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I need rain gear……

Pulled into the parking lot at 5:15 all alone. Finally at 5:25 i see some head lights-Whoopee, and then some others.  Finally 5:31 Sargento gets to the Pavilion stage around the Christmas and we are ready.


Quick mosey/run to the parking deck for some dry space to start the warm up

Slaughter Starter  20 burpees (Asked Slaw if he wanted to call it but he said no your are the Q)

Merkin jack x 10

LBC x 10

Flutter kicks x 10

Mosey to the last covered level, running both side before advancing to the next level

Circle up for Burpee Jacks (thanks Clavin) Merkin jack x 10 , and Flutter kicks x 10

Mosey back to the bottom

Circle up for Burpee jacks x 10, Merkin jack x 10 , LBC x 10 and Flutter kicks x 10

Quick 10 count in between some of these (some counted faster than others)

Partner up: partner one does listed exercise while partner two runs to the last covered level and back down the stairs

100 Squats

200 LBCs

400 flutter kicks

Another quick 10 count the rinse and repeat with the following:

100 Merkin jacks (modified down to 50)

200 flutter kicks

400 LBCs

Quick 10 count

Mosey back to the last covered level and back down stop at each level for the following

sprint from wall to wall  – levels 4 & 2

Nur from wall to wall -levels 3 & 1

Mosey back to the Pavilion and gather at the Christmas Tree

2 minutes left to finish with a 1/2 Slaughter starter (10 burpees)


Announcements: Christmas Party (after Christmas), up coming CSAUP, convergence 12/28  Gashouse, EC rucking/shopping , i most likely forgot a few

Prayers – Roscoe-has a friend with two kids fight against a tumor and Leukemia,  DryRub’s M, Tiger’s dad, Sargento-a kid he know has been passing out, EZ Rider’s son


Thanks for allowing me to lead!!


Until next time

EZ out!!


“Yeah, I’m gonna need better shoes.”

Palmetto 200 training is kicking into high gear. There was a nice crowd out there on this fine morning. All runners this time, no ruckers. Today even brought out Kingpin for his first PrisonBreak post. He logged in about 3.5 miles and all in basketball sneakers. That’s real rock pushing! He did determine there will be a shoe purchase very soon though. Nice work by all.


YHC took us out in prayer

First Gashouse house Q.

Gashouse Q

No warm up. Let’s mosey to Laurel lane. continue to Castlegate Street, left on Dixon Road  then left on Burtonwood Drive stopping at each intersection and performing 10 Hillbillies together in cadence. Continue to the parking lot of First Presbyterian church.

Route 66 time.


Dying cockroaches

WW1 sit-ups

Skater Squat

Toy soldiers.

Return to the flag for the warm down.

Cotton Pickers

Imperial Walkers

Don Q


1 leg deadlift.

im pretty sure this was what happened! A little late on the BB. Most of the memory evolves a few PAX refusing to do some of the Route sixty six and refusing to do other exercises. Good leaders are Good Followers.


Crossroads 12/8

Nice job men!!  Good to see Bobby and Brake this morning!!


Convergence 12/28 at Gashouse 7:00

Christmas party 1/4

Prayer Request


Appreciate the opportunity to lead!

Sister Act

No Burpees

15 showed at Midoriyama on this beautiful evening

Warm up SSH 10 IC


Merkins 10 IC

Lbc’s 10 IC



Mosey to hill for 11’s squats at bottom lbc’s at top


Back to playground for a little  Dora

50 pullups

100 perkins

200 dips


Mosey to parking lot for some descalating Mike Tysons on one side bear crawl to other side and Rockie Balboas untill six arrives for 10 to1. You are welcome Tesla.

Back to start for a little mary..




Announcements  :

Roadie and Roundup collecting for Dallas Christian Social Ministry for there angel tree to provide toys and such for kids..

Montross collecting p200 money…

Christmas party Jan. 4th Preblast coming??



Prayer request given ,several with family members needed prayer, also those dealing with illness .


Out with prayer


Again with the switchero?

Confusion in the gloom?  Okay Clavin, start with the pledge and warmup! The torch was passed when all muscles were loose-ish.

YHC took us on a mosey around Pelicans so I could ditch my coat in the truck, then mosey to the picnic shelter.

20 step ups each leg OYO

dips IC x 10

American hammer x 30 IC

The main thang, inspired by a brutal Sister Act workout Downtown in the parking deck.

5 exercises, 10 reps each then run around the Martha Rivers concessions building and back to parking lot beside the picnic shelter. Repeat 5 times, wait on the six in between.


Imperial Walker Squats

Plank Jack Merkins

Smurf Jacks

Monkey Humpers

Back to the picnic shelter for 20 more step ups each leg OYO.

Dry Rub led in some flutter kicks IC.

Mosey back to Pelicans, but stop at entrance for 15+5 big boy situps

Mosey back to Pelicans… TIME!

Prayer requests:  Recovery / healing for Dry Rub’s M,  Outhouse’s dad, Watts Up father in-law.  Continued prayers for EZ Rider’s son.

Gastone shared some insight; it’s an honor and a privilege to be able to post, exercise, enjoy one another. Anything that keeps us from being out with the PAX and sharpening ourselves can leave us wishing and longing we were there and able.  Summary – let’s not take for granted our ability to get out and post!



