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Love is in the Air

02/14/2019 Midoriyama
Nice, cool, gray afternoon at the JV workout. Freight and Sister Act coming in hot, let’s go!
SSH x 10 IC
Arm Circles Large/Small, Forward/Reverse
Low Slow Squats x 10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
5 Burpees OYO

Mosey and circle through right parking lot. Turn right onto the road and stop at each light pole.
HEART (Since it’s Valentine’s Day! Get it? Never mind.)
Hand Release Merkins x 10
E2K, on your six, right ankle over left knee, bring left elbow to your right knee for the oblique crunch 10 each side (needs work)
American Hammers x 10 IC
Rocky Balboas x 10 IC
Tempo Merkins x 10 IC
Mosey around top parking lot and back down to bottom.

Lap around entire soccer fields parking lot.
One legged Burpee, 5 right, 5 left
V Sandy V. Freight was asked to call these and of course there was a problem of understanding which as the Q I take full responsibility for. (The lesson here is Do Not Ask Freight To Lead An Exercise). Q Fail.
E2K, on your six, right ankle over left knee, bring left elbow to your right knee for the oblique crunch 10 each side.
Enough trying to spell words with exercises lets…
Mosey to Dog Park Hill

Triple Nickel, Up Hill, 5 Imperial Walker Squats (IW right, squat, IW left, squat. Thanks for the clarification SA). Down hill 5 CDD’s, 5 Times. The dogs in the dog park were not happy.
Mosey back to small soccer field for 80 D’s.

Dips x 20 IC, Dolly x 20 IC, Derkins x 20 IC (yes I said In Cadence Blart, you can call them for us), Dancing Bears x 20 IC (I am not coordinated enough do these so I won’t again)
Everyone on the side line at the small soccer field for …
Sprints. (Wojo’s fault.)
Sprint across AYG but do not get hurt. Sprint back. Sprint across, Sprint back.
Mosey back to flag.

Announcements: CSAUP on February 23rd, Rooster on March 2nd in Rock Hill. Q Source Sundays at 7:30 am.

Word – The disciples asked Jesus what the greatest commandments were and He said Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. We could all work on those two a little more. I know I could.

Prayer Requests: Arial for a job interview, Pizza Man’s M, Slaw’s Foot, Defib’s M, each F3 guy. All guys are encouraged to talk to someone if they need to. I have found that whatever I may be going through, there is usually an F3 guy that can help. Speak Up! Talk!


*Expecting a light crowd due to Valentine’s Day family activities so I was pleasantly surprised by 9 strong. Defib fresh off a full marathon. Tyson fresh off a half marathon. Freight watched people run a full marathon and a half marathon. Sister Act posting like 7 days in a row. Dr. Seuss always among the post leaders. Blart is always tough and with a word of “encouragement.” Termite is a newer guy to F3 but has been pushing towards the front of the pack. Great to see Arial back with us today. Ash Pond was not here.

Too Many Chiefs

Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians

Midoriyama 12FEB19
Q: Oompa Loompa
PAX: Def Leppard (R), Sister Act, Clavin (R), Chewy, Blart (R), Oompa Loompa (R)

After reading Hank’s BB, I wondered what does it take to be a Chief? Is it bravery? Integrity? Leadership? Dependability? Hmmm….getting there….I got it!!! It’s fart sacking and missing workouts! All you need to be a Chief is to call yourself one and rarely post. Right Montross?

With that in mind, I hopped in the ride and attempted to transit Gaston County’s Bermuda Triangle (Exits 23-26 on I-85). Southbound with only one car off in the ditch with its attending blue light special, it started to rain. Harder. Being a benevolent Q, I Omahed to my Rainy Day weinke in its weather protected sleeve and ordered the Pax to move cars and themselves to the picnic shelter closest to playground and pump track. After all, if I offered to keep them mostly dry, the old reliables would post. NOPE. Oompa pulls into the parking lot to a whole six vehicles counting my own.

No biggie, the hard chargers followed my instructions and with no FNGs, let’s get after it.

SSH x 10 IC
Abe Vigoda x 10 IC
Hillbillies X 10 IC
Toy Soldiers x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Monkey Humpers x 10 IC
Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Burpees x 10 OYO
Count off- 20 count
On your six for LBCs 16 count, hold crunch for 4 breaths. Left leg up, repeat, back to LBCs, both feet on deck, repeat, back to LBCs, Right leg up. Each cycle took approximately 11 minutes.

