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Queen City Honor Flight Preblast

Hey gents,

Ive been talking this up a little bit at the workouts, but here is the official information.

A while back, this was brought up at church. What it simply is, is a flight from Charlotte NC to Washington DC for all veterans so they get a chance to visit all the memorials and see the capital for the country they fought to preserve. Its been a while since this has happened in Charlotte so I spoke to the M and 2.0s about not missing this. We will get to the airport and get our passes from the TSA to be a part of the welcoming committee. I am doing this mainly becuase of my Dad and his service. The last time I went to DC, he asked me to look at the veitnam memorial wall for some names of Marines he had lost touch with throughout his service and TOD.

Out of the 10 names he gave me, only one came up and I remember the feeling I had when I saw that name. That was one man who didn’t make it home. With the welcome home some the the vets got after the country turned its tide against soldiers returning from war, this is a second chance for them. It’s also a chance for the greatest generation and those from the forgotten war and all other conflicts between to be recognized as the heroes they are. If you know someone who is still around and wants to visit, sign them up. Last I read, they are still looking.

This unfortunately conflicts with the 2nd F River Jam that Sargento is putting together, but I am optimistic we can welcome some folks home and still make it out there.

The website is qchonorflight.org.

I have attached some pictures and labelled them if anyone is interested.

Oh no!! It’s me??

I set Abba up to Q a while back and he showed up without remembering he had it. Fortunately Timeframe was eager and ready so they were swapped. Early this week, Abba asked for another reprieve as he was starting a cleanse with his wife and was not to stray too far from a toilet. That I understand so I asked Brownstreak to double up and he agreed. Unfortunately, I still had my do not disturb on so I didn’t get the text of him being sick and not making it out until I pulled in with eith minutes to go. I asked my good friend Dolph if he had any dice or what and he said the 99 so here we go.

Mosey to covered shelter and figure out what exercises we need to do. Remembering them in order was a pax event and I caught a lot of abuse for the lack of memory.

Exercises: Mericans, squats, high knees, LBCs, wall sit and then a pax choice exercise. Either do 9 reps, 99 reps or 99 seconds and reduce by 10 each round. We added some SSH. Pax choice exercises were goofbals, Don Quixote, Jump burpees over partner, pseudo plank mericans, Imperial walkers, oblique crunch, archer push ups, regular burpees.

I had my phone and like to jam out some but the music choice was not right for everyone. Breaker Breaker didn’t like System of a Down, but liked Eminem, Sargento did not like the Billy Idol. Bieber was requested but not found. I was asked why I didn’t have my speaker, replied I didn’t know I had the Q and short explanation and was told that was no excuse.

Mosey back to start and some brave chaps took off and got ahead so I just veered off and kept going a different direction.

Pledge, Prayers, nameorama

Prayers: Lynn Hamm (BB friend), Aunt Judy (BB Aunt) moving to rehab, Missionary Brunson, Guatemala Missionaries,


Moleskin: It is good to take a beating like I did today as it humbles you. When Hippa showed up late during the wall sit station he was witty to reply he had been holding 90 degrees for a few miles. Sargento will be nominated as the Storm site Q as he was very critical of me today and that just tells me he misses the power and control. Thanks for bearing with an impromptu tire fire men. Shoutout to Hippa for his Iron skillet. I don’t think I have seen anyone hit that many in a month. Same goes for Boudin and his EC work.

AM Court (Shoutout to Nightcourt)

It was good to be back this AM. It’s been a minute since I have surfaced. It was a struggle but what isn’t….right?!
As I pull up and park I see Mayor trying to pull over the light poll (what a beast). I saw Dolph wearing more clothes than he intended. I heard Boudin vow not to dress warm again this winterspringsummer we are having. And Hippa wrapped up like a ninja. As others filtered in, it was time. Here’s  what I recall………….


S= ssh 15ic
T= toy soldier 15ic
O= overhead squats 10ic
R= rocky Bolboa 15ic
M= moroccan night club 25ic

Mosey to tennis courts

Court House:

Bear crawl across court
Squat walk aka Duck Walk across court
Mt. Climbersx10
Lunge across court
Sprint back to first court
Repeato 5x

Mosey to top of parking lot.

Triple Nickel:

Mericans top
Mosey down hill to stop sign
Squats bottom

Mosey to start for Mary:

8 pax for 8 different ab exercises

5 minutes left……

Mary Speed Round: (there was some nut busters)




Be on the look out for Burpeethon info and Hippa needs anyone with photos from community run to post on slack. He is creating a video.

