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Ramblings from a Rambling Man

During the 2nd F and Q-Source last week, Roadie let me take the Q next week and Montross kindly stepped aside as the next open slot, I would be out of town. I also took on the F.2 Language of the Q source.

I showed up at 0600 in time to plant the flag before the ruck crew took off. It was a good thing I was running today, because the pace was to be pushed as Roadie, Bedpan, Dr Seuss, Brock and Buckeye decided to Ruck. Two groups emerged and one group was at a 15 minute pace and the other was at 13:45. Super fast and Excellent work by those men. There were some comedic offerings by Bedpan when he looked at Roadie and asked him to “turn him on from the back.” He also mentioned that he spoke with Def about his blow up. Now, not knowing any context this is hilarious and it was funny knowing the context, however, it was in reference to his marking light on his rucksack and the pouch couch he plans on using for the P200. Def has some stories from the Tuna and Bourbon.

Sister Act and Blart waited as long as they could for Def before they struck out on their own, but those who were with him on the Bourbon, know how long he takes to change or get ready. It was declared that Sister Act may be the nicest person in F3 Gastonia and when YHC asked about different kinds of coffee to order instead of the usual black, Def kept referencing his wife’s and daughters choices to me, which made me feel hollow inside and less manly so I got the usual black coffee.

On to the Q-source. It was on Language and it meant something that it is the 2nd part of the foundation for all of the Q points. Read up on them; it is worth it. Thank you men for the input and Def for picking me up on the Bible verse today.

We give each other a hard time out there, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because the 2nd F and 3rd F is superior to all others (statement made – prove it wrong by stepping out and seeing what others have). Thank you again men…It was an honor and a pleasure. Until next time, and, as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony said, Ill see you at the Crossroads.


Iron Circle

It had been a while since I have posted either due to illness or work. I reached out to Breaker Breaker to see if I could jump in and he had an opening so I took it. What better way to get back in there other than Q.

No Warm up so a quick mosey around the parking lot to get the blood flowing.

Around one of the islands are the stations we will be going thru. They are:
Sandbag squats, which were the counter. When a pax hits 20, its time to rotate to their right.
Flutter Kicks
Tricep OH Extensions
Elbow Plank
Pax Choice of Cards – Freddie mercury or American hammer
Pax Choice of Cards – CDDs for Shoulder Taps
Pax Choice of Cards – Monkey Humperdinck Plank Jacks
Kettlebell Swings
OH Press with block
Curls with block
Side Straddle Hop
Slam ball with 20#
Pax Choice of Mountain Climbers or Peter Parkers
Pax Choice of crunches or Windshield Wipers
Pax Choice of Lunges or Calf Raises.

Rotate thru the circuits. A short time into it, Tophat asked if we could change something. He happened to be at the burpee station so I noted if the pax weren’t happy, we could change the count to be at the burpee station instead of the sandbag squats. No takers. I also called an Omaha halfway thru to reverse the order. Boudin declared shenanigans since he had to go back to the burpees and I wouldn’t. That station was open so I hit burpees so I would not be skinned alive on Twitter.

Back to start for a quick round of 15 count of pistol crunches with each leg/arm/pistol/six shooter.


Announcements: Get with Gillian if you want to be on the F3 Spartan Team next year, Christmas Part at Quiches on 12/15, Yank starts at 6;30 this Saturday behind Glenway Pub due to Girls on the Run

TAPs: Breaker Breaker Fmaily, those dealing with depression and loss at the holiday season, guys not seen in while and Sargento’s M.

Moleskin: It was good to get back at it. I want to thank everyone for the calls and texts while I was out. It means a great deal.

Special Olympics > Burpees by the Lake

Well, the day was finally here. A lot of EH and talking up was happening and a the end, there were the men, Ms and 2.0s ready to push the rock and raise some money for special olympics. Real quick, no athlete pays to compete; its all paid for by donations like those received for this event. A lot of work went into this by my M, who chairs the SO committee, Tooltime for talking it up and putting it out there, Hipaa for his online work and all those who helped spread the word.

Folks poured in, paid and got their shirts. The time came and we gathered near the main dock for instructions. It was opened with prayer for the event, special olympics and their athletes, no injuries and then for the Rich family. As you know, young Maddox Rich disappeared and was found in a creek close to the park. It was sad to pull in to see all the teddy bear memorials, but it serves as a great reminder.

