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Friday the 13th 2019

Warm Up: Cherry Pickers, Hill Billies, 5 Burpees.
Mosey to the wall on 321 Monkey Humpers for everyone going to work.
Mosey to the Church Step ups and Dips, X3
Webb’s Theatre Triple Nickel with Shoulder taps
11’s near the rotary
Heals to Heaven, Lunge walk then American Hammers.
All Jacked Up
SSH, Seal Jacks, Plank Jacks, Scissor Jacks.

Announcements, Stair Climb, Stop Solider Suicide, JJ 5K and Raising money for Rotary to install bathrooms.
Prayer request EZ son, each other and per Whoopie Me to get a job so I can keep the Workouts ending on time.

The Bed Pan is Full.

Florida Man Visits Folsom

Over the summer at Allen Tates house, he has hosted the House Of Hims. During one of the conversations a story came up and the side name Florida Man was born.

I come walking in the parking lot and some Pax thought I was a homeless person. I gave the disclaimer and we began to work. Mumble Chatter was at a max from the get go.
Warm Up Cherry Pickers, SSH, Merkins.
Mosey to the bottom lot. I asked the question that all Floridians Know.
How do you run from a Gator, “picture a raspy Cajun/southern/florida accent?
You run in a zig Zag pattern. Cones were set up One Pax would pull a card from my handy Camo Fanny pack, then that Pax would run the Gator route while the rest of us did the work. BY this point some were laughing others were not so happy but all had to reach in the fanny pack of pain and pull out a sweet F3 pain card.
Mosey to the hill:
I called a triple Nickel but Florida Man aint got all these F3 Jargon down yet. Picture the seen in Total Recall when the Alien opens up her shirt. I almost called a Triple Nipple, thanks To SA and Def we got it rolling. Merkins at the bottom and Merkins at the top.
All the Bat flippers loved how my shorty shorts helped me move through the wind, however the Mullet did not help the drag CoEfficient. Yes Florida MAn knows what goes fast and what goes Slow. But looking cool is always a must.
After that got the skinny boys happy with some running we went to the tennis court, where Men know how to move the balls. But no balls were hurt just feelings. AMRAP and some other stuff to get down to the FEETS OF STRENGTH::
In Florida you aint a man unless you got proof so I brought some prizes for this.
Merkin Contest: Most Merkins in a minute Wins. Winner was Taterhole, he received a Sweet Pack of Glow in the Dark Tribal Tattoos cause we all know you will get in a fight if another Floridian doesn’t see who your tribe is.
Sprints: Montross took this one home, his Prize a slingshot. He was quick to release and fast to return. Also You need weapons when you visit Florida. Have you seen the size of that Mouse!
Finally no F3 or Florida Competition is complete without Burpees.
Medicine Woman took home that Grand Prize today of a nice Shiny Wrestling Championship Belt. Possibly the most important item of all things to take to Florida. Why you may ask, It shows you are a winner. Florida is full of Winners and they will welcome you seeing you have proof of success.
While at the court I played about 9-10 songs just about Hurricanes, and some great songs about Florida.
However the Sky Q himself Stepped in as we said the Pledge of Allegiance while “Sweet Home Alabama” played soflty in the background. I know the song is not about Florida but hey even Florida man knows when something is Awesome! Tell BedPan I owe him a new coffee table and will buy him more PBR next time.

Announcement: A lot
Prayer request: each other and that Florida Man stays in Florida.

Florida Man Throw Back

It was a great morning to kick up the Jams at Folsom today. One of my favorite things about F3 is we take turns running the exercises. Enough Jibba jabber let’s get down to bid ness. T-Ron and I joke about Florida Man and I got some stories here’s how it all went down.

