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Day: September 22, 2019

Caught in a Mosh


A group of concert goers showed up at the Gashouse for some entertainment.  Two FNG’s showed up, one for Painlab and one for the Gashouse.  I had EH’d a friend and told him to make sure he wore a concert or favorite band tshirt and he didn’t disappoint.  He had a sweet Jimi Hendrix shirt.   Clavin had a Lallapalooza tshirt (not to be confused with Hipaapalooza), I had Motorhead, Whoopee borrowed an AC/DC shirt, Short Sale borrowed an Iron Maiden shirt, but the best was Linus with a Tiffani shirt.

At 0700 sharp we did the pre-concert tailgate (warm up) with SSH, Merkins, LBC’s, and Squats.  We performed the Pledge and then split up for the workouts.  Bib Pappi had the Painlab Q and has already completed the BB.

We then moseyed backstage (Sherwood jungle gym)

5  pullups, 20 plank jacks, 30 flutters, 6 pullups, 20 Plank Jacks, 30 flutters, 7, 8, etc.  Some comments that we were backstage at the Mall for the Tiffani show.

We NUR’d halfway around the track and to the stairs at the church for the Opening Act.

Dora 1,2,3  100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, 300 Squats  (with partners)

We stopped in plank to go around the circle to describe what we are thankful for, then moseyed to the front of the church for the Mosh Pit.

5 burpees and then slam into each other for a lap around the circle and repeat.  We then moseyed to the ampitheater for teh headliner at Red Rocks (the

Headliner  (Red Rocks)

Go to Schiele Steps to the amphitheater:  10 heels to heaven at the top, 10 jump squats at the bottom.  Several rounds of this and then switch to dips on the steps and Dying Cockroaches.

Then it was off to the Encore (Mary) with the Painlab.  Hipaa called 5 burpees OYO, then Clavin called something but the bells rang and we were done.

Big Pappy took us out in prayer.

It is always great to see Tophat out on the weekends!  Linus didn’t disappoint with the Tiffani shirt.  (even it if was homemade, ie. “bootleg”)  Whoopee asked our FNG what his favorite types of music are and he replied “anything but country”.  Hence the nickname “The Possom”  (think George Jones).

Always a good day at the Gashouse.


Stop Soldier Suicide Speed for Need Event

It was a beautiful morning with perfect weather as 95 runners participated in this year’s Stop Soldier Suicide run. The course was set up in reverse of last year’s course.

14 F3 Members participated:

5 Pax ran Speed for Need

9 Pax ran either the 5K or 10K.

Pizza Man pushed an empty chair, which was kind of fitting as it could represent all of those who have served, or are currently serving, our country.

Bedpan’s uncle was our honored retired serviceman.

A little bit about this gentleman:

Terry Revels, Chief Petty Officer, Retired.

77 years of age

26 years military service: National Guard, Army, retired from Navy. 

1960 served with a recon unit in South Korea. Including 25 parachute jumps. 

Naval career: He served on several ships including: 

USS Belmont (a spy ship), 


Blue Ridge,



USS Saratoga (from which he retired as Air Traffic Control)

Bedpan said that he told him they followed France and watched them launch and drop their first Atomic Bomb. Said he was so close “He could see the flash”.  


We all share in thanking Retired Chief Petty Officer Revels for his service and for his willingness to participate in this year’s Stop Soldier Suicide Speed for Need Event!

Thanks also to Pizza Man for organizing and orchestrating the F3  Unit and to all who participated!



If Memory Serves Me

14 Pax, including 1 FNC newly named Gordon Ramsay, came out for a Tophat Q.

I didn’t realize that Tophat really doesn’t write Backblasts lol; so I am doing this by memory as I can’t find the notes I thought I took for this workout.

We did a series of squats,

we did Triple Nickle, I believe..I remember Moroccan Nightclubs-a favorite of our Q.

We got in 1.53 miles.

Nice work done by all!

Seuss (for Tophat)


BRR training begins now…

The BRR was my first ever relay, of any sort. I thought that I was training fairly well, but I was not prepared at all.  The more enlightening thing is I didn’t even do any crazy legs. So it is my commitment to myself to train harder this year and be more prepared. So a few studs set out, we said the pledge and began walking down the hill.   My plan was simple. Gastone’s hill as many times as we could. We started with 10 merkins went to the top  did 10 merkins and back down…Repeat 4 times.  We did some squats instead of merkins for the last trip.  Great work by everyone. I really enjoyed it. Food>Drink!!

COT:  Still pray for Tube’s friend who is doing some better.  HIPAA ‘s family with the passing of his uncle.

YHC took us out.

Round and Round

4 PAX posted at The Yank on Saturday. With the SFN race happening I assumed it would be a little light. Tesla wasn’t there though. I guess he got scared when he heard I was coming. Anyway 4 PAX got better and had some good 2nd F at the same time.


Let’s mosey! Up to the ball field we went. Circle up. Did a few warmups exercises and stretches.

The Thang:

Do a set of exercises and run a lap after each set.

50 merkins, 50 squats, 20 WWI situps, 20 burpees, 50 lunges, 50 in/out, 25 hand release merkins, 25 miranda rights ic, 50 lbc’s, bearcrawl 30 steps and back, crab walk 30 steps and back.

That’s time so let’s mosey down to The Yank for the pledge.


Announcements-nothing new other than the races on the schedule

Prayer Request

Doodles took us out


Great work by everyone this morning. Especially Orangeman who seemed to get faster as the workout went on. Or maybe the rest of us got slower? Either way he was killing it. It was nice to meet 5 Degrees. Keep posting sir! I will try to get back to The Yank more often.


Not very creative, but the suck factor was high

This week for some reason I just wasn’t as creative as I would liked to have been, but nevertheless we got some good work done.



SSH x 20 IC

MNC x 20 IC

LBC x 20 IC

The game is simple…Painolopy.   There were lots of burpees, merkins, squats, and presses. Great work by all. It also allowed for some good mumblechatter.

COT:  prayer requests:  Tube’s friend who has  health problems but always has positive outlook .  Prayer for his healing and that he gets to go home.

HIPAA lots his uncle.  Prayer for comfort and peace for his family.

YHC took us out


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