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Crazy Eights with 2 Jokers

Folsom 2-17-18 Disclaimer, warm up with SSH IC, and Abe Vigodas. Team Timberlake received a D6 die apiece, so they could pay a penalty of die roll number of eight count body builders to pass “real men” during the workout. Penalty goes both ways (suspect sort of like Team Timberlake members) if you got passed, you paid the price. Yes, Huck, the Q paid the penalty four times.


Mosey to picnic shed bottom of the parking lot. Lots of dice rolling. Eight merkins OYO.

Mosey to top of hill at park entrance. Plank for the six. Eight LBCs in cadence.

Back down the hill. Plank for the six.

PAX complained about soccer arms after second set of merkins.

Mosey to top of hill. Plank for the six.

Eight LBCs IC.

Back down the hill. Plank for the six.

More merkins.

Mosey to top of hill. Q had to pay. PAX did flutters for the six. Wasn’t the Q.

PAX collectively decided to be disobedient on counting 8 LBCs so Omahed to 88 OYO

Back down the hill. Q had to pay.

More merkins.

Mosey to top of hill. Q had to pay.

88 LBC’s.

Pledge at entrance flagpole.

Mosey to flag. Q had to pay. 22 Double shoulder taps IC for the vets. 88 LBC’s. 8 Merkins Ring of Fire. Announcements. Prayer requests. COT. YHC took them out.

Got Cussed and Didn’t Care

16 PAX, including one FNG, showed up on a Thursday afternoon for a fun run at Midoriyama.

I sent out a pre-blast about map reading to warn the PAX to avoid the upcoming beatdown.

I showed up early and pasted the AO with maps and symbols. There were 16 stations with either a triangle, diamond, circle, or square. Each symbol instructed PAX to perform 25 reps of the designated exercise. Triangles=merkins; circles=Mike Tysons; Squares=LBCs; and diamonds=burpees.

I told everyone the smartest thing they could do was get back in their cars and go home. Slaw was ordered to grab a “to go” bucket, run to the volleyball sandpit, fill the bucket with sand and return. Slaw also had to carry the bucket everywhere we went and off we go.

One FNG, so brief disclaimer, no warm up as this isn’t FIA. We counted off into two teams with the intent of one team running 16 to 1, and the other running 1-16, but, Omaha’d into individual efforts from 1-16.

Moseyed to Station 1 through Station 16. Ran 2.8 miles with 400 exercises. Q’d from the six. Or close to it. Much fun and mumble chatter was had by all.

It’s okay that two of you cussed me the entire way, and the rest sniped at me on social media. I forgive you crybabies. We will run farther the next time.

COT and a hearty welcome to Padawan.

Bals, Blocks and Bar Hopping

YHC was super excited! Due to illness and injury, got to pinch-pinch hit Q at Folsom for the first time! Watched Slaw and Sister Act get in some EC, as Sparky pulled in with his six playthings that I had asked him to bring. Sparky was early, and no one really believed it was possible twice in one week. Swimmer and Medicine Woman got out of their trucks and the PAX straggled in. All PAX looked fearfully at the Sparky’s trailer waiting on the bad news. The news was bad. Dolph was sick, and they got stuck with Oompa Loompa as Q.


Disclaimer, warm up with 25 SSH IC, Moroccan Night Clubs for Ash Pond. Pledge, then 12 Don Quixotes IC.


Pair up, grab a bar out of Sparky’s trailer, stick a cinderblock on each end. Sparky was early, can you believe it? Pick it up and mosey to lower parking lot. Mumble chatter that Q is only carrying a soccer ball. Q isn’t stupid. Three sets of mumble chatterers sent to bottom of parking lot hill with playthings. Remainder ground gear at top of lot.


Gather at the middle of the parking lot for 100 LBC IC. 25 Toy Soldiers IC. 60 second Plank. 25 Hillbillies IC. Countdown plank from 50. We hear a train, but, Q declares burpees are deferred.


Mosey back to top of parking. Split into two teams. Team A kicks soccer ball and Team B sprints after it, Team A does merkins till B returns with ball. Flip Flop. Rinse and repeat.

Next go around, Team A kicks soccer ball, then does merkins. Team B grabs bars and blocks and returns ball. Flip Flop. Merlot spill #1. Rinse and repeat. Both game and merlot!


Gather at the center of the parking lot. 100 more LBCs IC. Plank. Rosalitas IC. 60 second



Mosey to bottom of parking lot. Flutters IC. Merlot. Diddybop to picnic shelter for 40 dips IC, 50 inclines.


Diddybop to bottom of parking lot. Pair up, grab bars and blocks, mosey to middle of parking lot.

