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Gettin paid in the rain

Thank goodness downtown has a parking deck, over the past few months as Site Q I’m learning that it can be a great place to workout since we have faced many days of heavy rain this year. Nothing stops the true HIMs of F3 other than lightning,twisters, or maybe zombies so let’s get going.

Warm up: ssh,cherry pickers,wind mills,goofballs. 20each.

Mosey to the parking deck to do some amrap, 6 minutes per group. After each group take a lap.

10high knees,10ssh,10 merkins,10squats, 1lap repeat 6min.

15lbcs,15americanhammers, 15 Freddy Mercury’s,15 flutters, Lap. 6min.

15dips,15calf raises,15raise theroof,15 high claps. Lap 6min.

15 wwII,15mtn. Climbers,15 lunges,15bicep curls. Lap,6min.

Moseyed back to the rotary finished up with plank jacks,morocon nite clubs, ski jacks.

During our time at the parking deck Clavin, picked up a $20 we were all surprised. We laughed clavin jokingly said “F3 does Pay”.

Great work was done by all time frame put in some EC sounds like he is ready to run a few 5k’s this year! Way to go brother! Truthfully we all get paid rain or shine heat or cold. F3 gives you something $ will never buy and it’s value is priceless.

If are still looking for the answer to the question above.. post more! You will find the answer!

Announcements: some time changes to the New Year’s Day AO’s.

Prayer request: Sargento’s mother in law who has Parkinson’s, and a bright a wonderful New Year!

I hope everyone has a safe new year!

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3 wise HIMS @ Midoriyama

Rainy evening,YHC was ready for his first Q at Midoriyama. Thanks to freight I wrote a new weinke to keep us dry.
The thang:
AMRAP 6 minutes per round of exercises:
R1 10 squats 10merkins 10 leg lift crunches.
R2 12 plank jacks,12dips,12lunges
R3 15ssh 15bicep curls 15 overhead press
R4 15freddy Merck’s,12burpees, 10 alternates rows.
R5 10squats 10 morocon night clubs
30 mtn climbers.
Mosey back to flag pledge then
Hill billies,seal jacks, mtn climbers. 15 each then a lap. Did this until time.

Prayer request
Several friends and employees that just found out some bad news before Christmas and those in need. Also thankful for what we have.
An honor serve all.
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When do you stop F3(? From my 2.0)

11 showed today oddly enough this is my 11th month being a part of F3 and the last time I will Q in my 30’s thus the name of this post.
Warm up SSH,morocon night clubs,mountain climbers,squats all in cadence x15
Bottom lot 4exercises x10 then a lap do this 4x merkins,peter Parker,Parker Peters,seal jacks. By lap 3 pax were breathing heavy. Plank for the 6.
Mosey back to the flag and Gumby and slaw both needed to do some burpees so we did 5 at the speed bump.
Did 2rounds of 4corners 5 burpees per corner total of 40. After this what better time to do some sprint work. Sprint down to one tennis court 50 squats then nur back. Sprint two courts 25 imperial walkers then nur back. We did this til we got 100 reps in and some sprints also. Time was still on the clock so we did an Indian bear crawl on the lines of the tennis court. 3 minutes remaining let’s do some Mary. 50 merkins,25-30 of something then 50 lbc’s time.
Follow up to the ?.
My son was talking with me last week I turn 40 Thursday and all year I feel like I have fought to stay away from this day. 11months with f3and 45lbs lighter I know now who cares about that # I’m healthier happier & more involved in life than ever before. My son asked the ? Above and without hesitation I said “when I die” I knew at that moment I have made a true life change, my habits thoughts and wellbeing have all changed. When you are giving thanks or talking about gifts during Christmas remember what we have with F3 is a gift. It was an honor to Q today. I look forward to being in the Gloom with you all until death do us part😎
Prayer request:
Assfault lost a close friend yesterday remember him and the family in your prayers. MW’s father in law is coming home after triple bypass surgery. Remember the season and thankful that operation sweet tooth was a success.

The Bed Pan is full..

Pain Cards

It was a cold Friday morning no fng’s so let’s get moving.
Warm up
Ssh,windmills,cherry pickers,low slow squats.
Mosey down to Franklin square for some monkey humpers. Then mosey to the parking deck. Each Pax chose two cards we did one card at the bottom then the other card at the top of the parking deck.10 cards total. After that mosey back to the rotary when we stopped at the light to bear crawl,this got some mumble chatter. So why not do 20 burpees after that. Some time left so we did some Mary and a short mosey to complete a mile of running.
Prayers for our families and each other. Prayers for MW’s father in law having triple bypass surgery.

Talkin about Proverbs.

Warm up
Ssh,windmills,shoulder press,Moroccon Nightclubs,xs20.
Mtn climbers x10 burpees x5
Mosey to flag and pledge.
Lbcs,oblique crunch,American Hammers, dyin cockroach’s all x20
Mosey down to bathrooms near the lake not to poop but to do some dirty hook ups then some hip slappers. Go back up to the parking lot for some balboa’s x100
I’m always looking for something fun or new to do so I thought about some 20 twen,twen, if you don’t know watch Friday. So here it is
5burpees bear crawl to mid parking lot,then 15 squats nur back. X3 20,20,20.. mosey back a few minutes left so we repeated the abs workout.
During our workout we talked about our 40 day challenge in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes I had chosen Proverbs 11/25 A generous person will prosper;whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Talking with Montross and Medicine Woman we all felt this was a good verse that represents “Qjuice” the Q pours into the pax and somehow still has the juice to get thru the workout. All was discussed loosely of course but holds true in all you do. Be generous,help others.
Prayer request
Montross’s Aunt, those traveling and hunting (Folsom huntin squad).
Mcadenville Christmas town 5k.
Happy thanksgiving everyone and remember if the toilet seat is warm you are not the first!
The Bed Pan is full!

