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Three rucked and three ran.

Back to Back

Duewto a last minute breakout from Dolph, I was asked to pick up the Q.  Broke was highly disappointed to say the least.

5:30 came and its time to go.



Warmup:  Grasss pickers x10IC, Toy Soldiers x10IC, MNC x20IC, SSH x10IC.

Thang:  Mosey to the softball field entrance, start rocking with some 80s Hard Rock playlist for Breaker Breaker and get after it.

777:  Seven exercises, seven reps, seven rounds.

  • Squats
  • Push Ups
  • Sit ups
  • Lunges
  • Burpees
  • V-ups
  • CDDs

Run a lap around the parking lot after every round.  There were some real men out there who pushed the rock today.  I was humbled hard out there when they were on their seventh round and I had just finished five bringing up the six.  I gave them the option to run back to the flag and I would mosey my lap and everyone joined me.

Back at the flag, it was the deck of death.  Each person pulled a card and we did the work.  I don’t remember all the exercises, but there were some monsters pulled.

It was awesome being out there and getting pushed by the other PAX who are killing it.

Announcements:  Convergence 10/19 at the Yank with short 3rd F after with Broke.

Prayers:  Lynn Hamm, Brokes SIL with breast cancer and upcoming surgery, travel mercies for Gump’s M and students on fall break, Def Leppard’s M, Kotters

Praise:  Slim Shady’s sons successful surgery

BOM/COT:  Tophat



It’s the 1st of the Month

I had the Q for Monday 10-1-19.  It’s been a while since I lead and I needed to step up.  It was hot, muggy and rainy….everything needed for an awesome workout.

Warm Up:  Morrocan Night Clubs x25IC, Grass Pickers x10IC and Don Quixote x 10IC.

The Thang:  Mosey to their first corner.  We would do one exercise for 90 seconds and rest for 60 seconds.  In that 60 second rest, we would mosey to the next corner.  The faster you moved, the more rest you got.

Exercises:  Merkins, SSH, lunges, sit-ups, Burpees, Flutter Kicks, Squats.  Repeat until time is up.  Circle back up for a cash out.  Dolph led us with 22 CDDs IC.

Announcements:  Ragnar this weekend with clown car from Belmont Roses 0700, Convergence 10/19 at the Yank (Stowe Park)
Prayer Requests:  Catheters M, Lynn Hamm, Top hats nephew in Army deploying, Brokes sister in law with breast cancer, LT  Graves Mom.

The Wrath of Freight…and the Reaping

About a week ago, I asked freight if he knew how we could see the Q schedule as my team up hasn’t been working (possible operator error).  This happened to be shortly after he took the backblast and Q for someone at Crossroads that didn’t show and raised heck because no one was there at the workout location at 6:30 to welcome any FNGs who may show up.  I knew I had the Qsource and typically take the Q on the same day, but I wanted verification.

When I showed up, there were some pax ready to go and this was at 6:15ish.  At 6:25, everyone was standing around.  I cut everyone loose and spoke with Hacksaw for a minute or two.  There were eleven men not getting in any EC or anything and everyone was waiting until 6:30 to take off.  So it appears, Freight and his constructive sarcasm struck the right cord/nerve.  The takeaway is, even though this is a voluntary deal, if you take the lead, be the leader….or beware the wrath of Freight.

Last Chance 2.0 Workout of 2019

Well gents,

It’s been a great summer and we have had a lot of fun at these workouts.  Today was filled with a lot of fun moments and finished us up right.  The first was when Sargento and Edison showed up without the 2.0s and joined us.  Edison got back in the car, I heard to go get his kids, but we never saw him again.  The Yank was also visited by a guy new to the area named RaRa, who appeared to have a great time and was always smiling.

It looked like rain was on the horizon, but we had a good turnout despite it.  Time started and Doodles move us to the concrete pad for the warmup.  After a few exercises to get loose, he donned the half pipe. Dads would count off as ones and twos and ones would go up the grass hill while the twos would do and exercise.  When ones would return, the twos would go to the stairs.  Dads would switch and hit the stairs and grass every other turn.  It didn’t take long for mumble chatter out of the 2.0s.  Then Doodles moved us up to the top of the track and split us up and half the group ran one direction and the others ran opposite.  That took us to Norwood.

