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Day: October 3, 2019

It’s the 1st of the Month

I had the Q for Monday 10-1-19.  It’s been a while since I lead and I needed to step up.  It was hot, muggy and rainy….everything needed for an awesome workout.

Warm Up:  Morrocan Night Clubs x25IC, Grass Pickers x10IC and Don Quixote x 10IC.

The Thang:  Mosey to their first corner.  We would do one exercise for 90 seconds and rest for 60 seconds.  In that 60 second rest, we would mosey to the next corner.  The faster you moved, the more rest you got.

Exercises:  Merkins, SSH, lunges, sit-ups, Burpees, Flutter Kicks, Squats.  Repeat until time is up.  Circle back up for a cash out.  Dolph led us with 22 CDDs IC.

Announcements:  Ragnar this weekend with clown car from Belmont Roses 0700, Convergence 10/19 at the Yank (Stowe Park)
Prayer Requests:  Catheters M, Lynn Hamm, Top hats nephew in Army deploying, Brokes sister in law with breast cancer, LT  Graves Mom.

People who drink can’t estimate

So, YHC had the Q at The Sammich today and came rolling in to find 2 regulars, and 1 off doing EC. Soon thereafter, another regular eater rolled in. Figuring we were about set, YHC prepared to rollout.

Then YHC realized there was a familiar truck parked up near where participants of Neverland/Labyrinth park. Surely this was not a F3 guy as he only knows how to drink on Thursdays.

What should appear out of the gloom but a Pubber!

0530 hit and HIPAA was just rolling in from his EC. So we did the pledge and a trip around the building while he transitioned.

The we headed up Robinwood. Most thought we were headed to the stairs behind Robinson Elementary, but not today!

We continued to the Teeter. There at every corner-ish we did 5 squats and 5 merkins. Along the way, the Pubber was talking to YHC about the BRR and how there was a hill steeper than Gastone’s. It was “on the way back”, would put us behind Robinson Elementary and was approx 1.5 miles back to Snoballs.

Given we had 30 mins left, YHC thought why not…


We rolled in at 0620.

Sorry to all for the extra time.

Announcements were covered.

The Pubber took us…

The new route was good and will be used again, just need to adjust the time at the Teeter

Thanks to all for the work and the opportunity to lead

I guess even Pubbers need to eat sometime…

Watts Up powering down.

Who is the GOAT at The Goat?

So as October ushers in worse heat and humidity than August and September the question arises as to who is the GOAT these days anywhere and at anything. So YHC wonders why that question would pertain to anywhere but the pax at The Goat who emerged from the gloom of the morning for a Tesla style beatdown. Who among them would be the GOAT at least for a day? The test to find that out went like this:

COP – 1 minute warm ups





Mtn. Climbers

Intended to mosey across the river over the Remagan Bridge but it was locked. Omaha! Line up on the sidewalk for Jack Kevorkians, aka partner assisted suicides, BLIMP style:

P1 – Run halfway up the hill and 5X of the Blimp exercise, all the way and 10X. Run back down.

P2 – Do the Blimp until P1 returns.

Flap Jack through Burpees, Lunges, IW, Merkins, Plank Jacks.

Seems the bridge gate is now unlocked. Mosey over for a triple nickel:

Town side: Plank Jacks 5X

Goat Island side: Hand release merkins 5X

Repeat 5 times

Mosey over to the gazebo for a little fun and games:

Pullups X 10

Big boy sit ups X 10


Run a lap around the green. Rinse and repeat.

Final stretching

Done and Pledge!


Who was the GOAT? Everyone who showed up today! Pretty good beatdown if YHC does say so himself. Pax worked hard in some hot, soupy, conditions. Proud of all!

Prayers up for Termite’s son, Slim Shady’s son, Anchorman’s travels, and others.

Honor to lead this crowd. All of them are the GOAT.


Hurricane a comin




MNC – 110 IC, yes you read that right, 110 IC

Don Quixote – 15 IC

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Slingshots – 20 (10 each way)

Good Mornings – 60

The Thang

Power Set 1

2 Snatches

5 Goblet Squats

10 Curls

Rinse and repeat that set for 10 minutes

Power Set 2

Halos – 20 (10 Each Way)

Tricep Ext. – 20

Bent Over Row – 20

Plank Row – 20

Swings – 20

Power Set 3

5 Front Lateral Raises

10 pullovers

15 Swings

Rinse and repeat that set for 10 minutes

Cool Down Set

Slingshots – 20 (10 Each Way)

LBC’s – 50


In honor of Hurricane Dorian coming let’s do the ol’ Hurricane Hoe Down



VooDoo took us out



Death Wish 6



Mosey to top of Leisure Suit Larry Lane


Short mosey to NC Forest Service parking lot

Bearmuda Triangle

Mosey back to start

Head to soccer fields or whatever that god aweful mess of whatever is to be an athletic field for Charles Bronson. We lost Volt in the middle of this. I think because it was wet??


Stogie followed Volt out but he had to work.



Big Pappy took us out

I swear City of Dallas needs to hire Carolina Landscaping to do those fields the correct way.





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