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BOOM Docks


S- ssh 25ic

T- tomahawk 15ic

O- overhead squats 10sc

R- rocky balboas 15ic

M- Moroccan Night Clubs 25ic


The Thang 1:

Dora 123 at the loading docks

100 merkins

200 lbc

300 squats

The Thang 2:

Crossroads: 4 way crossroad in front of school aka round about.

Road one: 10 merkins

Road two: 20 squats

Road three: 20 lbc

Road four: 20 mt. climbers

At the center before taking other road 5 burpees


All 11 pax named an ab workout for a 10 oyo or 10 ic count.


100s at the Painlab

After the HC to Rudolph to Q this thing, I wanted to make it as good as it could be, especially following Wojo’s Q last week.  Painlab has been one of the most awesome AO workouts.  If you’re on the IR and cant handle impact, its there.  If your knee is bothering with an ache and running hurts it, its there.  If you want to get some weight work in, its there.

Lets get to it.  Circle up with Clavin and company for the warmup (WU), disclaimer, etc. and then grab the kettlebells, dumbbells, whatever and circle up.  No rain so the plan remains to meet around Frank (native statue and entrance).  We do another small WU to loosen the shoulders, set the music up and get after it.

Thang:  Take whatever kettlebell you have and do 100 of each exercise called.  Every time you stop during that 100, multiply x2 and do that amount of burpees.  For instance, if you stop five times, you do ten burpees when you get to the 100th rep.

Exercises were curls, KB swings, goblet squats, crunches, tricep OH extension, straight leg dead-lifts. We didn’t get to the step-ups due to me wanting to make sure we got Flush in there.  Before we get to that, we lined up and put all the KBs on one end while we got side by side into American Hammer position (feet off the ground).  Woody started handing them down the line.  When we get done, go back the other way.  Rudolph called flutters in the middle which succeeded in baking YHCs abs.  Flush then took over and stretched us out using his torture method.  I have really enjoyed Yoga because it is so difficult to get into the positions you need to and then hold them for 30 seconds.  At this time, the rest of the pax join us with their jeers, but when they joined in the balance and core work, they were shaking like a dog passing a peach seed.  Times up and we turn it back over to Clavin to finish.

Moleskin:  The best thing about this is there was no mumble chatter.  With everyone counting to 100, no room to mess up and start over or stop and have burpees added.  It was talked about that if you take a lighter weight and do a lot of reps, its every bit as difficult and provides a burn like no other.  Woody pushed it today and Duke was honest with himself.  When we asked how many he had left, he could have been closer so we tell him grab 10 more and we all do burpees with him.  You can still pick up the six.  Great work Duke.  You’re never out until your six feet under.  A lot of men having been putting in work with the 40 days of discipline.  That’s been tough but worth it.  I have felt so much better cutting the crap out of my diet.  One last thing to leave you with is thinking about the impact you make on each other and those not in your daily circle.  Think about our group.  Managers, doctors, fabricators, police and the list goes on.  What a diverse group of HIM we have.  How would we ever hang out together in the normal world?  Now, think about how your life not only directly affects F3 men, but those you interact with day to day.  Listen to the song “Craig” by Walker Hayes.  You matter so keep pushing it and get better….hold yourself accountable and keep moving forward.  Whether an inch a day or a mile, forward progress is progress.

Tophat’s Backblast…by Mayor

Sing the title to the “by mennen” tune.

Since Tophats refuses to get on twitter, F3 Gastonia for backblasts or slack, we are forced to do it for him so give him the push to get on there.

When I pulled in and was waiting I saw Boudin getting in some work trying to push it.  I also witnessed tophat putting out his trademark cones and placed workouts.  He takes the extra effort and laminates them.

Time came and 10 men were waiting.  He started with a mosey around the school lot and over to the cones.  Each  Pax picks a place and does the stated exercise and runs a lap when finished…Oh, and with two bricks (ALL THE TIME).  Some exercises had blocks and dumbbells.  Here’s what I remember.  Dumbbell chops, squats, seal jacks, overhead presses, merkins, curls and some others.

Finish, grab the coupons and mosey to the wall.  Different exercises called while pax partners run around the building.  Balls to the Wall, wall pushes, shoulder taps, electric chair.  At some point, halfway around the building we had to do five burpees.

Mosey back to cones and pick two exercises as a team pair and knock them out.  Mosey back to start.

2nd F Bowling is coming up next Friday 2/16 at Lake Wylies Bowl and Bounce.  Roscoe is getting together the F3 Dads (all family included) snowless tubing at Crowders Ridge.  See his backblast for more information.