Loved ones for sickness and new adventures. Co-workers for strength to over come.

Brownstreak wiped out!

Hanging Out

Good morning everyone,

I had to step in and take the lead and swap out with Breaker Breaker as he was out of town.  It would be a colder one than we have had lately so with the bundle up, out the door I go.  Time is up and only three pax there.  Hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t announce that I am leading anymore to get more people out there; or change something about myself, but there’s always time for that later.

We have a pull up bar and a set of perfect push ups at work and a while back, we heard of this workout called the Hang.  We started a competition to see who could just hang the longest.  YHC got 37 seconds, Dolph got 1:15 and Bridge Club (Freedom Park) got 1:32.  The lesson is the lighter you are, the easier it is provided you have some grip strength.

The Thang:  Warmup (all shoulders), Disclaimer, Pledge….and here comes Dolph in hot.  Mosey to the gazebo and circle for instructions.

Hang for a total of six (6) minutes.  After each time you fall trying to reach the six minutes, run a lap, do 20 squats and 20 merkins and grab the the bar again and hang some more.  Again, the goal was to get to six minutes.  you could either use your watch or count by Mississippi’s to 360. At the end of the first grip loss for most, Dr. Seuss joined the ranks.

This was a struggle for sure.  Grip, chest and forearms were lit up.  Some finished up and I had 45 seconds to go and time was getting close.  Called for some motivation and received it.

After this we ran as a group back for the six and crossed the bridge.  With the three rail split rail, put your feet on the lower rail, do 5 merkins, middle rail and do 5 merkins and high rail and 5 merkins with out stopping in between to blast the chest.  Mosey back to the start.

Announcements:  Grits and Greens every Wednesday, Bourbon chase group meeting soon, 2nd F at wing joint for march madness (pending intel from Sargento).

Prayers: Hippa coworker dealing with Chrones and depression, Teachers, Military and Police, Dolphs Father in law with heart surgery and although this isn’t a Christian group per se, the Christians being persecuted and martyred globally, each other and justice world wide.

Name-o-rama and COT.

Moleskin:  This was a tough one, but I have kept this in my email for a long time.  Most recently I have made a commitment to push myself to be better and stop sitting back waiting for the world to go by.  There is nothing good on the backside of quitting.  Even if you get knocked down over and over again, have the courage and determination to keep coming back, even if you know a knockdown punch is waiting.  DONT QUIT.

What can Brown do for you??

It was a rainy day in the gloom.  I had the wienke put together and it was noted anyone with a wienke that big, must be the Q.  With the rain coming down, we had two options.  We took plan B and ran for cover.

With time up, disclaimer and pledge, we mosey to the cover at the school entrance.

The Thang:  the old 99er.

99LBCs, 90 second wall sit, 9 burpees, 99 high knees, 9 Mericans
Repeat down to 77 and then switch the LBCs to SSH and high knees to lunges
Repeat down to  55 and switch back.

Get down to the end and then a minute plank and 30 second side plank.

A little chatter on counting and bikes, but a great workout.  Turns out it didn’t rain at all so we would have done option A.  I have the Q again in April so it will be making an appearance.

Prayers:  Whoopie coworker with cancer, Mayor and his eye stint removal.

Announcements:  Bourbon race team meeting in march.  2nd F in March (I think the 22nd).  Look for this from Sargento.  Wings and cold beveragaes and basketball.

My turn…Again

So, a while back, it was difficult to get regulars to post for the pain lab, however, I pushed Rudolph to keep this going because I believe in the need to get folks out there who cannot post due to high impact injuries, whether on the IR or if they do, they will be on the IR.  Is that any reason why a PAX should be dismissed into oblivion?  Absolutely not, so, since I nudged for this, I need to support Rudolph and this sub AO to make this thing happen….and happen it has.  Different Qs, tons of awesome workouts.

After some trash talking with Tooltime and us meeting up to do workout and warmup with the PAX, we split up.  After a few mishaps with me getting the stereo system up, it was apparent I left the wienke in the truck and I got chided for not getting this thing started.

The Thang:  first things first, one minute HIIT with the kettlebells.  Cleans (each arm), kettlebell push ups, ballistic or one arm row (each arm), bridge (shoulders on ground and butt in air) while doing KB presses.  After the heart rate is up for initial minutes, lets get into one of my all time favorite workouts…dum dum dum….the 99 with some mods.

