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Crossroads on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, a chance of rain and an alleged “Smartsack” hindered attendance but we had 5 Runners for Crossroads and 1 tall, lonely Rucker Montross representing The Boar’s Nest Rucking AO showed on a gloomy Mother’s Day Sunday Morning. All the runners ran 5 miles, except me. I slogged through a slow 4 miles and called it a morning. I’m just going to say Montross or anyone else should NEVER have to ruck or run alone.


Prayers lifted for Pizza Man and his family in the passing of his niece, Mayor as he recovers from surgery, Wheezy, Roadies family and a reminder to be available for guys around the workouts for anyone who needs someone to listen. There are lots of guys going through things right now. Broke took us out!

A Reminder from the Q Source discussion that followed about “Live Right”.
To Live Right a man must have an ultimate Purpose in mind.
To Live Right requires self-sacrifice.
Living Right helps a man to stay Right.


04/26/19 Downtown
I have never Q’d Downtown before so when Bedpan had an opening, I signed up. I didn’t sleep very well and fresh off a Tyson afternoon beatdown a mere 12 hours before I wasn’t sure I could make it through the rather ambitious Weinke I had prepared. After a few comments from the Pax, I suddenly felt the Q power and away we go.

SSH x 10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC (Whoopee didn’t participate)
Low Slow Squats x 10 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs x 10 IC


Mosey to the third floor of the parking deck.

3 exercises to 12 Reps, Arms, Legs, Core (See how I split that up SA)
then run down the ramps to the bottom floor then back up the stairs to the third floor to complete a set.
Set #1 Werkins, Jump Squats, Flutter Kicks, All x 12 IC
Set #2 Burpees x 12 OYO, Monkey Humpers and Freddie Mercuries x 12 IC
Set #3 Diamond Merkins, Mountain Climbers, American Hammers x 12 IC
Set #4 CDD’s, Calf Raises, Dyeing Cockroaches, All x 12 IC
After last set stay on the bottom floor.

Triple Nickel
5 Big Boy Sit Ups, run to the very top of the parking deck taking the ramps,
5 Merkins, run down the stairs back to the bottom floor.
5 times. (Q was struggling to keep up with the pack)

Mosey down Main street and left to a wall

7’s (7 exercises 7 reps all IC, starting with Hipslappers
and adding an exercise to each set)
After each set, I gave a scriptural reminder to help us men stay strong.
Hipslappers x 7 IC
Hip, LBC’s
Hip, LBC’s, Low Slows
Hip, LBC’s, Low Slows, Merks
Hip, LBC’s, Low Slows, Merks, LBFC
Hip, LBC’s, Low Slows, Merks, LBFC, Donkey Kicks
Hip, LBC’s, Low Slows, Merks, LBFC, Donkey Kicks, Monkey Humpers (Time didn’t allow us to make it to the Monkey Humpers).
7 Scriptural Reminders for strong men:
1) Be Strong and Courageous, Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you?
2) Be Humble, 1 Peter 5:5 Clothe yourselves with humility toward one another.
3) Be Quick to Listen, James 1:19 and slow to speak,
4) Walk In The Word, Psalm 119:9, living according to the word.
5) Face Trials Head On, James 1:2-3, Consider it pure joy, when you face trials.
6) Iron Sharpens Iron, Proverbs 27:17 so one person sharpens another.
7) Don’t Lose Heart, 2 Corinthians 4:16, tho outwardly we are wasting away,
inwardly we are being renewed day by day.
It’s nice to be reminded of these things that we may have forgotten!
Mosey back to the flag.
Announcements: Mt. Mitchell Hike May 5th, Speed for Need Race in Belmont and May 25th…Sign Up, Memorial Day Murph.
Prayer Requests: Oompa’s Mom, Sargento’s Mother-in-law, Boudin’s surgery, Tiger’s wife’s back, Sorry if I forgot one.