Pretty good Q with some mumble chatter.

Prayers for Hippa and Abba coworkers.  Kiwi is doing better.  Teslas sister.

AMRAP Baby!!!

Well gents, we meet again.  After having some awesome dudes step up and lead, it was my turn to get back in the mix again and I always try to put a good one on.  I even put an event in my phone to remind me to look it up.  Its no surprise, I am a weightlifter and not a runner, but I need both so I got to work.  After putting the weinke together and writing it out, I put some cones in the truck so I would be ready.  I pulled up and Boudin was coming back after some EC rucking.  I put some cones out by just opening the door and dropping them and when I got back to the start, I got out of the truck and didn’t like the feel in the air.

Time comes and we had a good showing so lets get after it.

Warmup:  None…what are we ?

Thang:  Run to the school, circle up for instruction and go (to music).  Set the timer for 10 minutes and complete four sets of four exercises and run a lap around said cones as many times as possible in the time limit.
Set 1 SHOULDERS – CDDs x10, Wall Walks x5, Hip Slappers x10 (SC/single count), Shoulder taps x10 (SC).
Set 2 LEGS – Squats x15, Lunges x10 each leg, Calf Raises x20, 90 degree wall sit for 30 seconds.
Set 3 CHEST – Diamond Merks x8, Werkins x8, Regular x8, Archers x8 or to failure.  If failure, go to next exercise.
Set 4 CORE – Supreme Crunch x10, Reverse Crunch x10, Situps x10, Scissor crunch x10.

Mosey back to start for pledge, name-o-rama, announcement and BOM.

During the 1st round, I realized I never started my watch, which made governing time a little more challenging, however, I did have my phone and CAT Bluetooth speaker cranking and awesome blend.  There were a few comments about skipping over some songs and leaving others, one said it was my graduation playlist, but third eye blind is legit.  There was lots of good chatter.  YHC ended up commenting on someones form only to be the victim minutes later.  We covered right at two miles and got some serious work in.  I got chastised for getting the six when I asked everyone to go back for them.  Come to think of it, Sargento did seem to critique me a lot today, but I know its his way of trying to make me better because of the greatness he sees in me; plus hes jealous of the playlist.  By the way, after the mosey back to Metallica’s Master of Puppets, I skipped a few more and here were the songs that followed:  Kiss (Prince), Stepping Away (Stereomud), Welcome to the Jungle (GNR), Dancing with Myself (Billy Idol).  The lesson is sometimes workouts just aren’t long enough.

Prayers:  Teslas Sister, M’s Co-workers and many more unnamed.

Announcements:  2nd F for the whole family on 2/16 at the lanes in Belmont; Flag football in Metro oon Sunday 2/4/18 at 3:00 )get with Tesla on clown car info-Needs 10); Roscoe and F3 Dads at Crowders Ridge snow-less tubing (check his preblast for all information).

Moleskin:  It was awesome to be out there just pushing it today.  It was good to see from friends out there and have a laying on of hands for a PAX in need.  It was an honor and pleasure fellows and I will see you in the gloom.

Its cold and we’re lost

Oh boy was I looking forward to coming back after tear duct surgery to post in the frozen tundra.  I knew for sure that no one would show up.  I texted with Dolph the day before and said same plan as always, if no one shows up lets get a bite and some coffee.  That plan has been in place and there has always been someone crazy show up and we get to it.  Today was no exception.  With time called and the bell rang, we got started.

SSH x10ic, Grass Pokers x10ic (clapping started by Sargento, but im sure it was just my form he was impressed with), MNC x??ic.

The Thang
Mosey to predetermined spots for an old tophat special with pain stations set up.  Each Pax picks a station and does said exercise.  There were two kettlebells and a sandbag appearance.

Stations were:  Merkins (single count) x25, Squats x50, Upright row or curls x25 with 50# kettlebell, Elbow Plank x60 second count, Run and extra lap, Sandbag cleans or squat press x20, Calf raises x50, French fries x20 (each arm), Front raise with 27# kettlebell.  After the pax finish whatever exercise they are on, run a lap and advance to the next station.

We ended up doing two sets rounds.  The first was a little hazy as we had some run one direction and others run the other way.  This only created an issue when two met on the coupon exercises.  My favorite memories is when Monk started up one side and ran past me as I was doing squats and then come back the same way.  I scratched my chin and thought, how do I make this better for the second round so I was crystal clear and thorough in all my instructions, Sargento, in his defiance did the opposite and said “im doing the same thing I did last time and all races are ran clockwise”.  Who was I to argue when we say modify as needed.

