB….

We had a pretty big crowd at GasHouse this am-good crowd for Sledge’s VQ with PainLab and 9 for boot camp. We started a quick re-hash of the twitter comments and then I made sure everyone knew the boot camp Q was recently voted the SCA. There was a lot of applause, falling on knees with adoration, paparazzi pictures being taken, and autographs being signed. I believe a few proposals from several of the wives (ShortSale and Freight’s wives may or may not have been there but I will neither confirm or deny that rumor that I just started). We moved on with a WU (yes, ShortSale, we had a WU with SEVERAL exercises). I did a quick head fake with only 2 SSH, then came back hard with a few merkins, squats, and then…..10 burpees OYO. We started to break off and I heard a quiet little comment from Clavin’s direction….kind of like a sneaky fart while you are laying in bed and not sure if your M is awake yet….I turned to Clavin and said…..10 more Burpees OYO and the mumble chatter got going again.

After the WU, we split off in different directions. We moseyed to the flag for the Pledge then moseyed to the steps at the PAD at FPC. At the steps we started with 11’s. 10 jump squats at the bottom and 1 hip slapper at the top. Monk informed me that HS’ers are his favorite exercise of all. Maybe Monk and I were separated at birth because those are MY FAVORITE EXERCISE TOO!!!. We moved to the track at Sherwood for some more 11’s. This time it was hanging from the bars with a partner doing burpees. 11 burpees while partner hangs then swap it up. When we got to around 6 we changed the hanging to people’s chair. For better or worse, my partner has a busted paw and did jump squats instead. At first I thought this was good, then I realized he finished quicker which gave me less time to recover. Oh well, it hurt sufficiently. We sat for a quick talk about David Goggin’s book called Can’t Hurt Me. He talks about “outworking the chart.” The chart is the list of things you are able to do vs what you actually do with your life. Over work what you can do and set your goals high.

We moseyed back to the church to the back parking lot for some more work.We started on one end with exercises at each end and worked our way through the parking lot for a total of 5 stations. We did monkey humpers in an escalator pattern-5 seconds at station 1, 10 seconds at station 2, and so on to the end. On our way back we did partner hip slappers (your welcome, Monk) with 1 partner holding legs high while other partner did sets of 5 hip slappers at each station back to start. At the start, we considered long jumping across the lot……maybe not-let’s lunge instead then once we got to the end, mosey back to Schiele for some Mary with the PainLabbers.

Mary started with “who wants to start…….all quiet for too long so I called 5 burpees OYO. When I finished, HIPAA jumped in quickly with some LBCs then JJ killed us with American Hammers. I think that was all the Mary we did but honestly, the American Hammers sucked the life out of me proving again that I need to be doing more gut work at home. Time was called and we circled up for COT. I gave a quick run down of the “outwork the chart” topic from above for the benefit of the PainLabbers.

Great work at GasHouse this am by all (except ShortSale, Clavin, and Freight). I think Clavin may have been present for the PainLab workout, but I could not say for sure. He was there for the warmup but not at COT so as far as I know he was only present for the warmup…..not the beat down or the COT. But hey, 1 out of 3 is not bad, right?



6 Showed for the real Thursday workout in GasHouse. Remember, Food is better than Drink. Once you go Diablo, you never go back, or at least maybe you will come here again….hopefully?

We started with the pledge then did a few Road Kills (ruck on, drop on ground and play dead, then get back up). We started the mosey towards the park and at the entrance did some Merkins and Squats. On the way in we did some more at some of the lights then moseyed on to the pull up bar. At the bar we took turns with a few exercises in pairs. 2 hung from the bars for as long as possible while the other pairs either did squats or merkins then rotated from 1 station to the next for a couple rounds each. Goal of this is to strengthen grip for pull up type stuff-something I really need to work on. We moseyed on through the park, into the cut-through woods to the neighborhood. We attacked Gastone’s hill with gusto and fervor as no other men have ever done. At the top we did some exercises including upright rows with the ruck and a few others I don’t remember-all for “a little while” instead of a specific number of reps. We came down the hill and headed back to start for our COT. We have talked about some EC in the afternoons-trying to get over the Gastone’s Half Pipe to ruck for an hour or so-be on the lookout for a twitter call for anyone interested.