99 SSH, 99 LBCs, 99 second squat hold, 99 flutter kicks, 9 pushups, 88, 77, 66, 55…you get the point.  At the end of each round I called a special exercise with the kettlebell.  There were OH tricep extensions, high pulls, American hammers, burpees and some others.  With time running low, I had planned to get these boys moving.  We said low impact, not stationary.  since I am a member of the Schiele Museum, I am familiar with the trails.  Grab your weight and follow me.  We take of on an Indian Ruck where the last man moves to the front and we keep going.  We did the whole trail system and pushed the pace (the garmin said the average moving pace was close to 5 MPH).  This was the longest farmers carry I have ever done and the forearms were burning.   We got back, dropped the weight and met up with everyone in time for the COT.

MOLESKIN:  The one thing that we are dismissing in the minds of others, is that this is any less of a workout. You will swing kettlebells, do burpees, absolutely everything…..except run or jump.  Get out here and post if you have a bad back, bad knees, bad feet or if you have posted twice in a week and are looking to work on conditioning.  We stay together and get it done.  Thanks a lot gents.  Oh, and I have a new speaker.

BOOM Docks


S- ssh 25ic

T- tomahawk 15ic

O- overhead squats 10sc

R- rocky balboas 15ic

M- Moroccan Night Clubs 25ic


The Thang 1:

Dora 123 at the loading docks

100 merkins

200 lbc

300 squats

The Thang 2:

Crossroads: 4 way crossroad in front of school aka round about.

Road one: 10 merkins

Road two: 20 squats

Road three: 20 lbc

Road four: 20 mt. climbers

At the center before taking other road 5 burpees


All 11 pax named an ab workout for a 10 oyo or 10 ic count.


100s at the Painlab

After the HC to Rudolph to Q this thing, I wanted to make it as good as it could be, especially following Wojo’s Q last week.  Painlab has been one of the most awesome AO workouts.  If you’re on the IR and cant handle impact, its there.  If your knee is bothering with an ache and running hurts it, its there.  If you want to get some weight work in, its there.

Lets get to it.  Circle up with Clavin and company for the warmup (WU), disclaimer, etc. and then grab the kettlebells, dumbbells, whatever and circle up.  No rain so the plan remains to meet around Frank (native statue and entrance).  We do another small WU to loosen the shoulders, set the music up and get after it.

Thang:  Take whatever kettlebell you have and do 100 of each exercise called.  Every time you stop during that 100, multiply x2 and do that amount of burpees.  For instance, if you stop five times, you do ten burpees when you get to the 100th rep.

Exercises were curls, KB swings, goblet squats, crunches, tricep OH extension, straight leg dead-lifts. We didn’t get to the step-ups due to me wanting to make sure we got Flush in there.  Before we get to that, we lined up and put all the KBs on one end while we got side by side into American Hammer position (feet off the ground).  Woody started handing them down the line.  When we get done, go back the other way.  Rudolph called flutters in the middle which succeeded in baking YHCs abs.  Flush then took over and stretched us out using his torture method.  I have really enjoyed Yoga because it is so difficult to get into the positions you need to and then hold them for 30 seconds.  At this time, the rest of the pax join us with their jeers, but when they joined in the balance and core work, they were shaking like a dog passing a peach seed.  Times up and we turn it back over to Clavin to finish.

Moleskin:  The best thing about this is there was no mumble chatter.  With everyone counting to 100, no room to mess up and start over or stop and have burpees added.  It was talked about that if you take a lighter weight and do a lot of reps, its every bit as difficult and provides a burn like no other.  Woody pushed it today and Duke was honest with himself.  When we asked how many he had left, he could have been closer so we tell him grab 10 more and we all do burpees with him.  You can still pick up the six.  Great work Duke.  You’re never out until your six feet under.  A lot of men having been putting in work with the 40 days of discipline.  That’s been tough but worth it.  I have felt so much better cutting the crap out of my diet.  One last thing to leave you with is thinking about the impact you make on each other and those not in your daily circle.  Think about our group.  Managers, doctors, fabricators, police and the list goes on.  What a diverse group of HIM we have.  How would we ever hang out together in the normal world?  Now, think about how your life not only directly affects F3 men, but those you interact with day to day.  Listen to the song “Craig” by Walker Hayes.  You matter so keep pushing it and get better….hold yourself accountable and keep moving forward.  Whether an inch a day or a mile, forward progress is progress.