Run back to start and grab the pledge.

Where I was thinking about ditching the workout and thinking who would show up, there were seven, yes seven, show up.  More than half the temperature and we got to celebrate Monks respect for the first time since the first time.

Prayer requests
Wheezys dad and those dealing with depression around the holidays and those dealing with it without a calendar.  If you know someone, dont be afraid to speak with them and make sure they know there is a place for them to get help.

Field Day Fun

With all of the fun stuff happening in the workouts lately, I thought I would put my spice into the mix.

It was a cold, dark morning when I arrived in the gloom to see Dolph and Whoopie there.  Whoopie has been putting in some work for the rucking workout…yes, that is somewhat of a double entendre.  Anyway,  time comes and we circle up and with the running shoes on my toes, this is how it goes.



WU – SSH x10ic, Don Quixote x10ic, MNC x25ic

The Thang – Mosey to the front of the school for a relay.  Count off into threes.  #1 runs the loop around the front, #2 does one merican and five squats, #3 planks and move to the next station as a new man comes around.  Not really much of a time element to it, just more of a feel.  I enjoyed doing this by breaking the run up.

Next over to the golf ball bucket with the spoons.  I hijacked the spoons from the house and did a modified egg carry.  If the golf ball dropped, you had to do three burpees.  At the end, winners had to do five burpees.  There was some cheating by some folks who wont be mentioned by name, but ones claims to be a heart doctor and the other has severe competition issues.

Next was the shuttle run.  This was a little tight in the space designated and with Dolph and Breaker Breaker running at each other, they both moved in the same direction to get out of each others way and it did not work well.

Then to the wheelbarrow race.  Odd number so YHC decided to do burpees while all teams finished.

Then the bearcrawl race….that sucked so a quick jailbreak to the start for a good old fashioned game of freeze tag with some changes.  Everyone is it and if tagged, do 10 audible SSH and get back after it.  If tagged again, plank until no one is left.  We did to games and then some Mary.  All pax got the chance to call out an exercise and I love finishing with abs.

Announcements – Xmas party 12/1/17, Convergence at the Scheile 12/2/17 (bring toys for operation sweet tooth), we need Qs.  Stand up and lead either for the first time or again.  The numbers seem to dip down again around this time of year.  Be thinking if you want to take over site Q responsibility at any AOs.

Prayers – Brownstreak and his losses/setbacks (he took the Q today and it was awesome to see him), Tesla and his sister, Stroganoff and the loss of his uncle.

COT and out!!!

Always a pleasure men.

Impromptu Q

The week leading up to the Tuna 200 and in driving shape, I was trying to come down with something.  After a long weekend where I was couldn’t shake it off and wanting to sleep in, I put out a tweet to support Tesla in his post because a few weeks back, I recruited some Qs and Tesla stepped it up for this day.  Oops, hes out of state….oh well, step up and get it done.

Again, one of my favorite workouts is the 99.  Keeps you moving, hits a lot of the body and is just a lot of fun.  It was 5:22 and no one there.  5:23 and tophat shows up.  5:29 and they roll in hard.

MCCs ICx30
Grass Pokers (thanks to whoopie and dolph) ICx10

The Thang
Mosey around the parking lot to the round about and sprint up the hill to the school entrance.  Circle and begin.
99 SSH, 99 LBCs, 99 second wall sit, 99 flutter kicks, 9 merkins.  Repeat on down to 66.   At this point, SSH becomes high knees and merkins become burpees.  Push this all the way down to 22.  Run back to the start for COT and Name-o-rama with no time to spare.

I really didn’t want to be out there feeling terrible, but I pushed myself to make sure I was always the first done or close to it.  I have been thinking about that all week.  If I can push like that when I lead, why not when I follow?  The answer is its all in my head.  I come out to these things and get into the mumble chatter and even get mentioned when I’m not posting because of it.  I view that as a failure of mine that I have been at it this long and not shown the gains and noticed more for talk rather than actions.  I have been training to run these 5ks coming up at the end of the year and it is kicking my hind end.  I am running at a 12min pace and during these runs and I want to quit and that pisses me off because had I been putting out the effort I should have, I would be way ahead of where I am and would have been there eight months ago.  I do like that everyone holds each other accountable because that keeps me moving.  I posted today and really pushed it to make sure my laps were above a certain speed.  I even had a goal to catch Gilligan.  I didn’t, but he never left me.  Ive grown tired of the routine, but the road ahead is hard and there is a battle between what I want most and what I want now.  I don’t want to push, but I know I have to so I can get better.  Not just better for me, but my family.  They depend on me and I continually let them down, or at least I let myself down by not being the best man that I can be.  Thanks to Gods grace, we get another day and another shot.  Its limitless through him.  Sorry to get real, but that REAL TALK.

