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Chili with cheese and broccoli

We should’ve brought swimming trunks and flotation devices as the humidity made the morning feel like we we’re stuck in a bowl of week old chili with cheese and broccoli.  With that in mind, and the fact that I can depend on Vodou to not show on my Q,  we crushed a 1000 challenge routine(we made it to 850ish).  I used similar routines to help reduce my exposure to unwanted pounds during the month of April.  I worked fairly well, so I thought I’d share.  A special shout out to FNG, Water Boy!

Warm up:

SSH: 20 IC
Merkins: 20 IC
Dying cockroach: 20 IC
Squat: 20 IC

The Thang
25 – Kettle Swings
25 – Curls
25 – Squats
25 – Mountain Climbers
25 – LBCs
25 – Merkin
25 – Squat/Curl/Press
25 – Tricep Extension
25 – Crunchy Frog


25 – Kettle Swings
25 – Curls
25 – Squats
25 – Mountain Climbers
25 – LBCs
25 – Merkin
25 – Squat/Curl/Press
25 – Tricep Extension
25 – Crunchy Frog

2 Laps around the parking lot

25 – Kettle Swings
25 – Curls
25 – Squats
25 – Mountain Climbers
25 – LBCs
25 – Merkin
25 – Squat/Curl/Press
25 – Tricep Extension
25 – Crunchy Frog

Last Round cut due to time constraints

25 – Kettle Swings
25 – Curls
25 – Squats
25 – Mountain Climbers
25 – LBCs
25 – Merkin

Ricky Bobby at The Ricky Bobby

Having not been down to The Ricky Bobby in a while, I picked up an open Q. I mentioned to Freight I had the Q and he called it “our AO” and I remembered we joked when Sargento named it that he named it after us. I suggested a Co Q since Freight is off this week and he doesn’t get to Q the weekday morning AO’s very often and he, of course, agreed. 21 Pax joined in the large circle. Fife (the new guy from Monday) was back again. It was great to see Hipaa back after an injury. Several Pax ran from their homes and we have an FNG named Joshua Crowder. Disclaimer was given. We had a collection of 9 Respects this morning which I love to see (We won’t count Roscoe yet but he can see “Respect” from where he is, love ya Roscoe). Let’s go.
SSH x 10 IC, Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, Moroccan Night Clubs x 10 IC (Shut up SA), 5 Burpees OYO.
The Thang
Dirty Mac Deuce
12 Reps, Arms, Legs, Core
Set #1 Werkins, Low Slow Squats, Flutter Kicks All x 12 IC, run a lap around the nicely lit track.
Set #2 Burpees 12 OYO, Monkey Humpers, Freddie Mercuries x 12 IC, run a lap.
Set #3 MNC’s, Mountain Climbers, Big Boys Sit Ups x 12 IC, run a lap.
Set #4 CDD’s, Calf Raises, Dying Cockroaches x 12 IC, run a lap.
Set #5 Diamond Merkins, Lunges, LBFC’s x 12 IC, run a lap.
My time is up so I turn it over to Ricky AKA Freight.

We mosey to the back parking lot with half of us lining up on the first parking space line and the rest about halfway across the parking lot.
Broad Jump 2 spaces, 10 Merkins, 10 Jump Lunges, 10 WWI’s, then Broad Jump 2 more spaces, repeat exercises, broad jump 2 more spaces repeat exercises. Bear Crawl back to where you started. We did 3 sets.
Everybody find your own parking space line for Captain America. 1:4 ration of Burpee to Lateral Bunny Hops across the line all the way up to 10:40. Ouch! Mosey back to the front.

We all post to get in better shape but that’s not all. The longer I post, the more I like to see the Pax. I love Midoriyama and Folsom but I also love every other AO that I have posted because I get to see guys that I have known for a while now and meet new ones. So on that morning you don’t want to get up, think about the guys you get to see and that may need to see you and post for them. We all need each other. Thanks to all who came out. Thanks to Freight and thanks
to Site Q Sargento for naming the AO after us!

We named the new guy Fiestada after the lovely, school cafeteria pizza since he said he liked pizza and he is still in high school. Welcome!

Announcements: PT Test July 18th at Gashouse. Annihilation will be at the Yank on July 25th with Pizza Man on the Q for those wanting to try a faster pace bootcamp workout.

