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Day: March 9, 2020

Fellowship Q

Linus needed a Q for the Gashouse and seemed desperate so I decided to Q last minute because I didn’t have any other plans at 0700.

LInus covered most of the day in his Grumpy Old Men backblast so this post is largely for credit for posting and accountability.  (Thanks Watts Up!)


Warm up with SSH, plank series, squats and split Pain Lab and bootcampers.

JJ, Pythagoras, Top Hat, and YHC then moseyed to the front of Grier Jr. High and their new, smooth blacktop parking area.  Burpee long jumps x 10, 10 squats per parking space x 10, Bear Crawl 10 parking spaces, Lunge 10 parking spaces, partner carry to the end,  Turn around and repeat.

Mosey to FPC Steps,  50 Calf raises at the bottom, bunny hop up stairs and repeat x 3

Mosey the Sherwood for nickels and dimes.  5 pullups, ten merkins, 5 squats x 5 minutes and then 2 minute plank, Vups, and dying cockroaches.

Mosey to the hill below the ballfield.

Mary one round of exercise and then sprint the hill (Moritmer training)

Various ab/leg exercises called

Return to Start just in time for the bells and didn’t forget to pick up the six!

It was nice to get to know Pythagoras who is impacting young minds with his mathematics teachings.  We need more Pythagoras’s in our community!


Always a pleasure.


Grumpy Old Men

F3 Gashouse Operation ‘Grumpy Old Men’ officially soft launched on Saturday March 7 at 07:00 at the Schiele Museum.  This new concept, a walking only AO was an idea that took wings a few months back amongst several Pax using coffee and eggs to nurse off some  recent Gashouse Bootcamp and Painlab woes at the Union Road Diner.  Having noticed some Pax that continue to post while on the IR simply modifying and coupling that with recruiting a targeted group of HIM’s that are not going to be BC or PL junkies, we are hoping to expose additional men to the second and third F’s where we can enrich the lives of new Pax and in turn learn from them.

Roscoe had our Bootcamp Q and Tube had Painlab.  Bandit and myself were watching over the slowsey mosey.  We started off with the pledge, announced our disclaimer and off we go.  As we strode away into the sunrise we could already hear the pain being inflicted in the warm up upon the poor souls who chose not to join our group.  Off to Grier we rolled.  Six PAX total, two fng’s, two Kotter’s and two co-Q’s.  F3 Gashouse, please welcome or welcome back to our group:  Jester, Waterboard, Warden, and Toad, all respect.

The Thang:


We walked around Grier track 7 to 8 times.  I’m not sure of our official tally but think we were a 1.5 to 2 mile range, most likely a PR for all of us.  As it turns out, the Grumpy Old Men moniker is just a notion.  These guys were anything but grumpy and the laughs and mumblechatter simply meshed.  I was curious how this whole morning would go, but as I looked at my watch we had about 15 minutes to make one more round and get back down to Schiele.  Our idea only cemented it’s need as I watched the BC and PL guys melt in 30 degree weather.  I would say I’ve always been a slow runner, but maybe even a slower walker (does that make sense?) .  All of these ‘respects’ kept a mosey pace I felt was quicker than a normal slowsey.  These respects had it, they moved well, and I hope will be the new faces (fng’s and kotter’s) of a new generation of HIM’s to post at the Gashouse.

The name of our new AO is still yet to be determined.  We will let the regulars of this launch determine that.  We need your help to broadcast this walking AO to anybody that you know that would be interested.  Heck, it’s free and they need it.  And you need it.  This AO is open to all men who want to come and slowsey mosey with us.  You’ll keep a brisk pace if you keep with the ‘respects’, you’ll be able to mumblechatter if you walk with me.  Please consider taking a co-Q position with us one weekend as leading into our ‘hard’ launch we will be reaching out to experienced Pax to walk with us.  Bring your ruck sack or weight vest if you like.  Bandit and I are committing six weeks from the official hard date launch (3/28) in hope’s of this taking wings on it’s own.  Until then it will command and receive our full attention but we still need your help.  Our plan is that we slowly hand this over to the regulars who attend and they can develop this into the F3 formula that work’s best for them.