*NMM Thanks to Top Hat for taking us out in prayer. I thought we might have a smaller group since so many regulars were out of town but 12 is great. Great to have Slaw back recovering from an injury. Probably a mistake to let Whoopee call the Hip Slappers as he took great pleasure in modulating the cadence to terrible effect! Big Shout Out to Rockabilly for pushing the rock. Watts Up was doing a great job this morning as well. It is a great encouragement to me and everyone to see newer guys coming out and sticking with it. Sister Act showed up with a Def Leppard haircut. I am not sure it suits him but it is low maintenance. Great to see Tiger back out this morning after his busy time at work. Of course, the posting leaders Dr. Seuss, Gumby, Broke and Oompa were all here leading the way. Those guys are always posting somewhere and getting after it. Thanks to all of the guys who showed.

Easter Vern

04/16/2019 Midoriyama
When working on a Weinke, one has to consider several things. How difficult should the workout be? Will the “front of the Pax guys” be challenged? Will the “Back of the Pax guys” be able to keep up? In a recent podcast I heard Dredd say someone called him out about cheating in a workout. Now I follow Dredd on Strava and this guy is about the same age as I am and he is an absolute beast as far as running and workouts so I was interested to hear why someone thought he was cheating during workouts. The guy told him, we all cheat a little in our workouts. What he was saying is that no one does full perfect form on every rep on every exercise. So with that in mind I wanted a Weinke that would allow everyone to push themselves as far as they chose to.

Warm Up
Goofballs x 10 IC, Abe Vigodas x 10 IC (the old guy jokes started here), Moroccan Night Clubs x 10 (waiting on our bearded, truck driving, Folsom T Shirt wearing, brother Montross to roll in hot) and then 5 burpees OYO (Pizza Man heard 10 and was wondering how we all were done so quickly).

VERN (borrowed from Slaw who borrowed from Dolph)
10 pullups (at the playground)
Lap around the horseshoe pit
20 Dips (single count on the horseshoe pit bleachers)
Lap around the horseshoe pit
25 Merkins (single count)
Lap around the horseshoe pit
30 LBC’s (single count)
Lap around the horseshoe pit
Repeat starting with the pullups until I say stop.
We did this for 25 minutes. Pizza Man and Sister Act completed 4 sets and started 5. Several others were close to completing 4 and most everyone completed 3.

Walk over to the Turd Shack for what I call 7’s. 7 exercises x 7 IC repeating each one and adding a new one each set.
Hipslappers x 7 IC called by Pizza
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC.
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC, Low Slow Squats x 7 IC called by Sister.
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC, Low Slow Squats x 7 IC, Merkins x 7 IC called by Tyson (his cadence was wildly erratic)
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC, Low Slow Squats x 7 IC, Merkins x 7 IC, LBFC’s x 7 IC called by Freight of course and Sister Act questioned the validity of this exercise.
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC, Low Slow Squats x 7 IC, Merkins x 7 IC, LBFC’s x 7 IC, Donkey Kicks x 7 IC called by Broke.
Hipslappers x 7 IC, LBC’s x 7 IC, Low Slow Squats x 7 IC, Merkins x 7 IC, LBFC’s x 7 IC, Donkey Kicks x 7 IC, Monkey Humpers x 7 IC called by Stroganoff.

After each set I had what I thought were some “interesting” facts about Easter. Some were better than others but I left the guys with this one. “Maundy” Thursday is this week and means “commandment” and that refers to Jesus at the Last Supper commanded us “to love one another as I have loved you”. His love really is the story of Easter. We should all think about that “commandment” to love and try to live it.


2nd F at Lewis Farms on Saturday, April 27th at 7:00 p.m.
Mt. Mitchell Hike May 5th
Q Source at Ingles in Dallas ONLY this week. NO Q Source after Coconut Horse.
Stroganoff asked us to reach out to Kotters to get back some of the guys who post a time or two and don’t come back.

Prayer Requests
Tater Holes brother battling illness
Little boy named Asher facing serious health problems
Allen Tate’s mom
Gumby’s Brother In Law

Broke took us out.