It was an honor men and I look forward to it again.


10 HIM showed up for a blockbuster.  There are a few workouts that I really like to do.  99, the vern and the blockbuster.  Today I modified the running in between as an experiment to see if it could be improved on, but looking back, I didn’t care for it and will go back to the basics.

What we did:
No warm up, just a mosey around the parking lot up to the blocks, circle up and start.  10 OH squats, curls, tricep extensions, front raise, good mornings and chest press.

In between each set, you typically run either a 1/4 mile or 1/2 mile.  What I tried to do was add some other work so one person would run to the gate and back (+/-1/4 mile) while the rest of the pax did flutter kicks.  So on and so forth.  Next runner went and we did LBCs, then plank and some french fries.

Then we teamed up and as the pax would say about YHC, poor instruction was given when I said double up, I meant each pax did 20 reps, not putting themselves together and doing 10 each, but I can learn from this.  One team runs while the rest do lunges, then a bridge after the second set of team work was done.  There was some modifications made as needed by some and we were out of time.

Time to put the blocks up, circle up and discuss the run back.  Not wanting to hold anyone up, I released them for the fastest lap around the parking lot to the flag – some got EC and ran around the school.  Just enough time for 60 seconds of Rocky Balboas and wave of merkins to 5.

Finish with the pledge.

Prayers were asked for Slim Shadys dad and a negative bone scan and Pax you haven’t seen in a while.  Its encouraged to reach out to any of those you know havent posted and be the one they can turn to that will hold them accountable.

Moleskin – While trying to do something new, it really didnt work.  We still got a good workout and I felt my internal mind telling me that I can still improve on leadership skills.  I promise to do better next time men, but it was a pleasure to workout beside you.

Burpeethon 2017 for Special Olympics NC

Well, going back in time a bit, the burpeethon was something that the Gastonia PD put together as a fundraiser for Special Olympics NC.  It was always a varied workout with burpees, but threatened to be discontinued this year after some outside workout organizations couldn’t get along.  That’s when F3 Gastonia stepped in and said we wont let this cause die.  It was a little difficult putting together our own event with the GPD regarding planning, stations, whose where, etc., but it all got done.  My M (Officer J.A. Quinley) started to roll with it and Freight our undisputed Nantan got on board and we showed up to workouts to preregister and make it as painless as possible.  With the support of our F3 group, that started as nothing more than a free mens workout, grew and grew and it truly humbled and inspired me.  You are all HIM.

We started set up and in rolls the mobile command, squad cars, the mule and some other tactical SWAT gear to put on some razzle dazzle.  Pax who posted started to show up, we had some very special Athletes there, who were amazing and pushed us, and the Ms and 2.0s who showed up as support and staff.

We opened with a moment of prayer from Officer Norton and then time to get down to it and the first heat teams are called.  Dolph is a good friend of mine and he teamed up with me and we were in the first heat with four other teams.  I didnt know who would struggle the most, me keeping up with him or him slowing down for me.  The answer is, ME.  The GPD has some pretty fit officers and they set the standards for exercises and demonstrated them to get the idea of what is and isn’t acceptable, but of course, modify as you need to.  They also pulled out a five foot piece of rope and had that up the sleeve because it was truly a team event.  The scene was set as we gathered around Rankin Lake and the weather was beautiful.  Call to start and we started doing synchronized burpees, in which, each hold the end of a rope and do burpees in sync and this is where I crushed it.  We were the first ones done.  Unfortunately, we were passed by all teams by the time we got to station #2.   Each teammate held their end of the rope as you moved thru the eight stations.

