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Tribal ceremony

8 Men showed at Folsom Saturday we had one Fng, but before all of that we had an impromptu tribal ceremony. Many of you know Allen Tate but few may know him as Chief. You can’t be chief of a tribe without a ceremonial headdress. Montross provided the gift and Chief was more than appreciative. 630 let’s get to work!

The thang:
Warm up Ssh,slow squats, merkins
20 each
To the tennis courts
11’s imperial squats and Freddy mercury’s
Bear crawls back and forth then around the lines. At this point the FNG is noticing that we at Folsom do a lot of mumble chatter.
4 corners x25 eachstop x4
Mtn.climbers, raise the roof,squats,lbc’s
Since we had the burpees by the lake coming up that morning I decided that some ultimate football would be great idea especially with an fng. Mr. Garvey warmed up to this idea. I’m not going to repeat the score (not sure if I can count that high). Afterwards we met back at the flag pledge and 22 for the vets. Finished with COT.

Prayer request:
We took this moment to celebrate what God has blessed us with. Cod possums surgery went well and he is recovering. My M is feeling better from her recent chrohns flare up. We did pray for the people of special Olympics and for the event held Saturday.
Christmas town 5k

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Always an honor to serve!

Prison Break

6 showed today for an opportunity to get Better. Buckeye made a visit from Belmont to run with us and prep for the P200. All went well covered between 3-4 miles.

Burpees by the lake this weekend if don’t have to work or a birthday party sign up to help others.

Prayers for the canup family
Prayers for BPs family and himself. Our children and those in need. Prayers for Gastone and his family.

Finished with COT.

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Prison Break

Two Rucked and others Ran.
Thank goodness no skunks, but I did see a raccoon running beside of Sister Act for second the raccoon just couldn’t hang with SA.
Prayers for the Long Family as they mourn the loss of a family member (stroganoffs Dad).
Prayers for those running in the BRR this weekend.
JJ 5k
Soldiers run 5k
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Burpee Mile

School is back in session, most of the F3 men are finished traveling now so we had a great crowd today! 12 HIM’s came out. I always look at the exercise list on the F3 app before I write out my wienkie, I noticed one called the Burpee Mile! I thought well my trusty watch says I’m at 89 miles logged since I started tracking my info in April. I thought for a moment that’s nothing for some of the guys in F3 they run that much in a month, personally I had set a goal to complete 100 miles before my 40th birthday in December. For once I’m ahead of schedule. I thought how great would it be to put mile 90 on the wall with a bunch of burpees. I’m now ten miles away from my goal looks like I’m pushing my goal out to 150 before 40 now. Here’s how our day started to greatness!
The thang:
Warm up ssh x15 squats x 10 raise the roof x 30 all on a 3count.
Mosey some of the guys decided to go ahead so thanks to MW and roadie we zigged while others zagged.
12 burpees
To the flag pledge lbcs x25 merkins x 20 hillbillies x 20
Mosey then 12 more burpees. By this time mumble chatter was loud so I explained that Rudolph made the push Saturday with so many burpees that this was nothing.
Mosey 12 burpees
Mosey when we hit one mile I stopped the group explained that with them I had just crossed 90 miles and the 89 before I had run with,behind,beside or in front of some of the men here today. I thanked everyone with 12 more burpees. Total was at 48. Couple of ocd men did two more just to get to 50.
Mosey stopped for some dips x25
Dirty hook ups x 15 and a new Folsom favorite Nancy Kerrigan’s 10 per leg. (No legs were harmed in this exercise # @womanleg).
Back to the beginning 22 for the vets still a few minutes so we did some Mary to finish up.

F3 has changed my life! If you see a sad clown walking around EH him and don’t stop. Keep pushing the rock.
Prayer request: A friend of medicine Woman who lost his brother in a car accident. Pray for each other, and the kids as they start a new school year.

Announcements : jj5k and stop soldier suicide 5k coming up September 22.

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AbS and NuR

8 men showed this morning.
Focus was abs.

Warm up.
SSH. X 20
Cherry pickers x 20
Let’s Mosey to the Flag.
5 Burpees at the street light.
Lbc x20
Sandy V x20 (was reminded by the pax I was doing this wrong and made corrections and moved forward).
Run to the triangle in the road for some NUR. First thing I heard was you been around Gastone my answer was yes and (by the way Gastone MLP is still sitting down slowly but plans to return back Monday). After that side note.
Nur uphill 20squats
Nur to other corner 20squats
Nur to the other corner and.. 20squats.
Mosey for a bit then head to the tennis court.
Let’s do some 11’s
WWII sit-ups and American Hammers
From one end of the whole court to the next.
22 for the Vets at the end.