Stinky Bird takes to the nest, over and out.

Day 1 of 4 Days of Christmas

No FNGs, only Kotters but YHC still failed to provide disclaimer. Oops!


We all ran, some further than others.



Prayer Request

YHC closed in Prayer

The Storm Handoff

Well, it has been about 18 months since YHC took over as Site Q here at The Storm. Part of me wasn’t ready to hand it off, but I knew it was time for someone else to take the lead. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to lead as Site Q here and also have learned a lot.

Now let’s get on with the work!

No FNGs, quick disclaimer and then the pledge


SSH x 35

Windmills x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15

Merkins x 15


The Thang

Mosey to side parking lot next to building. All PAX line up side by side, arm length apart. Squats in cadence x10

Form two lines parallel with each other for an Indian Run. Once everyone cycled through, stop for a called exercise. For some reason, once Termite got to the front of the line, he took off like he was an Indian being chased by a cowboy. I guess he thought we were playing Cowboys and Indians…Anyway, after we managed to get him back to the group. We made 3 laps around the parking with 6 different exercises called.

YHC made a brief speech about being the Site Q for the past 15 months and was time to hand it off to someone else, which is Dirt. Before Dirt would take over as Q, Roscoe said we need to have a quick ceremony, passing of the torch or a christening of some sort to make it official. So Dirt got down on his knees, and YHC said some Yada Yada, jibber jabber comments and that was it. YHC is not very creative, so there wasn’t much to it. Sorry Dirt, it was more than I received from Mayor last August. 🙂

At this point, Dirt takes over with the Q, and to the wall we went. Wall sits, overhead presses, hip slappers, maybe feet stompers, touch toes and hips. Rinsed and repeated 3x.

Next was four corners around the parking lot. First corner, 10 markins, corner 2, 20 Squats, then 30 mountain climbers, and last corner, 40 flutter kicks. Back to corner one. Rinse and repeat, but this time we escalate with each exercise. We now have 2 1/2 minutes left, but 10 more merkins  and mosey back to shovel flag.




  • Convergence at end of month
  • Ruck for Food
  • P200 Update

Prayer Request

  • Dry Rub’s M
  • Broke’s  M
  • Lynn Hamm
  • College Students with upcoming exams
  • Praise – No surgery needed for Queso’s thumb
  • TopHat

Dirt took us out in prayer…

It has been an honor and privilege to be the Site Q at The Storm over the past 15 months. F3 Gastonia PAX have been very supportive and always willing to step up and take the Q. I am very thankful for all you men. Please continue to support Dirt every Tuesday morning @ The Storm…


Breaker Breaker





Tabata Tuesday

Clock struck 5:30 am

Started with the Pledge

Warm up:


20 Morocan Night Clubs IC

10 Merkins IC

10 Don Q’s IC

15 Squats OYO


The Thang

Time for a little Mosey around parking lot to the front of school.

There we did 3 rounds of:

10 Squats

10 Merkins

10 Lunges count 1 leg

10 Burpees

Lap around the practice field, approximately .25 miles.


Mosey around the parking lot back to the front of school. Time for Tabata-20 seconds of work then 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes of the following excercises. I received grief that my Tabata app did not play music.

First round

Monkey Humpers




Monkey Humpers




Mosey around parking lot with karaoke right side, left side, and Nur.

Second round of Tabata then mosey around parking lot back to the Flag for core work.

24 seconds of following exercise each, but did not do good job counting.


High Flutter Kick

Low Flutter Kick

High Scissors

Low Scissors

American Hammers

Heels to Heaven

Plank Jack



Freddie Mac


Finished up with Mary. Little Gumby in the woods, American Hammers, Die cockroach,






Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  It has been a while since I have Q.  It was good to get back in the saddle.  Until next time.

Midoriyama Madness.

10 showed at Midoriyama for a rain break workout. With no plan of being under a shelter, I was happy that no hard rain fell on us. Let’s  began our evening.


Grass Pickers

Over Head Claps


With  the Christmas challenge in full affect and I’ve being trying to do a workout every day for the 40/50 challenge, the Christmas  challenge is a great way to deliver yourself a workout throughout the day. I decided to do a burpee mile type workout. 100 reps are what is needed for day ten of the Christmas challenge. So we are to complete 25 reps of an exercise and then run a lap.  I also like working out together and running with other people, so I decided to make all reps done together and run together. This promoted a lot of mumble chatter and a lot of laughter.

the first mile exercises are; 




The second mile exercises are


Lunge for 2 rounds and Monkey Humpers 2

Flutter Kicks

2 miles done and time winding down we mosey back toward the start. We stop at each light pole on the left and do 5 Monkey Humpers. At the start we finish the Daly Christmas challenge with 10 Burpees. With roughly 9 min left we slow down with some merry. Sit Ups, SSH, Toy Soldiers, Nolan Ryans, plank, and Crunchy Frogs are most of what was performed. Time up!!

convergence on 12/28/19 

Pac-Man is leading Gashouse this weekend. please help your site Q’s out by leading a workout.

Freight will be doing 2 more rucks for food. Gashouse this week and The Yank next.

Service/trash pickup ruck on 12/21 at all Saturday AOs.

prayer request.
Many request guys. Please try to listen and remember each other’s request. Most of all prayer does work. Our Lord is listening and waiting for you!!

Thank you letting me lead!

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