Station #1 – 20 synchronized burpees
Station #2 – Lunges from line to line (30 yards)
Station #3 – 100 Air Squats
Station #4 – Burpee broad jumps from line to line (30 yards)
Station #5 – 15 incline sit-ups (modified down from 25)
Station #6 – Duck walk from line to line (+/-40 yards)
Station #7 – Bear crawl from sign to sign (+/-40 yards)
Station #8 – 20 synchronized burpees
All stations done at various points of the lake loop that is +/-1.75 miles

Station #8 is where the rubber met the road.  There were a couple other Clydesdales like me that struggled.  I had to sit out for five minutes and then get back at it to finish it up.  The point is that everyone finished.  A special shout-out to “The M Squad”.  Gena and Jo rocked a time of +/-26 minutes.  Gena is a part of FIA and not sure what her name is, but it should be USS McCampbell.  That is a Destroyer whose tag is “relentless in battle”.  Jo, Tooltimes M showed up in flip flops and just ready to help take care of sign-ins and hand out shirts, until a last minute audible and she stepped up, borrowed a pair of shoes, got a shirt and did the work out on the fly.  These women and animals and my hat is off to them!!!!!!  By the way, this is the second person in a row that Tooltime has unknowingly backed the bus over.  A few more and there will be a support group.

After all of the teams came in, we took a little trip to the mobile command and posed for a picture.  Look for some more information in the newsletter.  After this, turn the temperature up, because its time for the minute competitions.  Max reps in 60 seconds for Burpees, Merkins, Sit-ups and hip slappers.  This was awesome.  I enjoyed this thoroughly, although I didnt come close to winning, but seeing the men in a circle around their bros cheering them on.  Defib, Flush and Blart were the victors, with Defib taking two crowns.

Finish with a BOM

Moleskin – At the end of the day, F3 Gastonia brought in over $1,400 in sign ups, competitions and some very, very special men who donated some large amounts.  I know who you are and you guys are ambassadors and have my respect.  Thank you.  I was worried when tasked with this if anyone would come out since it has a cost implication, does anyone care about this, etc. and I am truly blown away by your support and your actions. You men (and ladies) are examples of what it means to be truly exceptional.  A special thanks to Freights M (Melissa) for her efforts and anyone else who came out in support (Linus, Hushpuppy, Ash Pond, Oompa) and Sidecars M for the Monster drink donation.  Please forgive me if I missed any others, but we know you were there.  Also thanks to all those who gave donations because you were elsewhere but saw fit to help out.  It meant so much to those athletes that we were there.  Tracy (SONC Athlete) mentioned in her speech that God doesn’t just put us anywhere, its where we can make the most impact.  Hearing those words and seeing who they were coming from just blew me away.  Jason, another athlete, who was getting pictures with all of us.  Did you see their medals???  They are so proud of them and thanks to these efforts, they can enjoy the fellowship of their own in competition.  I have attached a few pictures that are amazing, especially the shovel flag.  Look for more in the newsletter.  Look for a bigger and better one next year…they have started to plan it.

Thanks again…

Hurricane Irma..pfft – HURRICANE ANDREW

Alright Gents,

The Honorable Mayor had the Q on a rainy day.  I knew this would have a light turnout so I tried to think of a workout that would be able to be done under some shelter, but still fit with F3 and done outside.  our beloved Brownstreak brought us “THE 99”, which is a carry over from a PAX in Mountain Island where he started out.  Its a close quarter, fast paced, hard charged, straight up killing it workout.  Since I reached out and had the wienke figured out, but with the potential low turnout, what I didnt want is to hear someones heavy breathing up close or have them hear mine (thats reserved for the one who sees your O-Face), I had to find us some music.  Thanks to the family account for spotify, Rock was able to be dialed up.  Funny thing was, due to my eclectic musical tastes, the recommended stations were Metallica (Heavy Metal) and Tenth Avenue North (Christian) all while playing the Rolling Stones Honky Tonk Woman.  If you didnt read the BB from shortsale, it was metal.

0529 and its just Dolph and I (notice proper English) and then Tesla comes rolling in hot and jumps in at the second set.

About eight minutes in, there is another car that shows up and out jumps My Boy Blue from the Raleigh Pax.  He had a funny story about how he looked on line, saw Midoriyama at 5:30 and just went there.  He missed the P.M. part and made some amazing time.

The Thang – Set 1-99, 9,etc of exercises (see attached pic), Set 2 – 88,8, etc., Set 3 – 77,7, etc…you get the point.  We made it all the way through and finished up with 10 burpees just because we can.

Announcements – Burpeethon 9/16/2017 @ 0900 Rankin Lake Park.  Bring a friend.

Moleskin – just check out the other picture…..shows how a real man can stay stationary for a Q and still get the distance in.  Garmin looked at its data after I logged my workout and said clearly this isnt right and filled in the route from there.

Thanks Dolph for taking us out.


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