Ground the gear. Kick the ball, and alternating bearcrawl, Joe Hendrix and crabwalk after ball uphill both ways.


Pair up, grab bars and blocks, mosey to top of hill. Grab a block, grab a bar, or grab both. 20 Shoulder presses and 20 curls IC. Slaw gets punished for mentioning the Q wasn’t detailed oriented with a sprint down the hill to the picnic shelter for 5 burpees. Divide into 5 pairs and a triple. Sprint down in teams for 5 burpees, while remaining pax do merkins.


Grab a block, grab a bar, grab both or grab a ball. Semi-jailbreak back to shovel flag. Put playthings away like momma taught you in Sparky’s trailer. Sparky was early, can you believe it? 100 LBCs and 22 for the vets.


Prayer requests for friends, family and PAX on IR. COT and YHC took us out.


Family Reunion

YHC has been out for a few weeks with a sore hip joint so to motivate myself I signed up to Q and we had 16 strong for the reunion. Ash Pond and Blart (age 42) were not there. Swimmer who just turned 44 was there. Happy Birthday Swimmer! Tiger rolling in hot! Let’s get started.

Warm Up SSH x 15 IC, Cotton Pickers x 15 IC, CDD’s x 15 IC, Say the pledge. Quick count equals 16 so let’s mosey.

Mosey to the big soccer field on the left, meet in the center for Four Corners. Count off by 4’s, Each group goes to separate corners. 1’s perform Merkins x 20 IC. 2’s perform Plank Jacks x 20 IC. 3’s perform 20 LBC’s IC, 4’s perform 20 SSH IC. After each corner run back to the center with your group for 5 burpees then run to the next corner until we all had completed a cycle. Crowd pleaser.

Mosey to the Dog Park Hill. Run up the hill, touch the fence, run back down for 10 WWI sit ups. Repeat x 5. Another crowd pleaser.

Mosey to the long parking lot near the playground and find some curb. 10 Mike Tysons.

Mosey to the picnic shelter for 80 D’s. 20 Derkins, 20 (Hello) Dolly’s, 20 Dips, 20 Diamond Merkins. Repeated with 10 reps each.

Mosey back to the flag.

We talked about how life is fragile. A local family lost a 9 year old named Glenn Jackson after a long illness. I talked about how much of a fighter he was. We also talked about a fellow F3 Pax named Gremlin who passed away. Life is short. Tell those around how you feel. Don’t put off the important things. Tell others about God’s love.

Announcements: Rooster Relay is Saturday. Let Site Q’s know if you didn’t receive the newsletter in your email. It was a good read with our own Slaw telling about what F3 has done for him. Forge is a Wednesday night Bible Study/Discussion at Grits and Greens in Lowell at 6:30 p.m. with this week’s topic of forgiveness. This has been well attended the first 2 weeks but we have a large room to ourselves if we can fill it.

Prayer Requests: Glenn Jackson family, Gremlin’s family, friend of Arial openly talked about suicidal thoughts, all of our F3 brothers.

COT YHC took us out.

  • Great to be back in the gloom with the guys. It’s always a pleasure to lead and the Pax really pushed the rock today. We ran around 2.5 miles with around 340 reps. It was great to have that push from everyone today. I really needed it as I am not back to 100%. Y’all know how to make an old guy feel welcome. Even got an unusually long hug by a former Nantan! I missed you too! Love seeing Tyson, Mr. Bubbles and Arial (Bridges brothers) working out together. Great to see Lil Sweet back as his work has been busy lately. Birthday boy Swimmer was getting it done today and even helped me count merkins when I was out of breath. Tool Time, Tyson and Slaw pushing the pace as usual forcing all of us to keep up! Floppy Disk must have been in a hurry to get back to the flag as he showed the famous Floppy sprint towards the end!

Football and Rugby Sprints

10 strong on a perfect day for a workout at Midoriyama. Slaw thankfully had his shirt on. Pizza Man got in an extra 1.5 miles (EC) in probably 10 minutes. Great to have JJ with us for his first visit to Midoriyama and it’s always good to have a fellow Tarheel fan. I knew many of our HIM’s have a busy time in this season so I was happy with the turnout. Believe it or not, you will definitely miss all of the kid’s holiday programs and activities when they are gone! Let’s get after it.

Warmup was short. SSH x 5, Cotton Pickers x 5, Hillbillies x 5. Mumblechatter started, even with no Freight or Tool Time.