*NMM Great to see all of the guys out today. I just completed my 3rd year of F3 and I have to say, it has really improved my life. I posted at the Gashouse my first time in late March of 2016. I had recently ran a half marathon and felt I was in pretty good shape but I was in for a shock at how out of shape I really was. I knew I needed to post but my schedule made it tough to post early so I saw Midoriyama on the afternoon schedule at Poston park. I actually drove by and saw Freight, Floppy Disk and Pizza Man doing pushups. I thought about not posting since those guys were so much younger than me but I took a chance. I will always be grateful to those guys and Tooltime for taking this old guy in at Midoriyama and making me feel welcome and connecting me to the long list of F3 friends that I have now. Looking back on it I now see how much I needed F3 as I was going through a tough stretch. It was one of those stretches where it is easy for men to get disconnected and I was headed that way, so thanks F3 Gastonia!

New Season

04/15/2019 Mt. Hollywood
Tiger reached out needing a Q for Mt. Hollywood on tax day so I resisted the fartsack and jumped on it. I needed the push to get the week started right. I thought numbers might be low but as time got closer, 10 circled up for Warmup, make that 11 as Freon sneaks in quiet like. Let’s go.
SSH x 15 IC
Cotton Pickers x 15 IC
Hillbillies x 15 IC
Goofballs x 15 IC
Mosey down Catawba Street behind the First Presbyterian church to the small parking for some BLIMPS.
Burpees x 5 OYO, Mosey to the far corner near the road. Watch that form Sister Act!
Lunges x 10 each leg. Tesla questioned the intelligence of anyone who has to move forward walking to do lunges. He may have been talking to me. Mosey to the top of the big parking lot.
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC, short mosey to the top of the parking lot near the building.
Merkins x 20 single count, mosey down the parking.
Plank Jacks x 25 IC, mosey back around the building to the top of the small parking lot.
Squats x 30 IC, short mosey back to the small parking lot spot where we started. Take a count.
Run a lap around that same parking lot area.
Repeat the BLIMPS same as before. Take another lap.
Mosey to the white wall behind BB&T.
Rugby Sprints
On your six for Flutter kicks until I say Sprint, sprint forward to the curb, sprint back to the wall then walk back to the curb.
Merkins, sprint. SSH, sprint. Time to head back so we took the longer way back up Central to the benches near the school.
80 D’s
20 Dips IC, 20 Dollies IC, 20 Dyeing Cockroaches IC, 20 Derkins IC, yes IC. Mosey back to the flag.
My word for today was about it being a new season. Over 1/4 of the way through the year is a great time to assess where you are in your 3F’s. Think about what you wanted to accomplish and see if you are on track. I have to say I have more work to do in several areas and will push to get there. Spring offers a new season with flowers blooming and grass growing and it is a time to remind us to start new. The guys in F3 will definitely help you get there if you are striving.
April 27th, 2nd F at Lewis Farms 7 pm
May 5th, Mount Mitchell Hike
Prayer Requests:
My wife recovering nicely from knee surgery
*NMM Thanks to all the guys who showed up this morning from the War Baby, Get A Grip to the War Daddy, Tesla and all those in between. I had around 2.15 miles on my watch and plenty of reps this morning. Great to see Stroganoff for his first workout at Mt. Hollywood (I believe I heard him say that). Broke, Seuss and Sister Act post everywhere all the time but it’s always great to see them. Great to see Blart out early as his schedule has changed. Doodles has really been consistently posting and I am sure he is ready for his VQ next week. Virus was leading the way on most of the runs as he usually does and Freon runs up, crushes the workout and runs back home. It was a pleasure to lead this morning. Have a great week and remember the significance of this week and what this Sunday represents!

