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Camp Sertoma Christmas Party Pre-Blast



As most of you are aware F3 Gastonia and Speed For Need have teamed up with a local organization called Camp Sertoma (https://www.mycampsertoma.org/ / https://www.facebook.com/CampSertomaofGastonCounty/ ) . They are based out of Dallas, NC and serve those with special needs. We were very fortunate to have one of their kids be a Track Commander during the ChristmasTown 5K this year. The hope is we can continue to have someone from their organization participate in all SFN races in Gaston County next year (2019). Camp Sertoma Board Members are very excited about this partnership, so excited in fact that they have invited the F3 Gastonia PAX to their Christmas Party on 12/15 from 2-4PM. I know this is the same day as our Christmas party, but it would mean a lot if you could drop in for just a few minutes to introduce yourselves to the Camp Sertoma board, the families and most importantly kids. RSVP is not required per board members, Just show up if you can. Here is the flyer with location, times, etc. I believe we will have a few SFN chairs present to show to everyone as well.



12/2 Crossroads

13 showed to Crossroads and put in some miles either running or rucking.  Good work men!


Sister Act

Huckleberry finally visits The Pub

Ten men covered various distances at my first post at The Pub.  Not a Pub, but THE Pub. The opportunities for routes are endless, but today, YHC selected the Snoballs route.  Nine PAX probably made it to Snoballs… and one did not.  Several rucked beforehand and at least one ran.


Announcements: OST toy drive, Convergence at Gashouse on Saturday followed by the CHRISTmas party that evening.

Prayer requests: Stroganoff’s friend, local PAX, Sly

BOM: YHC closed in prayer.

It was an honor to be amongst you men today.

Philippians 4:13


Daily Double

YHC arrived a little early to scout the AO for icy patches and found Sister Act already doing some EC running. The parking lots look clear so let’s work the Weinke around that. As time nears the PAX start rolling in, but wait, is that Def Leppard? Didn’t he Q the Silver Sneakers workout earlier in the day, and didn’t Sister Act post for the same workout? It appears we may have some kind of secret partnership scheming to share the last Iron Skillet of the year. Regardless of the motive, strong work by both to double up on a less than perfect day for workouts. Let’s get started….





Don Q’s x10IC

Moroccan Nightclubs x10IC

Pledge (no flag, so face Blart’s truck)


Mosey to the parking lot at the big soccer fields for some partner work. Partner 1 performs called exercise while Partner 2 sprints to middle of parking lot and completes a set number of reps of a different exercise. Flapjack.

Round 1 – Flutter kicks one end, 10 Burpee’s opposite

Round 2 – Freddie Mercury’s, 20 Diamond Merkins

Round 3 – WWI’s, 20 Mike Tysons

Round 4 – LBC’s, 20 Werkins

Round 5 – American Hammers, 10 Burpee’s


Move over the the long parking lot for a little Route 66:

Round 1 – Crab walk w/WWI’s

Round 2 – Lunge walk w/Squats

Round 3 – Bear crawl w/Merkins


Keeping with the theme, on to the next parking lot to finish up with some leg work. Cones are set up for a Quarter Pounder:

Sprint 25 yards, perform 25 Toy Soldier’s and NUR back

Sprint 50 yards, perform 50 Bobby Hurley’s and NUR back

Sprint 75 yards, perform 75 Mountain Climbers and NUR back

Sprint 100 yards, perform 100 Squats and NUR back


Legs are pretty spent at this point so fellowship mosey across the street to the start and finish up with a round of flutter kicks called by Swimmer.



As we all prepare for Christmas over the next two weeks I hope you will take time to remember what this season is about…..celebrating the birth of Jesus. The Christmas season has become so commercialized that it seems that we are trying to “squeeze in” Jesus whenever we have time in an attempt to keep the real meaning of Christmas alive. This year, work on keeping the birth of Jesus at the forefront of Christmas and “squeeze in” all the other stuff. Start your own family traditions that are Christ centered; read Luke Chapter 2 on Christmas Day, attend a church service, help a family less fortunate than yours during the holidays, etc..