Mosey to the parking lot near softball Field #4 to find 5 parking spots with sidewalk chalk listing 5 exercises:

10 burpees, 20 Flutter Kicks, 30 CDD’s, 40 Squats, 50 Seal Jacks with each guy starting in a different parking spot. Run a lap around the two parking lots after each exercise. Some guys got in more than a cycle but Q stopped after one cycle. Reminder that this exercise is a lot like our lives. It may seem others are way ahead of you but we each start in different places and have to keep running our own race each day. Each guy is running the same race as you so be open to help each other when you can.

Mosey to the playground, several 2.0’s playing, Omaha, so keep moseying to the small soccer field. 2 bricks awaiting each Pax on the soccer field end line.

Curls x 50

On Your Six Chest Presses x 50

Put down the blocks for Freddie Mercuries (14 IC or so) until Q says Sprint, then sprint to the mid field line, sprint back to the end line then walk back to the mid field line (Sprint, sprint, walk which is suppose to imitate a Rugby match).

WWI’s (OYO) at midfield until Q says Sprint, then sprint to end line, sprint back to mid field line, then walk back to end line. (Wojo would have loved these.)

Repeat this starting with the curls. Crowdpleaser!

Mosey back to playground for 5 pullups, 10 American Hammers x 3 sets.

Mosey to the parking lot near the turd shack for Frisbee Rules Football. YHC had a nice size area with pylons marking the end zones. Pax counted off and split into teams. Had this been traditional football, I believe my team would have easily won, but playing this less than manly version of the game, the other team squeaked out a very close one but I can’t seem to remember the very close score. Speed seemed to be the deciding factor as Pizza Man and Sister Act together were a blur in the gloom! They even ran a basketball fast break one time but traveling was called. There were several Unnecessary Roughness/Illegal Contact penalties that were missed but I am sure fines will be applied when the league office reviews the tape.

I had a short word asking each guy to think about goals for 2018 and be planning on ways to accomplish those in the new year. Remember the Reason for the Season!

Mosey back to the flag. Pledge. 22 for the Vets led by Oompa Loompa. Announcements, Joe Davis Run in Fort Mill Jan. 6th.

Prayer Requests


*I challenge each Pax to try to post a little more in 2018 and EH a few more guys! An F3 saying is so true, “F3 was what I didn’t know I needed.” I was in pretty good shape, had a few good friends, always tried to live out my faith but F3 has increased all of those areas in my life. Thanks for the chance to lead and thanks to all of the F3 Gastonia HIM’s for a great year!


Folsom Trio

Three PAX showed up for a Sparky-less beat down minus both the Q and coupons from Slaw.


Volt, Hank, Oompa Loompa.

(Huck, Slaw & Longhorn Roadie were not there)


No warmup.

Mosey to flag pole for pledge.

Mosey to parking lot for lunges.

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to tennis court for suicide elevens.

AB fab time.

Mosey to parking lot.

22 for the vets.

YHC took us out

Medicine Woman on IR

Sky Writing at Folsom

7 Strong on a chilly morning at Folsom. With an ambitious Weinke, and wanting to have time for it all, we began.


SSH, Cotton Pickers, Hillbillies all IC x 10

The Thang(s)

Mosey to the road to the flag for Pledge.

Short mosey to the parking lot near the road.

Sidewalk Chalk: Everyone pick a parking space with an exercise listed. 10 Burpees, 20 Calf Raises, 30 CDD’s, 40 Squats, 50 Seal Jacks with a lap around both parking lots between each. Reminder: Men may think others around us are ahead of us, but we are all going through things that we have to overcome.

Mosey to the Tennis Courts.

Tabata type exercises (I think that’s what Short Sale calls them): 1 minute of AMRAP with 20 seconds of rest. SSH, Merkins, American Hammers, Squats, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Plank. (This was where a discussion about recent sky writing art done by fighter pilots was discussed in great detail. Slaw and Roscoe are working on an exercise to commemorate this art).

Mosey to the Picnic Shelter.

40 D’s (was supposed to be 80 D’s but had to modify for time): Derkins, Dolly, Dips and Diamond Merkins x 10.

Mosey to the big parking lot near the softball fields. We had a drive through visit from Swimmer and Gumby headed to WWC for a mountain bike race. I can tell you those guys are fast on those bikes.

Crossroads: Meet in the middle of the lot. Partner up. P1 karaokes up to top of the lot for 10 LBC’s, P2 karaokes to the bottom the lot for 10 Squats. Everyone does 5 burpees when we get back to the middle each time. (Slaw was happy.) P1 nurs to the left for 10 Hillbillies, P2 nurs to the right for 10 Imperial Walkers. Repeat but P1 switches with P2.

Mosey to the flat parking lot before the softball fields for a crowd favorite.