3S2T at Folsom

04/06/19 Folsom
19 rolled in to Folsom. Lots of EC going on. MW already had a flag out. Part of our parking lot was torn up, (worse than the usual Folsom parking lots) but we started. There seemed to be a lot of mumblechatter going on today. I like to think that means I bring out the best in the Pax. 6:30, time to go.
SSH x 10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Hillbillies x 10 IC
Goofballs x 10 IC
Despite the high levels of mumblechatter designed to throw off my counting, warmup was achieved.
Mosey to the tennis courts. I asked if anyone knew of the F3 term 3S2T and no one responded. It stands for Speed, Strength, Stamina, Toughness (Physical and Mental). This would be the Speed portion.
Rugby Sprints
We would start an exercise until I say Sprint then we would sprint 2 tennis courts, then sprint back the same 2 tennis courts then walk back across the 2 tennis courts. Exercises were Flutter Kicks, Merkins (I know, get my butt down), LBC’s, Squats. Mosey toward the top parking lot where Slaw’s coupons awaited for the Strength portion. We miss you Slaw. Heal up soon.
Curls x 30, On Your Six Chest Presses x 30, Shrugs x 30, Thrusters x 20. I think we did 3 sets and then 30 more curls just for fun. Sister Act had to call the Thrusters for me as I was getting tired. This was about the time the word “Manopause” was being used to describe somebody. Must be for Oompa. I asked the guys to think about who they need to be strong for. I told the story Freight told me a while back about getting ready to take his daughter to a dental appointment and coming out to see a flat tire on his truck. The office was a half mile or so from his house so he gets her on his back and literally runs her to the appointment. Here is what he told me about that. He said “Before F3, I wouldn’t have even thought about doing that”. Mosey to a hill on the bottom right side of the walking trail near the woods for the Stamina portion.
Triple Nickel
Partner Up for 5 Seal Jacks, run up the hill, 5 Booyah Merkins with your partner at the top. Run back down the hill. 5 Times.
Mosey back to the tennis courts and circle/square/rectangle up.
We did a wave of burpees that didn’t go very smoothly. I lost count but it was more than 10.
22 Merkins for the Vets called by Jocko’s friend Pizza Man.
3rd F Event at New Covenant Church 631 Efird St. Gastonia, NC 28054 at 7:00 pm with Tool Time speaking.
Community Foundation 5K with Speed for Need Saturday, April 13th 9:00 a.m.
Be on the lookout for a NOMADS trip soon with a possible trip to Philadelphia sometime in May.
Mount Mitchell Hike Sunday, May 5th. See Gastone for details.
See Blart about Midoriyama Q’s. His work schedule has changed and he needs some help filling up the calendar after April.
Bedpan needs a Q at Downtown on April 26th.
Prayer Requests
Gumby’s mom, MW’s uncle, My wife is having knee surgery this week, People battling addictions, Every man’s unspoken requests. I apologize if I missed any others.
*NMM Thanks to all of the guys who came out today. I started to only bring around 12 blocks but I’m glad I brought them all. It’s always a concern to try to tailor a workout for all fitness levels so I am always glad for the effort from the guys in the front all the way to the six. Shout out to Rockabilly and Big Pappy (he was at Pain Lab with his boys) who completed their first 5K Friday evening and posted Saturday. Thanks to Pizza Man and Sister Act for pushing all of us to be better. Tclaps also to Broke, Dr. Seuss and Gumby for always being there. Those guys are some F3 posting dudes. Last thing. Remember to think about who you need to be strong for. You never know who it will be. It could be your wife, your children, your parents, your sibling or a neighbor but most of us will need to be strong for someone.

Sparky Run

3/17/2019 Sparky’s House
Sparky sent out a Slack invitation to everyone to his house for an afternoon run mostly for P200 training so I was asked to do a backblast. The backblast is not so much for skillet credit but to annoy a certain Pax who shall remain nameless but his name rhymes with Mister Jacked. We ran close to 5 miles on a beautiful, warm afternoon with nice scenery and several long, rolling hills. Freight and Sparky ran a little extra as they were going back for the six. Round-up was leading the way. Great to see Allen Tate back out today. He said this was his first run since he was at the hospital a few weeks back with high blood pressure and he was chugging right along.

