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Day: July 7, 2019

Civil Disobedience

The Pax was 18 strong to start Day 1 of the 2nd half of 2019.   We welcomed in July 1st.  Only 6 months left until a new decade.   Seems odd thinking about 2020 being right around the corner.  A future Q will be based on a Space Odyssey.   On a different note, there are a number of #HIMs tied for the Iron Skillet.   Yes, the month is just starting.  Where will you be come July 31st?


The Pledge

Warm Up – Some SSH’s, MNC, LBC’s and Merkins

Mosey to the old HT parking lot.   YHC mentioned that had been in Chapel Hill over the weekend and was amazed that the old Four Corners Bar is still on Franklin Street.   First exercise would be in homage to the legendary gathering hole.

1st corner – 10 burpees

Mosey across the parking lot

2nd corner  –  20 big boy sit ups

Bear crawl over to the next corner

3rd corner – 30 plank jacks

NUR back down the parking lot

4th corner – 40 flutter kicks

Bear crawl across to the starting corner

Plank it up waiting on the six

Rinse and repeat the above

After the 2nd trip around, planked it up and recover

YHC had a pretty simple question for the PAX, knowing that their were a few Tigers, Wolfpack and Bears among us, who would you pull for between Duke and UNC?  YHC had devised the next exercise around who received the majority of votes.  What YHC did not anticipate (of course it was 5:45 in the am and had not given much thought to other possible outcomes) was that a number of #HIMS would silently protest by withholding votes.   Who would pick Duke?  Based on a fading memory, think it was 2 or 3.   Who would pick UNC?  Perhaps it was 8 or 9.  YHC can do basic math that early in the morning and knowing that the PAX was 18 strong, it was easy to determine that a number of #HIMS did not vote.   Heard some mumble chatter where the theme was “I would never pick either of those two teams.”    Very well, let’s just complete the 4 Corners again.

Rinse and Repeat

Meander to the upper side of the HT parking lot and partner up.   Time for Dora 1-2-3

Partner A runs across the parking lot to the Neel Hawkins side while Partner B completes an exercise; switch at the turn

100 – Donkey Kicks

200 – Merkins

300 – LBC’s

Plank it up then those that had completed jumped in to help the six complete LBCs.  No man left behind

Next up – Some wall sits with air presses; seems like we did 2 or 3 sets

Line up in the parking lot for a jail break across the parking lot

Mosey to the start – TIME



A great start to the week.   Good work men.


9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

OK HIMS, it’s time to get your stair climb on. There is a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Charlotte that honors FDNY firefighters, police, and EMS who gave their lives so that others might live. This is scheduled for September 14, 2019 at the Duke Energy Building at 550 South Tryon Street in Charlotte. Registration is $25 (that is current price and website says it will change if you wait too long to register). You will get a shirt and get to climb 110 flights of stairs so what are you waiting for? Registration is limited so if you can make it, get on board soon. Roscoe and I have already registered so get your butt in gear and join us.


I registered as a team called F3GasHouse. Not sure if you need it, but the username is F3GasHouse and password is Whoopee.




Hope you can make it-Whoopee


3 posted at Boars Nest this fine Sunday morning. YHC had the Q. Let’s get to work!

The Thang:

Ruck 1 Mile

Back at Ingles we did the following for 10 sets or close to it. I was really watching the time instead of counting.

50 yd suitcase carry. 25 yds with one hand then switch hands.

10 Ruck High Pulls

25 yd Bear Crawl

Ruck 1 mile to finish

COT with the runners


This was a good one. Sweat was pouring. Hacksaw was pushing as normal. When he was pushing through on the bear crawls it sounded like he was attacking the poor bear! Big Pappy was getting it done as well pushing on the ruck pace.  I’d like to see more guy’s try out the ruck workout. There’s a lot more to it than just walking with weight. My calorie burn this morning was solid and I worked on muscle gain. Come out and join us sometime. Also I’d like to see Huckleberry post again! #MHPA

Back in the Saddle Again!

After an extended break from The Fighting Yank and some VERY high quality leadership at The Yank Tesla gets back in the cockpit in the pilot’s seat to have a little fun. After a nice roll on the 4th at Special Edition it was time to get back to what we really do – bust it and get a lot better! We also had a FNG that we needed to break in as well courtesy Stroganoff. So as the humidity persisted and if possible got thicker we gathered at the park and made our way to the concrete pad for some COP and beyond. Went like this:

*Stretching (toe touch, foot to hand both sides, up dog, down dog)

*SSH X 20

IW X 20

Copperhead squats X 10

Merkins X 10

Mtn. Climbers X 20

Mosey on over to the dreaded Hawthorne Hill for DORA work


100 merkins

200 LBCs

300 squats

P1 – Run the hill to the top.

P2 – Do the work above until P1 gets back then flapjack

This got everybody pretty gassed so we were well on our way to accomplishing the goal of a total SUCK workout! FNG holding up well.

Mosey back towards the traditional AO. Stop for a round of Route 66.

Lunge to each parking line.

Hand release merkins, 1-11. Total 66.

10 count, Mosey to the Field of Dreams.

Warmup for Bear crawl slalom in the shelter

Dips X 10

Step ups x 10

Dirkins x 10

Report to the field for BCS! We had 11 pax and put it looked like @ 6 feet apart which is pretty much the standard per YHC. Everyone got 2 turns and we got to the end of the field.

BCS warm down

SSH X 10

Turkish get ups X 5

Run halfway back, drop and 5 big boys.

End of field, drop and 10 big boys.

Time for some halfpipes!

Top of Heart Break: 5 jump squats.

Bottom pad: 5 merkins

Top of stairs: 5 butt to the street monkey humpers.

Got 2 runs in here. 4 minutes for pax to complete one repeat, then figure a minute to get everybody back ready to repeat.

Back to the shelter for Mary and stretching for @ 3 minutes. Down to The Yank for the pledge.


Great work by the pax. Was a tough, humid, hot morning. Welcome FNG Righteous Fox! Keep getting out there brother, You’ll get better fast.

Honor and pleasure to lead. Anybody ready to lead next week? Step up!




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