Teams were spread into three heats with the parents and 2.0s in the last one. There was some last minute shuffling, as there always is, due to illness, travels or what have you. There was a lot of talk about how the Nantan cheated and had gold digger as a partner at the last minute when there was all of this talk about Roscoe… The prevailing thought was that Roscoe never even signed up. By the way, I want to thank those that donated as well. T-Square and Sparky showed up for some support. Sargento dropped off some paper currency as well. The course and stations were reviewed and burpees with a twist we demonstrated and advised the count as well as this was a cumulative event meaning what you do, your partner must do the rest to make the number. This would be a source of consternation afterwards for many pax, including myself.

The Thang:
Station 1 > 50 burpees
Station 2 > 50 pushups
Station 3 > 50 SSH
Station 4 > Dealers choice. The SO athletes held out cards from the new deck of death. Team does exercise on card.
Station 5 > 50 Burpees with a twist. Left and right count as one.
Station 6 > 50 Sit-ups
Station 7 > 50 Dips
Station 8 > 50 burpees…..END
The stations were set up around Rankin Lake, which is about 1.6 miles.

After all was said and done, Gold Digger and Tooltime won the day. Second was Sister Act/Boudin and third was Dolph/Whoopie. Honorable mentions to Pizz Mand and his M (Mrs. Pizza Man) and Blart and his M Gina.

The kid teams were really fun. I had my 7 year old 2.0 Rousey with me, Dobby (Rudolph), Venus (hushpuppy), Cydney (Blart), Crawdad & Rebecca (Boudin). Upon finishing, Rousey picked up the heavy share on our team and knocked out more burpees for me. The 2.0s really pushed it.

Up next were the competitions: one minute of burpees, sit-ups, pushups and hip slippers. A lot of good work done by all, but gold digger had a sweep. The 2.0s competed in burpees and sit-ups. Venus won the burpees and Cydney the sit-ups. Thanks to a cruel trick by my wife, one of the songs during the competitions was “Baby Shark”. My 2.0, who was counting for me decided to sing along. I had to straighten her out by telling her to stop singing and count, but she couldn’t care less. Hush puppy brought a ringer. His daughter was doing handstands and all other twists and bends after everything.

A few good notes: Tooltime cheated dolph by sitting on his back during pushups, Dallas (Blarts son) decided to drop pants and pee in the middle of the event, Hushpuppy having to buy a monkey Joes pass (Venus said you’re still taking me right), everyone getting their shirt but me (wife didn’t order mine), huckleberry being present when the M and I told each other happy anniversary after we had forgotten all morning (yes that’s how we spent it).

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all who have participated with any support. The athletes there were amazing and so very special and glad everyone came out. What you men do, matters to those around you. Thanks to GNC who was out there as well as the GPD for putting this on and trying to make a difference in this world. Look for a GNC guy and two police at your workouts soon. Your donations have made this the #1 fundraising effort of the year for SO on behalf of the GPD. A heavy EH was put on as well. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, but if I did, please forgive me.

Tophats Backblast

Just kidding, tophat doesn’t do them, but others want credit for being there. We worked out to some exercises he called out.


I didn’t realize I had put myself on the Q schedule until lunch with Shortsale yesterday. It was settled and time for an oldie, but a goodie. The HUNDO…
Circle up and grab the weights. On the journey to 100 with said exercise, if you stop, you count the number of stops and multiply times two and that’s the number of burpees we do at the end of the set.

Exercises: Squats, Merkins, Crunches, Calf Raises, Curls.

Funny thing is Hushpuppy was late and when I announced I stopped five times during the Merkins, he said he stopped seven times and we did 14 burpees. No one ever spoke up after the first person said their number from then on.

Now we laid on our backs for a round of neckies, courtesy of BA. It was determined that the Pax had not worked out their necks since 9th grade. Then 10 Booyah Merkins. There was a group of three so Hushpuppy call that the booyah-a-trois. Next up was 25 straight leg deadlifts.

Grab your weights and go on an Indian Ruck down the trail and around the pond. This is where YHC had to stop the line and quietly discipline Sargento and Sledge-o-matic for their failure to move to the front as they were talking. To learn a lesson, they had to hold their weights over their heads and the rest of the pax had to alternate arms for farmers carry.

Meet up at the end with the boot camp boys for the end.

Moleskin: Great time today. I heard some words from a guy I work with that does CrossFit. Funny thing is if you know someone who does CrossFit or is a vegetarian, you will know it within five minutes. What he told me though, was that a famous CF trainer discusses the thoroughbred and the bumble bee. The thoroughbreds life is built to race. Eating, sleeping, every facet of their life is about racing. They also don’t show up and worry about the leg size of another horse, they run their race. The bumble bee by all rights, shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know that. Really thought provoking, or at least it was for me. We all learn so many different lessons from each other. It was my pleasure to be there. Ill leave the rest for Timeframe to finish.