Crisp Morning in Dallas NC

3/17/2019 Crossroads
15 men. 8 men ran. Round-up ran EC and fast. He said he had some rest from running this week and felt great today. Sister Act and Dr. Seuss ran a fast 5 under 8 minute pace. Broke tried to pull me for 5 miles but I couldn’t catch that guy! I saw Oompa running across the bridge pretty fast. Sparky was delayed at the start as he often is but put in a few miles. Bedpan logged some miles despite hurting a little. 7 men rucked. The ruckers were out in full force this morning with Pizza Man bringing an FNG Dusty Pepper from Stanley now known as F3 Push It. Evidently he also knows Sister Act but maybe he will show again anyway. His F3 name has something to do with some song by some group called Salt and Pepper which was after my time but everyone seemed to agree that it was a good name. A couple of Dukies knowing the FNG is a big Carolina Tarheel fan tried to name him Zion but not on my watch boys!
Word about seeking help if you are down or depressed. Talk to someone, see your doctor. Also a word about being thankful. I have to remind myself to be thankful for America, be thankful for good health and be thankful for my family and so many blessings and thankful for the good friends in F3. Great way to start a Sunday morning!

Convergence at Folsom Saturday, March 30th at 7:00 am.
3rd F Event Friday evening April 12th at 7:00 p.m. at New Covenant Church Gastonia (thanks Hushpuppy) with Tool Time speaking (you gotta love that).
Community Foundation Run Saturday, April 13th with F3 Gastonia pushing the Speed for Need chariots so sign up. Hipaa Q.
Hike at Mount Mitchell on Sunday, May 5th. Gaston Q.

Prayer Requests
Oompa’s mother
Pockets family in the loss of his uncle

3rd F Event

Friday Evening, April 12th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at New Covenant Church located at 631 Efird St. Gastonia NC 28054 we will have a 3rd F event. This is at the corner of 3rd Street and Hudson Boulevard. The speaker will be our own “Tool Time” Scott Johnson. He will speaking about his Peru Mission Trip among other things. Please make plans to attend. It should be interesting to hear what happens when F3 guys run a mission trip. Thanks to Hushpuppy for getting permission to use his church. Please help spread the word!

Love is in the Air

02/14/2019 Midoriyama
Nice, cool, gray afternoon at the JV workout. Freight and Sister Act coming in hot, let’s go!
SSH x 10 IC
Arm Circles Large/Small, Forward/Reverse
Low Slow Squats x 10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
5 Burpees OYO

Mosey and circle through right parking lot. Turn right onto the road and stop at each light pole.
HEART (Since it’s Valentine’s Day! Get it? Never mind.)
Hand Release Merkins x 10
E2K, on your six, right ankle over left knee, bring left elbow to your right knee for the oblique crunch 10 each side (needs work)
American Hammers x 10 IC
Rocky Balboas x 10 IC
Tempo Merkins x 10 IC
Mosey around top parking lot and back down to bottom.

Lap around entire soccer fields parking lot.
One legged Burpee, 5 right, 5 left
V Sandy V. Freight was asked to call these and of course there was a problem of understanding which as the Q I take full responsibility for. (The lesson here is Do Not Ask Freight To Lead An Exercise). Q Fail.
E2K, on your six, right ankle over left knee, bring left elbow to your right knee for the oblique crunch 10 each side.
Enough trying to spell words with exercises lets…
Mosey to Dog Park Hill

Triple Nickel, Up Hill, 5 Imperial Walker Squats (IW right, squat, IW left, squat. Thanks for the clarification SA). Down hill 5 CDD’s, 5 Times. The dogs in the dog park were not happy.
Mosey back to small soccer field for 80 D’s.

Dips x 20 IC, Dolly x 20 IC, Derkins x 20 IC (yes I said In Cadence Blart, you can call them for us), Dancing Bears x 20 IC (I am not coordinated enough do these so I won’t again)
Everyone on the side line at the small soccer field for …
Sprints. (Wojo’s fault.)
Sprint across AYG but do not get hurt. Sprint back. Sprint across, Sprint back.
Mosey back to flag.