Bedpan with the Q next week-show to know-Whoopee

The meadow is as far as you let it be

Signed, The Goat.

“From sunrise to sunset, I was in the forest, sometimes far from the house, with my goat who watched me as a mother does a child. All the animals in the forest became my friends, even dangerous and poisonous ones. Thanks to my goat-mother and my Indian nurse, I have always enjoyed the trust of animals–a precious gift. I still love animals infinitely more than human beings.”
― Diego Rivera

Warm up.
SSH 20 IC, Squats 10 IC
Merkins 10 IC, LBCs 10 IC
SSH 20 IC, Imperial Walkers 10 IC
Merkins 10 IC, Dying Cockroaches 10 IC


Mosey the long way to the small parking lo in fron of yoga studio.
Pair up.
1 burpie into 5 plank jacks & repeat while partner
lunge walks to end of parking lot, runs back – SWITCH –
3 rounds.

Mosey to big parking lot
Partner runs the big loop,
other PAX hits
20 side straddle hops, 20 LBCs, 10 Merkins, 10
3 Rounds.

5 Pull ups
20 Montain Climbers
10 Merkins
3 Rounds

Mosey around to parking lot for 4 minutes of Mary.

Convergence June 29th
Belmont core w/ Def Leppard
Tuna Run 200

Leigh Ham, Tesla’s grandmother passed & pray for her son who’s wife is battling cancer.


Sparky Called in a Sub

I received a text from Sparky last night saying his guts weren’t quite right and asked if I could Q. While I was loking forward to a block workout, I gladly obliged. I haven’t Q’d as much recently and have wanted to do Ladder Merkins ever since Tolkien brought them to Folsom a month ago. I started there as I put the weinke together late last night.
6 HIMs were at Folsom as the Sub took the helm for a high cardio beatdown!


SSH – 15 IC
Mountain Man Shi…Poopers – 10 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC


Mosey to flag, stop for 5 burpees along the way


5 each Merkins – regular, wide, stagger left, stagger right, right leg up, left leg up, Mike Tysons

15 IC each: LBCs, Freddie’s, Flutters, Rosalitas, LBCs (again, Freddie’s (again)

4 Merkins – regular, wide, stagger left, stagger right, right leg up, left leg up, Mike Tysons

Mosey, left at the fork to the new parking lot on the right.

3 Merkins – regular, wide, stagger left, stagger right, right leg up, left leg up, Mike Tysons

Route 66 Bobby Hurleys

Mosey back to Parking Lot, the long way around the pond.

2 Merkins – regular, wide, stagger left, stagger right, right leg up, left leg up, Mike Tysons

1 Merkins – regular, wide, stagger left, stagger right, right leg up, left leg up, Mike Tysons

Jacked up – 50 SSH, 40 Seal Jack’s, 30 Plank Jacks, 20 Crossover Jack, 10 Smurf Jack’s,

Repeat Jacked Up

22 for the Vets – MW led us with the count.


Prayer requests: Pastor Cleaver, Ratchet, Allen Tate’s Father-in-law, MW’s friend.

It was good to step in and help cover the Q today. Hate Sparly is not feeling well but I knowhe will be back soon. After taunting Medicine Woman Tuesday, I knew I had to bring it today or he would be there to give me a hard time. It pushed me!

Also, YHC really noticed he needs to run a little more!

  • Montross

Cinders and ashes!

Good weather today at Midoriyama for some blocks.

Everyone grabbed a block and headed to the parking lot.


Everyone did 10 rounds of:

10 blockies

20 squats

30 overhead press

mosey to opposite side of parking lot and back.

It was a lot of work, but everyone rocked it


did 3 laps around the horseshoe pit which were each followed with

30 flutters, 40 LBCs, 50 freddie mercurys

some planks and some hip slappers.


Ended with COT praying for several pax that have been absent and need some encouragement.


BackBlast from the Past – Stinky Bird VQ

I got out of my first Q assignment because I “had to work”.  Gastone didn’t let me get out of the second.  The day was May 29th.  The AO was SnoBalls.




Warmup:  SSH x 25 ic,   Moroccan Nightclubs x 25 ic

To the wall: 3 sets step ups, 25 each leg oyo, 3 sets big boy situps x 15 oyo, 10 hand release merkins

Mosey over to center of the baseball fields: 3 sets in this order: LBC’s x (?) (can’t remember), American Hammer x (?), Squats x  30 oyo

Mosey to the picnic tables at the playground: 3 sets: dips x 15 on picnic tables, run into playground for 10 joyous pull-ups.