Overheard at Gashouse:

“Show up and Post, it is other’s that need you”

“Remember, there is no bad weather, only bad gear”

“It is not good to be the last guy on a bombing run”

Roscoe graciously handed me the Q close-out so I’ve got the announcements and concerns here.


Shout out to Tube and his 2.0 friendly workout.  Timeframe mentioned having a 2.0 fitness day of some sort to assist with scout merit badges.

Mortimer 100 Relay March 14:  100+ mile relay from Hickory to Boone, NC or more specifically Tator Hole to Howard’s Knob, only for the insane.  Goal is to raise $1,000 for cancer services, see Roscoe for donation information.

F3 Gashouse Convergence March 21

Speed for Need April 4

Prayer Requests:

Les Nessman and Sister in Law

Top Hat mentioned Kotter’s and those on the IR, being injured and out can really get you down

Sledge-o-Matic’s niece


3/9/20 – Sandlot – Rack & Stack

Disclaimer and Pledge

Warm up:

Seal Jacks x 30

Burpees x 5

Buckeye Merkins ie….. plank and stretch

Welcome Buckeye, good to see you at The Sandlot this morning.

Merkin  x 1 oyo

The group split up by Boot Camp and Rucking at this point.


Here is how the Boot Camp went:

Mosey to the parking lot at Martha Rivers Park.

Rack and Stack routine done by Sister Act last week at The Storm.  Thanks for the idea S.A.

Start at point A (Light by the turd shack – “Stack”).  Mosey to point B (Light at the far end of the parking lot – “Rack”).  Perform the exercise pulled off the “Rack”.  Then mosey back to point A to “Stack” the exercises.

Round                   Rack                                       Stack

1                              10 Burpees                         10 Burpees

2                              10 Merkins                          10 Burpees, 10 Merkins

3                              30 Lunges                            10 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 30 Lunges

4                              40 Flutter Kicks                  10 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 30 Lunges, 40 Flutter Kicks

5                              50 Squats                             10 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 30 Lunges, 40 Flutter Kicks, 50 Squats

At this point JK2 mentioned doing Dips so we went over to the picnic shelter for 3 sets  Dips x 15 double count and Step Ups x 20 each leg and x 15 each leg.

6                              60 LBC’s                                Mosey to the start



Convergence at Martha Rivers Park on 3/21


Community Fun Run on 4/4/20


Prayer Request:

Dry Rub’s M


Ended with COT


Thanks for participating this morning gentlemen!






2/27/20 – Goat Island

4 Men showed up at the Goat on 2/27/20.

We came, we saw, We conquered!

Various and sundry exercises mixed in with running.

Ended with pledge and COT.


Finally feeling better

Sparky asked for a Q on short notice, I was happy to do it.

had a good number this morning, some rucked, some ran, some mall walked.

I noticed that our new Pax seem to be getting younger.  That’s awesome.


the word for this morning: “Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:9‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Men,  it’s impossible not to be a hypocrite sometimes,  nobody is perfect.  It is however important that we strive to stay away from hypocritical choices.  We can’t expect our families and anyone else we may influence to live Godly lives if we aren’t pursuing a Godly life ourselves.  We have to hate evil, really hate it. We should hate Sin to the point where if we catch ourselves in sin, we immediately stop, walk away and ask for forgiveness.  Again I know we’re not perfect, these are things we need to strive for.  Cling to what is good.  Jesus is the ultimate Good!  Cling to Him, get to know Him through the word!


prayer requests: Clonniger (spelling?) family after a death.

Medicine woman, reach out to our brother.

each other.

i feel like there was another: I apologize if I left one out.

announcements: LMS 5k this Friday!!!! Signup.  Contact sparky!

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