“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

Colossians 3:17



Convergence this Saturday at 7am at Schiele – bring toys for Operation Sweet Tooth

Christmas Party this Saturday at 6pm – moved to Lewis Farms


Prayer Requests

Freight’s grandfather – illness

Tiger’s uncle – illness

Def Leppard’s daughter – college graduation and headed out to the “real” world


YHC took us out. Thanks to all of you for the push not only today, but the entire year. It’s an honor to be associated with such a great group of HIM’s.


12/12 Prison Break

4 men ran various distances


BC Ruck Club Returns

Ole Montross has been hard at it EHing lately. He’s brought out some Bessemer City boys who are getting into this Ruck thing. Today was about pace for the 4 man ruck group while 3 ran some miles.  Volt clocked in early due to having to bust out a little early to make it to work. The rest of us finished up as usual right about 0615. Good work for the new guys keeping the ruck pace at just under 15:00/mile. Good to see Allen Tate, AKA Chief, out there putting some miles in.


COT. Prayers for my father n law having heart surgery.   A couple of unspoken. Prayers for our 2.0s in school.

YHC took us out in prayer


Respect and Discipline

12/11/2018 The Storm
9 strong at the icy Storm this morning. Breaker Breaker called for Q’s a while back so I signed up for one not knowing “The Storm” would be icy but we made it work.
Disclaimer: Be careful because it is slippery.
Warm Up: SSH x 15 IC, Cotton Pickers x 15 IC, Low Slow Squats (Tesla told me they are also called Copperhead Squats) x 15 IC, 5 Burpees OYO (I hate those)
I usually will have a topic or a verse that I will talk about during my Q and today it was a repeat of a favorite and appropriate for the morning. I couldn’t help but notice 7 of our 9 HIM’s were “Respects”. I know everyone has a lot going on this time of year, including you younger guys, but don’t forget to make time to post as much as possible during this holiday and winter season. It is much easier to stay in shape than to try to get it back in January or the Spring. One reason I try to Q is to push myself to stay after it and sometimes I will use my age as an excuse to not push myself. It was great to see so many guys “our age” and older getting after it, and on that note, I read a word from Jocko Willink about Darkness…
“The sun doesn’t shine every day. The storms will come. There are times when the nights
will be long and dark and you will be alone. There will be times when The Darkness
seems to consume everything. But don’t let it consume you.
Don’t let it consume you. Even in the darkest times. Even in the strongest storms. Even
when the sun is blotted out and the world is falling apart.
The Darkness cannot extinguish your light.
You. Your WILL. Your determination. No matter what is happening—no matter how hard
the fight is. As long as you keep fighting—you win.
Only surrender is defeat. Only quitting is the end. Because The Darkness only wins if you let it.
Do not let The Darkness win.
Fight. Fight On. To fight against The Darkness is to win. Fight On.”

Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Imperial Walkers x 15 (Oops, I was doing Hillbillies), Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Merkins x 20, Imperial Walkers x 15, Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Plank Jacks x 25, Merkins x 20, Imperial Walkers x 15, Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Squats x 30, Plank Jacks x 25, Merkins x 20, Imperial Walkers x 15, Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, follow me, slipping and a sliding to a well-lit lower parking lot where coupons awaited.

I went by my boy Slaw’s mancave last night to borrow his well-used half blocks. He did say there would be a 20 burpee penalty if anyone broke another of his blocks as I believe the Folsom boys broke a few the last time they were used. I am happy to report no broken blocks.
Curls x 30 Single Count, On Your Six Chest Presses x 30 Single Count, Shrugs x 30 Single Count (my form was questioned by a certain Canoe but I persevered).
Repeat. Curls x 30 Single Count, On Your Six Chest Presses x 30 Single Count, Shrugs x 30 Single Count.
30 more Curls “for the girls” I believe Buckeye said and then mosey back to the school building sidewalk which was the least icy place I could find for everybody’s favorite.