Frisbee Rules Football: Teams were divided pretty evenly and lots of scoring and fun. Volt has a very good arm! YHC was dropping touchdown passes like I had money on the other team or we would have won but Slaw, Roscoe and Pockets prevailed and amazingly no one was injured!

Mosey back to the flag.

A car slows down at a stop sign and keeps driving. A cop sees him and pulls him over. The cop asks, “Why didn’t you stop?” The man says, “I slowed down. “The cop pulls out his nightstick and starts beating him. “Now,” the cop says, “do you want me to stop or slow down?”

“To be entirely safe from the devil’s snares the man of God must be completely obedient to the Word of the Lord. The driver on the highway is safe, not when he reads the signs but when he obeys them.”  AW Tozer

Its not enough to read and know how we should live but we have to obey and live it to truly become who we need to be.


Speed For Need at ChristmasTown 5K on Saturday, Nov. 25th. Be there around 5 p.m., race starts at 6. We have over 40 representing F3 Gastonia and the race is full so show up and support our brothers.

Dec. 2nd Convergence at Gashouse (Schiele) 7:00 am and bring toys for Operation Sweet Tooth.

Prayer Requests:  Pizza Man’s family, Brownstreak’s family, Roadie’s family, Oompa’s daughter.


*Always nice to Q at Folsom and we almost visited the entire park. Thanks to each PAX for the push and keeping this old guy motivated to be better each day!




Nice Shorts

Strong crowd of 15 men for beautiful fall weather with the park pretty much to ourselves. There were discussions about certain men’s choice of apparel and that’s one of those “Show to Know” kinda things so we will leave it there. We waited an extra 15 seconds for Asssh Pond, Sidecar and Floppy Disk to no avail. Great to see Pockets back at Midoriyama. Short Sale coming in hot so here we go.


SSH x 10 IC, Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, Squats x 10 IC, despite numerous attempts to undermine the Q’s count, we persevered, except we may have done 11 or 12 squats.

Mosey to the large soccer field near the dog park. Now that Roadie has become a runner, we all tried to keep up with him but it wasn’t easy.

The Thang:

Line up on the end line, run a quarter of the field, 25 Merkins, nur back to the end line.

Run to the mid field line, 25 Squats, nur back.

Run three quarters of the field, 25 Mountain Climbers, nur back.

Run the entire field, 25 SSH, nur back. Maybe a little too much nur in that one.

Mosey to the playground

5 Pullups, 10 Derkins, 3 Sets

Mosey to the Picnic Shelter at this time in the dark gloom.

Circle Up for Fives

Fresh mulch smell was in the air as we began. 5 reps of each of these using full size blocks courtesy of Slaw’s mancave.

5 each of Merkins, LBC’s, Block Curls, On Your Six Block Chest Presses, SSH (No blocks), Squats with Blocks and Overhead Presses, Burpees/Blockees, then run a long lap around the 2 parking lots and back down the entry road. 3 Sets. With a few minutes remaining, Q made a tragic mistake of relinquishing the counting duties to Slaw for Curls. Not sure how many but more than 30 as I recall. Still reeling from the curls, another mistake letting Tool Time call the On Your Six Chest Presses with Blocks and I got woozy around 50 or so and almost lost a tooth but I think we stopped at 75. Ouch! There was a phrase used, not by YHC, to help our muscle definition during this exercise that is NSFW, something like “Squeeze Those …….!” Show to Know! Canteen then commented that he was through with his warm up!

Mosey back to the flag.

22 for the Vets called by Slaw since Oompa wasn’t there.

I recalled a verse Hebrews 10:25 that says something like, “Don’t forsake the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” I related how I was brought up by my mother and I really believe one of the best things she ever did for me as a child was take me to church. I don’t believe I would be half the man, father, husband, brother or friend I am today without that important step in my life so I encouraged all of the Pax to find a church for their family to grow in especially if you have kids. I believe strongly that everyone would be blessed by going to church.


F3 Dad’s Event for the Family, Sunday, Nov. 12th at Martha Rivers Picnic Shelter #1 at 2:30 p.m. with a workout followed by Ice Cream or maybe Coffee. All ages.

Advisory Board Meeting at Cavendish, Sunday, Nov. 12th 6:30 p.m.

Christmas Party at Lotus on Dec. 1st, $30 per person, money to Freight before Nov. 19th, bring the M.

Convergence at Gashouse on Saturday, Dec. 2nd at 7:00 am with everyone bringing toys for Operation Sweet Tooth. All Saturday workouts moved to Gashouse (Schiele).