Rinse and Repeat until time ran out. I believe we got 4 cycles. We pledged after the second. It was awful. No one had any wind left to say the pledge. YHC voice cracked on the third run of LBCs. Let PAX count the reps the third and fourth go around. Did stuff out of sequence at least once or twice. Q FAIL. Closed with another set of Burpees because Sister Act cracked on Def’s perfect form.

We had a massive overflow of Chiefs today with the low turnout at Midoriyama and Folsom. Not good. Let’s get back to our normal attendance guys.

Announcements & COT

CSAUP signups until Feb 16th with CSAUP 50 mile relay at 0400 Feb 23rd. 2nd F afterwards time & place TBD.
Rooster early March. Need more teams. P200 Mar 23rd. Spartan race April 7th. I know of two idiots involved.
Warrior Dash early June. Same two idiots with M’s involved.

Prayers for Gumby’s family in the loss of father-in-law, Slaw’s foot, sick kids, Hushpuppy & Shadrap surgeries, other various injuries and each other. I appreciate the opportunity to lead.

Romans 5:8 “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” I remember my daughter memorizing this as a 4 year old in Awanas. Each time I hear it, a shiver goes through me as I think about how this truth positively impacts our life.

YHC prayed us out.

Beautiful Morning

02/10/19 Crossroads

15 Strong. Started in the dark but ended with the beautiful sunrise. Lots of ruckers, lots of runners, several walkers but all put in some early morning work. Great to have Vegan and Noodle out to Crossroads. Rockabilly had to be at church early but still put in some work.

Announcements CSAUP, Rooster. Sign Up.

Prayer Requests – Gumby’s family in the loss of his Father-in-law, lots of sick, our New Orleans runners, Slaw’s foot, remember to lift up each Pax as we are all going through things.


Dirty Lindsay Football

12/27/18 Midoriyama

10 strong for a cool, misty, dark evening at Midoriyama. No new guys so the disclaimer is don’t get hurt.

Warmup: 5 burpees OYO (Slaw almost has an … he has a fit), Left leg over Right x 10, Right over Left x 10 (Sister Act doubts the validity of this stretch but I’m the Q), MNC’s until Freight shows….. never mind x 15.

Pledge then Mosey to big parking lot for Dirty Mac Deuce (3 exercises x12IC) Lap around big parking lot after each set.

  1. Werkins, Jump Squats, Flutter Kicks, Lap.

2. Burpees, Monkey Humpers, Freddie’s Mercuries, Lap. It was about here where we realized Rudolph was highly caffeinated or extremely motivated and kinda loud.

3. Diamond Merkins, Mountain Climbers, American Hammers. Lap.

4. CDD’s, Calf Raises, Dying Cockroach’s. Lap.

Mosey to bleachers at small soccer field for Lindsey’s aka 40’s:

30 dips/10 LBC’s 25/15, 20/20, 15/25, 10/30 counted by Slaw.

Frisbee Rules Football in large parking lot. An extraordinary winning streak continues as my team wins every time I have the Q. It wasn’t very close as Sister Act takes the loss. (Timeframe has quite the arm and Google is sneaky fast and can catch.)

1 Cor 10:31 Whatsoever you do, do for the glory of God? Sparky posted this today and it asked the question, What is our aim? Don’t be aimless. Have goals for the new year and start thinking about them right now.

Prayer Requests: Nicki Bailey, T-Square and  Family, Stroganoff’s friend’s family. Hacksaw’s Family, Injuries and sickness.


Rocks and Goals

12/26/2018 Snoballs
After posting at Snoballs last week, Gastone asked for Q’s so I jumped on the after-Christmas Q to motivate myself to keep posting. I figured a very light crowd but 12 strong fought the urge to fartsack so here we go. Welcome to F3 Greensboro’s Jigawatt, Kevin Bogacki in town for the holidays.
Warm Up SSH x 15 IC, Hillbillies x 20 IC, Low Slow Squats x 15 IC.
BLIMPS with a run between.
Burpees 10 OYO, run down to Martha’s picnic shelter
Lunges 15 Each leg, run about 0.25 miles around track.
Imperial Walkers 20 IC, run about .25
Merkins 25 IC, yes I said “In Cadence” Sister Act, so you can call them since you like to talk so much, run about .25
Plank Jacks 30 IC, Soon to be groom Gold Digger called these for me. Run about .25.
Squats 35 IC, modified to 20 for time and Q’s tired legs. Run up to the rocks near the bank.

Select your rock. Curls x 30, Chest Presses x 30, Shrugs x 30, 2 Sets. Running out of time.

