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Curb Hop

YHC had been on the outs most of the week, fighting a cold.
Nothing makes you feel better than gettin after it and helps get the snot out the sinuses.

Oompa has a new job with the local Mob of Gaston county.
I noticed he had two kills while running this morning, then he hopped a curb and spun the tires in the classic Mob car a Lincoln.

The Bed Pan is Full.

2nd F Axe Throwing
P200 Werk
Also Shootin Guns

Whats yah 20? for 2020

Well its a new year, and the first Q Ive had since 2019. About this time In 2018 I was just starting my path into the world that is known as F3.

Warm Up: SSH, MTN Climbers, and Mo Rockin Knight clubs.
We began at the opposite side of the tennis courts what I call the new parking lot. Gastone did something similar a few weeks ago and I loved this so I gave it a try with the Pax this morning.
* Partner up one goes up the hill one way and the other goes up hill the other way to a said distance.
10 merkins and meet in the middle for 20 squats. Each time drop from 10,9,8, and so on. Always meeting in the middle for the 20 squats.

  • next at the covered area we did step ups, dips, derkins, x 25
    Mosey to the Dallas Triangle, ” this is not the name but it sounds good”
    Hill Billy Squats, Flutters, and Seal Jacks x20 and we did that 3x.
    Mosey: while heading back Tyson noticed we almost had 3 miles in so we made a lap at the bottom to give us 3 total.
I came up the name of the BB just before I started to write this up. My question is to the Pax, What is your 20 for 2020? In trucker talk or Policing probably anything else that involves a two way radio of sorts it means your location. That can be your Church, home, AO, office, car, wherever you are. How are you going to make an impact while at these locations? I know for myself I hope to make a positive impact.
I challenge everyone make the effort to step up and get out of your normal routine in the “20” of your choice. I used to be a Camel smokin if you see me runnin pick me up kind of guy. T-Square EH’d me, I stepped out and found a new “20” with F3 in January 2018.

The Bed Pan is Full.

Anouncements: Got this thing called the P200 coming up.

Prayer request:
Each other, Wichitas Dad, and those Battling addiction.

Back Half of a country Song.

With the weather being unpredictable today I planned for everything to take place under the shelter. With a lot of kids and families sick so close to Christmas I was not gonna have some kids Dad sick for the holidays.

The Thang:
Tabata style 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest. Repeat 3x at the end of each circuit 25 of the exercise listed.

Mtn climbers
25 reverse lunge
25 squat jumps
Ski moguls
25 big boys

25 hammers
Step ups
25 lbc’s
25 Flutters
Shoulder taps
25 big boys

25 derkins
Mo Rockin Nite Clubs
25 Merkins
Shoulder press
25 Wide arm merkins
Shadow box
25 Merkins

About half way through the workout this morning mumble chatter was going well.
Towards the end I mentioned to Sparky that my week was like an old Country song, minus the death and divorce part. My M. Had some Dental work done, my Dog had to have emergency surgery on his paw, and my Son has been sick for several days. I laughed for a moment and said “at least we are on the back half of the country song”. You know that part when the chord changes and there seems to be more determination in the singers voice to finish or bring it home. The right attitude and mindset can help you with life. Thanks to the men of F3 I am able to take on life’s obstacles better than before. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, remember that ultimately God carries us through life. Without his perfect gift to us none of this would even matter. Love those who need it, be kind and stop an extra moment over the next few days to listen to what random story your kid is telling you. Also
Do Some Dang Burpees!

40/50 day challenge service this Saturday’s each AO
Convergence 12/28


The Bed Pan is Full..

Chain Breaker

Prison Break is always a great way to make the week a little better.

WE Ran and it was good.


The Bed Pan is Full..

Beats By Bed Pan

Warm Up
Imperial Walkers, Burpees, Don Q.
Fellowship Mosey
AMRAP 4 min. each set. take a lap after each set is complete.
10 High Knees, 10 SSH, 10 Seal Jacks, 10 Squats.
10 Lunges, 10 Hill Billy Squats, 10 Calf Raises, 10 Rocky Balboas
10 LBC’s 10 American Hammers, 10Flutters, 10 ski Merks,
10 Shoulder taps, 10 merkins, 10 dips, 10 CDD’s

Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, Karoke in the middle

Sprint on burpee sprint back then two burpees, we repeated this a few times then it was time.


The Bed Pan is full

Turkey Trottin 2019

We all Ran this Morning.

1st Place: Stinky Bird took home a sweet aged Old English 40oz.
2nd place Rader with only the finest Christmas Beer aka Santas But.
3rd goes to Gump, he took home a feelin Lucky Koozie, Mini American Flag, and a tube of Gold Glitter.
Top pick award goes to the one and only Def Leppard received a custom Medal. (show 2Know)


The Bed Pan is Full!!

Christmas town prep

Warm Up,
SSH, Hill Billy’s, Monkey Humpers, MO-Rockin Night Clubs.

Mosey to the triangle in the road, we did 10 American Hammers, 20 Squats, 30 Seal jacks,
Sprint to each corner perform 3x.

Dora 1,2,3,
Merkins, Rosa Litas, Arms Circles,

Mosey one more time for a quick mile then we finished the morning with some Yoga.

The Bed Pan is Full.

Poetry Prison Break Style

We Rucked We Ran.
Medicine Woman needed a Q so He called Bed Pan.


Thank You

Warm Up,
Mosey, Monkey Humpers, Aust. Mtn. Climbers,
Mosey, Courthouse stairs Calf Raises, Dips, Balboas,
Mosey Red light for some Triple Nickel with Merkins.

I paused for a moment played the theme song to Top Gun then Handed over the Site to EZ Rider.
Before I could hit pause on the song he took off and we did more Burpees than I can remember.

Thank you all that have come out and posted and or taken a Q. being Site Q Was something I thought was never possible. One thing I say to all is take on the challenge and make it awesome.


The Bed Pan is Full..

Yall know Bert?

After the great speech from Dark Helmet at the Rotary meeting Thursday, I decided to use a weinke that DOAH posted a while back on twitter. Little did I know it was insanely tuff and represented a great person. Look him up and the work out.


The Bed Pan is Full

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