Prayer Requests: Brownstreak in the loss of his Dad, Pizza Man’s Grandfather is in his last days, Those battling addictions and their families, I asked each guy to try to be available for each other as every man here is going through challenges.




We ran 2.7 miles (6 miles if we had MW’s old watch) and had over 400 reps of various activities. It is a pleasure to lead such a great group. I appreciate the big crowd and everyone pushing and helping everyone else in the group. You guys are a big inspiration to me and keep pushing that rock!

Football and other stuff

YHC hasn’t had a Q in a while and prefer to let others Q but it’s a good part of F3 that all of us take a turn leading so here we go.

Warm up to the sounds of a Def Leppard (the rock group) song! SSH, Cotton Pickers, Box Cutters and Squats all IC x 10. Even through relentless attacks on my counting ability, YHC persevered.


Indian Run to the first soccer field with the last in line passing the football to the first and the first guy waiting for the group to pass and then passing to the first, etc. Dropped passes = 1 burpee… we did several burpees on our way.

The Thang

I always look to have a different workout each time I Q, so I “borrowed” some things from Stone Cold’s Wednesday morning Q at Snowballs/Martha’s House.

Get our coupons, half blocks in this case. Merkins, LBC’s, Curls with blocks, Chest Press with blocks,  SSH, Squats with Overhead Press with blocks, burpees, all x 5, then run a lap, repeat 3 sets.

Partner up, P1 runs across field while P2 does AMRAP of the same list of exercises as above.

Lunge walk half the soccer field with your block, drop block and sprint the other half, nur back, pick up block, lunge back to start. Repeat! That was tough! Put up coupons.

Frisbee Rules football. I think our team won but there was questionable officiating that made keeping score difficult. Somehow I took a direct hit to the face and Short Sale caught it for a touchdown, one of several he had! Freight wasn’t there so not much fighting or penalties.

Mosey back to the flag Indian Run style with football passing again and more burpees! Bad idea on the burpee penalty! Our young friend, 10 year old Batman showed up about this time very upset that we were finished!

22 Merkins for the Vets.

I gave a quick word on unity which is a large discussion right now. I quoted several scriptures that urge us to seek unity and reminded us that it begins at home and with our circle of influence. Don’t just quote it but try to live it and strive for it in all of our relationships.

Announcements, Prayer Requests, Huck’s quad, Our local Relay test run guys, injured, our country! Great push today in the heat and each guy brought it!

Moleskin –  There was a discussion about bearded millenials and it so happens that Sidecar may be too old to be one but Huckleberry maybe could be. Defib and I did this similar workout with Stone Cold but he didn’t seem to mind  the repeat. Thanks to Pizza Man for leading the planking for the six. Our new guy Brilliant is really getting better fast and I noticed he may sweat as much as me. Swimmer had a new bike which he decided to try to ride out of the back of his truck. It didn’t end well but no broken bones. Swimmer, Canteen and Sister Act got in some EC biking on the trails. Blart and Ash Pond didn’t fight during football so that was good. Oompa Loompa was pushing hard even after his Tuesday beatdown! Great to see Short Sale on this side of the county! Thanks for the opportunity to lead!


Oompa Loompa 400

13 PAX, including two Welcome-Back-Kotters, showed up on a hot Tuesday afternoon for a fun in the sun at Midoriyama. Not to mention any names, but, the fatigue from a Sunday Frisbee golf outing, might have made cowards of certain unnamed PAX.

I sent out a pre-blast smokescreen to warn the PAX to avoid the upcoming beatdown. Slaw Q’d the first workout I attended as a FNG, 365 days ago, and is currently unavailable due to something called work, so I wanted to give everyone a large helping of Slaw so he won’t be missed.

I showed up early and pasted the AO with maps and symbols. There were 16 stations with either a triangle, diamond, circle, or square, all set approximately 1/8 of mile apart. Each symbol instructed PAX to perform 22 reps of the designated exercise. Triangles=merkins; circles=Mike Tysons; Squares=LBCs; and diamonds=burpees.

Counted off PAX into 4 teams and passed out maps with a legend to show the exercises to perform at each station and off we go:

No FNG, so brief disclaimer, warm up with 22 SSH & 26 capitalized 1,000,000 font alphabets.

Moseyed to Station 1 through Station 16. Much fun and mumble chatter was had by all. Midoriyama is mathematically challenged, so 16 x 22 = 352, plus 22 = 374, plus 26 = a grand total of 400 with approximately 2 miles hoofed.

To everyone’s astonishment, we finished within the allotted time of 45 minutes. Closed with pledge and prayer. I survived my first year of F3 and thanks again for the privilege to Q.

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