Reducing Time Sprints. Ran out of time but we got a few sessions in.

Mosey back to the flag.

Throughout our workout, I was discussing Goals for 2019. I encouraged each man to think about setting goals for all 3 F’s. Make them difficult but attainable. Focus on “accelerating” this year instead of decelerating.

Prayer Requests – Stroganoff’s friend’s family, Gold Digger’s Wedding.
*NMM – Thanks to Stroganoff and Slaw for staying with the six today and encouraging him. That is one of the best things about F3. Stone Cold wore the weight vest throughout, Tclaps! Oompa was hanging with us even with a hurt knee! Great to see Dirt on this side of Gaston County. Gold Digger, Sister Act, Defib and Jigawatt were pushing the pace today. Keep posting Cheesehead! Nice work!

Respect and Discipline

12/11/2018 The Storm
9 strong at the icy Storm this morning. Breaker Breaker called for Q’s a while back so I signed up for one not knowing “The Storm” would be icy but we made it work.
Disclaimer: Be careful because it is slippery.
Warm Up: SSH x 15 IC, Cotton Pickers x 15 IC, Low Slow Squats (Tesla told me they are also called Copperhead Squats) x 15 IC, 5 Burpees OYO (I hate those)
I usually will have a topic or a verse that I will talk about during my Q and today it was a repeat of a favorite and appropriate for the morning. I couldn’t help but notice 7 of our 9 HIM’s were “Respects”. I know everyone has a lot going on this time of year, including you younger guys, but don’t forget to make time to post as much as possible during this holiday and winter season. It is much easier to stay in shape than to try to get it back in January or the Spring. One reason I try to Q is to push myself to stay after it and sometimes I will use my age as an excuse to not push myself. It was great to see so many guys “our age” and older getting after it, and on that note, I read a word from Jocko Willink about Darkness…
“The sun doesn’t shine every day. The storms will come. There are times when the nights
will be long and dark and you will be alone. There will be times when The Darkness
seems to consume everything. But don’t let it consume you.
Don’t let it consume you. Even in the darkest times. Even in the strongest storms. Even
when the sun is blotted out and the world is falling apart.
The Darkness cannot extinguish your light.
You. Your WILL. Your determination. No matter what is happening—no matter how hard
the fight is. As long as you keep fighting—you win.
Only surrender is defeat. Only quitting is the end. Because The Darkness only wins if you let it.
Do not let The Darkness win.
Fight. Fight On. To fight against The Darkness is to win. Fight On.”

Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Imperial Walkers x 15 (Oops, I was doing Hillbillies), Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Merkins x 20, Imperial Walkers x 15, Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Plank Jacks x 25, Merkins x 20, Imperial Walkers x 15, Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Squats x 30, Plank Jacks x 25, Merkins x 20, Imperial Walkers x 15, Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, follow me, slipping and a sliding to a well-lit lower parking lot where coupons awaited.

I went by my boy Slaw’s mancave last night to borrow his well-used half blocks. He did say there would be a 20 burpee penalty if anyone broke another of his blocks as I believe the Folsom boys broke a few the last time they were used. I am happy to report no broken blocks.
Curls x 30 Single Count, On Your Six Chest Presses x 30 Single Count, Shrugs x 30 Single Count (my form was questioned by a certain Canoe but I persevered).
Repeat. Curls x 30 Single Count, On Your Six Chest Presses x 30 Single Count, Shrugs x 30 Single Count.
30 more Curls “for the girls” I believe Buckeye said and then mosey back to the school building sidewalk which was the least icy place I could find for everybody’s favorite.

Timer set up for 11 seconds with 8 second rest for 3 reps, then 10 seconds with 8 second rest, then 9, etc. We all pretty much made it about the same amount but Buckeye and Sister Act (the young’uns) were leading the way. Back to the flag.
End Up with 10 Burpees OYO. Nameorama.
More From Jocko Willink…Excerpts from Discipline Equals Freedom
“Don’t worry about motivation. Motivation is fickle. It comes and goes. It is unreliable and when
you are counting on motivation to get your goals accomplished—you will likely fall short.
So. Don’t expect to be motivated every day to get out there and make things happen. You
won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on Discipline.
You know what you have to do.
So: MAKE YOURSELF DO IT. You do that with Discipline.
It happens in the darkness of the early morning. In solitude. Where I try. And I try.
And I try again. With everything I have, to be the best that I can possibly be.
Better than I was yesterday. Better than people thought I could be. Better than I
thought I could be. Faster and stronger and smarter.
And claim one victory that no one can ever take away from me. Ever. A victory that is earned
every single day. A victory of determination and will and discipline.
A victory achieved because: I will not stop.”

