• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/09/2019
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Clavin (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Easy Rider, Stroganoff, JJ and Dry Rub

Earlier in the week, I realized that not only did I have a rare Saturday off with no commitments other than a 2:00 football game (2.0) …. so do I want Pain Lab ? Nah …. I have Starkville Monday … so what’s LinuS got? Wait !!?! He’s lined up for the Yank? And Gashouse is left hanging and flapping in the Arctic wind? Can’t have that !! I grab it and put together the rest of a weinke.
However last night as I’m slipping into unconsciousness, my M awakens me that her good friend Sharlene ( Oompa Loompas M ) was just involved in a bad accident where a young man misread traffic light, entered intersection and both cars became toast. Thankfully they both are only sore and banged up. It was a rough night to sleep knowing my M would stay up texting until The Oompas made it home from ER. Plus I prayed for health and well being of all… so before beginning today’s workout I disclosed this to all assembled and asked for a brief moment to thank God for their health and recovery ….
After the silent reflection I call for pledge , give disclaimer seeing no FNG..
Since it’s cold, I tell all we’ll warm up nice and slow …. take it easy ….
… in cadence …. jump lunges!!! 10
6 burpees
+/- mountain climbers 20 Ic
10 merkins
Lastly 5 donkey kicks ( figured this might be harder than usual since you must balance without a wall to kick against)

My next exercise comes from Rudolph a few weeks … months maybe ….. back … since I intended on using arena at Schiele front doors, I asked Watts Up if he was using area and informed him of what I had in store. He likes it so much he wanted us all to join together …. pain Lab took a few to get on over so we completed 40- 100 SSH while waiting.

Pain lab remained back and may or may not have caught instructions , I felt that they’d catch on once they saw what we were doing and Watts Up scolded all as if he were the teacher catching the class mistreating the Substitute.
Climb onto slopes area, bear crawl up and along top run change to crab walk down next run lunge walk left lungs walk right and finish with lungs walk …. complete cycle twice over…. now we REALLY split up.
Mosey over to steps at First Presby for merkins 2 per step all the way up and crawl bear down …. uhh that sucked so bad even I did not want a repeat …. so bunny hop each step all the way up and move over to outdoor chapel for 10 abyss merkins
10 more abyss merkins and 10 lbcs
10 AByss, 20 flutter kicks hanging legs off bench and 10 lbcs
10 abyss, 10 dying cockroaches, 20 flutters and 10 lbcs
Mosey long way to Sherwood assemble ar Playground
Run halfway around track switch to Nur and complete with 5 pull-ups do this twice as nice
Next karaoke one direction halfway switch and finish with 5 pull-ups doing twice again
Some did extra lbcs planking and / or dying cockroaches until all ready to move over to hilly area for one more crawl bear down ( I did promise another since I Omahad a second trip on steps down… extra fun with the frost.
Mosey back to planetarium and 10 suspension merkins wall sits, wall sits with arms up, marching wall sits, punching bags, more suspensions, hip slappers twice more wall sits and suspensions before wondering if we should rejoin Pain lab …. while they finished current timed exercise I called 6 Burpees! Timed perfectly !! Windshield wipers, merkins, dying cockroaches
Jane Fondels and lastly ski abs….. there’s no bells ( wait for 3-4 seconds …) ah … there it is!!!!
Early signups for Tuna
Christmas town 5k coming up
Please consider posting at newest AOs Starkville ( Monday’s ) and San Quentin( Friday’s) both at 6pm from Biggerstaff in Dallas
Prayers for Oompa Loompa and M
Freights family
Easy Rider family

It was truly a great morning to be here even though it was cold I really appreciate this rare opportunity not only to lead a Saturday but to post for whole workout! Thank you men!!

Post soon, post often, Hell,,,, just post!!