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Day: March 11, 2020

Prison Break

Had a solid 14 at the prison break this morning. It was a great morning to be out! We all got better!


Lms 5k this Friday see sparky for the link or events page!

convergence on the 21st of March!

community foundation 5k see pizza man for that SIGN UP!

Prayer request

Blasts M

Dry rubs M

Ez Rider

Watts Up


Broke took us out

Thank you men!

Round Up


At one point this morning I told all of one of my favorite statements, “I thought I made a mistake once but it turns out I was wrong!”
Gump sits down to watch our form during warm up and not offer advice as we perform toy soldiers, MN C , and merkins all IC x11 ( except merkins we’re really 12 mosey to Sara’s road to nowhere and Gump decides to come join in as we Diamond merkin x10 …. oh well the balance against the other leaves us at 11 ….
mosey to pool for 11 OYO squats ….. keep to mosey expectations are high at Gastone’s hill and yet I continued moving until the wailing and sobbing from Gastone has to be quelled so I submit to 11 OYO monkey humpers back to the hill ( Gastone was elated!)
Continue all the way to covered area at Robinson for 11’s ( is there a theme in this somewhere?)
Single dip at this side t’other flying squirrels and back to reverse Gump was even sighted as in the six , or maybe it was his misuse of math by decreasing and increasing only by 2’s
Mosey to back of school for modified 11 …. start with 10 merkins top of stairs and decrease by one until finish but at bottom of stairs do only 1 burpee …. got to 4 or 5 merkins before halting due to time constraints , but it should be noted that even after my careful instructions there was still one person who HAD to screw up and only perform 1 merkin before realizing his bad form ( oddly, this persons name has the same letters just assembled differently as Calvin!)
Arrive back at start 1 minute late to find Stinky Bird fresh off his nap in back of his truck ( claimed he ran 14 miles….. pshaw !!
I now perform 10 ( or maybe it was 70 ) penalty burpees all while waiting on JK2 whom I knew would ask for them anyway for running late
Interestingly with all these runners preparing for p200 and other events ( Madoff was a blur of motion at one point) we still put in almost 3 miles, or by JK 2’s figit spinner ( it cant be a Fitbit) he claimed we traveled   nearly 4 miles !
Read passage from Revelations 5 …. powerful

Check events calendar for upcoming ( too many

Prayers for Dry Rubs M
Mathew Smith ( patient of Voodoo who is 23 but after much effort by many doctors Is being placed in hospice care
Owner of Schneider Tree to receive / accept blessing from God to help in this time of change and crisis
Prayers for the 2 soldiers whose names were released yesterday protecting this world
I believe there Was one more ……

NEXT UP …… WATTS UP POWER CHARGED 50 th birthday bonanza complete with parade, cake dancing women …. or maybe it might be a little more low key ….. either way …. look for your invite ….. it’s bound to be lost in the mail stream …. or check your spam folder!

Pain lab – 2.0 friendly March 7,2020

Sub Q

Hipaa needed some help Monday and I was glad to be the man.

three Pax came out to have some fun with the Deck of Death and Battle Ropes.
Show to Know.

Announcements check out the new section on the F3gastonia page.

The Bed Pan is Full

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