Announcements: CSAUP on February 23rd, Rooster on March 2nd in Rock Hill. Q Source Sundays at 7:30 am.

Word – The disciples asked Jesus what the greatest commandments were and He said Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. We could all work on those two a little more. I know I could.

Prayer Requests: Arial for a job interview, Pizza Man’s M, Slaw’s Foot, Defib’s M, each F3 guy. All guys are encouraged to talk to someone if they need to. I have found that whatever I may be going through, there is usually an F3 guy that can help. Speak Up! Talk!


*Expecting a light crowd due to Valentine’s Day family activities so I was pleasantly surprised by 9 strong. Defib fresh off a full marathon. Tyson fresh off a half marathon. Freight watched people run a full marathon and a half marathon. Sister Act posting like 7 days in a row. Dr. Seuss always among the post leaders. Blart is always tough and with a word of “encouragement.” Termite is a newer guy to F3 but has been pushing towards the front of the pack. Great to see Arial back with us today. Ash Pond was not here.

Too Many Chiefs

Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians

Midoriyama 12FEB19
Q: Oompa Loompa
PAX: Def Leppard (R), Sister Act, Clavin (R), Chewy, Blart (R), Oompa Loompa (R)

After reading Hank’s BB, I wondered what does it take to be a Chief? Is it bravery? Integrity? Leadership? Dependability? Hmmm….getting there….I got it!!! It’s fart sacking and missing workouts! All you need to be a Chief is to call yourself one and rarely post. Right Montross?

With that in mind, I hopped in the ride and attempted to transit Gaston County’s Bermuda Triangle (Exits 23-26 on I-85). Southbound with only one car off in the ditch with its attending blue light special, it started to rain. Harder. Being a benevolent Q, I Omahed to my Rainy Day weinke in its weather protected sleeve and ordered the Pax to move cars and themselves to the picnic shelter closest to playground and pump track. After all, if I offered to keep them mostly dry, the old reliables would post. NOPE. Oompa pulls into the parking lot to a whole six vehicles counting my own.

No biggie, the hard chargers followed my instructions and with no FNGs, let’s get after it.

SSH x 10 IC
Abe Vigoda x 10 IC
Hillbillies X 10 IC
Toy Soldiers x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Monkey Humpers x 10 IC
Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Burpees x 10 OYO
Count off- 20 count
On your six for LBCs 16 count, hold crunch for 4 breaths. Left leg up, repeat, back to LBCs, both feet on deck, repeat, back to LBCs, Right leg up. Each cycle took approximately 11 minutes.

Rinse and Repeat until time ran out. I believe we got 4 cycles. We pledged after the second. It was awful. No one had any wind left to say the pledge. YHC voice cracked on the third run of LBCs. Let PAX count the reps the third and fourth go around. Did stuff out of sequence at least once or twice. Q FAIL. Closed with another set of Burpees because Sister Act cracked on Def’s perfect form.

We had a massive overflow of Chiefs today with the low turnout at Midoriyama and Folsom. Not good. Let’s get back to our normal attendance guys.

Announcements & COT

CSAUP signups until Feb 16th with CSAUP 50 mile relay at 0400 Feb 23rd. 2nd F afterwards time & place TBD.
Rooster early March. Need more teams. P200 Mar 23rd. Spartan race April 7th. I know of two idiots involved.
Warrior Dash early June. Same two idiots with M’s involved.

Prayers for Gumby’s family in the loss of father-in-law, Slaw’s foot, sick kids, Hushpuppy & Shadrap surgeries, other various injuries and each other. I appreciate the opportunity to lead.

Romans 5:8 “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” I remember my daughter memorizing this as a 4 year old in Awanas. Each time I hear it, a shiver goes through me as I think about how this truth positively impacts our life.

YHC prayed us out.

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