Warm up:
Ssh,cherry pickers.
Mosey to the court.
45 seconds on w/15 second rest.
Squat jumps,overhead lunge,merkins,mtn climbers.X3 then take a lap around the court.
Next set: 45seconds on 15 seconds rest. Skaters,glute bridge,rotation chop”both sides”,scissor hop. After one set then a lap I asked the pax of these three events that happened in my life which one in Florida?
1. I won 2nd place in a bellyflopp contest.
2. Watched stepbrother arrested for going AWOL by undercover government men then they gave him a good “talkin” punished by starring at Russia for 3 years.
3. I won first place in a dance contest.
Pax leaned heavy on question 2 however I did win a dance contest in Key West many years ago.
Then we did a repeat of exercise.All above are true but only one happened in Florida.
Dora 100 flutters, 200lbcs, 300 hillbillies. Pledge, prayer, nameorama.
Set list:
Return of the Mack
Mombo #5
Hip hop hooray
3 am eternal KLF
Pump up the Volume
You can’t touch this
Sold “Johnson county auction”
Hold on for one more day!

Announcements: 5ks stair climbs and speed for need
Prayers for Rockabilly as he changes to his new job.
Kids back to school and each of us.

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Runnin Down A Dream

with so many of the pax recently tagging or challenging each other to post an album cover I thought this was an appropriate title. Think about it, we are all dreamers of some sort. If we did not dream or plan we most likely would never come out to be a part of a group such as F3.
Just this morning I was talking with MW he and his family are dreaming of the new home and location they are moving too. Ive been dreaming of a new job, Sparky is training and dreaming of running a half marathon. Just before I started this BB I seen on Group me that Watts Up has now lost 75Lbs! That’s not only a big goal but a huge dream! “way to go by the way” If I sat here and listed all of the dreams I have heard become reality over the last year or so I would turn this into a motivational speech vs a Back blast.

Always be dreaming, also we all ran this morning in the thickest humidity this side of the Congo.
If F3 doesn’t make you tuff the weather will.
Todays Jam list
Brandy your a fine Girl
Aint No Mountain High Enough
Pina Colada Song (If you like Pina Colada’s)
I want you back
The Chain
Pump up the Volume
Let the Music Play
Drop the Bass
Magic Mike Cuts the record
3 AM Eternal (KLF is gonna rock you)

Announcements: Come out to Pizza Mans event this Saturday at Rankin Lake 10-2pm but come closer to 10.
Abunch of 5ks so get running.
CSAUP is on its way in the future so get ready.

Prayer Request:
Each other this stuff in Hong Kong and all of the shootings lately.

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Pick a Card any Card.

This week has been busy for YHC, school is about to start and life is moving at a faster pace.
My M. purchased for me a pack of workout cards for my Birthday a while back, these are great!
I would encourage any of the pax to keep them on hand.

Warm Up:
SSH then a short mosey to the wall by 321, Gump has made it out a few times but I wanted him to have a formal welcome so we did Monkey Humpers by the wall while Butts facing traffic. I am sad to say no cars came by at this time so I guess it is the cars Loss on that one.
The rest of the time pulled cards from the deck and Moseyed around downtown.

Pizza Man Event Aug. 17th 10-2 family fun run event/remembrance walk
Stop Solider Suicide coming up in Belmont.
JJ 5k,
Stay Up to date on all the latest gossip and events by going to Slack.

Prayer Request: Each other, EZ riders family, kids going back to school.

The BedPan is Full.

Live with Vision

11 men came out this morning and YHC was in charge of the Q and Q source.
Some walked Some ran.
We had a great discussion on vision, it was a pleasure to have the Nantan with us, his Socratic approach to the conversation was much appreciated.

Pizza man will have an event coming up to Honor his family member at Rankin Lake Aug. 17th
Stop Soldier Suicide coming up, and the JJ 5k.
Thank you to all who come out and post

Modern Day Warrior July 32nd.

Monday is not the normal day I work out, I typically follow the Folsom schedule. Tuesdays thru Sunday.
It was great to get after it in the place that I started at.
16 men showed up this morning, I had a plan to get this party started.