COT: Prayer Requests for Sister Act’s daughter and his family, Breaker’s step dad. Sargento took us out!

Sauna at Painlab

6 Hims showed up for a sauna at Painlab. Tophat, Double stuff, Rudolph, Clavin, Hermie and Tube. The start was normal with your usual workouts, until I worked into my 2nd round of kettle swings. Pulled by back and went to my knees. Rudolph immediately jumped in for Q with my Blessings. I came back in gently and We finished strong. Rudolph will be showing proper technique on kettle swings next Painlab.

D town beat down

This was my first Q I was nervous but excited. I’ve gotten some good workouts in at Folsom and wanted to return the favor.we started with a warm up of 15 gravel pickers,20 maracan night clubs,20 side strad hops,10 merkins,10 mountain climbers. Then moseyed to the flag pole doing 5 burpees at each pole. We pledged at the flag then moseyed to the parking lot and circled up. On your 6 then hold 6” while taking turns around the circle doing flutter kicks. Then  hold low plank position while going around the circle doing 5 merkins.these exercises sucked due to a large group and Wichita’s slow merkins (sandbagger).we then moseyed to back picnic shelter stopping to do 10 squats at each light pole on the way.at back shelter we did pull-ups to failure then20 step-ups for 4 sets.then 15 hanging knee raises 20 tricep dips 4 sets.then we moseyed to parking lot and did ascending merkins to 10 bear crawling across parking lot.By then time was up we took prayer requests and closed in prayer did namerama made announcements. Thanks for the opportunity to lead the group this morning everyone pushed theirselves that’s what I was hoping for. I also shared a verse 1 Corinthians 10:13 and shared some thoughts about resisting temptation. It’s never more than we can resist and the Lord always provides an escape. Those in attendance were VQ:Westside,Big Pappy,Woodchuck,Rabbit Ears,Mr.Pibb,Newton,Hacksaw,Hucklepock,Montross,Kingpin,Skittles,Purplehaze,Sparky,Roundup,Wichita,Freight,Flubber,Bedpan,Slaw,Volt,FNG Laverne


Fife being new to F3 on Monday was wondering where THE GOAT was. So 13 pax ran over there this morning to show him.


Sister Acts daughter and family

the nation

police officers

groups that feel marginalized



pt test July 18

annihilation q with Pizzaman July 25 at the yank



It’s Independence Day……

7:00, ready to roll.  I’ve got my daughter’s speaker, fumbly fingers, have to listen to the advertisement first, time to roll.  Volume or for some reason something was not working.  You know you may have a Q fail on your hands when Whoopee becomes your new IT guy.  He got us going.  Quick disclaimer, as the burgeoning sound of Neil Diamond’s America starts I commence the reading of The Declaration of Independence.  Dang, somehow the preamble of the song got away from me and we got right into the beat.  Had to drop my reading and call out the first exercise…..Side Saddle Hop as you like, oyo!!!

Part way in, Merkins IC – 10.

Squats 10 IC

Neil Diamond is still singing ‘America’, let’s do up/downs on Today!!!  There’s a whole lot more of those than you think and Rudolph figured that out as he was trying to keep one on one inline with the music.

Cranked up the Spotify July 4th extra special celabratory music on and off we go to front parking lot of FPC.

First song……Martina McBride, Independence Day (I know, it’s not exactly about 4th of July, but I do love this song).  Side straddle hops entire song, 3 burpees on Independence Day.  On Let Freedom Ring stanza we take a lap, sort of rinse and repeat to the next lines.

Done, lap around FPC.

Second song……Toby Keith, Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.  Zombie Walk during entire song, 5 burpees on Red, White and Blue.  Don’t laugh, it worked.  Well, laugh if you like cause the whole time was kind of funny.  But it actually did work.

Lap around FPC, stopped short at area that looked good.  The distance was too long for the next song, but it sort of worked.

Third song…….Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen.  Run clockwise around large island, every stanza of Born in the USA you make a 1/4 turn.  Hereto, Run, Karaoke, NUR, Karaoke, etc. etc. etc.  It worked.

Well, at this point it felt like 7:53 but it was closer to about 7:23.  Went to the steps.

Eleven’s……Bottom, CDD’s.  Top, CDD’s.