The Main ThangTo the hill between picnic shelter and soccer fields. ELEVENS:  Start at bottom.  Monkey humpers at the bottom, Burpees at the top.  Q switched after 7 burpees to diamond merkins after 7.

Make way back to SnoBalls:

Pax led exercises: LBCs IC x 50  (Gastone?), Bear Crawl to light pole and back (Turtleman).  Mosey up to upper parking lot Martha Rivers, Timeframe led obliques.

Mosey back to Snowballs.   Announcements, Namerama, COT

The Octopus

A week or so ago … the Class of 2019 of Stuart W. Cramer High performed their Senior prank by laying squids all over the parking area and entrances of the school. As great as squids are, they just don’t seem as intimidating as the octopus … so, I decided to lay down “The Octopus” all over the parking area and entrances of the school instead!

The Warm Up



Grass Pickers X 8 IC

The Thang

“The Octopus” has 8 arms … thus this workout will have 8 arms consisting of an exercise with 8 reps. With each arm … we moseyed from the body to the end of the arm, performed “called” exercise(s) and returned to the body and then to the end of the next arm … where we perform the exercise from arm 1 + arm 2, etc … until we completed all 8 arms of “The Octopus”!

Arm 1 … 8 Burpees

Arm 2 … 8 Burpees + 8 Merkins IC

Arm 3 … 8 Burpees + 8 Merkins IC + 8 Mountain Climbers IC

Arm 4 … 8 Burpees + 8 Merkins IC + 8 MC IC + 8 American Hammers IC

Arm 5 … 8 Burpees + 8 Merkins IC + 8 MC IC + 8 AH IC + 8 Tiger Squats OYO

Arm 6 … 8 Burpees + 8 Merkins IC + 8 MC IC + 8 AH IC + 8 TS OYO + 8 Hip Slappers IC(Thanks Sister Act)

Arm 7 … 8 Burpees + 8 Merkins IC + 8 MC IC + 8 AH IC + 8 TS OYO + 8 HS IC + 8 Step Ups IC

Arm 8 … 8 Burpees + 8 Merkins IC + 8 MC IC + 8 AH IC + 8 TS OYO + 8 HS IC + 8 SU IC + 8 – 8 Count Man Makers!

Let’s mosey back and wow … we have enough time for a round of Mary!

8 Freddie Mercury’s IC with YHC, 8 Michael Phelps IC with Slaw, 8 Peter Parker’s IC with Sister Act, 8 Parker Peter’s IC with Broke, 8 ct Side Plank each side with Termite, 8 Crunchy Frogs IC with Dr Seuss, 16 Big Boys with Anchorman, * Nolan Ryan’s each side with Breaker Breaker, 8 ct SLOW 6″ with Scribbles, 24 lbc’s with Dirt, and Head Case wrapped it up with 8 BURPEES to bring the total to 72 on this fine morning!


Romans 8 asks the question, “What shall separate us from the love of Christ?” … and the answer is nothing! No one, nowhere, nobody!

It’s been said that you can take the man out of Gastonia … but you can’t take Gastonia out of the man! Let it be said of us that not only do we bring “Gastonia” everywhere we go … let us also bring “the love of Christ” as well!

Share the Love of God always … in all ways!


2nd F opportunity on June 22nd … Green River Tubing

We are in need of Q’s at all AO’s … You can do it, Q it!

Convergence at Gashouse on June 29

Tuna 200 Teams are forming

PrayerRequests/Praise Reports

Ratchet involved in car accident

Praise Report for Lyn Ham, also continue to pray for recovery

Emily Ham travel

YHC took us out in prayer.

Once again … it’s an absolute honor to lead! I woke up several times last night with the thought, “if you can’t do it … don’t Q it” and wondered if I could complete “The Octopus” … and in the words of Sister Act, “you’re doing it!” Thanks for the push men … until next time!




Just a little late

The region’s top ranked Thursday running workout was loaded with neon yellow today! Safety first of course. We ran a lot, 5 or so miles to be approximate. Some were fast, others not so much. Everyone pushed it. Roscoe even kept his shirt on!

