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Day: May 28, 2019


3 PAX at Boars Nest on Sunday. This is what we did.

1 mile ruck

10 sets of 10


plank pull though

Squat thruster

1 mile ruck

3 Miles (one step at a time)

It was a hot Thursday at the premier afternoon gathering. Oompa was measuring parking stalls when Broke hollered 9 feet!! Gomer stopped by to say hi prior to the workout. No shovel flag, but, we had one tied to the fence anyway.



Warm up: SSH x 10 IC; Abe Vigoda x 10 IC; Monkey Humpers x 10 IC; LBCs X 10 IC; Cherry Pickers x 10 IC; Mountain Climbers x 10 IC; Dips x 10 IC

Mosey to Markers (Approximately .1 mile apart) with most exercises in cadence

20 LBC RALK                  run                         20 Merkins                      run

20 LBC LARK                  run                         20 Shoulder Taps           run

20 LBC                            run                         20 Maktar Jys                 run

20 Leglifts                       run                         20 Declines                     run

20 Dollys                          run                         20 Inclines                      run

We rinse and repeated until time ran out. My Ionic said we had 3.2 miles.

Substituted high and low planks, hip slappers, hold crunches, and other stuff I totally forgot. Some karoke, some nurs. Tried out a new exercise with knees on curb and lower face to pavement. That looked really stupid  said the bike rider (Swimmer) who pedaled through our group and told us so.

Announcements: SFN & Murph, Monks going away party.

Prayers: Praise for the good news on Broke’s 2.0 (Gold Digger’s M). Other requests I forgot, sorry guys.

Moleskin: No major words of wisdom to share, just asked that we all pray for each other.

Thanks for supporting!

Oompa OUT.





We ran.  Or walked. Either way, errbody got better.


We did the official F3 workout deck

JVPALOOZA goes Downtown

20 men rolled downtown on Friday.  We clocked in at 0530.

Warmup: SSH x 2IC

Mosey to the parking garage.

We had a sheet with an exercise for each letter of the alphabet.  Use your full legal name and your F3 name. This was fun.

Mosey back to the start for a good bit of Mary.


Philippians 4:13


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