Norwood had set up some baseballs. The first thing was dads would tag the 2.0s (they were supposed to stay within the baseballs – that didn’t happen).  Once tagged, kids did an exercise.  After all kids were tagged, switch and the kids tag the dads.  We did a handful of rounds.  Then it was relay time.  A dad bear crawls to the bats (25 yards away) with a kid on their back and runs back after getting to the bat.  Next relay was the dizzy bat race where you ran to the bats and spun five times and ran back.  I AM GLAD THERE IS NO FOOTAGE OF THIS. YHC got laid out around spin three.  Four and five were tough and I couldn’t make a straight line back to the group.  The same could be said for Sister Act and Roscoe.

Sister Act had something in mind to show the 2.0s what we really do.  He decided to run a triple nickel with burpees up top and then bear crawl around the fountain (quickly omahad to Bobby Hurleys at the back of the fountain.  Funny thing heard was when his 2.0s said their hands hurt during the bear crawl, SA promptly replied “well I have gloves on”.

That wrapped it up and we named an FNG and closed it out and had some Gatorade and fig bars.

I want to thank all of the dads for coming out this summer to support and especially the dads who took the leads.

2.0s @ Folsom

We had another good turnout for our second F3 Dads summer workout.

Big Pappy, Clavin and Bed Pan were our jockeys.

Big Pappy:  At first it looked a little light in attendance, but then a couple of minutes before start time and Stogie appears over the horizon leading a large group over the hill to the starting point that Clavin and I changed last minute due to space restrictions.

We started off with the disclaimer then a simple warm up of 10 SSH , 10 Toy Soldiers, 10 Hillbillies, and 10 Don Q’s.  Time to play swarm. Many 2.0’s took turns playing the human, but the fun was being one of many bees and darting out the hive to be on the chase. After each turn 5 burpees for Dad’s. What a great group of 2.0’s. It was an honor to be apart of it.

Clavin:  Once the swarm begins to settle down from Big Pappy’s exercise … he calls for me to wrestle the troops over towards my turn.
I call for two lines …. 2.0s in one ( noting there are 16 of them ) and dads in the other ( seeing the smaller number of 12 present).
I now introduce all to Capn’ Crunch, my 2.0 and see if there are any FNGs, there are 2 present so I quickly address the core principles before having CC show pax the exercises we’ll use … there are 4 flags spaced about evenly and we do bear crawl ( Yogi Bear) crab walk ( Mr. Crabs) bunny hop ( Bugs Bunny) and the crowd favorite inch worm ( Future Worm) this last one is thanks to Toto who showed this one on a rainy day about a year ago … on six shrug shoulders until reaching next flag. Now since there were more 2.0s …. I let them start and by the third or fourth pax I now informed the men that our start line was on the OTHER side of the field ( stacked deck? Of course let the kids win one over the old man!!) we did this twice more hearing some girls complain of “not getting dirty” and Mayor wanting this exercise to disappear….. also noticing many of 2.0s moseying and when called out the response was “ were modifying!” Someone taught them well!
Next we create a tunnel of adults for 2.0s to crawl through and then the pax follows lastly ( have to make sure both sides are dirty wet and grass covered !) and I thought it was time … wrong …. only half of my allotted time so we mosey to flag, pledge and I lead pax in some of the more fun and funny exercises their dads do at some of the workouts such as goofballs, Moroccan Night Clubs ( tough exercise that makes us all ripped ​) and then ask if any Star Wars fans are present ( as if …. with this many young boys …. of course!!) so Imperial Walkers ends my set …. so let’s mosey on back …… well Bed Pan didn’t have us go THAT far and………

Bed Pan:  We played sharks and minnows, oldest kids were sharks. Mosey to just outside the tennis courts for some tug o war. Girls beat the boys. Volt almost won him against 16 kids. ***it should be noted that bed pan received flack for this backblast as it was light.  Clavin reminded him that Sabotage used a stick with leaves as camouflage and walked inconspicuously around most every shark and made it to the end.

Mayor:  I cannot thank you all enough for leading these and for the dads coming out.  Its a lot of fun watching the kids have a great time.  I look forward to seeing everyone with their 2.0s on August 24 at 0700 at the Yank.  Doodles, Norwood and Sister Act will lead us around.