Back up to the front, chewed off about 5 minutes doing a hold and burn while somebody runs.

Back to Schiele, bombed Painlab and Rudolph looked like he was working the group over well.

We wrapped up with the Military Medley.  In order, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines amrap each until complete.


Navy-American Hammers

Coast Guard-Flutters

Air Force-Starjacks (I clearly am unable to do these)


Prayers/Concerns:  our Nation, men in F3 rise up and be leaders in your communities.

I had a great time this morning, think we all did.  It was an honor to lead.


Corpman vs. Airman Co-Q

Oompa Loompa reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in a Independence Day Co-Q at Folsom. I accepted and began to devise a Weinke. The date of 7/4/20 would be my focus because I’m not a very creative Q.  The cars/ trucks keep rolling in, and by 06:30, we had a pack of PAX at Folsom. I take the first part of the workout, and we get going.


I honestly can’t remember. I remember 5 Burpees, some Don Q’s and mountain climbers.


Mosey up towards the AG center and stopping at a couple of light poles for:

  • 7 Hand Release Merkins
  • 4 Crunchy Frogs
  • 20 SSH (SC)

Pledge was performed at the AG center. A quick trivia question was posed to Sister Act to see how well he knew his U.S. history. I asked him “where was the Declaration of Independence signed?” He attempted to phone a friend and ask the audience. After a few seconds, he confidently replied “Philadelphia”. Wrong answer. Correct answer was “at the bottom of the page”. 10 Burpee penalty to all PAX due to Sister Act not being educated in our great nation’s history.

Next, we mosey across the road to the parking lot for 7/4/20. 20 exercises, 7 reps each, a lap after each round for 4 rounds. Exercises were:

  1. Seal Jacks
  2. Imperial Walker Squats
  3. Diamond Merkins
  4. American Hammers
  5. 8 Count Bodybuilders
  6. Lunges
  7. Werkins
  8. Dying Cockroaches
  9. Mike Tysons
  10. Monkey Humpers
  11. Big Boys (a.k.a. WW1’s for Freight)
  12. Reverse Crunch
  13. Burpees
  14. Squats
  15. Flutter Kicks
  16. Oblique Crunches
  17. Merkins
  18. LBC’s
  19. CDD’s
  20. Peter Parkers

We made it through 3 rounds and we were 38 minutes into the workout. Due to time constraints, I Omaha’d the last round and handed the Q over to Oompa Loompa.

Keeping with the theme that Slaw started, mosey to intersection for 22 merkins for the vets. Mosey to next intersection 22 of something/somethings. YHC as a double respect has gotten forgetful now. Mosey to next intersection 1 burpee. Mosey to next intersection 7 squats. Mosey to next intersection 7 LBC. Mosey to next intersection 6 something/somethings.

Mosey to tennis courts. 2020-1776 = 244. Therefore 244 reps total.

Corner #1

1 burpee

30 Dying Cockroaches

30 CDD

Bearcrawl to Corner #2 Plank for the 6

1 burpee

30 Flutters

30 Squats

Mosey to Corner #3 Plank for the 6

1 burpee

30 Hammers

30 Moroccan Night Clubs

Zombie Walk to Corner #4 Plank for the 6

1 burpee

30 LBC

30 Calf Raises

Mosey back to Corner #1 Plank for the 6

Time for a little bit of Mary, flutters, lbcs, something/somethings.

Mosey to flag for Slaw’s closing words.


  • Clown Car to F3 Waynesville to celebrate their anniversary. Train departs Folsom at 0400 on 7/11/20.
  • PT test at Gashouse on 7/18/20. All other AO’s will still be open. There will be a ruck/ walk option as well. Pre-Blast is on Slack.
  • Folsom shirts are available for pre-order.

Prayer Requests:

Hovis Family, Sister Act’s daughter, Stogie’s Dad, Family of Ben Smith, Our Country and Leaders, PAX traveling, Madden going to Snowbird.


YHC took us out in prayer.


Until the next 7/4/20,

Slaw and Oompa

Sword 07-06-2020

Easy Q.  Showed up and some ran, rucked or got after it another way.  Finished around 6:00 and gave Huckleberry a hard time.