Warm Up: SSH,Don Q’s, then Moseyed..
Food Lion Parking Lot:
10 Jump Lunges, 15 French Fries, 20 Dying CockRoaches. (we modified the fries to shoulder taps)
Sprint to the light then Nur back.
10 Peter Parkers, 15 Seal Jacks, 20 American Hammers. About halfway thru I believe wattsup said we aint in neverland anymore.
Sprint, to the 2nd light then nur back.
10ssh,15 mtn climbers, 20 hill billies.
Sprint to the first light and nur back.
We moseyed to the bank to say the pledge.
50lbc’s, 50flutters, 25Freddy Mercury’s,
We still had some time so lets..
5merkins,5squats,5burpees, lunge walk to said distance and repeat, then keep going until I decide to stop. Then we did one last thing.
Indian Run: I’m a firm believer in always looking after the 6, we moseyed to the old drs office then lined up. YHC reminded all the pax that we are all the six somewhere, but the best part of F3 is we stick together. From fundraisers to CSAUP to Whetstone, and so many other outlets. When you show up and Post at any AO in Gaston County you get treated well. On Average Most men do not have friends, especially another man we should be thankful for each other. Back to the run, We made it all the way back to Snoballz. YHC was pleased with the hard work today from the pax. It was an honor to serve.

Music List
Tom Sawyer; Rush
War Pigs, by; Cake
Gladiator; Zayde Wolf
Tougher Than Leather; RUN DMC
Midnight Rider; The Allman Brothers
Supersonic; Oasis
No More Tears; Ozzy Ozbourne

Pizza Man is having an event at Rankin Lake August 17th. All family is invited for a fun run/walk.
Prayer Request:
Keep Whoopies M in prayers during her recovery.
Each other.

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Yoga & Hills

The day started off with the pax thinking we would begin the day with some SSH.
Well YHC had other plans since I heard Blart Wednesday mention that WoJo did some yoga so I thought it would be a great way to get the morning going.

In the beginning many pax did not care for the stretching but Im sure there Hips appreciate it.
Here we go:
God Pose, Cobra Frog, Frog, Pigeon, Bridge Pose, Downward Dog, then the Warrior. Mumble chatter and any chance to make a comment that could be said was spoken or thought of. So I yelled lets mosey and started the rest of the thang.

Hill Work: Run to the entrance of the Dog pound 3x, then 5 burpees.
Amrap 1 min each: LBC’s, Mo-Rockin Night clubs, Front &Back, Dying Cockroaches.
More Hill Work repeat above.
Amrap:American Hammers, HillBillies, Rocky Balboas. 1min Each.
Hill Work same as before.
22 for the vets.

2.0 day at folsom this Saturday, No Brainer Nationals 7/20 see ratchet, Tronmoss 5k 7/21
Prayer request for each other and those in need.

Bed Pan is Full..

Moist at Prison Break

77Degrees this morning before we started the day at Prison Break.
I think I seen the Devil this morning with one of those hand held fans that spray water at the same time. Regardless of the weather the PAX did their thang, some ran some walked. All sweated..

Same as before, and pray for each other.

The BedPan is full..

Mayor’s Got the Q Source.. “Man I’m Glad”

YHC came into Cross roads Sunday ready to Q but not ready to do the Q source.
Calendar Dings tells Me I have the Q, that is great I remembered that. Then Calendar goes off again and says I have the Q source also, I go into a (oh crap mode) wondering how I am going to pull off being prepared for Q source when I don’t even know where to begin this morning. I notice as I walk up to the Pax after the run that Mayor had some paperwork with him, come to find out he had the Q source I had only the Q. Great part was the topic was on Shared leadership, I do not feel that I did any leading this day however I was very glad that Mayor was in charge of Q source that morning. I’ve Known Mayor for a while but only recently since the boars nest started did I get to hang out and know the man. Well it goes back to the P200 then more when we started rucking. Either way I am glad we have met, I challenge any of the Pax to step out of there comfort zone and meet a new person when you post somewhere. That is one of the great parts of F3.

2.0 at folsom 7/20, TronMoss 5K,
Pray for each other and Sparky’s son as he is Baptized this day.
Ratchet has a drag race to help raise $ for a good cause.

The BedPan is Full.

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