Announcements – Convergence Saturday 7 am at the Gashouse (Schiele Museum), Quichemas Party Saturday night. Sign up to Q. Site Q’s need your help. Everybody in F3 should be able to Q. If you enjoy F3, pay it forward by Qing a workout.

Prayer Requests – Family friend of Breaker’s, Friend of Virus, Friend of mine’s mother passed away.


Asssshhh Pond Returns

11/20/2018 Midoriyama
Def Leppard here ghost writing this entirely too late back blast for Ash Pond. Ash Pond has problems with his lower back and running seems to make it worse so he resists running (and writing backblasts). He attended a previous workout and when the call for Q’s was made he jumped back on the schedule.
He asked the Pax if we preferred Option 1 or Option 2. Mr. Freight has employed this strategy before and I will always believe there is really only one option when Freight asks but Ash Pond assured me that there were actually 2 options. Somebody (not the Pax named “Somebody” but somebody in the group) selected Option 1. As I am getting older, I don’t really remember many details of the workout all the way back on 11-20-18 except for these.
We had 10 men and we did 30 or so exercises for 1 minute each with a short rest and/or mosey in between. I remember American Hammers, Mike Tysons, Rocky Balboa’s, Burpees, CDD’s, many forms of Merkins, pullups, WWI sit ups, planking, squats, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, many forms of Core exercises, Dips, etc. 1 minute was kinda long for some of these.
It was great to have Asssshhh Pond back at Midoriyama.



Wrestling at Folsom

Folsom 11/17/2018
One of the things about leading a workout is you never know how many may show up. Being that today was deer season opening day for rifles and Folsom men are famous for their love of the hunt, I wasn’t sure how many we would have today. When I arrive, I see a few regulars and then an awesome thing begins to happen. Hacksaw, who coaches the middle school wrestling team, has 8 or 9 of his wrestlers show up for this bootcamp style workout. No SA but 21 strong on this cold, crisp morning (Pockets had on a long sleeve shirt, for a while anyway) and here is how it went.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. These are only suggestions. Do not get hurt. Modify as necessary.

5 burpees OYO, SSH IC x 10, Imperial Walkers IC x 10, Low Slow Squats IC x 10


Mosey to Horse Track steps.

20 Dips, 20 Squats, 20 Merkins, Single Count then run a lap up and down steps then to the end to jump step up and return. 5 Sets! Those young guys were rolling pretty fast on these. Hacksaw was trying to get an on-looking dad out to join us but I’m not sure he ever joined.

Mosey back down to the Ampitheater for “Thankful 7’s”. 7 IC reps of each exercise, then a lap to the parking lot and back.
IC Merkins, Thankful for my Faith. I believe my faith has guided me away from so many dangers and towards the things I need to be doing.
IC Merkins, LBC’s. Lap. Thankful for my wife. She’s the best person I know.
IC Merkins, LBC’s, Squats. Lap. Thankful for my family.
IC Merkins, LBC’s, Squats, Hip Slappers. Lap. Thankful for my friends and how F3 has expanded that group.
IC Merkins, LBC’s, Squats, Hip Slappers, American Hammers, Monkey Humpers (kids giggling, not so close Slaw), Flutter Kicks. Lap. Running low on time so modify. Thankful for the USA. It is the greatest country in the world and I am thankful to be here and you should be too.

Mosey to the tennis court.
This was where I was going to do reducing time sprints with my phone’s Interval timer app and my Bluetooth speaker, but using my phone to read the Weinke had caused it to die. Q Fail… but we are still sprinting. Count off 1’s and 2’s. Half the teams go to the far end of the tennis courts and half stay here. Team 1 and 2 start when I say GO and run to the far end to tag a teammate who runs back and tags the next guy until everyone has run twice. I’m not sure who won but some of those old guys are pretty fast (I see you Oompa).

Announcements: Speed for Need at Christmastown 5K next Saturday begins at 6 p.m. Show up to run or volunteer. It will be an awesome time. Christmas Party at Keaish’s Dec. 15th.

Prayer Requests: Bed Pan’s wife, Friends with illnesses, Sly coming home.

*Pleasure to lead Folsom today especially with the young ones there. I loved their enthusiasm and it is no wonder they have such a good team. Thanks to Hacksaw for inviting them and their parents for bringing them. Take time to be thankful for so many blessings!