Merkins galore

Warm up
Ssh x15 toy soldiers x15
Dying cockroaches x15
Lbc’s x15
Mosey to the benches for dips and derkins x20 2x
Out to the Main Street and do burpees per light post, what was that train burpees.
Mosey to 321 side to do some wall sits as a large group of cars come by I felt that we should show them how hard we work so we did monkey humpers x20 then wall sits x15
Ventured to the open lot by the pavilion. 10 merkins sprint the. 20 air punches sprint 10 thigh tap merkins x4
Then 10 shoulder tap merkins sprint 20 overhead punches sprint to 10 diamond merkins x2
After some mumble chatter about the merkins I felt work was getting done for the day. One more mosey around town to do more wall sits then back to the pavilion for Mary.

Convergence 11/10/18 at the yank.
Speed for need both at Christmas town 5k
Prayer request
Each other

Bed pan

Tribal ceremony

8 Men showed at Folsom Saturday we had one Fng, but before all of that we had an impromptu tribal ceremony. Many of you know Allen Tate but few may know him as Chief. You can’t be chief of a tribe without a ceremonial headdress. Montross provided the gift and Chief was more than appreciative. 630 let’s get to work!

The thang:
Warm up Ssh,slow squats, merkins
20 each
To the tennis courts
11’s imperial squats and Freddy mercury’s
Bear crawls back and forth then around the lines. At this point the FNG is noticing that we at Folsom do a lot of mumble chatter.
4 corners x25 eachstop x4
Mtn.climbers, raise the roof,squats,lbc’s
Since we had the burpees by the lake coming up that morning I decided that some ultimate football would be great idea especially with an fng. Mr. Garvey warmed up to this idea. I’m not going to repeat the score (not sure if I can count that high). Afterwards we met back at the flag pledge and 22 for the vets. Finished with COT.

Prayer request:
We took this moment to celebrate what God has blessed us with. Cod possums surgery went well and he is recovering. My M is feeling better from her recent chrohns flare up. We did pray for the people of special Olympics and for the event held Saturday.
Christmas town 5k

The Bed Pan is full!
Always an honor to serve!

Prison Break

6 showed today for an opportunity to get Better. Buckeye made a visit from Belmont to run with us and prep for the P200. All went well covered between 3-4 miles.

Burpees by the lake this weekend if don’t have to work or a birthday party sign up to help others.

Prayers for the canup family
Prayers for BPs family and himself. Our children and those in need. Prayers for Gastone and his family.

Finished with COT.

The Bed Pan is full!

Prison Break

Two Rucked and others Ran.
Thank goodness no skunks, but I did see a raccoon running beside of Sister Act for second the raccoon just couldn’t hang with SA.
Prayers for the Long Family as they mourn the loss of a family member (stroganoffs Dad).
Prayers for those running in the BRR this weekend.
JJ 5k
Soldiers run 5k
Bed Pan is full!

Burpee Mile

School is back in session, most of the F3 men are finished traveling now so we had a great crowd today! 12 HIM’s came out. I always look at the exercise list on the F3 app before I write out my wienkie, I noticed one called the Burpee Mile! I thought well my trusty watch says I’m at 89 miles logged since I started tracking my info in April. I thought for a moment that’s nothing for some of the guys in F3 they run that much in a month, personally I had set a goal to complete 100 miles before my 40th birthday in December. For once I’m ahead of schedule. I thought how great would it be to put mile 90 on the wall with a bunch of burpees. I’m now ten miles away from my goal looks like I’m pushing my goal out to 150 before 40 now. Here’s how our day started to greatness!
The thang:
Warm up ssh x15 squats x 10 raise the roof x 30 all on a 3count.
Mosey some of the guys decided to go ahead so thanks to MW and roadie we zigged while others zagged.
12 burpees
To the flag pledge lbcs x25 merkins x 20 hillbillies x 20
Mosey then 12 more burpees. By this time mumble chatter was loud so I explained that Rudolph made the push Saturday with so many burpees that this was nothing.
Mosey 12 burpees
Mosey when we hit one mile I stopped the group explained that with them I had just crossed 90 miles and the 89 before I had run with,behind,beside or in front of some of the men here today. I thanked everyone with 12 more burpees. Total was at 48. Couple of ocd men did two more just to get to 50.
Mosey stopped for some dips x25
Dirty hook ups x 15 and a new Folsom favorite Nancy Kerrigan’s 10 per leg. (No legs were harmed in this exercise # @womanleg).
Back to the beginning 22 for the vets still a few minutes so we did some Mary to finish up.

F3 has changed my life! If you see a sad clown walking around EH him and don’t stop. Keep pushing the rock.
Prayer request: A friend of medicine Woman who lost his brother in a car accident. Pray for each other, and the kids as they start a new school year.

Announcements : jj5k and stop soldier suicide 5k coming up September 22.

The Bed Pan is full!

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