It’s always an honor to Q. Actually I was glad a spot was open at Folsom, the men get stronger every day we laugh and support each other anyway we can from prayer to plumbing advice and repair. Most importantly we check in on each other. The past 6 months my body has become stronger, but it cannot compare to how much stronger I am at praying and praying for others. Speaking in public has become stronger, helping others and my family has become stronger, the strengths I never expected to grow at F3 are stronger than ever before. Now with all that being said I hope the Pax can enjoy the B.B. at their late night dump stop before going to bed.

Prayer request
AT’s mother in law
Safe travels this weekend for the families heading on the tubing trip.
Def while he is in China
Montrosses hip
MW’s leg

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Is it raining?

This morning was a good reminder that we missed spring with the rain and humidity I knew today would be moisty. I just heard that word for the first time in a morning meeting. My Man Volt upped his game with a weighted vest this morning,then Pastor Clever had to park at the top of Folsom and join in with us at the pledge. I believe Sparky must had told him the time was 535 not 530 but either way he is a fast runner and caught up quickly.
Before that we did start at 530 after a good discussion on insurance companies to choose and always provide good service to the people you are working for not the guy who left the scene(soapbox needed)with that if you read this and sale insurance you might want to bring some business cards if you post at Folsom.
Let’s get started
Ssh x15
Hillbillies x15
Imperial walkers x15
Burpees x5
Squats x15
Let’s mosey to the flag for the pledge, who’s that ms Parker looks like Pastor Clever coming in hot .
Lbcs x20
Mountain climbers x20
Shoulder presses x20
Let’s mosey some more in this wonderful misty rain and humidity so thick we had to chop through it. I didn’t know I could sweat this much.
Bottom shelter
Dips x20
Derkins x 10
Dips x 20
Step up x 25
Time for some team work
One guy takes a lap while the other does the exercise
Lbcs x 150
WWII x 50
Squats x 100
Mosey up to the tennis courts for some lunges and burpees
Lunge one court 2 burpees then lunge another adding two burpees per line. Then sprint back to the end. Finished with 22merkins for the vets.
This is my 3rd Q so far I was wondering if I would fall face first following Apache’s Q Tuesday. Close to the end of the morning I went back to get the 6 and Volt yelled out just start without me and I thought well I could but that ain’t F3 and it definitely ain’t me. I laughed and ran back stayed close didn’t say much cause Volt speaks more in actions than words. But it did remind me of what Apache said we are all the 6. FYI Volt did chuckle when I came back and said I know string of pearls man. Just a great reminder in F3 if you are in the front or back someone is always by your side.

Announcements Memorial Day 5k or the murph at the dark knight.
Mud run coming up. Also this weekend at Folsom is our 2.0 day this Saturday 7am. I believe Hipaa is bringing the pain lab also.

Prayer request Montrosses Mom has eye surgery keep her in your prayers, pray for our families and those in need.

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The gift that keeps on giving

With the weather warming up and this 40 day challenge going strong 9 HIM’s showed up for some fun times at Folsom this morning. Mumble chatter was going before we even begin, forgot to mention we have an FNG welcome Pale Rider. 530 time to start gave my I’m not a professional you vs you speech and we began.

The thang!
20 ssh
20 side leg raises (aka swan kickers) shout out AT!
20 alt arm raises, this got the mumble to a rumble since the knees were getting dirty.
20 windshield wipers
Mosey to the flag!
Say the pledge
10 merkins
20 mountain climbers
25 lbcs
25 sandy v’s
25 seconds plank some guys jumped up so we did them again.
Sparky’s parking lot!
25 seal jumps
Lung to middle of lot
10 Bobby Hurley’s
Lung to the end
15 merkins
Lunge back to middle
25 lbfc
50 lbcs
Mosey to the shelter
20 dips
20 bicycle crunches
20 dips
20 leg raises
Rinse and repeat
Mosey back to the beginning and we did 22 for the vets!

I had a plan to talk about leadership or some manliness quote at each stop,but life kept me busy and did not have any quotes ready. Well the sky Q kicked in this morning on the radio pulling into Folsom talking about our spiritual gifts. So I challenged the men to think of their gifts that they could bestow on others. F3 has given us so much and continues to give us friendship, guidance from others and a bunch of other cool stuff I could list for days. As a country we have more gifts than we could imagine we are all truly blessed in one way or another! Remind yourself of how someone has given to you and take an opportunity to give to someone else. Our spiritual gifts can be stronger just like our body’s if we choose to exercise them!

Announcements: 5k, or the Murph on Memorial Day.
Prayer request: always praying for each other, personal request, our country, military, and our families. Special prayers for nurses and teachers this week as we celebrate those who help others.
Welcome to the jail cell our new FNG Pale Rider.
The Bedpan is full..

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