Stations and Sprints

WarmUp SSH x 10, Don Q’s x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, Squats x 10
Mosey to soccer fields Parking Lot near hill.
STATION 1 Nur Up Hill and run down TWICE 10 Hand Release Merkins
Run to STATION 2 to the left near the end of the parking lot.
LEGS – Monkey Humpers x 25 and Calf Raises On Curb x 25 (Single Count)
Run back to STATION 1 Run Up Hill and down TWICE 10 Hand Release Merkins
Run to STATION 3 at the end of the parking lot.
ARMS and SHOULDERS – CDD’s x 25 and Morrocans x 25 (Single Count)
Run back to STATION 1 Run Up Hill and down TWICE 10 Hand Release Merkins
Run to STATION 4 on the right
CORE – LBFC’s x 25 (Count the Crunch) and Hillbillies x 25 (Single Count)
Run back to STATION 1 Run Up Hill and down TWICE 10 Hand Release Merkins.
Everyone got in a lap and a station, several got in more than that. Nice work!

Mosey to Small Soccer Field corner for … Block Work!
Curls x 30, Shrugs x 30, 3 Sets. Slaw and Gold Digger with the larger blocks! Aye!

Mosey to line up on a Soccer Field Line.
Approximately 35 yards. I set up my Interval Timer with my tiny speaker.
Whistle starts run until you cross finish line before Airhorn, 10 sec Rest.
Whistle starts run back to previous line before Airhorn, 10 sec Rest.
11 seconds 3 times, 10 seconds 3 times, 9 seconds 3 times, etc.
all the way down to 3 seconds each with a 10 sec rest after Airhorn.
When you don’t beat the Airhorn, step out of the way and do 5 Squats
at each whistle. Sister Act and Gold Digger made it down to 4 or 5 seconds intervals!
I got this from Timeshare AO at North Myrtle beach a while back.

Mosey Back to the flag.

Word about our life counting down like that Timer. Bible says life is like
a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow. Know why you do what you do.
First F Fitness makes us stronger for the things we face, 2nd F Fellowship
makes us help our brothers and lift them up. Read Stroganoff’s Back
Blast about how his F3 friends made all the difference through his recent
struggles. 3rd F Faith helps us live better for the world and our families
and know that it is Not Just About US. It is about Us lifting up others.

– Convergence Saturday, Nov 10th at 7 am at Stowe Park in Belmont with a 3rd F event to follow. All F3 Gastonia men should try to attend.
– “Quiche”mas Party Dec. 15th.
– Several of our guys (Sargento, Tiger, Sister Act) are running a local half marathon in Belmont on Dec. 22nd.
– Hipaa Qing a kettlebell/weights AO on Tuesdays during November at WA Bess Elementary at 5:30 a.m.

Prayer Requests – Tyson’s Family in the loss of his grandmother, DDC on his mission trip.



Date 01NOV18

K.I.S.S. Kiss it Stupidly Simple

Q: Oompa Loompa
PAX: Floppy Disc, CPAP, Swimmer, Edison, Blart, Broke, Sister Act, Def Leppard (Respect), Tiger, Slaw, T-Square, Discount Double Check, Roadie, Gomer, Walt (FNG), Oompa Loompa (Respect)

Three Fs stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith; F3 mission statement; 5 Core principles of F3



Warm up with 11 SSH (IC)

It is legend that we can’t count at Midoriyama, so two exercises only. Does running count as an exercise?

Merkins for arms. WW1’s for core. Running for legs and cardio. Circuit around horseshoe perimeter is +/- .15 miles
Circuit 1 Mosey around horseshoe enclosure for 11 merkins OYO.
Circuit 2 Mosey around horseshoe enclosure for 11 WW1 situps OYO.

Rinse & Repeat until time expires. It’s you versus you.

Bonus: If any PAX completes 20 circuits, the Q does 20 burpees.

Off we go! Sister Act got 28, Broke got 26, Tiger & Slaw got around 24 & Errrbody else said they got 20. Sister Act ran 4.2 miles with 154 merkins and 154 WW1’s.

Oompa drops 20 burpees as promised. Some watched, some joined in.
Welcome to fellow devil dog FNG Scott Marshall, forever known as F3 Walt from Gran Torino

Quiche’s trip to Pakistan got rescheduled
Shocker’s trip to Haiti
DDC for his mission trip to Latin America
Those battling addictions or health issues
2.0’s away at college

Convergence at the Yank in Belmont for November 10th
3rd F afterwards
Christmastown 5K November 24th. Come out a support. We will push 8 chariots
Christmas party Dec 15th. More details to follow

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