F3 Dads June 2019

After I took over as Dads Q, I went to work setting up our first dads workout in 2019.  I needed some Dads to step up and lead and Island, Time Frame and Dolph answered the call.

First I need to thank Linus for letting us start this out and hijack his AO.  I sincerely appreciate it.

Island started the workout with the disclaimer and warmup.

WU:  SSH x20IC, Merkins x 10IC, LBC x20IC and Moroccan Night Clubs x20IC.

Then he led us up to the track at Grier Middle for a cat herding lesson and an Indian Run around the track in two groups. after that, we did a relay race running across the field, doing five Merkins and running back to tag out the next in line.   Now that the heart rate is up and kids are having a good time, Timeframe got us into a game of sharks and minnows.  The fun part of this was there was a hole in the field filled with water.  I saw a few kids staring at it and miraculously, no one ended up in it.  After that, Dolph got us all into a game of ultimate frisbee with the team that got scored on having to do five burpees.

Times up and a mosey back to the top of the track for nameorama and COT and then hustle back to the start for drinks and snacks.

All in all we had 13 dads and 19 2.0s for a total of 32. We all had a great time and an opportunity to spend time with our 2.0s.  I look forward to seeing everyone July 20 at Folsom and August 24 at The Yank.  Tater Hole and Clavin have a piece at Folsom and Doodles is taking some action at the Yank.  Still need one for Folsom on 7/20 and two for 8/24.  Hit me up.

Thanks Men

Attack of the Were-Rabbit

I had the Q for Crossroads and tagged along with Bedpan, Freight and Hushpuppy for a rucking good time.  This story cannot be put into words.  Ask one of those in attendance.  The others ran and are killing it putting in the miles.  The competition between them is great to see.  We finished and went to get better with some Qsource.

Announcements:  F3 Dads workout 6/22/19 at Gashouse (Schiele) at 7:00.  Dolph, Island and Timeframe will be the Qs that day.  Show up;  2nd F Tubing meets 6/22/19 at 10:30 at the Target parking lot;   Convergence 6/29/19 at the Gashouse (Schiele).

Prayers:  People battling addiction, Fathers

Praise:  Bed Pan didn’t get eaten by the Weimaraner who had a hunger for anus americanus.



Hang-Gliding In There

YHC pulled in a few minutes before the Ruckers took off. Stayed around for the runners and then started out on my now walk.

Back to the start, Pledge, Nameorama, COT, Qsource.

There were a couple things that have happened lately that I’d like to push. Montross brought up “Praise Requests” after prayers and very kindly, stated it was nice to see YHC out there. Also, Watts up wanted to send some praise for a happy and healthy granddaughter Who went home. Let’s start asking for praise and inspiriational items in the COT and see what’s going well for the PAX.

The second is coming up with an award for those who show leadership and have the most Qs in a month to go along with the Iron Skillet for those who post the most.

Just my humble thoughts.

Announcements: SFM 5/25/19. Sign up; Murph Monday 5/27. All other AOs closed.
Prayers: All pax, students and teachers with the end of the year coming up.

Oh yeah, at the end, Sparky pointed out some hang or paragliders or something. Seemed pretty cool.

At a crossroads on Easter

I showed up and there was only one car there. Montross cam right in and so did Gold Digger. I asked Gold Digger what he was driving now and he answered with the same car I thought and when asked where he parked, he said his house. The man had run there from Belmont. Def said that he lived in Dallas and was still driving to the the Crossroads.

Some ran and others rucked, but Montross will BB that part.

When I ran into Gold Digger coming up the hill I “took off” not wanting him to catch me. He did about 3/4 of the way up of course for a kill.

When standing in the COT, I misinterpreted a request by the Ruckers and pulled them out of the Name-o-Rama, but when called on it, we did it again. The first time for practice and the second time for speed.

It was at this time Blart took off and as we gathered in prayer, someone said we should pray for lost souls like Blart. He came back and politely advised he was touching cotton so the prayer was quick as most have been in that situation.

Q source followed with one HIM coming from the other side.


Announcements: 4/27 2nd F at Lewis Farms, BYO Drinks, 2.0s, Ms, s’more stuff (Rain or shine); 5/5 Mt. Mitchell hike from GSM @ 0530;

Prayers: Gumby’s Brother in law and Mom; 2.0 at Tater Tots school; Hunkajunks friends 10yo battling unknown issue.

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