The 2nd Annual Tronmoss 5k – big announcement at the end!

July 18th, 2018 was a day to remember. Days earlier, a not-quite-so-young PAX who goes by the name of Montross had recently found himself on the F3 injured reserve after 6 months of F3 rock-pushing. Montross was digging, searching, clawing for ways to stay involved with his F3 brothers. He was attending coffeteria at Country Kitchen (the premier coffeteria in F3 Nation, BTW) and staying active on Slack and Groupme. However, due to the Doctor’s orders, he was NOT able to workout. Somewhere along the way, Montross (with the help of Roadie and a few others) decided it would be a great idea to hold a 5k in his own honor. After signing up to Q at Prison Break and breaking through some resistance from “Woman Leg”, Montross consulted with his inner-circle AKA Folsom, and the Tronmoss Legacy 5k was born! Soon thereafter, 16 men posted for inaugural event. Now you may be asking yourself ‘why Tronmoss?’ Well, that’s a bit of a longer story that you can read about in the original Tronmoss 5k backblast HERE.

Fast-forward nearly a year. Montross is back in the saddle, posting (mostly) regularly and serving as Site-Q for both Folsom and The Boars Nest. Montross has participated in the Palmetto 200, ran the Allen Tate MF’R (Memorial Fun Run guys…geez!), and started a ruck AO. Montross stepped up so he could give back to the group and the men that have given so much to him. However, there was still that one beacon of light, that shining star looming on the horizon, that one missing piece Montross was really looking forward to. Then, the chatter began nearly a month ago. “What’s up with the Tronmoss 5k”. “Are we doing another Tronmoss 5k this year?” How can we not do this again!

With that, Montross is excited to officially announce the 2nd Annual Tronmoss Legacy 5k has been set for July 21, 2019 at 6:30 am at the Crossroads AO(Ingles in Dallas, NC). There are a few changes.

  • There will be an official route with an official winner and it is an honor that one HIM is going to be able to carry around and brag about to his friends all year long!
  • There will be also be a ruck division. Ruckers from The Boars Nest will depart at 6:15 am!
  • Montross will be running. It is also a FACT Montross will NOT win, but he is going to finish!

Logos were made and the date was announced a few weeks ago, but there was still something missing. The Tronmoss Legacy 5k (though it was started in jest) did mean something and ‘gave back’ to Montross in a time where he needed the support.

OK, here’s where I get serious. I really did want to find a way to make the Tronmoss Legacy 5k a ‘little something more’. This was going through my mind the past few weeks and, while listening to the F3 Roundtable Call/Podcast earlier this week, it all came together. The story of F3 Rowdy from F3 Suncoast was awesome. For those who haven’t heard it, check out the May 3rd episode. In that episode, Rowdy goes on to share how he was saved about 8 months ago and completely changed his life. He found his way to F3, became a regular (driving an hour to post), helped with a program to do workouts with local juveniles, etc and is now listening to the call of God. He is beginning to work with Crisis Response International. He is going to basically work as a domestic missionary. Rowdy will do this ‘full-time’. He plans to spend 1 month at a time helping work to rebuild a camp in Virginia for CRI, then spend the next month traveling to speak to groups, doing training, etc. Then, rinse and repeat.

On the call with CSPAN (respect), he asked for prayers first and foremost, but there was also an opportunity to support the cause financially and otherwise. If you want more info, search Facebook or Twitter for “Michaels Response”. I reached out to Rowdy and he gave me a link to contribute (CSPAN shared it on Twitter as well, you’ll see it below).

So, here’s the big announcement! I’m asking PAX who run in the 2nd Annual Tronmoss Legacy 5k to donate the cause! It can be $5. It can be $50. Donate on 7/21 either before or after the race as you feel led and as you are able. I’ll also be setting up a donation bucket on-site for those would rather go that route. If you can’t contribute financially, that’s ok too. Just send up a prayer for our brother Rowdy and his cause and that will be much appreciated. This is a great opportunity to help out a fellow F3 brother! It is a non-profit so you can donate online and you will receive documentation to make it tax deductible.


I’m looking forward to seeing all of you HIMs in the gloom on July 21, 2019!

  • Montross aka Tronmoss aka T-ron
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