The verse:  I looked at the verse of the day on my app for the Fourth of July to see what would pop up on our Independence Day with our current climate and it was James 1:17.  It was a little disappointing at first, but digging back thru and getting the back story and not just settling on that snip, we had some great discussion.  It started with verse 2 to “consider it joy whenever you face trials because that testing the faith produces perseverance and continued to state that if you lack wisdom, pray, but you must believe and have no doubt because you’ll be like the wave, blown and tossed by the wind.

Man was there some good discussion on how this related perfectly to our current times and lots of others had personal examples from many different items thru very different views.

I forgot the pledge so that’s on me.

Announcements:  PT Test 7/18/20; annihilation coming up again for the bat flippers; clown car this Saturday to Waynesville (leave at 0400-parking at Ingles or Folsom TBD).

Prayers:  Huckleberry to find work, Purple Haze and his upcoming retirement, Sister Acts daughter, Mark Hovis family, Sparky and Gumby with the crud, my Mom on the surgery recovery, Police in this nation

Mondays in Muggy Mount Holly

Warm and muggy in downtown Mount Holly and in roll the Pax. Freon and Red Ribbon appear from the darkness. We have an FNG named Nick Snipes. Disclaimer was given. He didn’t fall for the “What is your favorite Disney princess line?” and said he had been warned to be careful what he said.
SSH x 15 IC, Right over left Stretch x 10, Left over right stretch x 10, MNC’s x 10 IC (Sister Act has a look of utter disgust as he doesn’t see the value of MNC’s and they are not on his list of 4 exercises that should be the only exercises we do), and this is the unplanned part for my man Slaw, 5 burpees OYO. Mosey across the road and down through town to the Presbyterian Church parking lot with the slight incline.
The Thang
I was looking for something new last week in the Weinke category and came across something from from Royale (the Nantan in Lake Wylie region) that sounded interesting called Snake Shuffle. Get in line and mosey side to side on each parking space line all the way up to the top around 15 spaces. We were going down the lines and then back which slowed it down a little but everyone got the hang of it and moseyed right up the inclined lot and it really worked the legs. Back down to line up across from the first parking space line and bear crawl 3 spaces then do 5 Merkins all the way to the top. Back down again, this time Lunge 3 spaces and then 5 squats all the way to the top. Mosey back down to the start and Repeat all that again. I can’t feel my legs. Thanks Royale.
Mosey across the street to the back of the bank for Reverse Pyramid Ouchies. Again I see the look of disgust from Sister Act. After all this time, he still doesn’t trust me. This is doing 20 reps of an exercise and running out the parking lot up the hill to the road and back then 15-10-5-10-15-20 (equals 100) running after each. First exercise was LBC’s, 2nd exercise was Merkins. 3rd exercise was Flutter Kicks which we didn’t get to finish. Mosey back to the flag.

Take a knee as we name the FNG. He works security and also goes to church with Seuss. Welcome Fife!

Announcements: PT Test at Gashouse on Saturday, July 18th.

COT Prayer Requests: Clavin’s M, Broke and Digger as they travel, Sister Act’s daughter and family. Our Country. Seuss took us out.

NMM *All they guys pushed hard this morning as I was at the back of the pack again. Mount Hollywood is becoming known for having some rock pushers who really get after it. I had a list from Q Source yesterday about Virtuous Leadership words. These words can help each of us be better leaders wherever we have influence. Candor, Commitment, Consistent, Contentment and Courage. Thanks to all of the guys for pushing to be better and make each man around us better.

Birthday Beatdown

Yah, I know.  I’m almost 43. and just now posting this backblast for # 42.

We did the warm up. we ran to the Baptist Church (Don’t tell Freight a Presbyterian and a Pentecostal wrote on the parking lot in chalk) 4 corners stations, Blocks for curls, over head presses, abyss merkins (optional, no sharing blocks) 21 of each, halfway to second corner, do a burpee, second corner, squats and monkey humpers, 42 of each, 3rd corner Merkins and Diamonds, 21 of each, 4th corner Flutters and LBC’s.

Rinse and repeat

Mosey to mental health center, Monkey humpers at the bottom, Nur up the hill, 5 burpees.  run back down, rinse and repeat, Return to Startex,

Covered 2.3 Miles.

Thanks for the 42 year blessings and support.


Puppy Out.



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