Tophat’s Backblast…by Mayor

Sing the title to the “by mennen” tune.

Since Tophats refuses to get on twitter, F3 Gastonia for backblasts or slack, we are forced to do it for him so give him the push to get on there.

When I pulled in and was waiting I saw Boudin getting in some work trying to push it.  I also witnessed tophat putting out his trademark cones and placed workouts.  He takes the extra effort and laminates them.

Time came and 10 men were waiting.  He started with a mosey around the school lot and over to the cones.  Each  Pax picks a place and does the stated exercise and runs a lap when finished…Oh, and with two bricks (ALL THE TIME).  Some exercises had blocks and dumbbells.  Here’s what I remember.  Dumbbell chops, squats, seal jacks, overhead presses, merkins, curls and some others.

Finish, grab the coupons and mosey to the wall.  Different exercises called while pax partners run around the building.  Balls to the Wall, wall pushes, shoulder taps, electric chair.  At some point, halfway around the building we had to do five burpees.

Mosey back to cones and pick two exercises as a team pair and knock them out.  Mosey back to start.

2nd F Bowling is coming up next Friday 2/16 at Lake Wylies Bowl and Bounce.  Roscoe is getting together the F3 Dads (all family included) snowless tubing at Crowders Ridge.  See his backblast for more information.

Pretty good Q with some mumble chatter.

Prayers for Hippa and Abba coworkers.  Kiwi is doing better.  Teslas sister.

AMRAP Baby!!!

Well gents, we meet again.  After having some awesome dudes step up and lead, it was my turn to get back in the mix again and I always try to put a good one on.  I even put an event in my phone to remind me to look it up.  Its no surprise, I am a weightlifter and not a runner, but I need both so I got to work.  After putting the weinke together and writing it out, I put some cones in the truck so I would be ready.  I pulled up and Boudin was coming back after some EC rucking.  I put some cones out by just opening the door and dropping them and when I got back to the start, I got out of the truck and didn’t like the feel in the air.

Time comes and we had a good showing so lets get after it.

Warmup:  None…what are we ?

Thang:  Run to the school, circle up for instruction and go (to music).  Set the timer for 10 minutes and complete four sets of four exercises and run a lap around said cones as many times as possible in the time limit.
Set 1 SHOULDERS – CDDs x10, Wall Walks x5, Hip Slappers x10 (SC/single count), Shoulder taps x10 (SC).
Set 2 LEGS – Squats x15, Lunges x10 each leg, Calf Raises x20, 90 degree wall sit for 30 seconds.
Set 3 CHEST – Diamond Merks x8, Werkins x8, Regular x8, Archers x8 or to failure.  If failure, go to next exercise.
Set 4 CORE – Supreme Crunch x10, Reverse Crunch x10, Situps x10, Scissor crunch x10.

Mosey back to start for pledge, name-o-rama, announcement and BOM.

During the 1st round, I realized I never started my watch, which made governing time a little more challenging, however, I did have my phone and CAT Bluetooth speaker cranking and awesome blend.  There were a few comments about skipping over some songs and leaving others, one said it was my graduation playlist, but third eye blind is legit.  There was lots of good chatter.  YHC ended up commenting on someones form only to be the victim minutes later.  We covered right at two miles and got some serious work in.  I got chastised for getting the six when I asked everyone to go back for them.  Come to think of it, Sargento did seem to critique me a lot today, but I know its his way of trying to make me better because of the greatness he sees in me; plus hes jealous of the playlist.  By the way, after the mosey back to Metallica’s Master of Puppets, I skipped a few more and here were the songs that followed:  Kiss (Prince), Stepping Away (Stereomud), Welcome to the Jungle (GNR), Dancing with Myself (Billy Idol).  The lesson is sometimes workouts just aren’t long enough.

Prayers:  Teslas Sister, M’s Co-workers and many more unnamed.

Announcements:  2nd F for the whole family on 2/16 at the lanes in Belmont; Flag football in Metro oon Sunday 2/4/18 at 3:00 )get with Tesla on clown car info-Needs 10); Roscoe and F3 Dads at Crowders Ridge snow-less tubing (check his preblast for all information).

Moleskin:  It was awesome to be out there just pushing it today.  It was good to see from friends out there and have a laying on of hands for a PAX in need.  It was an honor and pleasure fellows and I will see you in the gloom.

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