Gas house Q > 25-AUG-18

Small crowd due to relay.

Circle up, Warmup, Pledge

WU: SSHx10ic, Grass Pickers x10ic, Don Quixote x10ic.

Grab weight and move to Grier Feild. Hold weight over head on way up there. Left arm farmer carry switching to right. Partner up.
P1 does 5 lunges each leg while P2 holds elbow plank x three rounds. Move to hill.
P1 does burpees at the bottom of the hill while P2 does flutter kicks x three rounds. Grass was extremely wet.
P1 does LBCs x25 while P2 does squats. Switch until at 100lbcs cumulative.
P1 does LBCs x25 while P2 does dips. Switch until at 100lbcs cumulative.
P1 does LBCs x25 while P2 does decline Peter Parkers. Switch until at 100lbcs cumulative.
P1 does LBCs x25 while P2 does hyperextensions. Switch until at 100lbcs cumulative.
Move back to field and do a wave of burpees thru 10 rounds.


Mosey back holding weight. 10 LBCs ic until time.

Announcements: Races coming up, Burpeethone 10/6
Prayer requests: My uncles family, friend dealing with cancer and kids returning to school.

Moleskin: Linus told Wojo that he thinks about him while lying in bed. I don’t know the context, just what I heard.


Less than a week from some pretty rough stuff at the GOAT, it was time for redemption. I reworked the timer and made sure it was legit and ready to go. Phone and speaker were charged up and the night before the Q, Breaker Breaker reached out and gave a little more grief, but did give me his favorite music genre is old school rock. Just so happens, Spotify has a playlist for just such a thing.

No FNGs so the normal disclaimer.
Warm Up – SSH x10IC, Moroccan Night Clubs x 25IC and Grass Pickers x10IC (we were able to count).

Grab some extra coupons because I remember there only being 14 blocks, but Dr. Seuss, Orangeman and Slim Shady manned up and carried the Slam ball, kettle bell and Sand Bag.

Mosey to the blocks and circle up for some 3, 2, 1….Three minutes of strength split b/w two exercises, two minutes of cardio split between two exercises, one minute of abs and then run to keep us moving.
Set1: 3) Squat Press & Merkins, 2) Burpees & high knees, 1) crunchy frogs.
Set2: 3) kettlebell/block swings & curls, 2) plank jacks and fast feet, 1) American hammer.
Set3: 3) squats & dips, 2) side straddle hop & mountain climbers, 1) flutter kicks.
Set4: 3) overhead press & Tricep extensions, 2) squat or lunge jumps & seal jacks, 1) Freddy mercury.

We Omahaed the running on the third set to make sure we finished the sets. Put the blocks up and mosey to the start. The music selection and timer operation for the sets were flawless. Still some mumble chatter.

Announcements: This was a Tiny Tank special Q. It’s been a year since I took over and I am looking to pass the reigns. Ruck this weekend so get with Boudin to park at Roadies work or Freights house.

Prayers: Clavins mother in Hospice, Boudins sons shoulder and concern for his senior year.

COT – Tophat took us out.

The Q gets bullied

Well gents, here we are again. I have missed a couple of weeks due to illness and then my little girl breaking her arm on Monday. Dolph needed someone to take the Q since he had to leave early for work so I volunteered to help out. I like the workout in a bag, which is just a specific set of exercises done over and over in a workout.

Warmup: Moroccans x25 IC, grass pickers x???IC but everyone had a good time clapping. It was apparent the warmup was done so we grab the pledge and mosey to the upper lot past the stairs. I set up the speaker and timer (thanks to short sales input) and we begin. Every exercise called is 30 seconds by the lady in the phone. This is where the harassment started. The phone voice, the fact that I had some exercises that needed a wall, but we didn’t have one, the pronunciation of some of the words by the phone timer lady and there was a mention that short sale did a bad job of instructing me were thrown out there. Exercises were SSH, Lunges, Merkins, Crunches, Step ups, Squats, Dips, Plank, High Knees, Calf Raises, Push-up with rotation, side planks L/R.