Timer set up for 11 seconds with 8 second rest for 3 reps, then 10 seconds with 8 second rest, then 9, etc. We all pretty much made it about the same amount but Buckeye and Sister Act (the young’uns) were leading the way. Back to the flag.
End Up with 10 Burpees OYO. Nameorama.
More From Jocko Willink…Excerpts from Discipline Equals Freedom
“Don’t worry about motivation. Motivation is fickle. It comes and goes. It is unreliable and when
you are counting on motivation to get your goals accomplished—you will likely fall short.
So. Don’t expect to be motivated every day to get out there and make things happen. You
won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on Discipline.
You know what you have to do.
So: MAKE YOURSELF DO IT. You do that with Discipline.
It happens in the darkness of the early morning. In solitude. Where I try. And I try.
And I try again. With everything I have, to be the best that I can possibly be.
Better than I was yesterday. Better than people thought I could be. Better than I
thought I could be. Faster and stronger and smarter.
And claim one victory that no one can ever take away from me. Ever. A victory that is earned
every single day. A victory of determination and will and discipline.
A victory achieved because: I will not stop.”

Announcements – Convergence Saturday 7 am at the Gashouse (Schiele Museum), Quichemas Party Saturday night. Sign up to Q. Site Q’s need your help. Everybody in F3 should be able to Q. If you enjoy F3, pay it forward by Qing a workout.

Prayer Requests – Family friend of Breaker’s, Friend of Virus, Friend of mine’s mother passed away.


Bulldog party of two…

I am fairly new to F3 so when HIPAA asked/ informed me that I was going to Q I was a little nervous, but excited about the opportunity.    Little did we know that Mother Nature would make it that much more difficult to get out of the fartsack on a cold icy morning.

HIPAA and I showed and I knew what I had planned would be super fun for just two of us…so we got after it.



Moroccan night clubs x 10

Imperial walkers x 10

Merkins x 15 

LBC x 15 


Dice:  simple each person rolls the fate of the group…repeat until times up or we all fall out. 

2: 10 clean and jerk press

3:  30 Flutter Kicks and 5 Burpees (F3) 

4:  5 Out and up crushers 

5:  10 chili jacks

6:  15 kettle bell squats 

7:  5 Burpees 

8:  Renegade row 5 each side

9:  30 dips

10: 10 pullovers 

11:  10 kettle bell lunges 

12:  Rollers choice 

Two people+two dice+lots of work and little rest between = Great work.

Thanks to HIPAA for showing up…he is a #HIM. Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to it again soon.

Side note:  we rolled 7, 9, and 3  lots .  Lost count but there were something like 60+burpees and around 120 dips …fun times

YHC- Voodoo



Pain Cards

It was a cold Friday morning no fng’s so let’s get moving.
Warm up
Ssh,windmills,cherry pickers,low slow squats.
Mosey down to Franklin square for some monkey humpers. Then mosey to the parking deck. Each Pax chose two cards we did one card at the bottom then the other card at the top of the parking deck.10 cards total. After that mosey back to the rotary when we stopped at the light to bear crawl,this got some mumble chatter. So why not do 20 burpees after that. Some time left so we did some Mary and a short mosey to complete a mile of running.
Prayers for our families and each other. Prayers for MW’s father in law having triple bypass surgery.

Just The Two of Us

It was just Volt and I this morning. He was already at it when I got there at 5:25 so we did a quick warmup and I scrapped the weinke, deciding to just run up and down the main road of Folsom since it was the safest part of the park. Volt got about 3.5 miles with his EC,YHC was just under 3.

We prayed for families with strain and loss at Christmas.

Folsom, you’re in a dark place right now. Trust me, I know,I have been there. We have all been there. The bed feels a little warmer. The eyes feel a little heavier. That V is a little more sandy. I am here for you! Come back friends!

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