After timer was up, we mosey to the gazebo because there is a wall or bench, etc. there for work. Part 2 was abs. LBCs, Flutter Kicks, French Fries, Windshield Wipers and Heel touch’s all to 100. This was another topic of harassment. I specifically said single count and however you get to 100 the fastest OYO. After I give directions if someone asks again, I tell them the opposite. Boy did that start some stuff. Hipaa took the time here to tell me he was going to workout with the ladies (makes sense to me, he showed up late for the workout like a girl)….BOOM ROASTED (burn is trademarked by Sargento).

After this was out of the way, time to mosey, but I heard CLavin say something about Suzy Q (phone voice lady on timer) so immediate Omaha to stay in place and knockout 50 burpees. CLavin then responds…what’d I say??? Timeframe noted this was a bad idea. I took a moment to ponder this myself. When the monthly challenge was 30 burpees a day, I tried to do mine timed to see the improvement. I could knock out 30 in about 2 minutes 12 seconds. When I got to 30, I dragged and took as long to knock out the remaining 20 and changed to ones without the pushup.

Finish the burpees and gather back up for the time circuit again. Mumble chatter was not as bad, but I have to agree with Timeframe that it was a bad idea. Move back to the gazebo for abs at half the reps.

Mosey to start (+/-50 yards), Announcements, Prayers, Names, COT.

Announcements: Running 50 Mile CSAUP 8/25, City Ruck the night before, Burpeethon with team or 2.0 10/6, Tubing this Saturday (get with Sargento),

Prayers: Hipaa’s family as they bury his M’s Grandfather today, Timeframe and his M’s Aunt, Safe travels for Breaker Breaker and family.

The Birthday Theme

YHC had the Q and with my birthday just the day prior, I decided to come up with a theme for the new number. 38 is the key.

I got there a little early to plant the flag and shoot the breeze with Orangeman, who is just into anything fitness, whether biking, running (to and from the workouts), etc.

Pax roll in and we circle up for the pledge and disclaimer. I am not a big fan of a warmup, although I need to be, but we mosey to the courts to receive instruction. Count off by twos and partner up. There is an even number so it worked out.
P1 moseys to other end of court to do said number of exercise while P2 stays back and does LBCs. Switch so both partners do the exercise.

Round 1: Squats, CDDs, Flutter Kicks, SSH, Merkins x38
Round 2: Lunges (each leg counts), Moroccan Night Clubs, Heel Touches, High Knees, dum dum dum BURPEES!!!!! X38.

We set a record today for the number of LBCs done in a workout.

Mosey back to the start and circle up for some Mary. Boudin and Dolph called five burpees, Breaker Breaker called five more and then some more Moroccan night clubs. Finish with the wave of merkins from five down.

Announcements, Name-o-Rama, COT.

Announcements: Friday night F3Dads at the Grizzlies (get in touch with Roscoe), 2.0 workout at Folsom on Saturday, 2nd F kayaking from Floyd and Blackies in Cramerton on Saturday at 10:00 (Sargento), Ruck event leaving Saturday 6/23 to Grandfather Mountain (Hot for Teacher or Whoopee),

Prayer requests: Lynn Hamm, BBs Uncle, Teslas Uncle, Clark Family, Coworkers, High School grads at beach and good decisions, Kotters (reach out). Dr. Seuss took us out.

Thanks for being out there and celebrating the birthday with me gents. Truly an honor to be around you all. I am humbled.

Q…Bueller, Bueller

Well, this has happened to me twice. A Pax had the Q and while talking with another Pax on Saturday, it was confirmed. However, when time was close, they were a no-show. A few people started asking and all I had up my sleeve for a backup was the blockbuster. Sargento manned up and said how about the ABC where you do an exercise based on the letter as long as I would do the backblast. It was set and away we went. Apparently when put on chopping block, you cant think of an exercise beginning with that letter. Of course, B was for burpees, but thinking three ahead, when L popped up, YHC said lunges. That was to some shagrin because LBCs were right there. X came around and an extra lap was noted. It was a fun disaster.

Lessons to learn:
1. Always have a spare Q should this happen.
2. If you are on the list and know, SHOW UP. People depend on you. If not, let someone know ahead of time.
3. Follow up with your Qs, regardless if you have heard they are good. I didn’t learn the first time, but I have the second. It wont happen again men and I apologize for the lack of leadership on the part of the Site Q.
4. Its getting hot…..Wear deodorant you smelly rascals!!!! This is not amusing.

Announcements: Convergences this Saturday at Midoriyama at 0700, hike up Grandfather on June 23 (get with hot for teacher), 2nd F next weekend.

Prayers: Coworker losing his mother, Abbas shoulder, Flush’s knee, Lynn Hamm, BBs uncle aneurism and stroke, Graduates

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